photo: Circus Arli in Frederiksberg (Copenhagen)

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2010 (C).

August 22nd.

Circus Scott

For those who saw the fantastic program ”70 years with circus Scott” in the Danish TV channel TV Charlie, could also see a very young high wire couple performing. It is duo Cuerreros performing in circus Scott back in 1991. The same couple performs at the moment with the Danish circus Dannebrog 19 years later. Also in the program the American clown Joe Jackson Jr. one of the most fantastic clowns the world have seen. Joe Jackson was never a really success in USA but loved in Scandinavia. Following text is made by Kim Lowe (USA) for circus Scandinavia – the text is in English only.


Joe and Margaret Jackson gave birth to their first child, Joe Jr., on May 30, 1912. They later had a daughter who died of pneumonia at the age of four. Joe grew up and became famous for doing the same act that his father developed; a comedy break-away bicycle act.

Joe was raised in Greenwood Lake, New York by his grandmother Maria Prols, who ran a boarding house for show folks. Joe’s Grandmother was proudly known as Mother Rialto to the many show people who came to stay with her. Joe and his grandmother were great friends and she taught him to have respect for people.

Mrs. Margaret Jackson was a retired singer and ballet dancer when she met Joe Jackson, Sr. After she was married, she started singing again as a character singer. When possible, they would travel as a family. Sometimes she would travel with Joe Jr. and they would have fun playing fames. Joe was closer to his mother; they played tennis, baseball, catch and whatever game they would make up. Sometimes speaking their own language, his mother taught him the meaning of happiness and joy.

Summer was a busy time at Greenwood Lake as the show folks would take vacations there, many at his grandmother’s boarding house. Sometimes there would be as many as 30-40 different acts there at a time. Joe Jr. would watch and sometimes rehearse with the performers as they were developing new acts. This became the training ground for Joe Jr.

Like his father, Joe developed an interest for mechanics and attended aviation school in Kansas City, Missouri. After he had earned to fly, Joe learned the movie industries in Hollywood were hiring stunt men. He eventually performed stunts in and out of the planes.

He was also an athlete, as was expected from the style of his performance. Joe enjoyed all sports but he excelled in Hockey. He was offered a contract with the New York Rangers, but turned it down to pursue a career in entertainment.

It was about this time that Joe Sr. began teaching his son the break-away bicycle act he had developed. It did not matter if Joe Jr. was to eventually go on and do something else, he wanted him to learn the act. Joe Jr. learned it by watching, instead of being taught by, his father. Joe Sr. gave him advice on such things as timing, and how to judge the audience.

The first time Joe Jr. made it big in show business was due to a hoax played on him by his father. His father phoned his son at home and told Joe Jr. he needed him as soon as possible to perform a publicity stunt in his father’s make-up. Arriving to his father’s dressing room just in time, he put on the make-up for what he thought would be a publicity shoot. Instead, Joe Sr. informed his son he was on stage in just a few minutes and left the building. A very nervous Joe Jr. performed the act so well; the manager told him he had just finished his best performance, it was as if he was a youngster again. Joe Jr. performed the act again the next day.

Joe Jackson, Jr. performed what was initially his father’s act all over the world. He became very popular, especially in Sweden. One of the original members of the Ice Capades, he met a skater named Ruth whom he later married.

He performed at New York’s Radio City Music Hall; La Scala in Berlin; Moulin Rouge in Paris and Tivoli Garden in Denmark. He was also seen in American theater, fairs and on many television shows, including Ed Sullivan’s. His circus dates included runs with many Shrine Circuses and the Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey show which toured Russia. He was a popular performer in Sweden’s Circus Scott and spent summers with the show from 1966 to 1984.

Like his father, Joe Jr. performed for many European heads of state. He and his father made the audience guess who was who when they performed throughout Germany. He spent much of the war years entertaining troops. He once said he had performed around the world eight times.

Joe Jackson Jr. was a Silver Clown Award recipient at the Monte Carlo Circus Festival. He was also seen in Swedish movies. His bicycle and costume can be seen on display at the circus museum in Sweden. When he died in 1991, he left behind loving family and many adoring fans who will never forget the tramp clown who just could not resist sneaking a ride on a bicycle that always fell apart.

                                                                                                              Kim Lowe




August 19th.

Circus Arena.

The Danish circus Arena are ready with their tour 2011 called Circus under water. It is the same set up as we could see in Arena back in 2006 where the ring will be filled with water in the break. The show in 2006 was one of the best seasons for Arena and there is no doubt that the performance again will be spectacular. Arena will of cause bring their  full water show and the 6 million kr. Lazwer udstyr. (almost 1 .mill euro lazer show).


