Circus Dannebrog press premiere 14 days after the first performance seems to be normal these days. The advantage in this decision is of cause a much better performance and the show is running without faults. 


In a nice new 36m Cannobi big top, everything was ready for premiere number 30 for the Enoch family presenting a very nice traditional performance. The new tent is much higher than the old one and for the first time ever in Dannebrog, there was room for a flying trapeze act. This is not the only positive news in Dannebrog this year because for the first time in 5 years a live circus band was placed over the entrance. In the last years Dannebrog has used CD music for their performance but in my opinion the sound has not been good enough. This problem is over now because it was a very well playing 6 man circus band we could hear to day.


Lots of problems this year for the Enoch family because in February Isabella Enoch and Bernhard Kaselowsky was a part of a serious car accident in Germany. Bernhard Kaselowsky is back in the ring but Isabella is not included in the performance but she feels better and better every day.


As usual there is a very colour full opening in Dannebrog, where most artists were in the ring. First artist in the ring was the fantastic juggler Eddy Carello. Eddy is a famous for his skilful juggling but also known as the juggler not dropping anything. There is something about those words because he did not drop anything in any of his two entrees. The first was a football juggling act and dressed in Danish colours he did a nice soccer juggling act - Everything of cause, with large footballs. Eddy is a very charming juggler with a great attitude and you can almost feel that he is more than satisfied with his job as an artist.



Olesija is daughter of Glavatskies and she did a fair handstand act. She is very young and there is no doubt that she in the future will present a stand alone act.


The Haddies is a bicycle act – a tradition in the Enoch family. In many many years the owner – Haddie Enoch and his wife – Solveigh was touring around the world with their fantastic bicycle act. Now it is their son Dennis and his son Jimmy we can see in the ring. Dressed in bicycle outfits, father and son did a very entertaining bicycle act. Dennis has not performed in a couple of years but now he is back in the ring. Dennie is over 50 years and it was the plan to retire but now he is back. That decision is very positive because the couple showed us a fantastic act with a very high tempo. Yes it is Jimmy doing most but dad is absolutely in a nice shape. The couple is doing most on the bikes and was very impressing



Josefine kasselowsky was in the ring with a nice little poetic trapeze act. Last year we could see Josefine togheter with Isabella Enoch in an outstanding trapeze act, different,well considered and extremely entertaining. This year Josefine was alone in a short but nice entrée.


Katja Enoch is in the ring with Dannebrogs own horses. The horse group is new but very skill full. Before it was Haddie Enoch there presented the horses but in the recent years it is his daughter Katja we can see in the ring. Last year Katja presented the horses together with Miller Benneweis but here in the new season Katja is in the ring alone with a double horse act. The first is a traditional liberty horse group and the second is the charming –Big and small- entrée.



Bernhard Kaselowsky togheter with his 2 daughters Josefine and Melanie, in a nice new elephant act. The name of the elephant is Rambo, maybe a little confusing with that name for a female African elephant?. Nice act and Bernhards 2 daughters looks very good and manage to be a part of a very nice elephant entrée in a very positive way.



In my opinion was one of the best acts in the Dannebrog performance –The Glavatskies with their air voltiege act. I just love those acts because they are poetic, thrilling and very strong. The Glavetskies seems very discreet and builds up their act very slowly ending in some very difficult parts for an act like this. It is rare to see air voltiege acts in the pure form these days but Glavatskies did it.


The German artist – Josefine Igen presented a very positive and very entertaining dog act. Lots of charming dogs and lots of nice tricks from the dogs. Positive and very relaxed and it is a pleasure when you can see animals love to perform.




Eddy Carello with his second act and what a positive surprise. This it what we can call a rhythm music juggling act. Very original juggling act where Eddy is bouncing balls on the drums and it sounds good. The best part is when he is spitting balls from his mouth to the drums and caching them again where they came from. Eddy works really good and you can feel his attitude and perfect mimic far back to the rear seats. Eddy is just great.



The Spanish traditional clowns - The Gotys should have been in Dannebrog this year but of personal reasons the contract was cancled. The canselation was very close to the start of the season witch means they still are listed in the printed program. Dannebrog is a traditional circus and in those kind of circuses there shall be horses and of cause traditional clowns. In stead of the Gotys The Belgium clown Toto Chabry and company will perform in Dannebrog until the middle of May. Most Danes know Toto Chabry for his many many years in Denmark and especially circus Benneweis. Toto Chabry is just great and really funny. He belongs to the old kind of clowns and the traditions belonging to the old fashion style. That means no slapstick humour without a story and Toto and co. delivers a clown entrée funny for both adults and kids. As told, Toto and co. will leave Dannebrog again joining some galas in Belgium.





Josefine Kasselowskys was back with a double act. The first part was a high school act sliding over in a camel act done from horse. Nice tempo and the camels seem very well trained. Josefine fits perfectly in this Arabic oriented costume.


Josefine and Daniel Igen presented a funny goat act. These days it is rare to see goats in circus and so far as I know it is only Dannebrog and the Swedish circus Olympia with real goats act on the program. I do not know so much about goat training and know absolutely nothing about how difficult they are to train but I know they are funny and entertaining. Those creatures are charming and climbs very well. They can’t do so much as dogs but they seems as they like to perform.


Last act in the performance was Flying Michaels from Brazil. Everybody knows flying trapeze act in different quality. Flying Michaels represented the best part of the scale, doing a nice and colourful entrée. After the summer tour with Dannebrog the will be a part of Cirque D´Hiver in Paris.



The show was ended with a traditional parade.


Circus Dannebrog seems to be better and better and when there is a real circus band included, then Dannebrog presents one of the best performances in Scandinavia. The show is very nice and well considered by Isabella Enoch. You can feel there are thoughts behind the show but also well considered entertainments between the gaps in the performance. 


Dannebrog reviewed April 13th. in Odense.

Performance 2 hours 10 min including a 15 min break.

Spectators: 999 – sold out.

Summer season: 6 months ending in Copenhagen for 3 weeks.

Souvenirs: Program, caps, t-shirts, Jackets and more.