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December 30th.


AUDITIONS 2005 for Cirque du Soleil


Dear colleagues, December 29, 2004

Cirque du Soleil is now casting roles in its ten current productions and upcoming creations such as its sixth resident show - an unprecedented live theatre production celebrating the musical legacy and extraordinary experience of The Beatles. We wish to inform you that in February 2005, we will be holding acrobatics & circus arts auditions in London.

In April 2005, some 60 candidates hailing from around the globe, with backgrounds in various sports and circus disciplines, will be invited to the General Training Program.

With the number of shows growing, you can easily imagine how many new artists we need to fill new roles, fill permanent or temporary replacements, play back-up positions, etc.

Cirque du Soleil Casting team is specifically seeking:

Artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, acrosport, trampoline, tumbling, diving, synchronised swimming, extreme sports (BMX, skateboard, rollerblade, etc.), martial arts, stunts, magic, circus arts, contortion, skipping, juggling, urban acrobatic disciplines (hip-hop, urban movement, acrobatic dancers etc.).

Since 1984, Cirque du Soleil has carved out a special niche for itself in the world of performing arts. Through a mix of street performance and circus arts, dance, theatre, music and singing, Cirque du Soleil has given life to a magical new universe. With its original music and performances, Cirque du Soleil always tries to challenge the very limits of the human body and spirit. Each of its shows is built around its own unique concept with music played by live bands.

Do you know any talented individuals interested in joining Cirque du Soleil? Feel free to tell them about us. We are always eager to discover new artists. You will find attached the audition notice available for posting.

Please contact us at any time for additional information. We would be glad to answer your questions.

For further information, feel free to visit our Internet site at www.casting.cirquedusoleil.com/2005

If you wish not to receive any other information regarding Cirque du Soleil auditions, please send us an e-mail at casting@cirquedusoleil.com



Asbjorn Tangen

Circus Scandinavia are sad to enounce that the Norwegian circus man Asbjorn Tangen is dead 57 years old. Asbjorn Tangen has worked for circus Arnardo, Berny, Merano and was founder of circus Agora in 1989 together with the Norwegian slack wire artist Jan Ketil. The funeral will take place January 4th. In Nordfjordeid – Norway.



December 29th.

Max Schumann is dead.

It is very sad to enounce that Max Schumann is dead 88 years old. Max Schumann and his brother Albert Schumann was running Circus Schumann in the circus building in Copenhagen until 1969. In 1992 he joined his daughter – Katja Schumann in circus big Apple in USA.



Wendel Huber

The comic elephant trainer Wendel Huber will be in Monaco circus festival 2005 for the 3rd time. Wendel Huber was seen for the first time in Scandinavia in the Danish circus Arena in 1982. In 1992 he was a part of the Swedish circus Scott summer program where there was to elephants acts in the program. The second act was the German Sonni Frankello. Wendel Huber was back in circus Scott in 1993 and in 2000 he was a part of the fantastic performance "Classic and new wave" in circus Benneweis – Denmark.

Info: Italian circus fans and Circus Scandinavia




Monaco circus festival 2005

Paul Binder owner of circus Big apple in the USA will be in the jury in Monaco circus Festival 2005. Paul Binder was married with Katja Schumann from the famous Danish circus Family. Other members of the jury are:

Mme Li Xining – Flag circus – China

Brandusa Novac - Globul Circus - Romania

M. José Maria Gonzalez - circus Mundial – Spain

Martin Hanson : President of European Circus Association

Pak Su Ok, Vice- Director Circus d'Etat de Pyong Yang North Korea

Info: Italian circus fans



December 28th.


Preview for the Monthly internet magazine - here


December 27th.

Circus Television

The Swedish television – TV4 shows two circus programs December 31st . Artists of tomorrow are the first program where young artist under 25 years performs in Paris. The program is from 2003. Later it is the Swedish circus Maximum with some of the acts in their 2004 summer tour. Lots of nice artist in this performance as Jose Michell clowns from Spain and the juggler Serge Percelly son of the famous white face clown Bruno Stolz from the Chickys

Another chance for the Scandinavian people to see the Monte Carlo circus Festival 2004. Because the Swedish TV1 will bring the performance January 4th.  Link to Television page - here




Monthly magazine opdated - here



December 26th.


New Link

New link on the friends page. It is the German Homepage "Manege Welt" (Ring world). Nice page with pictures, news and a nice section with circus models. Find the link here

The Vertical rope artist "Crystalle" has reconstructed her web page and can be found here



December 23rd.


