December 30th.



Faltynys as we could see this summer season 2005 in The Danish circus Dannebrog, are at the moment working in Circus Herman Renz in Holland. They are a part of Herman Renz winter circus ending January 8th. 2006. Faltinys performs their western knife throwing act.  

FFaltinys performed under the name Colerados in 2005


December 29th.


Magic weekend

Steen Pegani –Magician and magic dealer is behind a magic weekend in Horsens 2006. From March 11th. until 12th. There will be arrangements in Horsens “Ny teater” (New Theatre) – Denmark. Magic seminars, gala dinner, magicians and lots of other arrangements will be included. For more details please read the home page -


Cirque Educatif.

Premiere for the Frence circus Educatif in Reims January 6th. In the program this year is Adriana Folco with her elephant Baba (Circus Benneweis 2005, Merano 2004 and 2003). Adriana Folco will also do a high School act, witch wasn’t included in Benneweis or Merano. The high speed juggler Mario Berousek seen the last years as the opening act in the German circus Krone. Mario Berousek was last seen in Scandinavia, when he was performing with his family “The Freddys” Freddys brother Robert performed alone with his ladder balance act in circus Arena in 2002 and in the Norwgian circus Agora where he also performed a juggling act. The  artists – Duo double face will also be in Educatif with their dancing Diablo act. Duo Doubble face was in circus Merano in 2005 and in circus Benneweis a few years ago (2003). Glen Nicolodi will be there with a extremely charming handstand act done together with his dog – Bibi. Glen was in circus Benneweis in the 2003 summer season.


December 28th.



M.G Team.

The Italian roller skates artists – The M.G. team will be a part of the European circus tour in China called “European Circus Tour in China". The tour starts January 15th. until April. The family will also perform the rola rola act and both acts could be seen this 2005 summer season in the Danish circus Dannebrog. The family was on tour with the Norwegian circus Agora in 2003.


December 27th.


A new DVD is released from the German circus Flic Flac. The DVD includes their new show from the 2005 tour called “New art 2005”.  . This DVD is the second from circus Flic Flac the previous was called “Unzensiert” and includes lots of top artists. Flic Flac is a very modern circus with lot of light and a very modern rock sound. Circus Scandinavia recommends buying both DVD’s and can be bought through their web page. Here is possible to buy both DVD titles, CD music from the performances and T shirts. Circus Flic Flac is at the moment in Dorthmund


December 24th.


   Merry Christmas   


Remember The Swedish circus Maximum tomorrow in Swedish television.

The 2005 performance will be broadcasted on TV4 at 18:00 (6).



December 23rd.

Herbert and Jessica Bengtsson.

The Swedish circus Olympia director Herbert Bengtsson and his daughter Jessica Bengtsson are a part of Passauer Christmas circus festival in Germany. Herbert and Jessica will perform the very well trained Tinker horses and their camels. Also in the performance is Karl Ramwell as we could see in Scandinavia performing for circus Arena in 2003.





Circus Baldoni has ended their Christmas tour.

The Danish circus BAldoni has ended their Christmas tour after 82 performances in the Sjaelland unit. The Jutland unit made 51 performances in November and December. Early in the New Year circus Baldonis “Circus Theatre” performs with 2 different units. The first performance is called “The end Ske” – a story about 2 twins. The performers are Emma Swenninger, a Swedish clown as we could see in circus Baldoni in 2002. The other twin is played by Sisse Siegumfelt as we could see in the Baldoni performance 2003. The other performance is Clumsy Hans and performed by Thessa and René Baldoni. After the winter tour Baldoni will be ready for the summer tour with a brand new tent and lots of new wagons. Circus Baldoni will have premiere April 8th.



Circus Arena web shop open.

