Front Photo Rosi Hochegger and Scout

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2007 (C).


Merano premiere in the Norwegian town Frederikstad a little south east of the capital Oslo was this year moved to another area of the town. Merano have since the beginning had their premiere in this small town but this year the usual place was occupied for other matters. No problem because the new circus area (a parking place) is much closer to the centre of the town. Last year the premiere  almost drowned in snow and it was freezing cold. There was snow this time too but not so much that it was a problem. The surface was very wet but the Merano staff is absolutely used to those kinds of conditions and everything was ready on time. For some reason a single act was taken out of the performance (Mr. Wacko – trampoline) but all other artists was ready for the premiere Friday 2nd. At 19:00.


The performance was sold out and director Knut Dahl could welcome the audience to season number 33.


First in the ring was the Austrian reprise clown – Don Christian, warming up the audience. A traditional act, where he separates the audience and they clap their hands when he raises his hands. The whole thing was ending up in waltz music with Christian as the conductor. It is absolutely not a new start in the circus world but Christian seems as a very positive and smiling clown witch makes the whole thing very nice. It is always a discussion about a reprise clown is in the ring to much – Christian was in the ring many times changing the acts together but he was never boring. Lots of tempo, mixed with new and old ideas makes Christian a great experience in the world of circus.



A parade is a tradition in Norway and there was no exception this year in Merano. Very colourful, and with nice costumes.


The Chinese troupe Nanjing represents typical artists from this part of the world. In a very high level those Chinese boys Juggles with huge and very heavy water pots. They throw the pots high up in the air and catch them again by the neck.   A very impressing and visual act.


More than one horse act in Merano this year and first in the ring were the German horse trainer Rudiger Probst. 6 white Andalusia horses in the ring in a tight and fast entrée.




The next act was again a horse act but this time with a single animal. Rosi Hochegger with her very independent horse – Scout. Scout is bought by the Austrian Rosi Hochegger in Denmark and then trained to one of the greatest animal acts in Europe. What this horse can do is unbelievable. The reaction from the audience was clear – this was the best act in the performance. Scout and Rosi work so well together and make a fantastic positive impression. For those who would like to see this act or see it again it is possible to buy a copy of Circus Arena performance 2005 on DVD, where Rosi was a part of the program.




Puyang Troupe was the second Chinese act in this Merano program. Fantastic acrobats in a combined Icarian game, springboard and acrobats act. They are just fantastic artists and very surprising in style and movements. It is great to see artists in such a quality, doing something never seen before.


David Kost was the evenings thrilling act. David is from France and he makes a nice Washington trapeze act. The act is nice and smooth and is performed without any safety devises.



Roger Mettin and Rosi Hochegger. The second entrée by Rosi Hochegger and this time included with her husband Roger Mettin. There is no doubt that this couple is fantastic animal trainers and Roger Mettin is a very nice and skilful juggler. Roger Mettin juggles on horseback and he is assisted by Rosi Hochegger and a handful of dogs. Roger Mettin is juggling on a moving horse and every time he misses one of his props, one of the dogs picks it up immediately and delivers it back. Also the dogs jump on the horse in a few different ways. The act is very entertaining and different from many other acts of its kind.


Trio Puyang was the third Chinese act in the program. This trio is different and very special. Here to girls do ballet on the head and shoulders of their third partner. Very nice and very different to what we are used to here in Scandinavia.



She was there in 2003 and 2004. In 2005 and 2006 she performed in the Danish circus Benneweis and now back in Merano. It is the charming elephant – Baby - and her trainer Adriana Folco. It seems as a family business the Folco family have in Merano because in the years between Adriana Folco´s two periods in Merano, the elephants was performed by her father and two sisters. Adriana Folco´s family has roots far back in the circus history and Adriana is very very professional. It is a very   entertaining act and almost romantic when Baby blows out candles in the ring.



The performance was ended with a parade.


A Circus Orchestra is of cause a part of Merano and a very nice one as well. The 8 man circus band is led by Marek Blaszcyk.


The performance was to the premiere presented by circus Director Knut Dahl but it can happen it is led by Piotr Kosiciarz.