Circus Brazil jack is a medium sized circus but with a lot of traditions far back in the Swedish circus history. The Rhodin family is known in Sweden for fantastic circuses as Trolle Rhodin and his huge zoo circus. These days it is Carmen and Trolle Rhodin there is running the circus. Normally it is a positive surprise to visit Brazil Jack and there are always very nice entrees in this circus. Brazil Jacks sticks to the roots and there are always old fashion acts in the program. Last year it was Hugo Zamorate as the man in the bottle and in 2003 it was the fire eater Anatoli (Arnardo 2002) keeping old fashion circus traditions alive (see reviews from 2003 and 2005).


This year the winter last for more than normal here in Scandinavia and that means awful circus places also here in Malmo where Brazil Jack starts their summer tour every year.


Circus opening with a nice little poetic parade. The parade went smoothly over in the first entrée where Natalia makes a lot of soap bubbles. All sizes ending up making thousands of them. Nice effect when the different colours spot hits the bubbles. Natalia was a part of Circus Arnado in Norway in 2005.


The first of two entrees by the acrobats Spineanu, doing a very nice hand voltiege act. 3 guys and two good looking girls did a very strong act.


The reprise part in Brazil Jack was done by Christian, Leo and Cleo. They have been reprise clowns in Brazil Jack in many years and they do a very nice job. Not the same stuff year after year but every year there is a few new ones to.


Biasini dog show with two acts in the performance. The first a traditional dog show but not with poodles as normally sees but with sheep dogs. Very nice tempo and very nice and lively dogs. The dogs did everything as we normally can see in those kind of acts as jumping through rings and a lot of other things.


Max Rhodin was in charge of the juggling this year. Normally we can see Leo and Vita with a very nice act but Leo broke his leg seriously under the training a few months ago and he has to wait for a while before his back. Anyway Leo was in the ring as the white face but not as a juggler. Instead it was the very young 16 years old Max Rhodin doing the juggling part. Max is son of Carmen and Trolle Rhodin jr.and it seems there is a very nice artist here in the future. Max did a very nice act.


Gabi Donnert on his season number 6 in Sweden and Brazil Jack. A very nice and brand new horse act was presented. A new horse just new in the business was first in the ring with a single horse liberty act. The horse is very nice, strong and powerful. Gabi Donnerts daughter was next with a traditional charming big and small horse act and she was replaced by her father doing a nice traditional liberty horse entrée.


Vita did a new vertical sail act but done in a fishing net. A very poetic act last year and this year she was in the ring with the new act.  Fish and shells was the theme and again a very visual act. 


Biasini dogs were in the ring for their second entrée. This time with a single dog entree. An old routine with the clean up man being interrupted by a dog done in a fast tempo. Funny and very amusing.


Tsytko has been here before and that doesn’t matter because they are good. They perform a mix of antipode and perch balance. It is a very attractive act with a high visual effect and the last part is thrilling as well. First time I saw this act was in Olympia in 2003. In 2004 they went to Denmark performing now as a trio (before they were 4). In 2005 they showed up in the Norwegian circus Arnado and now they are back in Sweden.


The show was ended by the Spineanu. This time with a nice springboard entrée. Nice level and nice attitude. They look very good and doing lots of nice tricks. I’m sure we will see Spineanu in Scandinavia again the next years.



Finale with a huge inflated clown in the middle of the ring and Carmen Rhodin said goodbye




Brazil Jack is as always very entertaining. There is something for the kids and for adults as well. Fair ticket prices sells more tickets and it seem as a good business here in Brazil Jack. The performance, before the one I saw was sold out and the same was the performance 3 hours later. I was seated in a comfortable chair but lots of the seats in Brazil Jack are benches. Please consider to replace those old fashion benches with chairs everywhere or at least put backs on the benches.


The performance was very nice and I’m always impressed with the performance in Brazil Jack and it seem that Carmen Rhodin can find top artists, doing more than one entrée well. I was very impressed by Gabi Donnert, his horse act is very very nice. It is build up nicely with the High School horse, then the liberty horses ending with his daughter with a small and a big horse. Tytsko is very nice too but in my opinion Spineanu impressed me most.


The performances went on for 2 hours including a 15 min break.

Catering: popcorn, suggests, soft drinks and a few other things.

Souveniere: Not much but there is a very nice program and a few other things.

Circus Band: It was well playing band playing traditional circus music.

Comfort: As mentioned the benches should be replaced.

Service: Fantastic.

Overall presentation: Great