The opening will of cause be in Copenhagen in March and here are some of the artists – the full list in the weekend.


René jr casselly presents the familys four African Bush elephants – the theme here is build over a Disney film and of cause little René as Mowgli.


Merry Lu Contorion and handstand.

Jimmy Folco reprise.

Robby Berousek – ladder balance.


The absolutely thrilling act in this coming season is Diorio with a double wheel of death act with two wheels. We have seen those daredevils before in Arena with a wheel of death act but as usual it seems there is no limits for those Brazilian guys.


Diorio is known from their motorcycle act and also known to find new ways to perform their cube band steel act. They have been in Arena several times and every time a new way to perform. This time they will perform in the steel ball but they will be hoisted up under the big top.


High School with horses from Arenas huge stables and the load for the horses will be Alexia Casselly, Merry Lu Casselle and Laura Berdino.


Many more acts from the upcoming Arena 2011  performance will be released here over the weekend. Here we will present Sea lions, dogs, Chinese antipode/icarian game acts and much more


In Scandinavian.


Danske cirkus Arena har givet Circus Skandinavia deres 2011 program med titlen cirkus under vand. Det er samme sæt op som vi kunne se tilbage i 2006, hvor manegen blev fyldt op med vand i pausen. Dette 2006 show er en af de bedste præsteret af cirkus Arena og der er ingen tvivl om at også denne version vil blive spektakulær. Arena vil selvfølgelig endnu engang bringe deres fulde vand udstyr og deres 6. millioner kr. lazershow.


Premieren vil som sædvanligt finde sted i København i marts. Her er et udpluk af de artister der er en del af Arena 2011. Hele artist programmet bliver lagt ud på disse sider hen over weekenden.


I denne sæsom er det MerryLu Casselly der præsenterer tre af familiens Afrikanske busk elefanter og Alexia Casselly der præsernterer familiens store han elefant. I kommende sæson er det René jr. Casselly, hvor der arbejdes over Disney´s Jungle bogen og hvor René selvfølgelig er Mowgli.


MerryLu præsenterer håndstand pg contorion

Jummy Folco reprise

Robby Berousek – stige Balance.


Det helt store gys, som der bør være i enhver forestilling præsenteres endnu engang af de Brasilianske vovehalse. Vi har set dem før med et dødshjul nummer men denne gang udvidet med to indviduelle hjul. Det ser ikke ud til at der findes begrænsninger for disse Syd Amerikanere og deres numre bliver farligere og faligere


 Diorio er egentlig mest kendt for deres motorcykel numre og sandelig også kendt for at finde nye og særdeles farlige stunts I deres kugle lavet af bånd stål. De har væreet I Arena mange gange før også i denne sæson men i 2011 vil de præsentere nummeret i en kugle der hejses op under telt kuplen.


HøjSkole på Andalusia heste præsenteres af MerryLu og Alexia Casselly samt Laura Berdino.


Langt flere numre i Arenas 2011 forestilling der både indeholder søløver, komiske hunde, en Kinesik trup påp 11 personer der fremviser Icarian og Antipode – se beskrivelser af disse numre over weekenden på disse sider.


August 18th.

A virus (Trojan horse) has been removed from the web hotel where CS is placed. It was not a dangerous virus but some virus dectors reacted and dinied access. So now it is possible for all to visit CS without any reaction from the virus dectors.

In Scandinavian:

En Virus (Trojansk hest) er blevet fjernet fra det web hotel, hvor CS har sine sider. Det var ikke en skadelig virus men enkelte virus programmer reagerede og nægtede adgang. Nu er det så muligt for alle at besøge cirkus Skandinavia uden reaktioner fra diverse virus programmer.


Cirkus Flic Flac.

In scandinavian only

Tyske cirkus Flic Flac er lukket. Sidste forestilling blev d. 27. juni 2010  . Til det sidste prøvede man at få cirkus solgt så det kunne drives videre men desværre uden held. Cirkus Flic Flac gik ikke dårligt og det var derfor ikke af nød at man ville lukke dette helt fantastiske cirkus show men fordi familien igennem 20 år havde fået nok af det hårde liv i branchen.


