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February 28th.

Monthly internet circus Magazine

Circus Scandinavia’s internet circus magazine for January and February is not finished yet. The page with all the artists working in Scandinavia in 2006 is delayed because , I have not received information from some of the circuses here and some of them will not have their program exposed on these pages yet. Tivoli garden in Copenhagen are not finished with their program planes for the variety show yet but promised to mail it as soon as it was finished.

 The story about the Circus Museum in Denmark and the page with circus artists working in Scandinavia 2006 will be transferred to the March issue. There is already a preview ready and here is the direct link.

 In Scandinavian:

 Cirkus Skandinavias Internet circus magazine for januar og februar er ikke færdiggjort. Siden med alle artister der arbejder i Skandinavien 2006 er forsinket grundet jeg ikke har modtaget information fra nogle cirkus og andre er ikke interesserede i at få deres program lagt ud endnu. Tivoli i København er ikke færdig med at planlægge deres planer for variete showet endnu men har lovet at maile dette så snart det er færdigt.

 Artiklen om cirkus museet i Danmark og siden om artister der arbejder i Skandinavien 2006 bliver overført til marts udgaven. Det er allerede muligt at se ”spise sedlen” på marts udgaven – her.




Bernhard Kasselowsky

The German elephant trainer Bernhard Kasselowsky will return to his home tomorrow after he has been hospitalized the last weeks. Bernhard and the Danish trapeze artist – Isabella Enoch was serious injured in a car accident in Germany. Bernhard Kasselowsky broke 6 rips and Isabella broke an arm and a leg. Bernhard’s 2 African elephant’s - Baby and Rambo - has been looked after by Bernhard’s 2 daughters Melanie and Josephine. When Bernhard and Isabella have been away one of the camels has given birth to a new baby camel and one more is coming in the near future.   


In Scandinavian:


Den Tyske elefant træner Bernhard Kasselowsky vil returnere til sit hjem I morgen efter at have været hospitals indlagt de sidste uger. Bernhard og den Danske trapez artist blev alvorligt kvæstede i en bil ulykke i Tyskland. Bernhard Kaselowsky brækkede 6 riben og Isabella brækkede en arm og et ben. Bernhards 2 Afrikanske elefanter – Baby og Rambo – er blevet passet af Bernhards 2 døtre – Melanie og Josephine. Imens Bernhard og Isabella har været væk har en af deres kameler nedkommet med en lille baby Kamel og en mere er på vej de kommende dage.



February 27th.

Baldoni program ready.

All ready in November, circus Scandniavia could report about the artists in Baldoni and they for the first time would include a circus band in the performance (See the news for Novemnber 2005 for details about the artists). Now it is official and all the artists are presented on the front page of the Baldoni web site. One act is added since November and that is the air acrobat “Otilia”. René and Thessa call their new 2006 production for”The big circus celebration” Primiere in the new tent April 21st 2006 in Lyngby north of Copenhagen and with a sneak peek for the people on the island “Bornholm” from April 8th.


In Scandinavia:


Allerede I November kunne circus Scandinavia rapportere omkring artister i Baldoni og at de for første gang er inkluderedet et cirkus Orkester i forestillingen. (Se nyheder fra november ang.. artist detaljer). Nu er det officielt og alle artister er præsenteret på forsiden af Baldonis web side. Et enkelt nummer er lagt til siden november og det drejer sig om luft akrobaten ”Otilia” René and Thessa kalder deres nyy produktion for ”Den store cirkusfest” Premiere i et helt nyt telt vil være den 21. april 2006 i Lyngby, nord for København men med en mulighed for  folkene på Bornholm allerede fra d. 8 april


February 26th.


New Fumagalli fan page.

The fantastic world star clown Fumagalli and his brother Darix have their own fan page. They have got that page for a long time but now there is a new one. It is the German guy Torsten Cremer there is behind this web page and behind the old one as well. The old page is now closed and the new one seems to be very nice and very informative. The page is in German and in English as well. You can find lots of pictures of the brothers including photos from the Scandinavian circuses as Benneweis and Arnardo.

Fumagalli will be in circus Benneweis in the coming 2006 season and we all look forward to see this highly entertaining family again.

Link to new page can be found on the link page ”circus friends”


In Scandinavian:


Den fantastiske verdens klovn Fumagalli og hans bror Darix har deres egen fan web side. De har haft en sådan side i lang tid men nu er der kommet en ny. Det er den Tyske mand – Torsten Cremer der er bag denne side og i øvrigt også bag den gamle. Den gamle side er nu lukket og den nye side ser ud til at blive rigtig god og informativ. Siden er både på Tysk og på Engelsk. Du kan finde mange billeder af brødrene og også rigtig mange fotos fra Skandinaviske cirkus som Benneweis og Arnardo.