The Danish circus Arena has opened their web shop. Lots of souvenirs, posters books, programs and a DVD are ready for sale. The DVD is the 2005 performance with artists as Puzanovi, Rosi Hochegger, Cassellys elephants, Suzanne Berdino and her 12 liberty horses, Gao Feis and their bungy jump act, Diorio and their globe of death, Reprice clown BonBon , The Spanish clowns Rivelinos and much much more. The web store is in Danish but if you should be interested and don’t understand Scandinavian please contact circus Scandinavia for further information. You can of cause pay with most credit cards. Enter the web shop through the link page.



Offenburger Christmas circus.

Extremely stong program in 10th. Offenburger Christmas production. Lots of top class artists are represented in this show. Jaqueline Alvarez – this season in the German circus Roncalli, Manuel Alvarez with his fantastic juggling act- also seen in Roncalli – 2005. Skating Aratas – (Billy Smart 2005, Circus Arena 2004 and Circus Merano 2003), The charming antipode artist Claudia Bremlow seen in Scandinavia performing in circus Arena, The very thrilling and just fantastic cross bow artists – The Jasters – seen in circus Arnardo in 2005, Moira Orfei in 2004. Duo Manducas – many seasons in circus Krone (Germany) with a old fashion strong man act, Sonny Frankello with his African elephants (many years in Scandinavia – Arena, Maximum, Dannebrog and Scott), Andrea Togni with a very visual air act,. Andrea has been working many years in the Italian circus Americano owned by Flavio Togni. The oldest artist in the world can be seen in this father and son low wire act – Thuranos – Daddy is 96 years old and still a fantastic artist.




Circus Arena in Television.

Tonigtht at 20:00 you can see the Circus Arena 2005 performance on the Danish DR1. The performance is recorded in Mogeltonder (Juthland) in June 2005. Invited to the performance was the Princess Alexandra.

Picture by circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).

Picture by circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).

Picture by circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).


December 21st.

Circus Millennium.

The Swedish circus Mellinnum will have their premiere in 2007. It was the plane to have premiere in 2006 but everything takes time. Tent, gradin and others are bought and ready but Alexander & Natalya Romakin has decided to wait and have their premiere in Malmo 2007. The tent is a 40 m. tent with room for 2000 spectators and it is chairs only. This size will make circus Millennium to the biggest circus in Sweden.



Crazy about dance.

This year the Danish television TV2 produced a series where famous Danes was invited to a competition in dance. Their partners and trainers were all professional dancers. The program was broadcasted through the autumn and was a great success. Now TV2 will continue the success but this time in circus with the title “Crazy about circus”. Who the famous Danes will be is a secret but the concept is the same as crazy about dance. The recordings will be in the Danish circus Benneweis and will be made through the summer in 2006. The professional artists will be the contracted artists in the coming Benneweis tour and includes among others Fumagalli brothers.


December 19th.


December 18th.

Face lift.

A nice face lift for the Swedish circus Brazil Jack web page. The old web page did not include so much information but the new one seems much more informative. The page includes press information, history, pictures, ticket information and a contact page. The page is in Swedish only – please take a closer look at the page here



Circus Scandinavia in Dannebrog.

Circus Scandinavaia was today on a visit in circus Dannebrog in their winter quarter. Circus Dannebrog stays through the winter in Sommersted (Jutland) and the reason for the visit was to deliver the full 2005 Dannebrog video performance, recorded in September.

From the left Dennie Enoch son of director Haddy Enoch, the web master, Agnete Enoch daughter of Haddy Enoch


December 17th.



Fantastic Africa circus.

Nice reviews from the premiere of the German circus Africa. A fantastic show with dancers, musicians and artists, all from Africa. All material including the tent is brand new and there is room for 2000 spectators in this 5 millions investment. For interested Scandinavian circus friends the best opportunity to see this show, will be in Hamburg from February the 26th. until April 16th. 2006. The circus can be found in Stadtpark near the subway station -Barmbek.

Info Holger Gensel - Germany



December 15th.


New In Cammino.

