Circus Maximum 2005.

New colours, a new concept and a new tent were the face lift that Keld kalquist gave his circus in Sweden last season. From red and blue to red and yellow makes this international circus very visual. When you are looking after a circus in Sweden, don’t start to look in the centre of the city or in the parks. No always start to look in the industrial area and what a shame because Circus Maximum is top class circus. Since the beginning 23 years ago Bent Kalquist has managed to build up a circus there is beautiful, clean and with a top class international atmosphere. Keld Kalquists first circus was called circus Minimum but the circus was growing very fast and when the tent became bigger and bigger the name was changed to Maximum. Today is circus Maximum an international well known circus and with top artists from most corners of the world.

I found Maximum in Helsingborg, just a few miles from Copenhagen and this proud circus was pressed in between a factory and a motorway just outside Helsingborg.

Seats everywhere here in Maximum makes a very nice comfort in this circus. Everything is very nice and clean and everything seems very well taken care of. When you arrive inside the tent you are welcomed by the beautiful girls from the circus ballet. There is a nice view from all seats in Maximum so it is a very good circus for kids too. The performance is a really family show, animals, traditional clowns and a lot more eye candy. The show is called "Formidable" and yes it was very well considered performance.

The show was led by Yann Rossyan playing a very nice trompet. Yann is a extremely elegant white face clown with a wonderful musical ear.



Next act was presented as a Water Meteo performed by a Chinese troupe from the famous Circus School "Dalian" in China. They performed a very special juggling act, bowls filled with water and they didn’t spill a drop. Very visual act and with very nice costumes.


Lots of songs and lots of dancing acts have provoked some critical voices. Some people say that it is more like a variety show than a circus performance. That is a matter of taste but there is no doubt that the singer Maria Despinoin sings extremely well. Yes there were many songs and dancing acts but it was never too much. The singing and dancing acts was very well adapted to the artist entrees and the whole thing was very nice and smoothly done.


Ingo Steibner and his sea lions were not for the first time in Maximum or Scandinavia. Last year he was in circus Merano in Norway and a lot of seasons in circus Arena – Denmark. But Ingo you can see again and again because this act is one of the best sea lion acts in Europe. Very charming build up entrée were it seems as the sea lions have taken over everything. Ingo is very charming and the act is in a very nice atmosphere.



Maxim –equilibrist and handstand act from this young Russian guy made a very nice impression. I’m sure that we will see him again in Scandinavia.



Kevin Huesca the fantastic Italian ventriloquist – last year in Norway (Merano) with a great success. A long entrée with his new dragon doll and his living dog makes him a star. The best part of the show is the last part where 4 "volunteers" enters the ring and when Kevin squeezes their hands they opens their mouths and Kevin delivers the sound. Many many funny situations made a enormous applause from the audience. It is no so easy to be an ventriloquist. First of all you have to learn the technique and next the local language but a lot of rehearsal have made this act fantastic.


The exotic animals was presented and trained by Anton Frank. Elephant, lamas, camels and donkeys made a very nice entrée.



The Chinese troupe from Dalian started the second half of the performance by a bungee jump act. The act is very similar to the act performed in circus Arena and the funniest thing is that it is the same music. The act is again very visual and the costumes are very nice.


Back in Maximum are the Rossyann clowns after a season in Denmark. Yann and Hector Rossyan are fantastic musicians and they play music as a dream. We wasn’t disappointed this time either because Rosyanns first entrée today was a xylophone concert in a furious tempo – extremely well.




Circus Maximums own horses were presented by Anton Frank. In my opinion there shall be horses in circus – that’s the reason for the ring and I was not disappointed. The horses are very young and have still much to learn but they are much better than last year. The horses are trained by Anton Frank and it seems that he has a fantastic influence to the animals. The act was very tight and nice.

Lots of people say that Rossyan clowns are more musicians than traditional clowns but that is absolutely not the truth. Hector and Yann delivered a very very funny new entrée dressed in Scottish kilts. A really traditional entrée with a story build in, was close to blow off the tent. The story is that the two guys will inheritance their uncle if they can survive one night on his castle. They are of cause not afraid at all but ghost and much more speeds up this act to a very funny act. Very very good.


Last act was Assadouline troupe in a very nice springboard act. Very high class with stilt jumps both on ordinary stilts and mono stilt. This Russian troupe from Moscow was for the first time in Scandinavia.

Performance time was 2 hours and 30 minutes including a 20 min. break.

The performance was sold out.



Tent, seats etc.

Sound in tent, microphones etc.


Circus orchestra

Artist Quality

Circus Souveniers



Toilets and other 

Overall Service

Overall presentation


Tent was very nice and clean.

The sound in the tent was very nice

Best circus Orchestra in Scandinavia so far.

Not much souveniers to gain but the printed program is very nice.

New toilet car with hancicap fasilities - great.

The service was fantastic.

The performance was very well considered and one of the best seen in Scandinavia.