The Danish Circus Baldoni had their premiere number 6 on April 12th. 2007.  The first year was in 2002, where Baldoni was on the road for the first time. There are a lot of thoughts behind the director couple Thessa and René marvin, because these two people try to do things different than other circuses. The first Baldoni season was a little weak but every year has been a step forward and once again Baldoni presents a better performance than last year. There is always a little story line through the performance, maybe not so clear as we are used to see but it is still there.  


Baldoni do not present an international show but a performance  is very entertaining, not only for the kids but also for the adults and that is exactly what makes Baldoni a quality circus.


For the second year in a row there was a circus band placed over the entrance and this makes the performance far better than before. Also the light has improved since the first years and the same goes for the sound. The sound could be better when it comes to the spoken words and I’m sure the reason is the different microphones used under the performance.


Last season a few artists was replaced through the season and in the end of the season the clown Lars Larna decided after two season not to say yes for a 3rd. tour with Baldoni. Lars Larna is now replaced by Martin Maiboll – a young guy with a lot of talent.


This season Baldoni presents a new clown couple (They are not a couple outside the ring) Ibaccala clowns. This couple is just fantastic and very very different from what we are used to see. The male clown is Simone Fassari from Italy and his partner is Camilla Pessi from Switzerland. This mimic couple met each other for the first time in Scuola e Teatro Dimitri in Switzerland back in 1998. In 2004 they became partners and they made the name Ibaccala. Before the premiere in Baldoni Ibaccala has worked in circus Monti, circus Fligenpilz and circus Manege. There is no doubt that this duo has a very bright future and it is one of the best acts ever presented in circus Baldoni.


The performance was opened by the very beautiful Maria Picard and a hoola hop act. This act is a little bit different than other acts of its kind because the assistant was a dog. The dog brings the rings to Maria. The act is nice Maria looks good and the dog is charming.


One of many acts by the clown duo Ibaccala – The first one was an apple juggling act. Ibaccala are maybe reprise clowns but the whole thing shall be considered as one act. They build up their small stories up through the performance and some way you just love them more and more. Their mimic is very special and there is never any doubt about their intentions or what they mean. They never say one word – just a few sounds. At the same time they are great artists and their trapeze entrée would be dangerous if they weren’t so well worked together. Every little detail is well considered and they are just great artists.   


Ib is his name in this season for the guy there is changing the performance together. The last years the name was Mr. Nielsen but now the name is IB and the artist with the many faces in this performance is Martin Maibol. Martin is playing the role as Texas Jack, Jodle Jorgen and just Ib. It is Martins first season ever in a real circus but it has always been his dream. Not to be in any circus but to perform in Baldoni because for Martin is Baldoni something special. Martin is a great artist with a lot of joy in his work and he fits perfectly in the special atmosphere you find here in Baldoni.



Maria Picard has to acts in this performance and the second is a vertical rope act. Nice act doing the most of what we expect in an act like this.


Mombassa boy is back in Baldoni or the name is back because it is not the same African troupe as we saw in 2004. Mombassa boys are great acrobats and they are in the ring three times in this performance. Maybe it is one to much but they are great entertainers and the tempo is great. The first act is a traditional Limbo dance. The second is acrobatic on a vertical pole and the last is a more traditional African acrobat act. They have a nice attitude and the atmosphere is very nice.


Richter Thor does a funny double doll act where he is inside the two dancing dolls. It is a funny act and it makes a lot of funny situations. It is hard to figure out how the two dolls manage to dance, jump and a lot of other things until Mr. Richter steps out of the double doll costume.


Martin Maiboll as Texas Jack makes a lot of noise when he shoots his guns. He is a real gun slinger and juggles with his weapons before he shoots away balloons.


The Baldonis are in the ring for the second year. Last year was the firs year where the director couple went into the ring with their own illusion act. Many circus people know that René Baldoni in many years performed his own illusion acts in the Danish circus Arena. René has always been a magician but until last year we did not see him with an illusion act in his own circus. Last year we saw him in a very serious illusion act together with his wife (Thessa Daniella) and this year they have changed a lot in the act. The new entree is with a lot of humour and it doesn’t seem as they can do any thing right. But they can, because in the end you can still ask your self – how did they do it?   Another illusion act was planned for this season but there was not enough time to have any thing ready before the premiere and the couple decided to wait for the next season. Instead they made this funny illusion act and some of the props are borrowed from the famous Danish illusionist Kim Kenneth.


The Barbi family has been a part of circus Baldoni since the beginning in 2002. Every year they have been ready with a new act. This year it is a cube juggling act but it will first be integrated in the performance in a few weeks. The reason is an injured finger and Mr. Barbi will first be ready to perform in May. The rest of the family – Ernita and Maya do a Slinky doll (doll made of flexible tubes). This act is very visual and the music is very nice and modern.


There is a lot of humour in this Baldoni performance witch makes the whole thing a great experience for people in all ages. It is very satisfying to visit smaller circuses here in Denmark because you are very much amused and it is a very serious alternative to the big shows presented by the bigger circuses here.


Performance went on for 2 hours including a 10 minutes break.


The circus bar is selling soft drinks, ice cream, beers, snacks, popcorn and candyfloss.


Souveniers – DVD, posters and a nice big program.


Baldoni will continue perform around in the country until late September.