Cirkus Agora seen March 18th




Circus Agora is a nice circus and this is the 15 season for director Jan Ketil. Jan Ketil is an artist himself and he performs a very nice slack wire act. Mr. Ketil has been with Merano and Arena many years ago before he started his own circus in 1988.


The Program.


Robert Beruzek - Ladder Balance

Jan Ketil - Liberty horses.

Ljuba Gorbatsjova - Hoola hoop.

Richardo - Escape artist.

Malthe Knapp - Bicycle.

MG- Team - Rolerskates

Robert Beruzek - Juggler.

Daniel - Rola Rola

Quaiser - Elephant and Camels

Bebeiwe Matalia and Kostili Dmjtri - Trapeze

Jury and Leon - Clowns (Reprise).

Jan Ketil - Slack wire



The performance started with a 10 minutes delay.


First in the ring was the Fantastic Ladder acrobat Robert Beruzek. He is fast and there is a very nice tempo all the way through his act. Robert is always a good start on a performance. Last year he was with the Danish Circus Arena and as in Agora he was first in the ring. Roberts brother is a very nice artist too and he is at the moment with the German Circus Krone.

Robert Berusek - Photo by Circus Scandinavia

Director Jan Ketil with Liberty horses rented from Circus Olympia in Sweden. Circus Olympia got a nice business with renting out different circus animals. All the animals from Olympia is trained of one of my favourite animal trainers mr. Herbert Bengtsson. Because of that Mr. Jan Ketil had an easy job with six white liberty horses. Very nice

Liberty horses rented by Circus Olympia in Sweden

Photo Circus Scandinavia

Ljuba Gorbatsjova with hundreds of Hoola hoop rings. It is very trendy with acts like this and of cause they can’t all have a fantastic quality. She did it okay but seen before.


Richardo – The Escape artist – A very different act rarely seen in circus these days but for 75 years ago it was very common. Personally I love circus with a touch of old fashion acts like this one, it is absolutely no difficult or spectacular in the performance but it gives the feeling of old fashion fun fair Ricardo is tied up with ropes and chains. Then he is hoist up in a burning rope under the big top. There are of cause only a few minutes available before the rope are burned over and Richardo will fell to the ground. As always there is a happy ending but it gives the spectators a thrill and that’s what we are coming for.


Malthe Knapp – The fast Swedish bicycle artist. He is good and uses bicycles in all shapes and sizes. The smallest on 30 cm and the highest on 5 meters. Very nice.


MG-Team from Italy did an okay Roller skate act. The tempo and the difficulty could have been higher.


Jan Ketil on Slack wire- Seen before but absolutely okay. Jan Ketil is a nice artist and after his car accident last year we were afraid that Jans Career was over but I can promise that this is not the case because Jan did his act almost like in the old days.

Jan Ketil

Robert Beruzek second entrée in this performance but this time in a Juggler act. Maybe Robert should stay to his ladder entrée because he didn’t succeed very much. Lots of faults and a very slow tempo – boring


Daniel – Rola Rola act. The dad from the MG team here in his second entrée. His act was okay but again some entrée in this performance was markt as "second" entrée s . There is nothing wrong in that but you can´t be an expert in everything. Daniel did it okay and he builds up his act on a nice way but everything is seen before.


Quaiser and his elephants or should we say elephant because there was only one spices. Instead of more elephants there was two Camels but they couldn’t do anything because two trainers all the way through the act followed them round in the ring. The Elephant did it okay but everything seemed to be a little slow.

Quaiser  Elephant.

Bebeiwe Matalia and Kostili Dmjtri - Trapeze acrobats in a very high level. Nice and stunning with lots of breathtaking stunts. A single complain has nothing to do with the act but the light setting in this entrée was absolute not good. There was only light at one person at the time and result was that it was very difficult to see what was happening. So next time add one more spot and the act will be perfect.


The two Russian clowns – Jury and Leon was very amusing and they did a long range of funny stunts. Most as small reprise acts but also in longer entreé. Very very good


Performance took 2 hours and 15 minuttes including 15 Minuts break


Spectators around 1000 and nearly sold out.

Tent, seats etc.



Sound in tent, microphones etc.

Circus orchestra


Artist Quality


Circus Souveniers



Toilets and other 





Overall Service




Overall presentation



Points 18 out of 40.

Remarks to the points:

The material seems to be very old. Benches on the cheaper seats. Only chairs in the loge.

The sound was okay.

Circus Orchestra was okay.

Artist Qualitet was ok and nice but no top acts att all.

Circus Souveniers - Not much to gain. A Nice souvenier program and a T - shirt thats all. On the Agora web page there is Cups and pins for sale but those items was not in the souvenir store.

Toilets - Sorry was the answer we don't have one. Please Agora toilets are basic in a circus.

Overall service - In the box office there wasen't much help for anything. When we asked for toilets the answer was not positive at all.

Overall presentation - The show was okay and the presentation was good too. Agora needs to work with the sorrundings and the service.