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 February 2003




Comming up in February



Fumagalli - Who is this guy ?

Traveling with Danish circus Benneweis for the summer season 2003





Who is performing in Scandinavia in 2003

Photo by Circus Scandinavia






It,s Magic

We are unpacking for 700 Euros magic requisites

from the Danish magic supplier Pegani.

See what we got for the money.





Magic workshop

Circus Scandinavia are looking closer on the Danish magcian Ole Larsen On his performance and his workshop


Circus Olympia - Sweden

Photo Circus Scandinavia

We are looking on their new webshop.

Service, quality and how to order if you dont speak any Scandnavian lanuage


Review from the national Clownfestival in Denmark


Film Review

It's rare with new film concerning circus

But the Danish writer and Circus freak

Jorgen Lorenzen have done a nice little

short film named Betwen tears and laugher.

Push here




Background photo - by Kenneth Severinsen - Circus Scandinavia