Front Photo: Pricilla Errani


Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2007 (C).


Circus Dannebrog from Denmark has started their summer tour 2007. It is absolutely no secret that the quality the recent years has increased very very much for this Danish circus. There is no doubt that Dannebrog can be counted as one of the best circuses here in Scandinavia. Dannebrog is a modern circus with roots in the traditional but absolutely also looking forward and present a performance with a very modern expression. The circus business is full of traditions but forget, the old sound with an old fashion circus orchestra doing dumpy dump tunes because only you Grand parents will be satisfied. The right way in Scandinavia is a combination and that’s exactly what you find in Dannebrog. Modern light systems, a traditional circus band but also the modern sound and acts. Many people ask themselves why a circus as Flic Flac in Germany are doing so well and the answer is easy because they can lift up normal circus acts and artist into another level. They can do it because they have a top modern light system and a nice modern sound. Lots of people think that the younger generation likes old fashion circus but they are wrong. Younger people likes modern music with a strong bass line and lots of colours delivered as you find in Dannebrog. It is a great pleasure to see Dannbrog combines the modern style and the traditional style because I’m sure it satisfied most of their audience.


The performance was opened by the singing low wire artist Nicol Nicols. Mr. Nicol was singing the first lines of  “Come on to the circus” in Danish but fast he went to the original American text. The circus ballet was dressed in very colourful clown costumes and the artists were presented one by one.



 First act belongs in the traditional part of a performance.  Dannebrog´s horses – 3 white and 3 brown stallions started this act with being alone in the ring stretching them selves in a dark blue light. Katja Enoch enters the ring and presents her liberty horses. It is very traditional liberty horse act with wonderful horses and in the end Racid Nouri was the part of the act as well. Racid has been in circus Dannebrog in many many years where he is working in the stables and it is not the first time he is in the ring. The entrée was ended with a traditional big and small act, similar to the act presented in the 2006 season.




The reprise part in Dannebrog this season is done by the American “The Quiddlers” – This act is very special and can best be described as very crazy. The Quiddlers are dressed up in costumes in a way as it looks like they are very small. The Quiddlers has a lot of entrées through the performance as Micro Jackson, Elfis or the toy goes crazy. There are a lot of funny situations made by those two guys inside the costumes. In the printed Dannebrog souvenier program is written, that Quiddlers are in Scandinavia for the first time. That is not the truth because the Quiddlers was a part of the Norwegian circus Arnardo in the 2005 season. The Quiddlers has more than one unit travelling around   the world with this very special mimic act and the unit here in Dannebrog is not the same guys as the ones there was in Arnardo. The Quiddlers was formed back in 1986 by 5 college students and at that time called The Marauding Miners. They had a great success in the USA where they performed in many different shows and occasions. Now they are ready for a tour around in Denmark with circus Dannebrog.



 Nicol Nicols from Spain was next in a very nice tight/low wire act. Nice tempo and he is doing all the hard tricks on the wire including the forward summersault. Dressed in Spanish clothes he danced, jumped and a lot of other things on the wire.



Moressa Marco is Italian and a part of the Errani circus Family but first of all he is a fantastic juggler. He has a very modern style and with a nice story line build in. The tempo is great, the music is modern and the light setting is perfect. Moressa Marco juggles with a lot of different items and everything is just nice. There are two juggling acts in Dannebrog this year but maybe director Haddy Enoch mend that it takes two to compete with last years juggler in Dannebrog – Eddy Carello.




Zeudi Errani is absolute beautiful and her act is very visual Placed on the back of a motorcycle she does her antipode act. With basketballs, balls and other items she works through this nice act. She looks very nice and again there is done a lot to lift this entré as surber light setting and a lot of modern music.




Traditional musical clowns is done by the Spanish Nicols. They do the old Boxing entrée. Maybe not so much new in this Entre and there is as usual, in those kind acts is borrowed a little to much of other clown entrée. I´m not aware who original made the Boxing Entrée but a little part here and there was borrowed. It would be nice if the clowns would learn a little more Danish, so the kids in the audience understand the history behind.





After the break Dannebrog presented the Flying Costas. It was the plan that the Flying Michaels should have been here, then it was flying Souzas but in the end it was the flying Costas taken the tour around in Denmark. The start of the act was very well built with pirates entering the ring starting fighting. Some of the pirates start climbing up, ending up in the flying trapeze. Three people – one woman and two guys, where one was a flyer and the second the catcher. When we compare the flying Michaels from last Dannebrog season and Flying Costas in this season it was flying Michaels with the best attitude. It is hard to compare flying trapeze acts because most of them are doing the same. In my opinion the flying Michaels from the last season had the the best act compared to Flying Costas. Absolutely nothing wrong with flying Coatas because they do the most and one thing is for sure – Flying trapeze act is always thrilling to look at.




Pricilla Errani presented a hoola hop act. Normally is hoola hop acts very boring but if you add a very nice girl combined with modern rock music and a perfect light setting, then we are talking candy for the eye. Very visual, fantastic tempo – a very good entrée.




Michael Olivares is the brother to the low wire artist Nicol Nicols and he was the second juggler in the Dannebrog ring. Maybe to much with two jugglers in the same performance but both was absolutely quality acts. Also Michael Olivares have a history in his act and not just plain juggling. Michael Olivares juggles many different items including table tennis balls with his mouth.



Curatola brothers are Italian doing one of the best man to man acts in the world. Those two brothers have performed in lots of places but now we have the pleasure to meet those highly educated circus artists here in Dannebrog. Normally the artists in those kinds of acts are dressed so we can see their muscles but not the Crartola brothers. They are dressed very elegant in very nice suits. The act is extremely strong and very very tight, where every movement is worked out in every detail. For those visiting the German circus Roncalli the recent years will remember Coratola brothers, where they have performed for some years.



Maybe to many years with the same elephant trainer in Dannebrog, could be the reason for this seasons decision to contract the young and very talented Elvis Errani. Elvis comes from the fantastic family circus Errani in Italy. Normally it is Micol and Guidio Errani performing the elephants in Errani but those two brothers have a huge success with their world class icarian game act and is contracted to the German circus Krone. There for can we now see the young generation take over the act and see this fantasic elephant entrée here In Scandinavia. Elvis performs three Indian elephants in a very high level and it is a pleasure to see Elvis but also the rest of the fantastic Errani family perform here in Scandinavia.



The performance was ended with a traditional parade.


This 2007 performance is the best ever from circus Dannebrog. The performance last year was very good but the current is a little better. It is Isabelle Enoch there is the women behind this performance and it is very nice to see her ideas be shown in this circus. Dannebrog has really grown in quality and if they continue the same way they will be really great.



The performance went on for 2 hours and 15 min. including a 15 min. break.

Circus Souvenirs: Caps, Tshirts, cowboy jacket, a nice souvenir program and a few more things.


Catering: Beer, soft drinks, popcorn, sweets in all kinds. It would have been nice if it was possible to buy foot.