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The Danish circus Arli had their premiere April 1st. in Flong (20 km. outside Copenhagen) it is premiere number 37 for this small family circus. Arli do not use the traditional ring but instead a round stage. Lots of advantages in this solution because it gives a lot better view, especially for the younger generation. A great deal of the entrees are made by the Arli family but in this season it is only Martin Arli – son of Director Soren Arli and Martins son Alexander Arli. As a ringmaster we can, as in the last season, see Martins wife Betina Arli. Lots of traditions in this nice circus and as usual we can meet Martin Arli as the illusionist, always with a new act developed   through the winter. Also Martin as the clown Martino and co, where co. stands for his son Alexander. It is also a tradition to contract two families to do the rest of the entrees and normally those artists are in a very nice quality. Circus Arli is very small and they have their spectators in smaller towns often very close to Copenhagen. Maybe Arli is a small circus but here in Denmark you are very entertained in the small circuses and that goes for Arli as well. Lots of people visit Arli every year as a tradition, when this charming circus visits their local town and in my opinion is the smaller circus business a great alternative to the big shows.


First in the ring was Ailona with a very nice Hula hop act. She looks very good and her tempo is very nice.



Next was Martin Arli with his comic illusion act. As usual it was something new here and this year it was build over a pizzeria with Martin as the cook. Illusions with pots and pans and the whole thing were of cause ending up with very small pizzas but a few magic words do the job and suddenly the pizzas were enormous. Martin Arli is funny not only for the kids because all adults are also very amused. It is a pleasure to see Martin every year because you are always looking forward to see what he has figured out for current season.





Alexander Arli is a skill full artist and as his dad Martin, also presents  brand new acts and ideas. In this season he opens with a step routine – and he dose the job very well – ending up in a very nice handstand done on stairs. Nice act and very strong as well.




2 Engene is a double juggling act done by father and son. They do a nice job and some of this routine is done synchronic. They seem very secure in their juggling also when they are climbing around on each other. So far as I know is it their first appearance here in Scandinavia but they were a part of the English circus Billy Smart´s back in 2004, where we also could find the Danish illusionist Kim Kenneth in the same performance.






Mr Jean did a very comic trampoline act. Vey different from other trampoline act, first of all because there is not room for a full size trampoline in circus Arli. Mr. Jean has a lot of visual contact with the audience and he does a lot of stunts on this very small trampoline.




Vasily was the son in 2 Engeni and he as a skill full Diablo artist as well. Nice tempo and lots of fine moments in this act.


Olga Guseva is back in Denmark after a season in the Swedish circus Olympia. Before we have seen her in other circuses here in Danmark as circus Baldoni and circus Charlie. Olga has a fantastic tempo when she throws her body around in her vertical rope act. She looks good and her attitude before and after she climbs the rope is very nice, with a lot of dance and rhythm.




The children’s favourite and mine as well is Martino and Co. Last year we saw circus director Soren Arli as the whiteface but this season it is father and son – Martin and Alexander –doing the job. They are very funny and one of the reasons for their success is that they are understood by the kids. The clown act is a traditional act with two augusts but with a lot of conversation – very funny.





The last act in this performance was Jean Ferry with a ladder balance act. As in his trampoline act there was a lot of contact with the audience and again a very nice act.




Last year was the Arli family in the ring being the first wishes us a merry Christmas but in this season the finale is with a pirate theme, where all from the family, the artists are dressed as pirates.


As usual a nice performance, a little short but maybe it suits the families with smaller kids well.


Catering, soft drinks, popcorn and candy.


Souvenirs: Nice program with 12 pages in A4 format, clown bags and posters.