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April 30th.


Monthly magazine opdated with Circus Krone review - here

April 27th.


Circus Roncalli.

The German circus Roncalli has now started their new German tour in Essen. From May 6th. Roncalli can be found in Hamburg and gives the Scandinavian people a great opportunity to see one of the greatest circuses in Europe. In the program is the Alvarez family. Manuel Alvarez is one of the greatest jugglers and has been in Scandinavia several times. In the Merano performance 1990 and in the Swedish circus Maximum in 1992. Roncalli stays in Hamburg until May 26th. Tickets can already be booked through the Roncalli homepage.




Monthly magazine opdated with a small movie clip from circus Brazil Jack.


April 26th.

Monthly magazine opdated with Baldoni extra pictures here

April 25th.

Monthly magazine opdated with Circus Baldoni review- here

April 23rd.

Web page

The Swedish circus Academy in Sweden has rebuilt their web page. The Circus Academy releases a magazine 6 times a year mainly about the Scandinavian circus business. The text is in Swedish and is possible too subscribe through their web page for a price of 250 Swedish Kroner if you live in Sweden or 290 Kroner if you live in any other country. For more information please visit their homepage on this address




The fantastic fire eater Anatolij Jukov are at the moment in Italy with Circus Moira Orfei. Anatolij was known in Scandinavia where he was on tour in the Norwegian Circus Arnardo in 2002. In 2003 he was a part of the Swedish circus Brazil Jack. The special about Anatolij is, that he mange to swallow an enormous amount of fuel and throw up the whole thing over a fire stick. If you are freezing just hire Anatolij and the problem is solved.



April 22nd.

Circus Arena will be back in Copenhagen.

Because of the great success in Copenhagen, circus Arena will return and end their tour here. Arena has just left Copenhagen with lost of sold out performances and decided to be back in September. They can’t be on their normal circus place in Bellahoej because this place is occupied by another Danish circus Benneweis. There fore they will be in the heart of Copenhagen on Fiske torvet (a shopping mall) from September 4th. and the last performance will be September 10th. That means a lot of circus for the people in Copenhagen to choose from because the 3 biggest circuses will be in Copenhagen at the same time. Circus Dannebrog will be on Trianglen almost in the center of Copenhagen and Benneweis will be on Bellahoej the official circus place in Copenhagen.



Circus Cirkor

The Swedish "new" circus Circus Cirkor will perform in Copenhagen from May 14th. until June 18th. Circus Cirkor will perform the little mermaid by HC Andersen. The performances will be held as an indoor performance at Kedelsmedjen, Fabrikmestervej 37, Holmen besides the Danish Opera. The performance will include 12 artists, dancers and actors. There will be no performances May 20th, 21st. and 24th. Tickets can be bougtht by the Danish billetnet.

After Denmark the tour goes too Germany in Stuttgart. Performances from June 24th. - June 28th.

Stockholm Sweden from November 25th – January 22nd. 2006

Aarhus Denmark from late January 2006

London England from August 15th. – 27th.




New artist in Baldoni

In last minute a new artist was signed to the Baldoni 2005 production. She it not announced in the program because the printed program was already finished when she was signed. Alexandra does 2 acts in Baldoni a very charming dog act with a single animal and a rotating ring act.


April 21st.

Congratulation to René and Thessa.

A warm and big congratulation from circus Scandinavia to René and Thessa because under the performance tonight, René asked Thessa to marry him. She said yes

Congratulation to the couple.

Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2005 (C).


Baldoni premiere 2005

This evening there was premiere for the Danish circus Baldoni and their season number 4. Fantastic entertaining artists in this small circus. Congratulations to the clown Lars Larna for a fantastic debut, he was just outstanding and extremely amusing. Lots of other nice artists seems to give Baldoni a lift up in a very nice artistic level. Full review in a few days on this page and lots of pictures from the performance.



Circus Wictoria program.

A little delayed and thanks to my circus friend Holger Gensel from Germany it is finally here.

The Program

Charivari / Julia & Pavel

Professor Bluffo, Clown & Reprise

Daniella & Anton, Jugglers

Itana, Taubenrevue pigeon

Duo Oshansky – Clothes changing and rollerskates

Pavel Dubek - horses and ponys.

Duo Janusevious - Antipode on motorbike

Julia - acrobat

Duo Balovi, Trapeze

Raimondas – Dogs.

Pekka - cannon illusion



April 16th.

Tickets for Circus Bronett.