Cirkus Flic flac havde nok sin inspiration i Canadiske cirk du Soleil eller var det omvendt ? Der var ingen dyr i de sidste mange sæsoner (der har dog været dyr i Flic Flac for mange år siden) – Flic Flac var et all human circus. Og hvilket cirkus, hvilken lyd og hvilken appel til den etablerede branche fordi Flic Flac var en kæmpe succes. De fornyede sig, fik moderne lyd – fjernede den tradtionelle Polske Polka musik, erstattede det med fed tung rock og i den grad fyrede op uneder interessen for moderne cirkus. Puplikum i Flic Flac var ungt hvilket man også må sige om conceptet. Væk var de tradtionelle palietter og glitter kostumer og inde var street tøj og baggårds stilen. Cirkus Flic Flac var i den grad en parallel til hip hop og Jack ass kultutren. Da Ozzy Osborne i sin tid kæmpede med sit Black Sabbath orkester for en succes, udtalet han, lad os lave noget folk bliver bange for, det gjorde de og det resulterede i en af verdens bedste Heavy rock bands. Det samme kan man sige om Flic Flac – de spillede på en blanding af frygt, lyd og lys oplevelser. Mange numre   hørte så afgjort til i frygt klassen – det vi ikke turde kigge på fordi det er farligt. Og det var farlige numre og desværre styrtede Marcos Daza Gaona i døden fra 12 m. højde i 2007 ved udførelsen af Duo Camadi´s høj line nummer.


 Også elemnter af freak show kunne spores hvor numre som Ditmarr og Agnes (den meget lille mand og Agnes på 220 cm.), gummimænd der kunne vride kroppen i enhver stilling, Jonglering med motorsave mm. Sex var selvfølgelig også en del af konceptet og der var i mange tilfælde sparet på stoffet hos artisterne. Jongløren Claudia Bremlow i højhælde sko og lårkort sygepleje uniform, var da så sandelig med til at øge interessen fra det Tyske puplikum


Indmaden i Flic Flac var lige så sort som hele konceptet. Farverne var holdt i sort og gult – sæder, telt toiletter, bar alt. Toiletter var i øvrigt de sidste sæsoner et kapitel for sig selv. Ingangene var lavet som de der transportable toiletter man ser på festivaller, markeder mm. Men nær man åbnede døren kom man ind i det mest high tech miljø set til dato. Små fladskærme var placert over tisse kummerne – når man var færdig med sit forhavende rystede den plade man stod på så man automatisk fik rystet sin tissemand. Selve toiletterne var indrettet som den elektriske stol i et Amerikansk fængsel. Alt var gennemtænkt og absolut super moderne. En rigtig god tradition i Flic Flac var, at artisterne stod på linie ved udgangen efter endt forestilling. Her sagde de pænt farvel puplikum og senere kunne man også få en god snak med de medvirkende i Flic Flac´s rullende bar. At gå ud sammen med puplikum og takke for i dag er en god tradition, den virker varm og imøde kommende og i øvrigt entradition vi også finder i Danske cirkus Baldoni


Cirkus Flic Flac er stadig til salg , ikke navnet for det skal blive i familien. Så hvis der er interesserede købere er det bare at kontakte  for flere detaljer. Benno Kastein vil ikke ud med en direkte pris for hele cirkus men det meste materiel kan ses på ovenstående link.


Det er en stor skam at et initativ som Flic Flac ikke mere eksisterer. Cirkus Branchen har i høj grad brug for fornyelse og øget interesse. Måske ikke så meget i Skandinavien men når man ser cirkus rundt i Europa er det ikke en vane at se fyldte telte nej desværre tvært imod.  Hvor kunne man finde et orkester der lige drejede 180 grader rundt imens de spillede, et telt fyldt op med Bose højtalere, så lyden bare var perfekt, svedige hænder fordi man havde oplevet dare devils der gik langt over grænsen, et lys anlæg der fik Roskilde festivallen til at blegne - Det gjorde man i Flic Flac.

Nyd nedenstående billeder fra et cirkus der så absolut spillede på alle sanser og havde succes med det - Flic Flac var måske ikke et cirkus og de kaldte sig også selv et cirkus show - men en oplevelse var det. Billederne under er taget i henholdsvis 2006 og 2008


August 17th.

Circus Baldoni

The Danish circus Baldoni close their season very early and have their last performance in Denmark August 28th. At Monday august 30th they have their first performance on Faeroe islands where they will stay for 10 days. This time Baldoni will visit three towns, where circus will be for the first time. From the performance in Denmark will be most of the artist included – duo Peris with their acts (roller skate, Lasso and a Slinky act), Vardi with the juggling act (Nandor Varadi) and the Spinning Plate act. In the spinning plate act Diana Varadi will be replaced with Nandor Varadi because the family are not allowed to bring the dog act to the island. Of cause the rest of the Baldoni “family” will be included where we find Thessa and Danilo doing their acts. Leonardo and René Marvin will as usual change the performance together. A new act will be Danilo playing on bells.