Fumagalli vil være i cirkus Benneweis i den kommende 2006 sæson og vi vil alle se frem til at møde denne særdeles underholdende familie igen.


Link to new page can be found on the link page ”circus friends”



February 25th.

New link added on the friends page:

Circus dream and Capiteau.

   Christmas circus.

Some circuses release their premiere date a few days before the start and some of them are really early. Heilbronner Christmas circus has already released their premiere date for the shows in December 2006. Premiere will be December 20th. and runs until January 7th 2007. If you can’t wait for the new show it is possible to buy the 2005 performance on DVD. The fantastic well organized web page Circus dream offers DVD’s and lots of other nice stuff for your television set. Direct link here  


In Scandinavian:


Nogle cirkus offentliggør deres premiere dato få dage før start og nogle er bare tidligt ude. Heilbronner Jule cirkus har allerede offentliggjort deres premiere dato for shows i december 2008. Premieren vil være 20 december og vil fortsætte til 7 januar 2007. Hvis du ikke kan vente for det nye show er det muligt at købe forestillingen fra 2005 på DVD. Den fantastisk vel organiserede web side ”Circus dream” tilbyder DVD´s of en masse andre fine ting for dit TV apparat.




Circus krone

The German circus Krone has released their last winter program. As mentioned a few days ago on this page, is the fantastic duo Farellos on the program. Also the reprise clown Francesco and like Farellos he was a part of circus Benneweis in Denmark for the 2005 summer tour. Another entrée from the Scandinavian  2005 season is the African trio N´dux Malax as we could see in the Norwegian circus Merano.


In Scandinavian:


Det Tyske circus Krone har offentligjort deres sidste vinter program. Som nævnt forleden på denne side, er den fantastiske duo Farellos på programmet. Også reprise klovnen Frencesco og som Farellos var også han en del af cirkus Benneweis i i Danmark for sommer turen 2005. En entre fra den Skandinaviske 2005 sommer sæson er den Afrikanske trio N´Dux Malax sdom vi kunne opleve i det Norske cirkus Merano.


February 24th.

Circus Merano.

The Norwegian circus Merano has released their 2006 program. As usual in Merano there are new acts never seen before in Scandinavia and some old once as well. Reengaged from 2005 is Amadeo Folco and his elephants but this year with a new act where he combines horses and elephants. The performance is as usual with help from 2 of his daughters – Sharon and Francisca. Another daughter is Adrina Folco, which could be seen in Merano in the 2004 season and in Benneweis in 2005.


Zunyi Acrobatic Troupe from china is one of the highlights in this 2006 production. 14 girls on one bike do a very fantastic show. This troupe has two entrees the other is a fantastic plate spinning act.


Circus Olympias camels is rented from the Swedish circus Olympia. The act is done from horse back and when this act was in Merano for the 2004 season it was done by Mirek Maternik. The same act could be seen in circus Arena in 2002, performed by Karsten Berdino. In 2003 the camels went to Finlandia. The camels are very well trained by the hands of Herbert Bengtsson in Sweden.


A new act in Scandinavia is the Bulgarian reprise clown “The fireman”, I have never seen this act before and it is nice to see new entrees in Scandinavia.


 Duo Sifodilini is also a new act in Scandinavia. Anyway it is the duo that will present the thrilling part of the performance. Sifodilini will do the very dangerous wheel of death act. Lots of accidents with those kinds of acts and at the same time a very fascinating entree. Two more times in the history of Merano there has been wheel of death acts. The first time, so far back as in 1988, where the Bennosons performed here in the North of Scandinavia and the second time it was performed by the German Scholl family in 1998.


 Sergeevas  poodles is also a new act in Scandinavia and we all look forward to meet this Russian girl.


Jan Navratil – the fantastic antipode juggler is back in Merano (last time in 2001) Jan do a very special antipode act where he bounces balls from one plate to the next. The goal is that the ball should end in a basket. A similar act was done by Clara J in the Danish circus Benneweis in 2005. Jan Navraqtil was also a part of the Swedish circus Maximum in 2002.


The clowns in Merano this year is done by the Russian duo Bobylev


Premiere for Merano is March 3rd. in Frederikstad at 7 PM. Merano stays here until Sunday 5th. Performances Saturday and Sunday is at 3 PM and 5 PM. Then Merano goes to Sarpsborg, Moss, jumps over Oslo (Merano will of cause be in Oslo later in the season) and continues to Drammen and Tonsberg.


