Front photo: Karl Ferdinand Trunk

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2007 (C).



Premiere this evening for the oldest circus in Scandinavia circus Benneweis now ready with their season number 120. The last years, the performances have not been the usual standard as we know from this very traditional circus but this 2007 performance seems to be better. Nothing wrong with the artist quality the resent years but maybe too much for the adults in my opinion. This season looks very promising and a wide range of the best artists are represented here in 2007. As usual the premiere was with lot of invited guests but also a performance where it is possible to buy tickets. It is a tradition for Benneweis to have their premiere in Hillerod and this new 2007 tour was no exception.


As last year the performance was presented by Judy Glosted.



First in the ring was the charming Diana Vedyashkina from Russia. Diana presents a very nice dog act with Dax dogs. Those dogs a very hard to train but it seems as Diana manage the job very well. The dogs do the job dancing and can work synchronized – The feeling in the act is very very positive and it seems as the dogs like to work.




Duo Bobylevs as we could see in the Norwegian circus Merano in 2006 and Billy Smarts in England in 2005 are now a part of circus Benneweis. These Russian reprise couples are just great. Russian clowns have their own style and so have Duo Bobylev. They have a fantastic tempo and they are really funny. The best entre they make is the table Tennis act, where Bobby plays with out the bat and spit the balls out instead. And he is fast because he can juggle with up to eight table tennis balls at one time. Also their living piano act is great and it is hard for bubby to controle the very living Grand piano.




Miguel Ferreri presents a low wire act (tight) ion a high level. He is Spanish with a lot of temper, doing all the hard stunts including backward and forward summersaults.



For the first time in many years Benneweis presented horses so this year there will be no small girls leaving Benneweis disappointed. When it is so many years since we last saw horses in Benneweis, they must start in the small end and that was the case here. Karl Ferdinand Trunk present a lot of small ponies in liberty. They were charming and the small horses worked really tight. In the end there was included a funny part where one of the horses went to sleep in a big bed. Everything in a charming - positive atmosphere.




Miss Kai went up side down in her well known ceiling walk act. The act was a part of the German circus Roncalli in 2005 and now Miss Kai will walk around in Denmark until the middle of September. High up under the big top, with her feet placed on a plate and the head down, she really walk around doing everyday things. She playes music on her trombone, brush her hair and juggles of cause. The act is very visual and there is the same question from the spectator’s everytime – How is she doing this act.





Fausto Scorpions was seen in 2006, where they performed their very positive Icarian game act in the Swedish circus Maximum. This trio is not new and was seen for the first time many years ago in Monte Carlo circus festival. The trio has a great reputation for, including the spectators and they are very positive and smiling. Fausto ended the first part of the performance.




After the break it was time for the two Gartner brothers Christian and Alex. Normally we know them as elephant trainers but here in Benneweis they alsop presents a wheel of death entrée. The act was okay but far from the standard done by the best artists doing similar acts. Anyway it was the evenings thrilling act and if you not see 100 performances every year there is nothing to compare with and the act was ok.







Karl Ferdinand Trunk was in the ring for the second time this evening and this time with a very mixed animal group, Pigs, goats and dogs did a charming act and especially the two fat pigs was very funny. Nice act.




Gartners two elephants were next with a nice standard act. Nothing special but absolutely ok. More than one Gartner family group this year because Joy Gartner can be seen in the Norwegian circus Arnardo with his two elephants.




Also the next artist is represented in more than one circus here in Scandinavia because the fantastic Mario Berousek as we can see here in Benneweis has his juggling brother in circus Arena. Mario Berousek is absolutely special and after many seasons in the huge German circus Krone he is ready to make an extremely speedy juggling act here I Benneweis. Mario is one of the fastest jugglers in the world and many years ago we could see him here in Scandinavia where he performed with his family –called the Freddys.



Mario Berousek ended the performance.


This 2007 performance is the best Benneweis performance in many years. Lots of acts in a very very high level. Of cause there a things there could be better but sometimes that is a matter of taste. One thing I will point out is the awful sound from the 6 man circus orchestra. Sometimes the instruments were out of tune and the sound from the drums was very bad. It would be nice with a lot better sound system because it means very much in a circus performance. The drums needed microphones because then it would be possible to change the sound. The light system could be much better with more effects but not so necessary in a nice and entertaining performance.


The performance went on for 2 hours and 10 min including a 20 min break.


Toilets are very nice in Benneweis with handicap facilities (good).


Souvenirs – not much but a nice program with 30 pages.  Key rings, T-.shirt + sweat shirt. A cap with benneweis logo.


Catering – Soft drinks, beers all kinds of candy and snacks. It is not possible to have something to eat. (Could be nice).