The Itailian circus magazine”In Camino” is out with a new issue. Again with lots of fantastic stories and pictures from the world of circus. 90 pages with reports from Alberto Orfei, Lidia Togni, Martini, Arlette gruss, Roncalli, Flic Flac and much much more.


Monte Carlo circus festival 2006

Here is the artists in Monte Carlo circus Festival 2006.


Maike and Jorg Propst – animals and horses.

Geraldine Knie – Horses.

Alexis and Maud Gruss – Hungarian post.

Alex Lacey – Lions and tigers.

Martin Lacey – Lions.

Antony Gatto – Horse back riding.

Kris Kremo – Juggler. (Benneweis 2002)

Oleg Izossimov – Vertical sail.

Anatoly Zaliewsky – Vertical sail.

Tabares/Neves – Flying trapeze. (Flying Neves was in circus Arena in 2004)

Flying girls – Flying trapeze.

Flavio Togni – Elephants. (Circus Arena 1999 and some of the animals in Maximum in 2003 and 2004)

Franco Knie – Elephants.

Passo a Due di Canton – Parterre.

Maycol and Guido Errani – Icarian games.

Acrobatica – Pagode.

Troupe Rhodion – Russian barre.

Soudartchikovi – Clothes changing. (Circus Maximum 1997 and 2001, Benneweis 1996).

Los Quiros – High wire ( Benneweis 2004 and 2005).

Alexis Brothers – Parterre

Duo Mouvance – Adagio.

Puzanovi – Spring board. (Arena 2005)

Andrey – Clown

Oleg Popov – Clown. (Arena 1999).

David Larible – Clown.

Fumagalli – Clowns (Benneweis 2003, Arnardo 2004 and Benneweis 2006).

Angelo Munoz – Clown (Arena 1995, Merano 1997 ).

Gotys – Clowns ( Circus Dannebrog 1996).





December 14th.

Isabella Enoch variety show.

New home page for the Danish artist and owner of the variety show ”Trapeze”. Isabella is from the Danish circus Dannebrog family –daugther of circus Director “Haddy Enoch” Isabella was the girl behind a very elegant Dannebrog performance here in 2005. Now she has started her own variety show and this show is performed in a tent. Isabella her self is a very elegant trapeze artist and in the Dannebrog summer tour 2005 we could see a very modern and spectacular trapeze act together with her partner Josephine Kasselowsky. Visit the new homepage with nice pictures and info. HERE


December 13th.


Success in Roncalli


The Danish artists – “Flying super kids” have a great success in the Roncalli performance “Circus meets classic” Holger Gensel in Germany reports that there was a standing ovation after their entrée. The show is a mix of classic music, the Roncalli orchestra, a classic singer (Anna – Maria Kaufmann), the German pop band “the Hohner” and artists as Los Quiros (Benneweis 2004 and 2005), Zebra (circus Scott 2003) and Sorellas (Roncalli 2004). The clown part of the show was represented by the Italian world star Clown “David Larible” David is just returned from several years in USA and will be one of many stars in Circus Roncalli in the 2006 production.  Circus Roncalli will be touring in the south of Germany in 2006.


INFO Holger Gensel -Germany



Circus Krone winter program released

The German circus Krone winter program in the circus building in Munchen is now official. Circus Scandinavia released some artists a month ago but here is the complete list from the first program.


Troupe Nanjing – Jugglers from China, Jana Mandana – Exotic animals, Tony Alexis – Clowns with many entress, Niklaus Muntwyler – Liberty horses, Duo Berestov – Perch, Flying Pages – Flying trapeze, Charly Borra – Gentleman thief, Kid Bauer – Wild animals (Tigers), Duo Volkov – Strapats, Jana Mandana – Elephants.


Moscow circus.

