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Circus BonBon.

Circus BonBon is identical with circus Skratt normally touring in Sweden. In the summertime circus Skratt changes their name and perform for a few months in the Danish amusement park BonBon Land. Here circus BonBon performs a 45 min. performs twice a day. In the program there are a lot of very nice international artists and it is very rare to see a show in this level in an amusement park. Circus BonBon/Skratt is owned by the Danish circus King Benny Berdino and when you see the trucks and cars it is very clear to see the style belongs to circus Arena, only the colours are changed to the Swedish colours yellow and blue. There are of cause some changes in the acts because the show is cut down to a 45 min performance but almost all artists from the Swedish tour are included.


The performance was led by the ringmaster Judith.


Fist in the ring was a traditional blown up clown duo. Lots of funny situations and it still seems to amuse the kids. After all, it is many years now, since we saw that kind of act for the fist time but it seems still as a success. The entrée was presented by  the German and Russian artists, Marina and Yvo as we also could see in the Danish circus Arli back in 2005, were they called them selves bubble gums.


Next were Roland Dittmar and his funny reprise act. Normally he works with his wife the sky high Hungarian basket ball player Agnes Nemeth but here in Denmark he is on his own. Roland Dittmar was in the ring several times with a range of traditional reprise gags.


Six brown Arab horses from the stables of circus Arena was presented by Mignon Bratuchin. Mignon is daughter of the very famous Cossack rider Ivan Bratuchin and his fantastic Cossack troupe. Mignion did a very nice work with those beautiful brown stallions. When circus is in Sweden Mignon rides a high school act as well but because of the lack of time here in Denmark it was not included.


Marina was in the ring with a very nice hoola hop act. In Sweden she performs an arial ring act but of some reason here in Denmark she performs another act. We are all very satisfied with that decision because the act here in circus BonBon was very well. Normally I’m not so keen with hoola hop acts but this one here was very well considered. The music was very well adapted and very modern drum beat behind the act. She looks good and she does it very well. Maybe the best act because the applause here was one of the big ones this afternoon.


The Mruz family is a big part of the performance, just as they were in the last 2006 season, where they were a part of the German circus Charles Knie. Here in Circus BonBon they are behind 3 acts. Alex Mruz does a very qualified Rola Rola act very high and with a lot of rollers including a football.

Robert Mruz dose some very nice reprise parts through the performance

Valentina Mruz is performing sky high with a great swinging trapeze act. The act is thrilling with a lot of nice stunts and tricks.


The German artist Yvo presents a very charming dog act (Jack Russel terrier?). A single dog does a lot of nice tricks and everything in a nice and smooth atmosphere.


Maybe one of the best acts was presented by the fantastic Stauberti duo with a very thrilling Perch act. One of the best parts of this entrée is, when the lower guy is balancing on a mono bike when he is balancing the perch and the lady in the end of the stick. 


The whole performance was ended by a parade.