Baldoni premiere 2006

The last Danish circus on the road in Denmark is circus Baldoni. They have their official press premiere 2 weeks after their first performance before it is presented for the press. As the last 3 years the premiere was in Lyngby a little north of Copenhagen. In a brand new big top Baldoni opened their season number 5 and the past years the performance has improved very much. Nothing is changed on in that point but this year there was a real circus live band over the entrance- Great.  Maybe there some of the same artists in the ring more than one time but it seem okay and the quality is great in most of the performance.


Last year it was the Chinese artists GaoChen and the Russian reprise clowns Kapitanski (GaoChen can be seen this year in the Swedish Circus Wictoria) as the head attractions. Here in 2006 René Marvin has contracted 3 families for his new show. The Italian traditional musical clowns, Mr. Jumping and his wife Fatime and for the 5th. Year in a row – The Barbie Family. Director René Marvin has been a fantastic Illusionist in the past and has been working for many years in the Danish circus Arena with his own magic show now he is back with an illusion act for the first time in Baldoni.


Circus Baldoni have no animals in the performance, except a dog and a few rabbits used in the illusion entreé. That is one of the reasons for using a round stage instead of the traditional circus ring. That gives a lot of advantages for the spectators because you can see perfectly on all seats in the circus.


Before the performance there was a traditional “warm up” entrée done by the young Italian artist Steve. Steve was also the first artist on the stage doing a very nice Diablo entrée. Steve has a very nice tempo on his act and there is no doubt that this young 14 years old boy just love to perform.


The Barbie family is on their 5th. Season in Baldoni and every year they managed to come up with some nice new acts. The spinning plate entrée is seen before by the Barbie family but the entrée is absolutely reconsidered. Now it is changed to a funny act witch suits the act very much.


René Marvin has many talents and so has his ventriloquist doll – the lion Leonardo. As the Barbie family Leonardo has been a part of the Baldoni show since the beginning 5 years ago. Maybe René isen´t the most qualified ventriloquist in the world but a vice artist told me a long time ago, that when it comes to ventriloquists it doesn’t matter about they are moving the mouth or not because if the doll and the artist work well togethe, you are looking on the doll not the artist. When we are talking about René Marvin you are looking at the doll witch makes the act very nice because Leonardo is naughty and very funny.    


Miss Ottilia from Hungary presented this evenings air act. She is very young and I’m sure that she in the future will be a very nice artist. The act Ottelia presented in the ring trapeze was visually very nice but maybe not the most difficult act seen in a circus. One of the charming things in Baldoni is there is also room for young talents.


Jones is brother to the Diablo artist Steve and he did a very well qualified juggling act. Jones is a tempo juggler and he really did a very speedy juggling.


Fatime Horvath from Hungary could be seen last year in the Swedish circus Olympia, Fatime does a very nice hoola hop act. Personally I don’t like hoola hop acts because they are often second entrees. Anyway Fatime is not like that and her act is an absolutely stand alone standard. She has a very nice tempo in her act and the music is very well adapted to the entrée.


 Mr. Jumping – married to Fatime and also a part of the Swedish circus Olympia in 2005 was first after the break. Mr. Jumping is in my opinion the best act this year in Baldoni and one of the best trampoline acts I have seen in many years. Lots of fantastic artists has performed this drunken trampoline guy and most of them has been funny. Mr. Jumping performs this old and traditional trampoline act in a very high standard and he is very very funny. Nice.


When the trampoline was removed from the stage the Italian artist –Jones- played a Saxophone tune together with the well playing orchestra. Jones, Steve and their father are fantastic musicians and this tune was very nice. Sometime it is nice and very relaxing to hear a nice tune instead of to many reprise parts in a show.



The Barbie Family in their second entrée. Ernita – daughter of the Barbie family became last year afraid of heights when she was rehearsing for a new Perch act. She was taken out of the performance and the act was replaced with another act. Now Ernita is ready to show us the cancelled perch act from 2005. Together with his father they do a rotating perch act.



  Jones is brother to the Diablo artist Steve and he did a very well qualified juggling act. Jones is a tempo juggler and he really did a very speedy juggling.


Many people has asked themselves (and René) why he didn’t put him selves in the performance with an illusion act. René has done magic since his childhood and when he many many years ago decided to bee a professional artist, he was a really top class illusionist. In many years he performed in the Danish circus Arena and was touring with trucks full of props. His magic show was just top class. Since he got his own circus we have only seen small parts of magic in Baldoni. So it was a great surprise to see him on the stage with his wife Thessa as the assistant. We were not disappointed because the act included some very nice tricks.


Caveagna Clowns is traditional musical clowns from Italy and maybe not so traditional after all. The music was there, the Augusts were there but no white face clown. Caveagna is dressed like a traditional clown but his two sons were dressed in streets clothes. They play music as a dream, they are very funny and all the kids laugh.  Not so much new in the act and most tricks and gags is seen before.   



The show was ended by the traditional parade and a song.


There is no doubt, that Baldoni presents a better and more international show every year. What I like with Baldoni is the special atmosphere that you can’t find in the bigger circuses. There is of cause not the same artist quality compared to the bigger international circuses but the smaller ones can do something else. Baldoni has as always a story line through the performance and that is nice. The light is better compared to the first years but first of all is the sound radical improved. A very nice band was seated and they play very well. The sound was loud and clear maybe too loud according to some people by the audience. In my opinion it is nice with loud music but that is matter of taste.


The ring master in the performance was director Baldoni with a little help from Leonardo but the figure through the performance changing the story togheter was Lars Larna. Lars is on his second year in Baldoni and it seems as he fits perfectly in this nice small circus.


Performance 2 hours including a 15 min. break

The performance was seen to the premiere in Lyngby.

There is room for 600 people in Baldoni

Catering: Pop corn, beers and soft drinks.

Souvenirs: Poster, soveniere program and those irritating blinking objects.