Circus Olympia 2007

23 years ago the Swedish circus Olympia went out on the streets for the first time. At the time not much of a circus but every year this family circus grew bigger and bigger. Not huge but grew up to a middle size circus with room for 600 people. In Olympia there are only comfortable chairs and the old fashion benches are gone long time ago. In Olympia you find one of the finest animal trainers here in Scandinavia. Circus Director Herbert Bengtsson has managed to train up many many horse and animal groups and his reputation as a trainer is well known in many European circuses. That is the reasons for you time to time find one of Herberts horse groups far away from Sweden – they are just firs class. They are well treated and works as a dream. Herberts wife Henrika Bengtsson is always in charge for the dog acts. Mostly poodles but other spices are also included in her act. As Herbert the dogs looks good and they seems as they just love to perform. The recent years it has become more rare to see Herbert work with the animals and now we see his daughter and son taken over.


The family dose a great deal of the acts in Olympia (animal acts) and every year we see very nice but often unknown artists work here. Personally I have the greatest respect for this family because they are just great with the animals but they also manage to find quality artists. A lot of them not seen before here in Scandinavia and this fact are just great because it is a great opportunity to see something new. Many of the artists worked in Olympia are later seen in one of the really big circuses in Europe witch make a visit in Olympia to one of the high lights through the year.


With room for only 600 spectators it would have been normal with recorded circus music but no. In Olympia there are a very well playing 8 man circus band led by the Russian musician Valentin Smirnov. Valentin has been with Olympia in 10 years now and it seems he is just the right man in charge for the band.


First in the ring was the Spanish juggler Eric Andrea. High tempo and a nice quality.


Jessica Bengtsson was in the ring with Olympias camels. The animals were presented from horse and with Jessica in a Roman outfit. As always with the animals here in Olympia, in a very nice and come atmosphere. Jessica looks good and with dived black hair she did a very impressing camel act.


The reprise clown part this year was done by the Russian clown family – The Charly. Not the greatest clowns and except the last entrée they were not the greatest laugh. Maybe they were great for children because the seemed to amuse themselves and who says clowns are for adults. In my opinion there was too much “borrowed” ideas and less originality but the fact could be that the children doesn’t matter?



Originality was found in the next act, where the Bulgarian guy – Mischa Dmitrov presented a very different air act. In a great steal cube he did a lot of nice stuff. Maybe his mask was a little bit scary but in these days it is nice with a little difference in a very traditional circus world.



Henrika Bengtsson was next with all her wonderful dogs. Henrika is great and her dogs are extremely charming. Maybe not so much new from season to season but I always looking forward to see this act. It is very positive and not styled too much and the dogs seem to enjoy every second. The dogs work themselves perfectly through the entrée.



Caden and Caden are presented as acrobats but in my opinion it was a cascadeur act. Dressed in Scottish kilts, they did an absolute fair entrée. Slapstick witch is absolutely normal in those acts and they were amusing.


Two jugglers in the same performance because next in the ring was Alexander Likin. Very very different from the firs juggler because this was more a visual experience than a juggling act. A large cube made by tubes did a lot of very nice effects.



The stars in this performance were in my opinion the Spanish low wire artists – The Munos. Dressed like a clown (Emett Kelly face) José Munos entered the ring and did a lot of stunts before his son took over and showed us how a low wire can be done. The act included summersaults and a lot of other very difficult stunts. The family has a great attitude and the act is in a very high class.


Jessica Bengtsson was back in a double act together with his brother Niklas. Jessica presented the very charming ponnies and Niklas took over and presented Olympias very popular Irish Tinker horses. For those who visited the German circus Busch Roland in 2006, will remember those horses. Very nice horses and very very well trained – great horse act.


Normally Olympia ends with a bigger troupe and there was no exception this 2007 season. Here in 2007 it was the Russian Aleshin troupe doing an Icarian entrée. They were all dressed in space invader style of clothes and there movements were adapted to the atmosphere. The 5 man troupe did a nice entrée with lots of nice moments.


A very nice performance, with great animal acts.




The show went on for 2 hours, including a 20 min break.


The performance was sold out (the second this day and the first were sold out as well).