Premiere for the small Dansih circus Arli. As usual there was premiere in Flong witch is a tradition starting 24 years ago. The circus was started by Soren and Lotte Arli in 1971, in a tent made by them selves in an apartment in Copenhagen. Circus Arli uses a round stage and not a ring witch makes the sight for the kids much better. There is room for about 230 spectators in the tent


Circus Arli is mainly for kids but that doesn’t mean bad quality but more fun than in the more adult oriented circuses. Lots of experience from the Arli family mixed with quality acts found around in Europe makes a very funny and skill full performance. Circus Arli tours only on Sjalland and find their places far from the big circuses and lots of people have an Arli performance as a tradition year after year.


The Arli family is not so big and includes 5 people – Soren and Lotte, their son Martin and his wife Bettina and their son Alexander. They are all skill full artists but this year Bettina did not have her own act but was in charge for the job as a ringmaster.


Everything is nice and clean and all equipment is always very well looked after and it is rare even to find a single scratch on anything. It had to be nice director Soren Arli says – because it is much easier to find teases and scratches on a small circus than on one of the big circuses.


The performance was opened with a traditional parade all dressed like clowns and the director Soren Arli welcomed the audience.


Betina Arli was ring master through the performance and she presented the first entrée which was the very nice juggler – Kristaps. In the program he was announced as a tempo juggler but in this performance he mainly juggled with cigar boxes. A very nice act with a lot of atmosphere.


Gola is a mix of clothes changing and an imaginary partner. A hand stocked through a jacket and a hat can make a lot of funny situations. In this entrée Gola made a few clothes changes witch gave the act a little extra


Ina Sopava was in the ring with her small Dax dogs. This entrée was not announced in the program but anyway it was a funny little entrée. Normally there aren’t animals in Arli but this season there is.  It is rare to see dax dogs performing and they are rumoured as difficult to train but this act was absolutely okay.


Soren Arli as Agent 006 ½ covers over a very funny illusion/magic act. The fist trick was the magic white board where you draw a face on the white board and suddenly the face comes alive. It moves the eyes and later it moves the mouth and with Soren as a ventriloquist as well the trick is very very funny and just fantastic for kids (I was amused too). The next was a gun trick where a kid from the audience must learn to shoot if he wants to be an agent. In this trick everything is hit and in the end even the table on the stage breaks down.


Alexander Arli as a fire man was very nice. Lots of funny situations and especially when he goes behind a small wall and it seems as he goes down in the basement – nice. Anyway the fireman had to save a cat hanging down from the sealing but he can reach the animal. The solution is a lot of boards put together on the most impossible way and suddenly the fireman can reach the cat. The last part of the act is similar to the act done by the German artist Mario Danee but that doesn’t matter because Alexander Arli is just great.



Olga and Oleg do a very nice and strong handstand equilibrist act. Lots of power in this traditional circus discipline and as usual, very impressing.



Dixie rollers – Secure hats and loose teethes because here come a cowboy act including a long bull whip. Yes they are precise with the whip but Arli is a small circus with a small ring. The spectators on the front seats was very very close to the whip which made this entrée very thrilling. Anyway I was impressed how precise they were with the whip when they cut and hits things.



Trapeze act with Madam Sebesevych – nice elegant traditional solo trapeze act.



Martino and company – was announced as the only traditional clown act in Denmark this year. That is not exactly truth because those kind of clowns can be found in circus Baldoni as well. Martino and company is 3 generations of Arlis – Soren Arli as the white face, Martin and Alexander as Augusts. Together they performed the old entrée – the little honey bee. Very funny and really amusing.



The best entrée in Arli this year is with no doubt Ina Sopava. She looks extremely good, smiles and she can do a fantastic antipode act in high heels. I have seen many many antipode acts but never done in high heels and still in a surprisingly good quality.



The finale was really a surprise because Soren Arli told us that they would be the first to wish us a merry Christmas and they did. The Arli family dressed as Santa Claus and the artists as Christmas threes. Lots of snow ended this performance.



This 2006 Arli performance proofs that you can be very well entertained even in a small circus without the big stars. There is a very nice atmosphere in circus Arli and it was never borring.


Circus Arli will continue the summer tour until September only in the eastern part of Denmark. Please visit Arli if you have kids and if you haven’t please do it anyway because Arli is fun.