The Swedish circus Olympia are owned by Henrika and Herbert Bengtsson, they both performs and so does their two grown children Jessica and Niklas Bengtsson. Olympia is what we can call a family circus speeded up a little bit by other artists from outside the family. Normally it is a bad combination but not in Circus Olympia. There is one reason for this because the Bengtsson family are only performing their own animals and not boring bad quality acts to fill out in the performance. Animals are really Olympias trade mark and they are good. Herbert is the Man behind the horses and he is so skill full that he rents out his horse acts to different circuses around in Europe. Up to four horse groups but now there is 3 groups of horses because he has just sold a horse group to an Italian circus. He has two different camel acts and most circuses in Scandinavia have seen some of Olympias animal acts in their local circus. Circus Agora, Finlandia, Merano and Arena is just some of the circuses in Scandinavia where Herberts animals has performed.

This year Herbert himself was back in the ring and performed his camels and that was nice to see.

Olympia is absolutely not a big circus and there is only room for about 600 – 700 people but in the yellow and blue tent there is always a nice atmosphere, good music and normally quality artists. Olympia has a nice reputation to find very skill full but unknown artists but this year the head attraction wasn’t so unknown because Olympia has the fantastic silver medal act from Monte Carlo – Yakubov – in the program.

The performance was led by the reprise clown Yotzo. Yotzo is from Hungary and he was very good. Something for the children and something from the adults as well. There was no entrée clowns this year in Olympia but Yotzo filled out the performance so well that nobody noticed. Lots of funny situations and especially where he got into a fight with a microphone. He was never too much as reprise clowns can have a tendency too be.

Yakubov – 5 guys and two girls from Kazakhstan with a silver medal from Monte Carlo circus festival 2004 in their luggage was Olympias head attraction here in 2005. A very strong double vertical pole act with a lot of nice tricks was done. The two girls were first in the poles and were then replaced by the guys. Jumping climbing and everything expected by those highly specialized artists. They were just great and their chorographic was extremely nice and well adapted to the well playing circus band.



Henrika Bengtsson was next in the ring with her absolutely charming dog act. Those dogs are circus dogs but they are absolutely also family dogs. Lots of dogs everywhere and not behind any fence after the last spectators had left the area. There where dogs everywhere – in the kitchen, outside, and in the catering car. Henrika plays her self together with her many dogs through the act. It is obvious to see that there a fantastic love to the dogs and every year the act is changed a little bit, so it isn’t the same act you are going to see year after year. This year the act was developed with a slide (two different) and it is always a pleasure to see how the dogs are looking forward to try the next props.

Katalin Farkas a nice juggler from Hungary juggling with Chinese cups. The cups are matched two and two and chained together with a tissue. Nice and visual act ending up juggling with five pairs of cups.


A new act in Olympia is goat training. This new act is performed by Niklas Bengtsson and his wife Natasha Jarz. Nice new act with those funny animals and they was very good. A nice detail in this act are when the goats jumps on to the back of a pony from a small platform where the horse exactly can pass under, rides half around the ring and jumps of again and a new goat jumps on. The little detail is also made by Mr Dalmatin and his dog act but here it is done by poodles and a pony.

A traditional funny trampoline act was done by Mr. Jumping. The story is the drunken guy coming in and lots of funny situations even before he reach the trampoline. As always the whole ting ends up with a skill full trampoline show. Mr Jumping did a nice act and rumours told me that we can see Mr. Jumping again in a Danish circus for the 2006 season.


After the break Jessica Bengtsson was in the ring with 6 wonderful trained New forrest horses. As always the horses here an extremely well trained and it is always a pleasure to see a horse act in Circus Olympia. Jessica has taken over the act from his father and she is doing it very well. Jessica has been a part of the big horse show through the winter in Ireland "the horse Kingdom" and in 2003 she was on tour with the Swedish circus Maximum.

Fatime – Hoola hoop artist from Hungary did a very ordinary entrée. Yes I like hoola hoop acts but there is just too many of them and a lot of them are qualified as a second entrée. Fatime was absolutely not bad but in my opinion far too ordinary. Anyway she looks good and she did absolutely what she was supposed to do including a little acrobatic.

Herbert Bengtsson is back in the ring and normally he is in charge for both the horses and the camels. Now he has given over the horse act to his daughter Jessica and in the program it was Niklas Bengtssonn who should perform the camels. It was not because Herbert was back with his wonderful trained animals. Those camels have been around in many Scandinavian circuses through the years and it is a very nice act. Nice and easy those dessert ships moves around in the ring doing a very visual act.

Yakubov did their second entrée and as in the first entrée the whole thing was extraordinary well adapted to the music. Their costumes was also very well considered and was fitting very well to a little dark and scary atmosphere. This entrée was a treble vertical rope act (strapat) as the first it was very powerful and extremely visual.

Nice music ended this 21 st. Season for Olympia and as always you can be very well entertained in a small circus. In Olympia there are no benches in the cheaper area just chairs everywhere – thanks for that. The circus band was very well playing and in a much higher quality than we normally can see in a circus of that size – just great. Not so much souvenir stuff as there should be – a nice printed program and a few posters.

The performance took 2 hours and 10 min. including a 15 min break


Tent, seats etc.


Sound in tent, microphones etc.


Circus orchestra


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