Circus Roncalli


Circus Roncalli is entertaining, old fashion but at the same time a very modern circus, Roncalli is circus when circus is best. They have a super circus orchestra managing a lot of musical styles and everything is great here. The owner Bernhard Paul have a fantastic and very entertaining business presenting top artists from the best class. We saw Roncalli in Hamburg on a very rainy day and witness a sold out Sunday afternoon performance. I haven’t seen Roncalli since 2006 and now where most of the artists are replaced, it was time for a new visit here.  Only Gensi (reprise) and Konstantin Mouraviev (German Wheel) seems to be left since 2006. Roncalli is one of the most well looked after circus in Europe with a car park so wonderful that it is hard to believe. Not so many animal acts in the performance – only the combined high School, dog cart and dogs was seen in the ring and they were the first act presented. David Larible – the Italian star clown is back after many years in USA - a great artist for any circus. David was so absolutely the guy chaining the performance nicely together.


Roncalli is more than beautiful, so well taken care of, is rare to see elsewhere. Everything is nice and clean and trucks and trailers here are worth the ticket price alone. In Roncalli the show starts when you have bought the ticket, where the circus band plays when you are waiting for entering the capiteau. Inside it is fantastic sorrundings with a great atmosphere – Only one thing, maybe the Roncalli style is old fashion but please replace those hard benches with comfortable chairs – it would be great. Crises in the German circus business – maybe but here for the Sunday afternoon performance there was completely sold out.


David Larible is here there and everywhere before the performance starts not as the clown David Larible but as a circus worker. Just before the opening he enters the ring and change clothes – all his clown outfits are delivered by the artists from the show. Nice way to present the people included. The show is titled “All you need is laugh” and personally as an old Rolling Stones fan, I was afraid of a show being spoiled with to many Beatles tunes. A shame Circus Scandinavia because the show and music was fantastic with a lot of different tunes from many different bands and composers.


First in the ring was Duo Urnov – a combination of Afghan dogs, High school and a dogcart. Yes there is a reason for there is a ring in a circus and without the horses there would be no real circus. This is the only animals in the performance and the act was great. Especially the High Scholl act was very very elegant and in a rarely seen high class. Duo Urnov has been in Scandinavia several times the recent years where they have performed in Benneweis and Arnardo. In both circuses here in Scandinavia. they performed two acts( An air act and their horse act) but here in Roncalli they were in the ring with the horses only.


The Russian twin sisters Maryna and Svetlana is just Antipode when it is best. Those two 30 years old girls look fantastic and they have put together one of the best acts of in the genre. Fantastic costumes made in blue colours  and two smiling girls doing the most impossible with their feet. The act includes a lot of acrobatic and the whole thing is just fantastic. 


Soap bubbles – what has that to do with circus? – oh yes a lot because Darren Burnell or Burl as he is called in the program, can make those bubbles in a way never seen before. No rings to bring the bubbles out Burl uses his fingers to blow out the transparent soap balls – Boring? No so absolutely not but breathtaking is a small word. I have never seen anything like that Burl does and I would never imagine it was possible. Burl must be seen because he was just fantastic (where do we find artists as Burl?).


Trio Bellisimo are from Ukraine and three girls doing a fantastic job. Those acrobats Olena, Ana and Anastasii combines flexibility, balance and performance far over the average as we normal can see in those kind of entrées. Fantastic girls.


David Larible has many reprises in the performance but never to much. Also two entrées are done by Larible and both of them with a lot of help from the audience. If you are one of those who is more than afraid for being a part of the performance, then don’t feel secure because you are seated on the rear seats. In the first we see Larible as a conductor for an orchestra and yes the musicians are people from the audience. Full of funny situations and lots of laughs – Larible is fun but personally I’m against using spectators in the ring.


Encho was seen in Scandinavia back in 2006 where he melted the audience, when he performed in the Danish circus Arena. A silver clown in Monaco and the audience 1st. price was not to much for this more than fantastic artist. His handstand act is unique combined with music just fitting his slow and strong movements. Encho is in my opinion one of the worlds best artists.


Duo Minasov with their clothes change acts was seen in Scandinavia in 2004 where the couple performed in Circus Benneweis. Victor Minasov was announced in the printed program with his comic man in balloon act - in Benneweis it was included but not here in Roncalli. The Minasov clothes changing act is one of the best among those acts. Very colourful and with a lot of tempo – nice.


Konstantin Mouraviev with his comic German wheel act is great. It is funny and at the same time in a high artistic level. Konstantin has been a part of Roncalli in many years now, witch is great because his act is just great fun.


Alan Sulc first seen in Scandinavia when he performed in the Norwegian circus Merano. Here he was only a young child with a lot of talent. The year after he was in Denmark where he performed in the Danish Benneweis and later in Finlandia. A medal in Monte Carlo circus festival is also included before he was contracted for Roncalli. Now he is much older  (we all are) and that suits him and his act very well. Not so much change in the act since the Scandinavian days but still a world class bouncing juggling act. Alan performs to Celtic music as he did in 2004 were we first saw his appearance in the north. Up to nine balls at one time speaks for the quality – not many jugglers can reach this amount.


New act for me was Duo Bobrov (never seen them before) and a fantastic vertical rope act. The tempo was huge and best as I was missing a thrilling act in the performance Duo Bobrov was close to fulfil my wish. Huge tempo and a lot of breathtaking moments.


Ending performance  - yes of cause the star clown Larible with his opera act. Here David was responsible for a opera set up and again people from the audience as the actors. The act is close to his first entrée at least the concept is very similar. Once again very entertaining.


Roncalli is a great circus with a fantastic performance. No doubt, that Roncalli is one of the best entertainments in Europe and not many Circuses can reach this level. Thoughts behind everything makes the circus and the performance very complete.


Lots of souvenir items for the audience and the spectators. Very well equipped bar with all kinds of drinks. Of cause it was possible to find popcorn and other usual circus food.


The performance was seen in Hamburg and was sold out.