3 Circuses in Copenhagen at the moment could be too much and especially if you has to choose one of them. The quality is very very high in all 3 circuses in Copenhagen and that wouldn’t be too much to see all 3 in one weekend. It was my first time in Dannebrog this year and I can say it was a surprise. Maybe some of the artists are in the ring several times but Isabella Enoch succeeds with this production A style with a touch of variety, dancing and circus makes the performance very well. I have been a little after Dannebrog the last years for a bad sound in the tent. It is better but still not good enough – If Dannebrog had a circus band or did a little bit more with the sound quality they would have a fantastic performance. The acts are extremely well chained together and the whole performance is very well considered. The Dannebrog performance 2005 is show, colours and entertainment. A very nice light and dance show makes the dead points between the acts very visual. It is very nice to see a show where you can fell there is thoughts behind everything and that’s what you can feel in Dannebrog.


First in the ring was an absolute mix of everything. The act is called the western parade. Included in this act is dance, lasso, acrobatic and even bicycles. The Enoch family who owns circus Dannebrog has a fantastic reputation as bicycle artists – now it is the son and grandsons who is taken over this tradition performing their skills in this mixed entrée.


The Colerados did a nice visual knife throwing act- very nice costumes. Nothing new in this act and without the big highlights but absolutely okay. Knife throws against a rotating plate was the most thrilling in this entrée.



The first of two entrees by the Italian clowns – Bubi Ernestos clowns. The first act was the washing machine entrée with a little help by the ringmaster – Agnete Louise Enoch. Bubi Ernestos are just old fashion musical clowns and in the absolute better end of the scale. Traditional clowns are rare these days and quality traditional clowns are extremely rare – Not many circuses in Scandinavia has "real" clowns on the program and it seems more common to have reprise clowns these days. Dannebrog has clowns and they are just fantastic.



The beauty saloon is an old act but always funny – normally it is a employed from the circus there is the voluntary and enter the ring and gets a face lift by an elephant. This evening it was a little different because there was a female polterabend in the tent (last trip in town with her friends before she should be married) and she was of cause chosen to enter the ring. Lots of funny situations when the elephant starts to work with water and soap.



Miller Benneweis is back in the ring together with Katja Enoch. Miller left circus Benneweis a few years ago and is now back in the ring after working behind the scenes in the Dannebrog 2004 tour. This double entrée starts with Miller Benneweis in a high quality "Big and small" act. The small and the big horse are very charming and it is a long time since I have seen this kind of entree in such a quality. Katja takes over and performs the big horses and ponies. It seems that her act has improved a lot and it was much better than I have seen it before.



Mr. Gerard – (Luigi Monni) did a high standard Rola rola act. Nice tempo and very visual. Last time we saw the Mooni family in Scandinavia was in the Norwegian circus Agora in 2003.


Posnas poodles – no circus without dogs – an animal who really likes to perform. High in tempo and lots of funny situations. Especially the naughty "boy" in the class makes us all laugh. Lots of poodles in this act and done in a lovely atmosphere.


Lots of people in The Gamblers (Faltyny family) doing a very nice juggling act. Again an act in a high tempo. Juggling on the floor, standing on each other, up and down in every possible way. Like in the other acts there were nice costumes, modern and very charming.


Mixed animals trained by Bernhard Kasselowsky and performed with his daughter Josephine Kassolowsky. Lot of different animals in a very nice mixture with elephants. The act was included with dancers and was high in tempo. Josephine did a nice job together with his father. The second part of the act was with elephants only and made like a more traditional elephant entrée.


MG team. (the Monnie family) was next with their famous roller skate act. The act is extremely nice in tempo and includes a lot of nice tricks. A very powerful act and it is over my imagination that they can stand on their 2 feet after such a swing. As always in such acts one of spectators is invited to a swing with two skaters. The result is always the same, a very very dizzy guy.



Miss Ophelia – (Ernesto family) did a charming tight wire act. On tip toes she went over the wire several times. The act is charming and looks good. It is a slow act and fits perfectly into the other act with a high tempo.


Duo Isajothai covers over Josephine Kasselowsky and Isabella Enoch. Isabella Enoch has a reputation all over Europe where she has performed her trapeze act. The last years she has been working in daddy’s circus Dannebrog and this year in a corporation with Bernhard kassolewsky´s daughter Josephine. And what a surprise because this combined trapeze and swing act is extremely nice. Just fantastic what those two people has managed to put together through the winter. It is poetic, thrilling and in a fantastic level. Director Haddy Enoch should be careful allowing her daughter doing this entrée because I’m sure that there will be a great interest from other circuses around the world for this act in the next season. It includes everything and it is really candy for the eye.



Bubi Ernestos second entrée was just great and very funny – nice music and with her daughter as the white face clown and his son as the second August. Really traditional, funny and with nice music.



The show was ended by the great Faltynny family. There head attraction is their bicycle act. Maybe the Faltynys don’t have the highest tempo compared to similar acts but they present an entrée in a very high level and do a lot of extremely difficult tricks. My personal favourite is when they do the slack wire act on mono bike between a to man high also on mono bikes.


Dannebrog did an extremely nice performance, very well considered and maybe the artists do more than one entrée each it is quality acts. No doll moments at all, nice seats, nice tent but still not the best sound. The performance is a perfect for the whole family, there are a lot of animals, there are clowns and they are funny for kids and adults - that’s very important and stands for quality, there are thrilling acts, colours and light – just nice entertainment.

The performance went for 2 and a half hours including a 15 minutes break.



Tent, seats etc.

Sound in tent, microphones etc.



Circus orchestra






Artist Quality


Circus Souveniers

Toilets and other 


Overall Service

Overall presentation


Sound in tent should be better. It is difficult to hear the spoken words.

The artist quality was just nice.

Souveniers was cups, caps, poster , t-shirts, Souvenir program, and a DVD with Agnete Louise Enoch.

Toilets was nice and clean but no handicap toilets (there should be).

The servise is as always very nice in Dannebrog - It is not possible to use credit cards in Dannebrog - it should be possible.

The presentation was just great