Circus Maximum – The Swedish beauty

Circus Maximum in Sweden is just a great circus and it has always been. For a few years ago there were more than one circus in Maximums size but after circus scott was closed you could fear that the quality in Maximum should go down. Maximum is the only top international circus in Sweden at the moment – nothing wrong with the other but Maximum is the only circus in Sweden presenting a world class program. Maximum is a very young circus but director Bengt Kallquist manage to develop his circus with new ideas and engage a very professional staff. The 9 man circus orchestra is just top quality and plays everything from classic to rock music.


Everything in Maximum seems very well looked after the the trailer park and the 40 m. tent is just nice. In Maximum there is of cause chairs everywhere and the hard benches are thrown out many years ago. I have never understood why spectators there couldn’t effort an expensive ticket should have an extra punishment sitting in uncomfortable benches? But anyway they shall not, when they enjoy the performance here in circus Maximum.


In this season there is included a figure called “Snarpan” She is a figure there is half man and half animal. Snarpen is of cause to amuse the kids and behind the mask you find Maja Gullstrand or My Blomquist. When I saw the performance it was Maja Gullstrand.


The performance was led by director Bengt Kallquist and the little Mice (Snarpen) telling people about the rules in circus – No smoking and video tapes but welcome to take pictures.



First act was Dalian Troupe with a very skilful double vertical pole act. Those Chinese artists are in an absolute class for them selves. Extremely high level, nice outfit and very very powerful. This act is the absolutely right choice for an opening act. 8 artists in this fantastic artist group made a fantastic opening,


Camels are normally boring and slow animals and the variations in those acts are very small. Mr. Kallquist did the absolutely right thing here because Snarpen went   outside for a quick change and came back as the beautiful circus princess Maja Gullstrand. Standing on the piste she sang a very nice oriental song. Suddenly there was a brand new dimension to a boring camel act. – The combination with the song, only a little light and those funny animals was just fantastic.


Most people know the Spanish Rivelinos clowns here in Scandinavia. They have been seen in the Norwegian circus Merano and the Danish circus Arena and now they are back in Maximum. The first entré of two, was the Bull fighter entree and in my opinion it is Rivelinos best entrée.  The line up for Rivelinos was a little different than last season in the Danish circus Arena. Citto was clown (as always), Ragell was not in the act at all. Cittos brother Ferry was back as the white face. Pedro was not in the act at all and the second august was taken over by Ferrys son Fernando.


After the Rivelinos entré it was the English artist – Peter Freemann as the homeless vagabond “Old Regnas” . This act should have been with Maximum in 2003 but Peter became ill and cancelled the contract. Now he is there with his very nice act. Two dogs with there own free will teases Old Regans in a very charming way.


Duo Mak from Russia was this performance high light. This young couple belongs in the modern circus and it is very rare to see artists from Russia in such a young style. The choreography was full of tempo and the light and music was very well adapted to the act. Let us see more artists with a young attitude and in the same class as Duo Mak. This act was in my opinion the best act in Maximum this year. Duo MAk has performed in a lot of circuses as the German circus Krone and Martin Hansons winter circus but their high light in their career must be the Arlette Gruss price in Monarco circus festival 2005


Scorpions were not the well known heavy rock band but 3 very skill full artists from Manilla. Very smiling and in a very positive atmosphere they did a very nice Icarian game act. It was not done in the usual chair that you normally use in that kind of acts but on a carpet on the floor. A few spectators were invited into the ring and was   artists for a day.


The second half of the performance was started up by Anton Frank and circus Maximums Arabian horses. Anton Frank is a very skill full animal trainer with a nice attitude. The atmosphere is nice and it seems as the horses like what they do. The reason for the ring in a circus is the horses and they did a very nice job.


Rivelinos was in the ring with their second entrée. The opening was the usual one for those Spanish clowns, where the two Augusts entering the ring from the Gradin. They do this when they are playing trumpets, an instrument they play very well. The rest was their well known baker entrée.


Dalian Troupe was back with their second entrée. Again 6 man in a furious breath taking ring acrobat act. Extremely high jumps through rings – up to 2m and 20 cm, with is fairly close to the world record in high jumps.


Last in the ring was Anton Frank with his third entrée and this time with four elephants rented from the Togni family in Italy. Not much to say because we saw a very nice animal act.


Maximum is a very very nice circus and you are absolutely well entertained for 2 hours including a 20 min break. In the break it was possible to visit the stables and have a ride on the camels or horses.