Roncalli review

The German circus Roncalli is light, music and circus poesy. Roncalli is for all your senses – the eye, the ear and for your feelings. A very special concept takes you 100 years back in style, with old fashion cars, trucks and more. Lots of fantastic details make this circus very very special. Many other circuses should see and hear Roncalli – here is absolutely no compromises regarding the quality on the sound and here is absolutely something to gain for the ear. Here is surround sound and a light setting beating up most other circuses I have seen. Roncalli is circus as it should be. From the moment you enter the circus you are entertained. There is music with drums, diablo playing artists, jugglers – you name it. Everybody in fantastic costumes and they are all telling some kind of history. There are bars, souvenirs stores and everything made in an old fashion style. In Roncalli you are extremely well entertained from the second you enter the circus area

A few years ago it was the Italian star clown – Mr. Fumagalli there had the reprise part of the show. Now he is replaced by the Portuguese clown – Sandro Roque but only the figure because the big reprise stars was the two Spanish Clowns Monti and Cia. Those two guys opened the show with the old Entrée where the clowns are looking for work carrying an enormous box. They ask to see the director and he is of cause not there and they leave. A few seconds after, they are back asking for the director’s wife. She is of cause not there either and the clowns leaves again. At last they are invited into the ring and after a long discussion which way there is the fastest the show can begin. Monty and Cia are the reprise figures through the show and together with Sandro they do a fantastic job. Sometimes you are not sure about whom there are the stars of this show. They are here there and everywhere – changing into fantastic costumes and most important of all – they are extremely funny and very very original. There is no doubt that humour is a mayor part of the Roncalli show and you are laughing much more than normal here. Monty and Cia was almost in the ring in half of the show and you can always discuss about it is to much. There was no doubt in my mind – you can’t get enough.

Monty and Cia.


The first "really" artist in the ring was the Spanish antipode artist Vanessa Rodriguez. Maybe not the most perfect antipode act seen in circus but very visual. For the first time ever I saw an antipode artist juggling with a guitar but most of the time she juggling scarfs. Maybe not her day because there was a lot of faults from this 24 years old lady.

Vanessa Rodriguez.


The only animals in Roncalli are horses. The concept in Roncalli is the old fashion style and this would be destroyed if there wasn’t a horse. There would be no reason to have a ring if that wonderful animal wasn’t there. 6 white stallions did the old entree called Rhapsody in blue – 6 white horses enter the ring in a blue light. Not much new in that entrée and the second part of the entrée was absolutely nothing special. In my opinion the horse act was there because it had to.


MRS. Kai - this was a different and a very very special entrée from this Spanish lady. Up high under the big top she did a remarkable upside down entrée. It is very difficult to explain how it was done – in German the act is called – Deckenlaufer – translated it must be something like plate runner. On a large plate hanging under the big top her feet was secured somehow and she was standing on the plate but with the head pointing down. I don’t know exactly how it was done but Miss Kai was dancing, working, juggling, playing trombone and much much more. It was done in a way so it looked like she could move freely. Very very different and just impressing.

Miss Kai


The two Italian brothers Guiseppe and Emanuel were next with a hand to hand acrobat act. Dressed in very stylish clothes they did a very strict and stylish man to man act. Nice and powerful and very traditional.



If you present an old fashion circus you had to present some old fashion acts and that was done by a juggling act with more than eleven persons. All dressed in old fashion clothes they juggled with lots of rings. In charge of this act is the Spanish super juggler Manuel Alvarez (many times in Scandinavia) and the act is called Rodriguez Ramieres family. Included in the family is Omar (Grandma) interfering the act on a very humoristic way Very nice sound and rhythm in this act – you could almost feel it when the artists was using the juggling rings as rhythm instruments.

Rodriguez Ramieres family


The German duo Sorellas was in the ring with a very poetic Washington trapeze act. Very strong act with a very unique style.


Irina Pitzur was in charge of a hoola hoop act. No circus without a hoola hoop act seems to be normal these days. For people who don’t use almost every weekend in a circus those acts are maybe interesting. In some circuses it is normal as a fill in act and this was not the case here in Roncalli. The quality was absolutely in a nice level but again the light and sound in Roncalli are almost stealing the attention from the artists. Lots of smoke and special effects in this act made it very visual.

Irina Pitzur



Jaqueline Alvarez did a very powerful handstand act. Again in this act, there was a lot of smoke, coloured light and very nice music.

Jaqueline Alvarez



The show stopper was in my opinion Mr. Konstantin Mouraviev in a just fantastic humorous German Wheel act. The act from this Russian artist is called "forever thin" Dressed as an over weighted guy he enters the ring and ready to do something by his weight and then follows a fantastic funny act. The act is build up as Mr. Konstantin never has seen such a wheel before and the first attempts are absolutely not looking secure. Lots of funny situations and a very good laugh for everybody.


Last in the ring was Rokaahkovs in a very nice rech act. Lots of power and not just an act but with a story build in. The 3 guys are working hard to win the girls heart. To prove they are the right they are trying to outdo each other in the rech. Very fantastic and in a very high level. It is nice to see a traditional act done in a different way.


The finale was as expected very colourful as the rest of the performance.

Roncalli is a dream made by the director Bernhard Paul and it seems as a success. The performance is not exactly for kids and even there are a lot of clowns I’m not sure they understand the humour behind. But who says that circus always is for kids? As in many other circuses you where first allowed in the circus area half an hour before the performance. That’s is very annoying to stand outside, many was there more than 1 and a half hour before the performance start, just waiting in the sun. The reason is of cause that the cheaper seats are without numbers. Please put numbers on all seats and open the gates 1 hour before the performance starts. When you have room for 2000 thousand people it is not enough with only one toilet wagon. More than 25 persons were standing in the Kew to the toilets – before and in the break. Most impossible was it for the ladies and many of them had to give up waiting if they would see the show they had paid for.

The performance was fantastic entertaining and so were the surroundings. It seems there is taken care of everything (except the amount of toilets). Maybe there should have been more for the kids in the show but that is a matter of taste. Not so many acts but lots of different quality reprise acts. The performance was extremely well considered and there was not even a second where nothing was happening.


Tent, seats etc.

Sound in tent, microphones etc.

Circus orchestra

Artist Quality

Circus Souveniers

Toilets and other 


Overall Service



Overall presentation



 Tent and seats are just top class.

 Sound in tent is just top class.

 The circus Orchestra was very well playing. It seems there is cut down in the amount of musicians.

 Circus souvenirs – there was everything. Videos, DVD, T- shirts, books, music, posters, toys, A game, cups, caps, pins and much much more.

 There were absolutely not enough toilets.

 Overall service: Not to many smiling people – The guy who sells sausages looked like we were there to bother him and the same problem occurred in the souvenir store. They were very friendly and helpful in the press office.   

 Overall presentation – Just great.