Benneweis 2008.

Premiere a few days ago for the Danish circus Benneweis. As usual and among others it is always premiere at the same lot year after year. This Spring has so far been wet and extremely cold and this makes the areas around Bennewis absolutely unqualified for the audience to make their entré in circus. Anyway here in Denmark the weather this time a year is absolutely shifty but the circus starts whatever it is cold or the warm winds from the south makes life easier.


More animals in Benneweis last year and it seems as a good idea because all animal artists and trainers was reengaged form 2007. Gärtner with their two elephants and Karl Ferninand Trunk with his ponies and a mixed animal entré. It seems as a good line up of artists and a few new acts never seen in Scandinavia makes always things more interesting. Especially are the handstand acrobats – The Caspars with a nice reputation and the same goes for the reprise clown artists Titto Lesters – so there was absolutely something to look forward at. 


The starts with an overtures from a little thin orchestra- The sound is not fantastic but it works.


The Show was presented by Judy Glosted


First artist in the ring was Karl Ferdinand Trunk with his charming ponies. Eight of the and the smallest was really small. A very long routine where the first part was a standard liberty horse routine, witch is very nice and tight. The second part was different where one pony was placed in a chair and two in a merry goes round and a pony there is going to bed. The routine is ended with a standard closing with horses on hint legs etc.  Karl Ferdinand Trunk has a lot of routine and the act goes fast and very secure.


The Gaspars has two entrés in this Benneweis 2008 production. They have taken up an old routine – The Taxi. They are tourist, gone lost and finds themselves in a circus ring. They need of cause a taxi to bring them the right place. This taxi doesn’t see secure and every part of it seems to either explode or  fall apart. This is so absolutely not a new routine and performed by a long range of clowns through the years. The Caspars does it well and they are really acting very well witch secure the success for this routine.


Titto Lester from Portugal is in charge of the reprise routine part in Benneweis. He is not a clown but more like a comedian. His face are great with a lot of funny expressions. He is in the ring three times, witch is fair and not to much. The first entré is a Elvis routine, where he suddenly change clothes to a Ballerina. I´m not absolutely sure why but he makes some funny parts anyway. As the Elvis figure there is something wrong with the playback and the tape runs first fast and then slow. Titto had to slow down or speed up his performance according to the music. The second entré is a naughty baby routine, where he had to look after his baby laying in the baby carriage. The baby doesn’t behave as it should and some funny situations occurs. The last routine from Titto Lester is the movie director. Here Titto direct a movie with help from the audience doing the acting. – The last two routines are absolutely not new developed and seen many times before done be different clown and comedians. Titto Lester is so absolutely okay and he does the old routines in a great way.


The Caspars are back in the ring with their outstanding Rola Rola act. Starting up with two postaments, where the routines are done extremely nice. The third artist comes in as a drunken spectator where he interrupts now and then. Of cause he is shown the way out by the ring master Marek Benneweis but at last he succeeds and climbs up on the postament. It seems as the drunken spectator is a fast leaner because after some falls he are just world star. Caspars are just great artists.


Salima Peippo combines vertical rope and a feet hanging act going with her head down she is working in a circle putting her feat in loops. Salima comes from Finland and normally she has two acts on her program – an Hoola hop ring and her vertical rope. The act was very poetic but not thrilling at all. Maybe it is not mend to be but still a few high lights. Salima looks very good and in 2000 she took part of miss. World. She was shortly a part of the German circus Roncalli (a gala called Roncalli goes classic) and in 2006 the was on the season with the French circus Maximum. So far as I can see she hasn’t been with the German circus Flic Flac, witch is stated in the printed program.


 Karl Ferdinand Trunk and his second act includes a combination between dogs, goats and pigs. The act is charming and the pigs are very funny with their slow walking doing the job in their own tempo. The high light is the finale where most of the animals takes a tour on the slide.


Gärtner presenting the elephants only entré. Last year they were here with two routines a Whell of death act was included too but in this season they left the wheel back home and brought their two Indian elephants. The animal act is a nice standard entré with all normal elephant routines.


Jidins magic show is in Benneweis for the second time. Jidinis does not make a routine he makes a show. Included are 4 very lovely girls almost stealing the show from the French illusionist. The girls are dressed very colourful and they moves smoothly around showing their dancing skills. To be an illusionist is not so hard but to make a show is just another matter. Lots of colour in this show and lots of well looking props makes this illusion act very nice. Everything fits in style, passion and the light in Bernneweis showed of for the first time this evening  that it can more than just deliver a standard set up. Some of the routines was old but also a few new ideas was added since their last appearance here in Denmark. Jidinis is great but personally I was looking more on the lovely girls instead of enjoying a fantastic magic show.


Liazeed are handstand artist in the best class and this is show getting people up from the chairs. Coming from the American big Apple circus where they performed in 2006/07 they can’t get much better recommendation. This trio father and daughter and her boyfriend – Francisco does one of the most best handstand acts.


The performance went on for two hours including a 20 min break.


The Benneweis show is good entertainment with a nice range of top artists. Anyway the surroundings in Benneweis could absolutely be improved. Not so many smiling people, there were exceptions of cause but still you are in circus to be entertaint also before the show. The show itself was a little slow in the beginning but the last entre´s after the break did the job. High lights in this show was The Caspars (the rola rola act), Jidinis and Liazeed.


The light system was bad until the end of the show, where it suddenly was a little more then a few Par 64 lamps. The circus Band is okay and no more. Microphones on the drums would increase the quality a lot and not leaving us with the idea, that the drummer uses pots. The band wasn’t playing for all entrees and here the sound quality was different from act to act.


Overall the performance is good but the impression would be much better with a proper light system and a much better sound. Circus is not the artists only it is an overall impression witch makes the difference. The artists was well adapted to each other but we needed a thrilling act.


Benneweis continues in 101 cities in Denmark ending in Copenhagen September 14th.