Front photo is the Italian clown Fumagalli


Dianas Bennewies and her season number 45 and season number 13 as a director had their premiere as usual in Hillerod a little north of Copenhagen. The star in this season is no doubt the Italian clown Fumagalli and his brother Darix. It is not the first time in Scandinavia for this family because the last years Fumagalli has been a part of several Scandinavian circuses. Fumagalli has a fantastic humour, has his own fan page and lots of circuses are waiting for his signature on the contract. Fumagalli is in the ring a lot and with a lot of new (also old) entrées but he is of cause not the only artist in the performance.


 Lots of nice artists is a part of this 2006 production and as something new for Benneweis a ringmaster is included. The very nice Danish Judy Glosted has her first season here in Benneweis. Lots of nerves from Judy on her premiere evening but give her sometime because she looks fantastic and the nerves will disappear in a few weeks. Judy presents Diana Benneweis´s old dresses from the future and change clothes between almost every entrée.



It seems like a lot of water in the rings in Denmark this year because the final included a very nice fountain.


The performance was started by Fumagalli with the traditional “Warm up the audience” where the spectators was split up in three and competing in different disciplines as claps, shout and more. The act went directly over to another old entrée with Fumagalli as an conductor for the circus band.


Judy Glosted welcomed the audience to circus Benneweis 2006 on a black Friser horse. The last years is has been Diana Benneweis doing this entrée but it seem that Diana will retire a little from the ring and was only seen in the tent in the final. Obvious to see that Judy not is used to horses but with a little help from Marek Benneweis the horse and Judy could enter the ring. As written before Judy is beautiful and when she couple gets used to each other there will be no problems there.


Jemil Martinez – a young juggler from the famous circus family. Martinez juggles balls in soccer size. Very nice and talented entrée and I’m sure we will see Jemil again in the future.




A new act from Fumagalli and Darix (for me it was new) where Darix was hypnotising fumagalli. It seems a little hard for Darix because Fumagalli was fast out of the trance, when he saw a beautiful lady on the front row.




The air act was done by Duo Splash. Educated from the Russian circus school in Moscow is almost a guarantee for a very nice act. I was absolutely not disappointed because the couple showed an air act in a very high class. Artistic fantastic and very well considered – Nice costumes and nice music.




Dubskys football playing dogs a Danish act with a lot of tempo. Yes they are funny those dogs with football T-shirts. Maybe not the highest artistic level because most dogs would go after the balloon and the goal keepers was tied to the goals. Anyway who says that all acts has to be in a fantastic artistic level – If you are amused and I was it is okay.


Huesca brothers cover over Fumagallis two sons – Giovanni and Nicolai does a high level icarian game act. Nice level and can be compared in quality with The Errani brothers (not seen in Scandinavia yet) and the Guidi brothers (Circus Merano Norway 2004 and now in the German circus Flic Flac).


Next were Fuma boys an old fashion comic springboard act. Funny and an old act from the hands of Fumagalli his sons and brothers.


Parrots are clever animals and in the hands of the Italian artists Alessio Fochesato they are charming too. Lots of nice tricks from the animals but most impressing were the small parrots flying from hand to hand on four spectators. It is always a pleasure to see big birds as parrots fly around just over our heads. Very colour full act.



Street kick – is the name on 3 very young Ukrainian boys. They perform a nice trampoline act in street style. Here is absolutely no glamour and sparkling clothes only hard core street style. The guys did a very nice act and they almost reach the sealing when they jumped. Nice to see new styles and trends in circus and those 3 guys really represents the new generation of artists. 




Adriana Folco from the famous Folco family did a single elephant act. It is a nice and quite act with her elephant Baba. Adriana was in Benneweis in 2005 as well and in 2003 and 2004 she was a part of the Norwegian circus Merano. At the moment we can find Adrianas father – Amadeo Folco in Merano performing an elephant and horse act.


The show was ended by a nice water fountaine.



Circus Benneweis has a really nice performance and Benneweis have Fumagalli. There is no doubt that he will succeed with his family around in Denmark. There is a lot of him in the performance and there is a problem for those that don’t like his style. In the other hand I can’t imagine any that don’t like him - it is not possible. Two nice animal acts – dogs and parrots but as last year I miss the horses very much (there is a reason for the ring in a circus). Compared to the performance last year, it is a better performance for kids. It is a well considered performance and as written before Judy Glosted is a nice choice to announce the entrees. 


The performance is a little bit short 2 hours including a 20 min break

The performance was sold out.

After the performance there was a little bit to eat for invited people.

Catering : Popcorn, beers, candy, candyfloss, different soft drinks.

Souveniers: Posters, t-shirt, Book written by Diana Benneweis, souvenir program and those irritating flashing things that seem to be normal in all circuses.


Circus Benneweis will continue around in Denmark ending their tour in Copenhagen in September. For more information please enter the Benneweis homepage found on the link page.