Moscow circus is returning to South Africa in January after a fantastic success the last time they were there. More than 400.000 thousand saw the last show last year and now they return, with a brand new show with premiere in Jozi. Not all artist are from Russia because in the show are included artists from many countries. From China comes Dalian bicycle troupe, the fantastic Italian acrobats – Curotala brothers, Daniel Dio Rio troupe with his fantastic globe of death as we could see in circus Arena this summer season and in 2003 in circus BonBon  (Denmark). Lazio and Olga Simets with their very outstanding high wire act- The Simets has been in Scandinavia several times – last time in Tivoli Garden in 2003, Benneweis 1999, Maximum 1998 and 1991. In Tivoli Garden they also performed their wheel of death act, where the wheel was placed on the roof of the stage.




December 10th.

Brianos Cirkusrejser

:Brian Behrendt, Ledreborg Alle 42, 4000 Roskilde, Danmark

Telefon :46424024 eller 22595046

Brianos Cirkusrejser

Hvad er Brianos Cirkusrejser? 

Brianos Cirkusrejser er ikke et rejsebureau eller en rejsearrangør. Det er en gruppe cirkusinteresserede, som lejlighedsvis arrangerer ture til cirkus i ind- og udland. Flere af gruppens medlemmer har tilknytning til foreningen Danske Cirkusvenner. Til de fleste af turene har Brian "Briano" Behrendt fungeret som "praktisk gris". Deraf kælenavnet fra når han er staldmester for Benny Schumann, derfor Brianos Cirkusrejser.

Den første tur - en bustur til Cirkus Barum i Flensborg - fandt sted i efteråret 2004. I efteråret 2005 besøgte gruppen på samme måde Cirkus Krone i Berlin.

Nogle medlemmer af gruppen har arrangeret samkørsel til et par cirkus samt til åbningen af Sveriges Cirkusmuseum 2. juli 2005. Der er ideer om tilsvarende samkørsel til svenske cirkus i 2006 og også om i fællesskab af besøge danske cirkus.

I januar 2006 besøger 15 medlemmer af gruppen Cirkusfestivalen i Monte Carlo. Turen foregår med rutefly, og deltagerne har valgt at bo på samme hotel.

I år 2006 går turene til .

Cirkusfestival i Monaco

Nordens Største Cirkus Arenas Vinterkvarter. Tysklandstur i Store bededagsferiem til Hamborg

Evt : Fælles Besøg hos Cirkus Benneweis ved Landspremieren, Venter Svar fra dem


Cirkustur til Cirkus Arena Nordens Største Cirkus (Vinterkvater)


Lidt om Arena.

Cirkus Arena er Nordens største cirkus og Ejes af familien Berdino, med Benny Berdino som direktør, Sønnen Jackie som er teltmester og Jackies kone Lucy Ansvarlig for arenas Kiosk sammen med Benny´s Kone Hanne.. Datteren Suzanne og hendes mand Karsten som har de fulde ansvar for heste,hunde,dromedarer,zebrarer, Søløver m.m.. Derudover er der Benny´s Børnebørn som alle er aktive Cirkusartister og bliver bedre og bedre fra år til år


Årets 2 Cirkustur har afrejse Søndag den 12 Februar 2006 Vi skal Min. være 20 pers. for at turen bliver genemført.


Brian Behrendt fortæller : Efter succesen med turene i 2004 - 2005 har jeg besluttet at arrangere en ny tur.Denne gang hos Cirkus Arena.(Vinterkvateret)


Lidt om Turen :

Arena byder velkommen, vi vil få en Specialrundvisning af Arenas Carsten Mærsk, som vil fortælle og vise os de mange spændende oplevelser som Cirkus Arena har opbygget, i deres Vinterkvarter, Vi skal bla. Se et søløveshow, prøvemanege.Dyrene. De mange rigtig flotte gamle biler og lastbiler bla. en jaguar som Arena har, og meget mere.


Prisen er inkl.: transport i Bus og entre og en Special Arenas Carsten Mærsk

Kaffe/Te og 1 stk. Kage (Se Rejsepris under rejseplan.)


