The small circus Charlie is for the second year on tour in Denmark and not only in the local area in the north of Denmark. Circus Charlie is an animal free circus and the performance is mainly for kids. This review is made in consideration of that fact and the performance is not compared with some of the top international circuses.

Lots of poetic in this performance and the really workers for the mude are the two clowns Red and Blue. They are both coming from outside Denmark -, Riga and Moscow. It is not their first season in Denmark but the first season in Charlie.. Before this season they were a part of another Danish circus – Circus Baldoni. Hard work for those two reprise clowns and they succeeded very much. Lots of funny situations and a great mimic from both.

It is a tradition in circus Charlie that adults can’t occupy the first two rows, witch means that no kids are disappointed – lots of other kid circuses could learn a little here. Are all seats occupied in the front, there is a very nice sight from a very high gradin.

Yes it is circus for kids but that doesn’t mean you have nothing too laugh at as an adult. Lots of funny situations make this performance worth the money.


Natascha and Natascha started the performance with a nice acrobat act. They are very charming those two girls and they look good. Very strong act with a lot of power rarely expected from two girls.


Between most acts was the two reprise clowns Red and Blue in the ring. They were never boring and they performed a lot of nice situations for all ages. Very nice expression and there was never doubt in the way they told their story. Nice mimic and the couple are just nice.


Einar Trie – Director for circus Charlie was next with one of the oldest tricks in magic. Nothing to worry about, because most kids have not seen the changer back trick before. Einar asked about any kids in the audience knew what a changer back was and lost of suggestions was received. Einar made a normal boring trick too a long and very entertaining entrée. All the kids laughed when Einar couldn’t change the two scarf’s to other colours but with a little help from two kids he succeeded in the end.


Gugge was in the ring several times and replaced the two reprise clowns when they was out for changing clothes. Gugge has been with Charlie in many times before and last year he was doing the Red entrée. This year he has changed his colours to green and did his own solo entrees. Gugge is fabulous and just fantastic. His expression is very rare and you can be almost afraid of him when he is playing mad. Gugge is an multi artist and do his own small entrees as a juggler, whip artist and much much more but always as a clown.


Next was Einar Trie and again with a magic trick. He did the chuck up illusion act but again with a lot of humor. This time he asked the kids about they had a mom who voluntarily would like to be cut in two. Most kids shouted yes and you could see all the scared moms on the rear places- funny.


Sofie Bonde and her husband – Niels Torp are a famous pop duo in Denmark with a lot of hits in the past. Now they are on their second tour with circus Charlie and it seems to be a nice life for the couple. Sofie did the first song out of three. She has a very nice and clear sound and the text was very poetic in this firs song about a butterfly.


Natascha was next with a nice Arial ring act. Thrilling entree and in a fair level. Natascha is from Riga and her act is very nice and strong.


The Clown Charlie alias Director Einar Trie in his old and very nice clown entre. He had to get his fagot and it is hanging high up from the ground.. And what happens when a clown finds himself a ladder and trying to get up to his instrument. Lost of funny situations.


Last entrée before the break was a kind of multy juggling act. Most artists can do a little juggling and a lot of them are doing this in a very fair level. Most artists from the performance were in the ring doing different kind of juggling. Special but a good idea.


Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005 (C).


The first entrée after the break was Zenia Tomilov in a strapat act. Zenia has, like the red and blue clowns, been a part circus Baldoni a few years ago. In Baldoni he did a double strapat act wit a partner but here in Charlie is was a single entrée.

Hoola hoop presented by Miss Jamaica. Almost every circus has an hoola hoop act in the program and it is almost a trend in the world of circus. I think they are boring and it is time for a new trend. There was nothing wrong with the act but when you have seen one Hoola hoop act you have seen them all. There are of cause exceptions but it is rare.


Red and Blue did a extremely funny entrée not as Red and Blue but Red as a honey bee and blue as a normal girl. Nice story where the Honey bee are eating of the girl’s birthday cake. She gets mad a spray the bee with insect poison. Lots of comic in this act.

The finale is always very long and entertaining in Circus Charlie and there was no exception this year. Two songs by Sofie Bonde ended this show with lots of smoke, light and all the artists doing different small acts.


Tent, seats etc.


Sound in tent, microphones etc.

Circus orchestra




Artist Quality


Circus Souveniers




Toilets and other 


Overall Service


Overall presentation



Tent and seats: Nice and new tent benches only.

Sound in tent: Very nice and clear.

Circus Orchestra: A very nice four man band. The sound and level was a little to weak.

Artist quality:  Too many clown entrees - there should be more serious acts  - but the standard was absolute okay and the kids was ammused.

Circus Souveniers: Two different posters - thats all.

Toilets: Nice but no handicap fasilities.

Overall service: very nice - lots of smiling and friendly people.

Overall presentation: Nice