Circus Merano premiere 2006

Circus Merano is now on the road again for their 2006 tour and season number 32 in Norway. As usual the premiere is in Frederikstad in the south eastern part of Norway. Normally it is cold this time of the year here in Norway but this year it was extremely cold and there was so much snow that most would have given up. Lots of extra work and difficulties caused by this extreme situation would normally have influence on the presentation but not in Merano. Merano presented the best performance ever with lots of top class artists. Many of them never seen in any Scandinavian circus before make it more exiting and give it all an extra dimension.


Everything was there – a thrilling act, wonderful animals, a very nice and well playing circus band, nice clowns and a very colourful performance – everything was just exactly as it should be. Lots of nerves in the rehearsals the day before was just disappeared and 1700 spectators was witness to in a performance in a very high class.



The performance was started with a 10 minutes delay caused by a totally sold out tent. It was hard to find room for the last arriving people and the Marano staff worked hard to find chairs for them all. At last they were all seated and the 8 man Merano band could open with the first tune. As usual Merano opens with a very nice light show before the artist parade.


First in the ring after director Knut Dahl welcomed the audience was Sergeevas dogs. Lyudmilla and her husband Sergiei from Russia presented lots of well trained poodles in a high tempo. This act is very charming and included, is of cause a naughty boy doing things that he shouldn’t do. Lots of humour combined with very skill full dogs. A few tricks never seen before lifted this act up in the best class.



This years fill in clowns was done by Duo Bobylev and what a charming couple. A typical Russian clown act, where the artist can do a lot more than being funny. Duo Bobylev presented us for, how to play table tennis in all possible ways. One of the more spectacular ways to do it was of cause with the mouth. Spitting out lots of balls in a more than a fast tempo and of cause caching them again the same way. Sometimes it can be too much with too many entrees with the same reprise clowns but here it was absolutely well balanced and was never too much. It was the first time in Scandinavia for Duo Bobylev and last year it was the guests in the English circus Billy Smarts there had the pleasure.



Meranos own fire brigade was done by the slapstick artist - Alex Alexandru. Don’t ask him to put out any fire because that would end up in a totally disaster. A very funny entrée from this Bulgarian artist doing most of his act on a rotating ladder.




Back in Merano was the antipode artist Jan Navratil. It is a traditional antipode act but done very elegant and very secure. Jan’s speciality is the bouncing ball part where he bouncing a ball from plate to plate ending up in a basket. A similar act was seen in 2005 in the Danish circus Benneweis where it was performed by Klare-J.





Zunyi acrobatic troupe from China ended the first part of the show. 14 very young Chinese artists did an extremely visual act on bicycles. This act is extremely visual and very very charming. Lots of fantastic stunts as a 9 man pyramid on bicycle speaks for it self but they also gave lots of other formations. Always smiling and very nice clothes makes this act extraordinary positive in the spectator’s minds. The troupe ended their entrée with the fantastic “peacock” formation with 14 girls on one bike.




After the break we were presented for the evenings thrilling act. The two Bulgarian guys – Kostadin and the only 22 years old Nikolai in their price winning wheel of death act. The 2 guys won a Gold medal in the Enchede circus festival in Holland 2005. The entrée was a little short but packed with extremely dangerous stunts. For the first time ever in those kinds of acts, I saw one of the guys running around on the outside of the wheel on his hands. Special for those two guys is the distance they manage to get from the wheel when it is turning around. Duo Sifodilinis are two dare devils with a very very entertaining act.   




Circus Olympias camels are back in Merano and as in 2004 they did the same act. The act is done from the back of a horse where Mirek Maternik from Poland is seated. Well trained animals from the hands of the Swedish circus director Herbert Bengtsson makes this act very nice.





Normally there are no double entrees in Merano but this year the fantastic Chinese girls are in the ring twice. The second act was a traditional Chinese plate spinning entrée but with up to 6 plates in each hands of the girls. Director Knut Dahl presented this act as an opera for the eye and he is right because this act was the most visual act in the performance. 14 girls with 8 spinning plates each entered the ring in dark black light to very nice music made a gasp in the audience. Also in this act there were a lot of impossible formations and very nice tricks. – Perfect.




It is a tradition in Norwegian circuses to end their performance with a Elephant entrée and in Merano this year there was no exception here. Amadeo Folco presented a brand new act with two elephants and two almost glowing white horses. It is one of the nicest and most visual acts I have seen from Amadeo Folco. The horse was dressed with light red ribbons and so was the elephant – very very nice.    


The traditional circus parade ended the performance and the artists gained a well deserved standing ovation.


Circus Merano will go on the road here in 2006 with a very very nice performance, maybe the best ever. It is a tradition in the Norwegian papers to rate the performance with a dice and Circus Scandinavia will not break this tradition and gives a 6 for this production.




Circus Merano reviewed to the premiere in Frederikstad March 3rd.

Spectators 1700 (sold out).

Performance runs for 2 hours including a 15 min break.

Season is 6 months probably ending in Oslo in the middle of September.

Merano will visit 130 towns in 2006.