Hvis du er interesseret i at deltage så send hurtigst muligt, senest 27/1 2006 navn, adresse, telefonnummer samt antal personer til Ovenstående adresse. Ring gerne hvis du har spørgsmål eller vil sikre dig, at der er plads på telefon : 46424024 eller 22595046 imellem kl. 18.00. - 21.00.

Beløb for turen skal betales samtidig med tilmelding til turen. Det sker nemmest ved at indsætte beløbet på konto reg nr. 9173 konto nr. 4150106513 i BG Bank. Lydende på Cirkustur nr 2 2006 og dit navn.

Alternativ kan beløbet sendes til Brian Behrendt i form af en crosset check..

(Du er ikke tilmeldt før du har betalt! )


Yderligere information se også


Brianos Cirkusrejser

:Brian Behrendt, Ledreborg Alle 42, 4000 Roskilde, Danmark

Telefon :46424024 eller 22595046

Rejseplan 12/2 - 2006


Cirkus Arena (Vinterkvarter)





Cirkusmuseumet i Hvidovre på Alarmpladsen 10:00

(Voksen : 300 kr. Børn 200 Kr.)


Landbrugsskolen Sjælland, Ledreborg Alle 50, 4000 Roskilde.10:40

(Se ovenover)


Slagelse Busstation (Togstation) 11:30

(Voksen 200 kr. Børn 150 kr.)


Ankomst Cirkus Arena ca. 12.00.


Hjemrejse 15.00.


Børnepris er for børn under 14 år


med forbehold for ændringer og forsinkelser. Alle tider er ca. tider


Jeg håber vi må få en god tur


Med Venlig Hilsen


Brian Behrendt



December  7th.


Carl Mundeling

The Danish wild animal trainer (tigers) Carl Mundeling has finished his contract in the small Italian circus “Circo Jarz. Instead Carl Mundeling is signed to another Italian circus “ Circo Alex Hamar”

INFO Italian circus Fans

December 4th.

Circus Americano

Great chance to see the huge Italian 3 ring circus for most Scandinavian circus Fans, The reason is that circus Americano  , at the moment is in Torino and from December 23rd. they are moving to Milano. With the cheap plane tickets and a Christmas holiday ahead, it is absolute worth the money. Circus Americano have lots of spectacular acts on the program and especially the owner - Flavio Tognis elephant act and the tiger act is extremely nice.. The elephant act could be seen in the Danish circus Arena a few years ago where Kim Benneweis performed Flavio Tognis 9 elephants.



Sea lions

The new sea lion area in Circus Arena is now open. Not for the spectators but for the   4 sea lions that Arena owns. Much better surroundings for the animals and a pool with half a million litres of water is the new home for those wet animals. From the middle of February the Arena winter quarter will open their doors for the public. It will now be possible to come in and see the animal training, including a sea lion show, dromedaries and lots of horses. Everything is made in fantastic style with lots of circus ornaments made by the German art creator René Irek


 December 1st.


A big congratulation to René Marvin, because to day is the day were he 20 years ago replaced his civil life with a life in the circus business. Rene started up as an entertainer, ventriloquist and illusionist and later he was working in the Danish circus Arena for several years. Here he was in the ring with his own magic act and was working behind the scenes as well. Now René has his own circus Baldoni together with his wife Thessa. It is very rare that an outsider as René manage to succeed as an “outsider” in the circus business but it seems that circus Baldoni and René/Thessa will be here for many many years.



For those who like to study and find new ideas for their illusion act there is released a new DVD.The title is” The art of costume changing” and is made by the Japanese artist Yasuda. On the DVD you can learn the technique and preparation for up to 10 costume changes, types of material and training and timing. On the DVD you can see the performance by Yasuda and later learn the technique and see the secrets. If you should be interested in this DVD it is possible to buy it. In Scandinavia it can be bought by the Danish magic dealer – Steen Pegani.