New Artist link

New links pops up in these days and new on the internet are the clown duo The Gotys. The two brothers are from Spain and has been seen in Scandinavian circuses several times. Benneweis in 1988, Finlandia 1990, Dannebrog 1997 and 2002 in the Television circus festival Massimo. In 2004 they were seen in the 28th Monte Carlo circus festival doing the broken mirror entrée.


Another new link is  the clown trio The Salys. The Salys has been a part of the Italian circus Moira Orfei for some years now and do a very nice old fashion clown entrée. Gyula (one third of the trio) is working as a reprise clown as well and change the acts together in a very nice way. You can the read the review from Moira Orfei and clown Saly on the review page - Here

Clown Saly

Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).



December 17th.

The Swedish magcian and circus Director

Stig Mosshagen is dead.

It is very sad too announce that the Swedish artist and circus man Stig Mosshagen died November 29th. Stig was known as a great Magician and performed under the name "Camory" He has been working all over Europe and in 1986 he started up the Swedish circus Wictoria.



December 16th.



Circus Baldoni with animals

For the first time ever, there will be animals in Circus Baldoni. It is the Russian reprice clowns – Kapitanski - with their absolute funny dachsdogs. Back in Baldoni are the Barbi family and as in last season, they will perform a living doll act and 2 new acts – a clothes changing act and a perch act where the 9 years old Ernita will perform with his father

The Barbi family with their living doll act

Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2003(C).



Circus Christmas fun.

The Baldoni Christmas circus is soon over and with 2 units they have together performed for over 30 thousand people. The last performances are Friday 17th. In Hillerod (Skanseskolen) at 9:15 and 10; 45. The absolutte last chance is December 21nd. On Engelsborkskolen north of Copenhagen at 9:30 – 11:00 and 14:30.

After Christmas circus Baldoni continues with a combination of theatre and circus – called "the circus theatre" they will perform with the HC Andersen story "Clumsy Hans"

From Clumsy Hans

Picture by circus Baldoni




December 15th.

Lots of new links on the artist and circus link pages - here


December 14th.

Circus Krone – December program

As announced before on this page, the Danish Clown BonBon and his partner Tiina will perform the badminton entree in the German circus Krone. BonBon and Tiina will perform in the December and the January program. The duo has been in Circus Arena (Denmark) in several years and they are signed for this circus in the 2005 summer tour. There are more clowns in the Krone winter circus The Spanish Joseé Michell clowns will perform their water entrée - seen in Scandinavia many times – last time in the 2004 summer tour with the Swedish circus Maximum.

Lots of animals in this program – Colonel Joe – the mighty Indian elephant. The Krone boss – Christel Sembach Krone presents the horses. Daniel Raffo replace Martin Lacey for a short period with a nice wild cat act. John Burke will perform a traditional Sea lion act.

Borzovi are well known in the travelling circus Krone where they have been performing since 2000. Those Russian artists could be seen in a documentary broadcast in the Danish television a few years ago, where they showed us how much work there is behind this extremely nice flying people act.

No circus without a Diablo artist in these years and this time it is Pierre Marchand. Die Sergejevs will present a Russian barre act in a very high quality. From Argentina there will be the Argentinean Devils with a very fast Bora bora act. The Devils was performing this summer in Tivoli garden – Copenhagen and in Circus Arena for the 2002 season.

In the travelling Krone there is no live music but that’s not the case in circus building in Munich. Behind the music in circus Krone is Marcus Jaichner, known in Scandinavia from the Swedish Circus Scott. Marcus is one of the absolute best band leaders in Europe and plays very modern circus music.




Circus Cirkor.

Nice reviews for the Swedish new wave circus Cirkor.Circus Cirkor started their Swedish tour November 26th. In Dansernes hus (House of dancers) in Stocholm and continues until February 23rd. In February and March they continue around in Sweden. After this tour they will perform in Japan and Findland. Circus Cirkor are inspired by the French new circus traditions and was started by Tilde Bjorfors 10 years ago



December 13th.


Circus in Television page opdated - here


Heilbronner Christmas circus.

The Italian Guidi brothers will perform in Heilbronner Christmas circus. Guidi Brothers was a part of the Norwegian circus Merano in the 2004 summer tour. Flying Neves will be there too. This very nice flying trapeze act was in circus Arena for the 2004 season. The Christmas show runs from December 17th. Until January 6th.