It is now possible to buy tickets for the premiere in Circus Bronett – Sweden. The tickets can be bought now and the premiere will be in Malmo in August. It was the plan that Circus Bronett should have been on the road in 2004 but economic difficulties occurred and the start was cancled. Circus Bronett is owned by Henry Bronett and he was the circus man together with his brother Robert Bronett behind circus Scott. Circus Scott had long tradition in Swedish circus history with fantastic international performances. Lots of financial problems forced the brothers to close down circus Scott after the season in 2003. Now Henry tries again but without his brother Robert who is responsible for the Lavade horse show – a special horse performance mixed with traditional circus acts, the Spanish high School and show. There is still no official program for the Circus Bronett premiere.


April 14th.

Circus Baldoni. (Denmark)

Circus Baldoni has started their tour on the island "Bornholm" before the official premiere April 21st. Circus Director René Marvin reports that the performance has got very nice reviews in the local papers. Circus Scandinavia will be ready with a full review April 22nd. With lots of pictures from the performance.




The 3 Rivelinos clowns are at the moment reduced to a duo. The reason is an accident and one of the guys was hurt. He is forced to stand outside in a period of time. To day he could see the remaining clowns doing a very well entrée in Circus Arena with only a few changes. If you want to see Arena in Copenhagen before they leave you had to be fast. Last Copenhagen date is April 17th and there is almost sold out. Today there was sold out and tomorrow Friday 15th. there is sold out too. Saturday there are two performances and there is sold out at 13 but a few free tickets at 16. Sunday (last day) there are two performances and only free seats to the performance at 13.

After April 17th. Arena moves to Aarhus with premiere Wednesday 20th. (The performance is sold out) but free tickets to the following performances. Arena stays in Aarhus until April 26th. For tickets please find the link on the Link page.



Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005(C).



Fligenpilz and Roncalli

The two German circuses Fligenpilz and Roncalli will be in Hamburg at the same time. It is a great opportunity for Scandinavian circus fans to see two of the best circuses in Germany on two days. Circus Fliegenpilz on the Heiliggeistfeld (Hamburg) from May 3rd. And Roncalli from May 7th 2005 until June 5th.2005 near Deichtorhallen and the Railwaystation!  Fligenpilz and Roncalli present quality performances and we most hope there are spectators enough for both circuses.


For further information please use the links on the Link page.



Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to Lucy Berdino from Circus Arena with her 40 years April 12th. Lucy Berdino is married to Jaki Berdino, son of director Benny Berdino.

Lucy Berdino to the right.


The 1st International Clown Festival in China
Talents & Productions is proud to announce you that it was the exclusive producer of the First International Clown Festival in China.

The festival, held in February 2005 in one of the biggest amusement park in China, got an enormous success as more than 30 000 people per day during 5 days attended the festival.


Considering the success of this first edition, the amusement park has decided to charge Talents & Productions to organize the next edition that will be held from February 1st to February 6th 2006.


Interested in Participating ?

If you are interested in participating, please send your requests to:

Acrobats - Magicians - Jugglers - Contortionnists - Musicians - Equilibrists - Funambuls - Clowns - Dansers - Etc...
Copyright © Talents & Productions - 2004. All rights reserved.



Cancled performance.

A performance was cancelled a few days ago in Circus Benneweis (Denmark). The reason was, that it wasn’t possible to move the tent because  of some kind of trouble with  the tent workers.



April 12th.

New animal law changed

The new and very strict animal law in Belgium is changed and it is again allowed to perform wild animals. The reason is, that there were no signs that animals in Belgium circuses should suffer of any kind of cruelty and the law was changed.



Benneweis review ready in the Monthly Magazine - Here



April 11th.

Photo head page opdated - here


Herbert Bengtsson

Circus Olympia Director (Sweden) – Herbert Bengtsson will not be in the ring for the 2005 summer tour. Instead will his daughter Jesicca Bengtsson perform Olympias wonderful horses. Jesicca could be seen in the Swedish Circus Maximum for the 2003 season but in 2004 she was back in Olympia to work with her family. Circus Olympia has a lot of trained animals but a surprise this year is a new goat act.



Circus Brazil Jack pictures ready in Monthly magazine - here



April 10th.

Television page opdated with lots of circus TV - here



It has been a tradition that circus Scandinavia invites kids in circus twice a year. The reason is to show the young people that there is other ways to be amused than sitting by the computer. This time we were visiting circus Arena in Copenhagen and they had a few nice hours together with the artists. The next visit will be in the autumn when circus Scandinavia will take a lot of kids to circus Dannebrog when they are in Copenhagen in September. This visit was started with lots of Pizza and soft drinks before the performance and in the break it was possible to buy lots of circus souvenirs.


