Merano 2008

In English only


Premiere number 34 in the small Norwegian city Frederiksstad. As usual Merano is the first on the road here in Scandinavia and the premiere February 22nd. Was the earliest ever. Merano was luckythis year because there was absolutely no snow in the area and everything was nice and ready for the premiere. As usual there are top quality artists in Merano and the surroundings are nice as well. Lots of well looked after trucks and  material are what you can see when you arrives. Last season Director Knut Dahl had contracted a lot of Chinese artists but in this season we meet artists from Italy, Spain, Germany, Russia and more countries. A tradition in Merano is also to find never seen in Scandinavia artists, witch is a great pleasure.


The opening in Merano is always an Overture. No exception and the well playing circus band, conducted by Kazimierz Lesniak, led the performance. A very nice and new light equipment was not installed for the premiere but were ready for the second performance.


Then the traditional circus Parade opened the first act in the Ring. 7 Kurales, two females and 5 males showed of the Norwegian spectators how to use skipping ropes. Nice tempo from those white Russian artists.


Rüdiger Probst was in Merano last season and he is back in the ring for one more season here in Norway. We are very satisfied for that decision because this six stallions are very nice. Rüdiger Probst contains a very fast tempo through the actand the white horses looks very well treated. Almost everything included as we normally see in liberty horse acts. Mr Probst dosen´t do much and it seems as the horses can do it all alone.


Salvini are a clown couple from France and Italy. They do a musical clown entrée and the reprises as well. Salvini makes a nice impression and a good tempo but not so much original material. Anyway the kids were amused and the clowns are for the younger generation these days. Salvini worked in Denmark in the 2006 season where they perormed in the Danish amusment Park – Summerland South.


Miguel Ferreri were in the Danish circus Benneweis last season and after a holiday in Spain he went to perform here in Merano. Miguel is a great artist with a very high level in his tight wire act. He dose everything in a Spanish style and the act includes both the forward and the backward summersault, jumping over knifes and skipping on the wire. Miguel is popular by the audience caused by his high artistic level and his strong attitude.


Dou Igen was in the ring twice. First with their  Tibetan dog act and secondly with mountain goats.  The ten dogs  and their German trainers Josefine and Daniel Igen is always nice to see because they presents very well treated animals and just love to perform. In Denmark they was a part of a kids film project titled – The animals in circus – Here we are behind the red curtains and see how they treat their animals, how they train them and how much they care for the dogs. The result of their work can now be seen in Merano – great.



Dou Kaiser  presented a nice but short table act. Lots of falls from father and son made a comic combined slapstick and table act. Very amusing but a little short but the full performance is a little to long and all artist had to cut a little of their act

Paolo Kaiser was announced as one of the greatest Rola Rola artists in the world. He did a nice job in a high level. Everything in a very young and rough atmosphere. Personally I like those artists working in street clothes as Paolo does because it makes a nice contrasts to the normally very sparkling outfits we find in circuses.


Karl Ramwell is a young and great juggler. Not much to say about this talent. Last year he performed in Sweden for circus Maximum and here he was considered as the weakest act in the performance by the news papers. I do not agree because Karl is a great juggler with very fast tempo through the act. The last part was the bouncing ball on a keyboard, where he “plays” a tune.


Martis brothers are from Italy and showed of the southern power and style. Very well looking guys in this hand to hand act. All the hard tricks was included from those new comers, educated in the Artist school in Italy.


Duo Ildar from Russia pretended the thrilling act in this performance. The two youngsters, Irina and Sergej gave the audience full value for the money. Not because it was especially thrilling but because the act is just wonderful. Nice to see those Russian artists coming with new stuff and ideas. Duo Ildar presents the most beautiful combined trapeze, balancing and perch act. Up high under the big top Sergej balanced on his head, a four meter perch and in the end his partner Irina made a handstand. Hard if you are standing on the ground but Duo Ildar did it with Sergej standing on a swinging trapeze in a height of four meters. Different opinions by the audience but I have no doubt – Duo Ildar are just great entertainment.


In Norway it is always the elephants closing the performance. Last year it was Adriana Folco with her elephant Baby, this season it is Adrinas father Amadeo Folco presenting the two female elephants – Giulia and Sharon. Very surprisingly was, that Adriana Folco was included in the act together with Dad. Adrina Folco will only stay in Merano for a few days to help her father and she will be replaced by another girl. Adriana Folco will continue for Herman Renz where she will perform in the coming season.

Finale with a big inflated “merry go round” and all the artists in the ring.


The performance went on for two and a half hours but it is the plan to cut down close to two hours.


The performance was sold out.