Circus Arnardo - Arendal 2005


Circus Arnado are the oldest circus in Norway and founded by the Norwegian magician – Arne Arnardo in 1949. Arnardo is an international top class circus where almost all the greatest artists in Europe have performed. Last year it was the unique Italian star clown and entertainer Fumagalli and his brother Darix as the head attraction but many other international stars has been in Arnardo as Mr. Dalmatine, The Folco family, Jose Michell Clowns and many many more. In many years Arne Arnado was a part of the program with his own magic act and when you ask people in Norway what they did remember from their circus childhood the answers are very often – Arne Arnardo and his magic act. Arne Arnardo died May 4th 1995 and his son Arild Arnado took over the business and he is the boss today.

Circus Arnado is a very traditional circus and they do a charming old fashion performance. There is no circus ballet or screaming guitars from the orchestra but very traditional circus music - when you are in Arnardo you remember your childhood very well and that is very nice.

For this 2005 production there are many very nice acts and especially the fantastic crossbow act the Jasters and Dave Blundell on his fast and furious BMX bicycle.

Circus Scandinavia saw the 2nd performace this year and the performance was not perfect yet. Lots of waiting times between the acts and the reprise clown –Robertino was not arrived to Norway yet and that is of cause the reason for a little "slow" performance. Director Arild Arnardo was very much aware of the problem and because those circumstance all tickets was sold for half price. Furthermore it was free of charge to visit the stables in the break.

The performance was led by a 8 man circus band.

First in the ring were the youngest kids from the Arnado family playing around with one of Gartners elephants. It was not an act but very charming and a nice start of the performance. The elephant was carrying around with the small kids and they was feeding her with bread.

One of Gartners elephants playing with the kids

Photo by circus Scandinavia 2005 (C).


The Quiddlers was announced as a surprise and they were. I’m not sure how to describe the act and they were maybe not political correct but they were funny. Micro Jackson was the Quiddlers first entrée this afternoon – please see the picture.

The Quiddlers as Micro Jackson

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005 (C).


Jindra and Helena – young and very powerful strabat act.

Jindra And Helena

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005 (C)


Natalia Soap bubbles – Maybe you think that soap bubbles are boring because there is an artist blowing single bubbles out through a ring. This is absolutely not the case because, it can be done with thousands of bubbles and with the right lightning, and suddenly the whole ting is changed to a very colour full experience. Maybe it isn’t difficult at all but it is very visual.


Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005 (C).


Duo Dzen – high School act and with dog cart. Arnardo is a traditional circus and what is more traditional than a high School act included the old fashion dog cart. Duo Dzen are very elegant and in a high class and the acts includes 3 greyhounds as well.

Duo Dzen

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005 (C).


Tsytko – The third season in Scandinavia for the fantastic Russian antipode family. They were first seen here in north in the 2003 season with the Swedish circus Olympia, last year in the Danish circus Dannebrog and now in Arnardo. It is a fantastic act including very difficult moments. In Olympia they were 4 persons but now they have cut the troupe down to 3 and it fits the act because it going to be better and better. The last trick is very thrilling, where daddy balancing a ladder with his son doing the last antipode trick under the big top – very nice.


Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005 (C)


Dave Blundell – announced as world champ on BMX are in Arnardo for the second time. His first season in Arnardo was back in 1999. He is cool and he controls every inch of that bike. Lots of inspiration for the kids to see how it can be done.

Dave Blundell.

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005 (C).


Are and Paolina was announced in the printed program with an illusion act but it wasn’t there. Are is the son of Arild Arnardo and Paolina Folco Arnardo is the daughter in law. Paolina are well known for her tight wire act and has performed this act in Arnardo in many years but this year she wasn’t included in the performance accept in the finale.


Doynitza and her poodles – This very special lady not more than 25 inches high are in charge for dogs almost reaching in the height. Doynitza are a very nice artist with a very well done act. This afternoon it seems she couldn’t get control of the dogs. I have seen this act many times before (Dannebrog and Brazil Jack) and normally it is very well organized. I’m sure that the act and the dogs are back to normal standard when they are used to the new surroundings.


Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005(C).


The Jasters – my favourite and the afternoon’s absolutely most thrilling act. Very dangerous Knife and crossbow act makes the spectators breathless for a few minutes. The Jasters shows us how to handle those knifes and how not to do at home. It is the second visit for the Jasters in Arnardo – last time in 1999. The Jasters has been in the Italian circus Moira Orfei for a couple of years and was a part of Circus Krone winter circus in 2004 and in the Dutch circus Herman Renz.

The Jasters

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005(C).


The Quiddlers second entrée where they show us, what can happen if electrical toys  get out of control – funny.

The Quiddlers

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005(C).


Duo Urnov – Trapeze act in a very high class. This act is passion in the air and at the same time it tells a story. Very nice and visual act.

Duo Urnov

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005(C)

Joy Gartners elephants are back in Arnardo, with a nice and traditional Indian elephant act. The act is smooth and in a nice atmosphere.

Gartners Elephants

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005(C)


The performance went on for 2 hours and 5 minutes including a 15 min break


Arnardo are top entertainment and there are acts for any ages. So please pay Arnardo a visit when they comes to your town in Norway, because circus in Norway are just fun, thrilling and great.

Tent, seats etc.

Sound in tent, microphones etc.


Circus orchestra




Artist Quality


Circus Souveniers/catering




Toilets and other 

Overall Service

Overall presentation




Nice and clean tent. Nice seats but benches on the cheap tickets.

Sound was okay but sometimes it was difficult to hear the spoken words

Circus Orchestra was very nice.

Artists quality was very nice but maybe we needed a traditional old fashion clown act.

Circus Souveniers - cups, posters, books and a very nice souvenier program.

Toilets was nice and clean but you have to pay 2 Norwegian kroner to get there  - it should be free of charge.

Overall service - just top class

Presentaton will be much better when all the artists are there and the reprise clown can change the acts togheter.