Premiere for the international well known circus Benneweis in Denmark, In a brand new tent, smaller than the old one and with a new gradin too, Benneweis are ready to go out on summer tour. Reengaged for this season is The French reprise clown and the high wire artists Los Quiros. A nice program with international top artists are on the program this year that seems to be better than last year. In the 2004 season the performance was extremely short and there was far too much of Francesco. Francesco is a very nice and entertaining clown but too many entrees was enough? The performance this time went for 2 hours and 10 min including a 15 min break and that is ok. The tour this year is a little different than the other years because it is now possible to visit smaller places with a smaller tent. The new tent is only a 36 m. tent and there is room for 1200 spectators and as usual in Benneweis it is chairs only – no benches here.


The program was led by Fransesco (who else) explaining in a very funny way what isn’t allowed in the Benneweis performance. Francesco took pictures with a flash and was corrected by Marek Benneweis who is back in this Danish circus. Francesco was talking in his Mobile phone and again he was corrected. At last he would have a cigarette witch is not allowed in the tent. Very nice and funny way to explain rules in the tent.



Then it was welcome from Diana Benneweis on horse.


First in the ring were Anton Monastyrsky and his Hoola hop rings. Normally it is a circus discipline for women but not here. Anton did a visual performance in how to do this in a different way. Most of those acts are boring and done as a "second" entrée but not this one. Very high artistic level and done with smoke and dark blue light. Much more acrobatic movements than normal in those acts. Anton did it and he could move the rings from leg to feet in a split second and it looked very secure. Nice act.



Klare J. Not seen before in Scandinavia and with a very skill full antipode act. She looks very good and her act looks good as well. First part was a traditional antipode act and the second part was a pole with plates where Klara J bounched a ball from one plate to another, higher and higher and at last to be cached in a basket. The act is seen before and performed by Jan Navartil in Maximum 2002.


Duo air love did a double vertical rope act. Strong and very visually they tell a love story under the big top. There is extremely many of those acts in circuses at the moment and similar acts can be seen in most circuses. There is also fashion in the circus business and those kinds of acts are very popular in these days. Nothing wrong with Duo air love, they did their job.

For the first time in Benneweis was Adriana Folco with her Elephant Baba. Adriana has been in Denmark many times before but always in Circus Arena with the rest of her family. This time she is without her family and together with a single Indian elephant. She was in Norway and working for circus Merano in the 2003 and 2004 season where her father Amadeo Folco and her to sisters are working in the current season. The act is, as most of the other acts in Benneweis, very visual and it is far away from the elephant act in Benneweis in the 2004 season. Last season the elephant act was very masculine and this year it seems possible to do an elephant act in a feminine way. Adriana plays her self against the act and it seems that the elephant love to perform.


Mambo Jambo turned a very feminine performance back to a more powerfull one. Lots of black guys did the traditional acrobatic entrée with lots of jumps, Limbo dance and much more. As the vertical rope act, those kinds of acts are very common these days – similar acts can be seen in Merano this year and last year similar acts could be seen in Baldoni and Maximum. Mambo Jambo did a nice performance and not in the normal traditional African clothes but dressed in very nice suits.


There was room for a single Danish act in this performance because Steven Pedersen was back in the Benneweis ring (last time in 2003). Steven Pedersen and his sea lions and penguins act are very nice but sometimes it seems that the sea lions do exactly what they like to do. The penguins are doing nothing else than running down a slide and then back to the transportable cave. Only one of the sea lions seems to be a part of the act because the second are doing absolute nothing. The act is okay and the single sea lion working in this act is very charming. Children are invited in the ring to throw rings to the sea lion and there is a very nice contact between the actors and the audience.


Matyne Chabry together with her brother Alain did the well known Music and clothes changing act. Martyne is daughter of the Belgian clown Toto Chabry. The family has been working many many times before in Benneweis but now Martyne are on her own legs. I love music and I love this act. It is extremely visual and she plays just nice music. Everything goes faster and faster both the clothes changing and the music. The last part is the best where Martyne plays a tune on xylophone in an extremely high tempo. She looks good, the act is good and the music is good.


The positive surprise in Beneweis was absolutely the mono bike artists – Farellos. There are no entrée clowns this year in Benneweis so the laugh had to come from some other act and it did. Farellos has not been seen before in Scandinavia and Diana Bennewis has seen right when she engaged this German couple to her performance. They are funny and they are fantastic skill full mono bike artists at the same time. Lots of fantastic moments in this act as jumps from pedestal down to a trampoline. It is absolutely not easy what those two people does bus it seems easy. Lots of funny situations as well and the mimic between those two artists are very fine.


Farellos was the surprise and the next act was the disappointment. Last years fantastic high wire act Los Quiros was nothing compared to last year performance. The reason is the accident they had last year in Circus D` Hiver. Two of the artists are back but the last is replaced by a new artist on the wire. Only a few moments from last year were included and high lights as the treble biking was cut out. The third artist will be back in the act but at the moment they don’t know when. The new artist on the wire was only a part of the entrée in a few seconds and was only seen on the wire one time mainly doing nothing. There would be nothing wrong with an inflatable pillow under those kinds of acts to prevent serious falls and accidents. Lots of accidents the past years with those kind of acts and there is no need to see them be serious hurt.

Grand Finale.

The Benneweis performance is much better than last year but there is still too much of Fransesco. He is a very nice clown and this year there was a lot of new small gags but still too much. There are no entrée clowns in Benneweis and it seems to be normal in circus in these days. Quality entrée clowns are very rare but we still need them. There is no horse act either and that is a shame because a circus with no horse act is not a real circus performance. The performance is very visual and in my opinion it is a performance for adults. Of cause it can be seen by kids but maybe it is a little boring for them?



Tent, seats etc.

Sound in tent, microphones etc.


Circus orchestra



Artist Quality

Circus Souveniers



Toilets and other 

Overall Service


Overall presentation



Tent, seats and comfort: Very nice.

Sound in tent, microphones, light and effects: Sound could be better and the light and effects are not good enough. If those things was corrected the performance would have been fantastic.

Circus Orchestra: Old fashion sound to a modern performance. A little more modern sound would have been nice.

Artist quality: Just perfect. Extreemely nice artists but we need clowns and more animals in the performance.

Souveniers: Not much. A very nice program, a few caps, two different posters and a nice T-shirt.

Toilets: Very nice and clean toilets and there is handicap toilets - Nice.

Overall service: Nice and smiling people.

Overall presentation: The performance needs a Sprechstall meister.