Guidi Brothers

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).


Roncalli computer game.

Run your own circus on your computer. That is the latest Activision computer game in a long series of different virtual worlds. Most people know games as Railroad Tycoon, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon and now there is a circus Roncalli circus Tycoon. Your task is to keep circus rolling, employing artists and dealing with all the problems concerning the circus. The exact name of the game is" Roncalli zirkus Tycoon" and the price is 30 Euro.



December 12th.


Rossyann Clowns.

Rossyann clowns – the two brothers Hector and Yann will perform in Cirque Educatif – France from January 6th. Rossyann Clowns was a part of the Circus Arena summer tour 2004 and in Circus Maximum (Sweden) 2002 and 2003.


Yann and Hector Rossyann reciving their copy of the circus magazine "In Cammino"

Photo by circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).



December 11th.

Roncalli souvenir shop

The German circus Roncalli has opened an on line souvenir shop on their web page. It is a nice opportunity for collectors of circus items to gain some of Roncallis nice circus souvenirs. It is possible to buy older programs (from 1990) and lot of other items as cups, cd´s (8 different) , four different DVD/Video and T-shirts. For the collectors of toy trains there is 3 different circus wagons to choose from and they are all manufactured by Marklin. It would be nice if there were more circuses picking up the idea and sell souvenirs from their web pages. In Scandinavia it is only the 2 Swedish circuses – Olympia and Scott offering souvenirs. Take a look at the Roncalli web store – you find the entrance on the link page.



Circus Krone 2005

Not any surprising news in the German circus Krone 2005 summer tour. Most of the acts have been with Krone since 2000. New in the program is Colonel Joe, the mighty Indian bull elephant, seen in Circus Merano in 2002 and in Benneweis – 1999.Colonel Joe is performed by James and Clara Poydebois. Colonel Joe is really a sensation with his enormous size. He is born in Los Angeles in 1964. His weight is about 7600 kilos and the height is 3,60 meters. Another new act is DUO KALATCHEV with their comic vertical sail act. The act was a part of the Monaco circus Festival in January 2004. The summer tour starts in April and Krone will visit 30 cities in Germany.



New Links on the artist page - here



December 8th.




New link added on the artist link page. The very famous high wire artists Castillos from Morocco. Castillos has been a part of the German circus Krone since 2000 in their summer program. At the moment Castillas are on tour in Spain with circus Mudial until the primiere for the touring circus Krone May 4th. 2005. Their web page includes pictures, history and informations about previous work. The link can be found on the artist link page.




Christmas gifts from Circus Krone

Are you looking for a Christmas gift to the circus or toy collector, you can maybe find the right thing in the German Circus Krone souvenir shop. At the moment there are 3 different quality toy trains from the German manufacturer "Marklin" for sale. The prices are absolute fair and all the product are made in scale H0 (1:87). A link to the Krone store can be found on the link page under –Circus in the world




Nordic magic festival 2005

Nordic Magic festival 2005 will be held in Aalborg – Denmark from April 1st until April 3rd. Some of the artists will be David Acer, Soren Pilmark, Stevie Starr, Silly Billy, Tom Stone, Joachim Solberg, Ray Speedy, Malin Nilsson, Radini.


December 6th.



The Danish illusionist Kim Kenneth has signed a contract for the 2005 summer season with Circus Probst in Germany. Also the Kosincev Clowns will be back in next year in the other Zirkus Probst in Germany. The Kosincev clown was a part of circus Dannebrog in 2003. Both contracts are booked by SMS ENTERTAINMENT.



Kim Kenneth

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).




Kenny Quinn.

The Danish gentle man thief Kenny Quinn will be a part of the 8. Gelsenkirchener Christmas circus (circus Probst). Premiere December 16th. Until January 2nd.



December 2nd.


Amando Renz.

Amando Renz as we could see in Scandinavia performing in Circus Benneweis 2004 are back in Germany and will be in the Dresdner Weihnachts-Circus (Circus Buch Roland). Premiere December 22nd.


Amando Renz in Circus Benneweis 2004

Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2004(C).



Television page opdated - here


Many faces of Lars Larna 

The Danish clown Lars Larna is working in December as Santa Claus. In the summertime he is working as a clown in Circus Arena and from June until August as a ring master in Circus BonBon.



All pictures of Lars By Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).