April 9th.

Brazil Jack review from the 2005 performance ready in Monthly magazine


April 8th.

Krone Premiere.

Yesterday the Danish circus Krone had their premiere in Harup. It is a tradition for this small and nice circus first to release their printed program in the break under the premiere. One of the surprises in this 2005 production is the Danish ventriloquist Preben Palsgard performing 2 entrees. Circus Scandinavia will return with a full review from the performance later this month. Here is the complete program:

Jan Allan – Ponies

Alando – Clown.

Duo Marineseu – Comic acrobats.

Tom Future – Juggler

Jan Allan and Irene Thierry – Comic Illusion.

Preben Palsgard – Ventriloquist

Duo Marineseu – Rollerskates

Tom Future – Diablo.

Marineseu – Arial ring.

Tom Future – Fire juggling.

Preben Palsgard – Ventriloquist. (Second entrée.)


Duo Marineseu in Krone 2005

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005 (C).



April 5th.

In June 2005, we will be holding acrobatics and circus arts auditions in Orléans (France) & Montréal (Canada). Cirque du Soleil is now casting roles in its ten current productions and upcoming creations such as its sixth resident show - an unprecedented live theatre production celebrating the musical legacy and extraordinary experience of The Beatles.

With the number of shows growing, you can easily imagine how many new artists we need to fill new roles, fill permanent or temporary replacements, play back-up positions, etc.

Cirque du Soleil Casting team is specifically seeking:

Artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, acrosport, trampoline, tumbling, diving, synchronised swimming, extreme sports (BMX, rollerblade, etc.), martial arts, stunts, magic, circus arts, contortion, skipping, juggling, urban acrobatic disciplines (b-boy/hip-hop, urban movement, acrobatic dancers etc.).

Since 1984, Cirque du Soleil has carved out a special niche for itself in the world of performing arts. Through a mix of street performance and circus arts, dance, theatre, music and singing, Cirque du Soleil has given life to a magical new universe. With its original music and performances, Cirque du Soleil always tries to challenge the very limits of the human body and spirit. Each of its shows is built around its own unique concept with music played by live bands.

Do you know any talented individuals interested in joining Cirque du Soleil? Feel free to tell them about us. We are always eager to discover new artists. You will find attached the audition notice available for posting.

Please contact us at any time for additional information. We would be glad to answer your questions.

Auditions are on an invitation-only basis. Send your demo material NOW!

For details regarding the information to send us, feel free to visit our Internet site at

If you wish not to receive any other information regarding Cirque du Soleil auditions, please send us an e-mail at

All the best!

The acrobatic scouting team

Cirque du Soleil



April 4th.



Monthly Circus Magazine opdated with the web masters words - here



The Russian troupe Puzanovi at the moment on tour in Denmark with Circus Arena must work without their leader. In the premiere performance he felt to the ground when one of the jumpers missed his jump and a four man high collapsed. The artist crushed his heel and at the hospital the doctors ascertain 5 fractures on his heel. Circus Arena will pay his salary for the rest of the season.

Troupe Puzanovi a few seconds before it went serious wrong.

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005 (C).


April 2nd.

New Circus Photo magazine out now.

The very nice Photo magazine "Circus Photo magazine" is out now with the 6th edition. In the new issue there are outside photos from a wide range of European circuses as Circo Medrano, Circo Embell Riva, Circo Dallas, Cirkus Prince, Demonstration Berlin, Circo Roberto Cardinalli. Wintercircus Apeldoorn, Circus Bernes, Circo Americano, Circus Roncalli and Circus in Paris. If you should be interested please contact the editor Mr. Leendert Bedijn in Holland on this address and he will inform you how to pay (you can write in English – no problem). It is very cheap and great value for the money – you get 32 pages for a price of 7,50 Euro and 4 issues for 25 Euros and everything in full colour.


Latest issue from Circus Photo Magazine.



Bengt Kallquist in Arena

In the eastern Bengt Kallquist – circus director for circus Maximum in Sweden, was on a short visit in Circus Arena to see the performance in Copenhagen. The editor of the Dutch Circus Photo Magazine - took this photo when he gave them a copy of the magazine.

Bengt Kallquist (circus Maximum) and Benny Berdino (Circus Arena).




April 1st.


Preview for the April internet magazine ready - here