In Scandinavian:


Danske cirkus Baldoni lukker deres 2010 sæson tidligt og har deres sidste forestilling d. 28. august. Allerede d. 30. august åbner Baldoni deres turne på Færørerne, hvor de giver forestilling i 10 dage. Denne gang vil Baldoni besøge tre byer der ikke før har haft besøg af cirkus. Fra forestillingen i Danmark vil vi finde de fleste artister. Duo Peris med deres tre numre – rulle skøjter, slinky og lasso nummer. Vardi vil være der med Nandor Varadi som jonglør med 7 kegler i luften og familiens tallerken nummer. I tallerken nummeret træder Nandor ind i stedet for sin mor Diana Varadi, da Doana må blive tilbage med deres hunde der ikke må komme med til Ø samfundet. Selvfølgelig vil vi se resten af ”Baldoni” familien med Thessa og Daniel med henholdsvis deres komiske illusions nummer og Danilo og Danila klovnene. René med bugtaler dukken Leonardo binder forestillingen sammen. Daniel (Danilo) vil i øvrigt lave et klokke nummer i ny version.

August 14th.

Circus Arli

Normally we find circuses a little outside the town they visit through the season but there are exceptions. For the second time (first time last year) we could find the Danish circus Arli just in front of the town hall on Frederiksberg ( a part of Copenhagen). Circus Arli seems small in the front of the huge building but it look good and add a lot of colours to the city. Enjoy the pictures of Arli in the middle of a big town.


In Scandinavian


Normalt ser vi cirkus en smule uden for byer som de besøger men der er undtagelser. For anden gang (første gang sidste år) finder vi Danske cirkus Arli pladsen foran Frederiksberg Rådhus. Cirkus arli ser lille ud foran den store bygning men det ser samtidig flot ud og sætter kulør på tilværelsen i en travl storby. Nyd lidt billeder fra dagene hvor Arli lå på Frederiksberg.

August 5th.

Moira Orfei.

One of the most famous European circuses – Moira Orfei are at the moment in the northern part of Italy. So if you are planning holiday in Venice or the surroundings it is a great opportunity to see an absolute world class performance. The Danish animal trainer Steven presents his sea lions and penguins. Flying Wulber presents flying trapeze and a trampoline act – those two acts could be seen in Swedish circus Maximum back in 2003. You find Moira Orfei in Jesolo from August 18th. – until 25th. and in the very charming Caorle you find Moira just besides the stadium and the water amusement park from August 27th- - 29th.


In Scandinavian:


Et af de mest fantastiske cirkus I Europa – Moira Orfei er for tiden på turne I den nordlige del af Italien. Så hvis du har planer om ferie i dette område ved Venedig er det en god chance for at se en absolut top klasse forestilling. I showet finder vi blandt mange den Danske dyre træner – Steven Pedersen med sine søløver og Pengviner. Flying Wulber med deres fantastisk gode flyvende trapez og trampolin nummer. De to sidste numre kunne ses i Svenske cirkus Maximum i 2003. Man finder Moira i byen Jesolo fra d. 18. - til 25. august og i den lille charmerende fisker by Caorle finder man cirklus lige ved siden af stadion og vandland fra 27. – 29. august.

August 1st.

John Cooper

The English circus fan, artist and journalist on the magazine ”King Pole” was on a short visit in Denmark. Here he saw the Danish circus Arli, when they performed in Virum, north of Copenhagen. I´m sure John enjoyed himself in Arli and hopefully we can read the review in upcoming issue. John will return to Denmark in September where it is possible to see all the big Danish circuses Dannebrog, Benneweis and Arena.


In Scandinavian:


Den Engelske cirkus fan, artist og ikke mindst journalist på cirkus magasinet “King Pole”, var på et kort besøg I Danmark. Her så han det Danske cirkus Arli, da de gav forestilling i Virum, nord for København. Jeg er helt sikker på at John havde en god eftermiddag i Arli og vi om nogle uger kan se anmeldelsen i kommende udgaver af King Pole. John vil komme tilbage til Danmark i september, hvor det er muligt at besøge de tre store cirkus i København . Dannebrog, Benneweis og Arena