A full review of Merano can be found here in the March issue of circus Scandinavia circus Magazine



Herman Renz

The Duch circus Herman Renz has a few surprises on their 2006 program. The   white face clown Bruno Stutz is on the program. Bruno is known as a part of the clown troupe - the Chickys and the last years a part of the German circus Krone. Now he is found in Holland in next season. When his partner for a decade -Eugene Altenburg whent on pension, Bruno continued performing the mirror entrée together with the Italian clown Jimmy Folco. Rumours say that Jimmy Folco will perform in Scandinavia this year. The wild animal act in Herman Renz this year is presented by Yvonne and Knut Muderack, performing lions. Another surprise this year is the horse act, performed by the Donnerts. The Donnerts has been in the Swedish circus Brazil Jack the resent years. Duo Monastyrsky with a very nice quick change act. Last year and in 2004 they where a part of the English circus Billy Smarts. Their son – Anton- could be seen in the Danish circus Benneweis in 2005. Flying Neves are on the program and the reprise parts are done by Frenky and Miko

 In Scandinavian:

 Det Hollandske circus Herman Renz har enkelte overraskelser på deres program I 2006. Den hvide klovn Bruno Stutz er på programmet. Bruno er kendt som den ene halvdel af klovne duoen ”The Chickys” og de sidste år som en del af det Tyske cirkus Krone. Nu kan han altså findes på programmet i Holland for den kommende sæson. Da hans partner – Eugene Altenburg- for et halvt århundrede gik på pension, fortsatte Bruno med spejl entreen sammen med den Italienske klovn Jimmy Folco. Rygter siger at Jimmy Folco vil optræde i Sakndinavien i kommende sæson. Rovdyr nummeret i Herman Renz bliver udført af Yvonne og Knut Muderack med deres løver. En anden overraskelse i år er at heste nummeret bliver udført af The Donnerts. The Donnerts har været en del af det Svenske cirkus Brazil Jack i en årrække. Duo Monastyrsky med deres lyn kostume skift nummer. Sidste år og i 2004 kunne dette nummer ses i det Engelske cirkus Billy Smarts. Deres søn Anton var en del af cirkus Benneweis i 2005. Flying Neves også en del af Herman Renz 2006 og reprise klovnene udføres af Frenky og Miko


Info: Bastian Mertens (Germany) and John Cooper (England).


February 23rd.

Renz Berlin

The German circus Renz Berlin is probably on their way to Norway for the summer season 2006. Renz Berlin has booked a circus place in Mandal in June. Renz Berlin was in 2004 on tour in the west of Denmark and it was the plan that they would travel to Sweden after the tour in Jutland. Of some reasons it was cancelled and instead was Renz Berlin in tour in Holland.

 In Scandinavian

 Det Tyske cirkus Renz Berlin er sandsynligvis på vej til Norge for den kommende sommer sæson. Renz Berlin har lejet sig ind på cirkus pladsen i Mandal i juni. Renz Berlin var i 2004 på turne i den vestlige del af Danmark og det var dengang planen at de ville fortsætte til Sverige. Af en eller anden grund blev dette aflyst og i stedet turnerede Renz Berlin i Holland


Dear friends

 Alexandre Bouglione and myself, Great childhood friends of our missing Gills, have for project to create an association called “Les Amis De Gillou” in order to help financially Maria and her children. We have been thinking that we could make a monthly direct debit transfer for the amount of minimum 5 to 10 euros or more if you wish to and this is until the children´ s majority.

 A bank account has been opened in La Caixa bank in Benidorm on the name of Maria Garcia. I have agreed with the director of that bank will not charge any commissions for the transfers.

 If we do this together, we will make it easier for Maria to take care of her beautiful children, Shannon and Kelly Marie. I will let you know about the association development, which for a web site  www.lesamisdegillou.com  will soon be created.

 My dear friends, with no doubt the huge circus family’s solidarity is still strong, please help us to get this information through. For more information I on your entire dispotition (0034 667 444 528)

 Best regards

With affection

Serge Gambi

 The complete bank Account:

 De Maria Garcia

Iban ES 62 2100 4679 7807 0001 6232



February 22nd.

Todays new links:

                                   Circus Raluy, circus Italiano, circus Roma, Circus Coliseo, circus Wonderland, circus Cric.

They are all circuses from Spain and can be found on the link page.



The English artists ”Skating Aratas” are signed to the German circus Busch Roland . Aratas are very well known in Scandinavian circuses and could be seen in the Norwegian circus Merano in their 2003 season. In 2004 they went to Denmark and performed here in circus Arena. In Denmark Carmen Arata left the troupe of personal reasons and the 3 kids now works alone without their mother. In last season they performed in their own country and were on tour with the English circus Billy Smarts. Reengaged from 2005 in Busch Roland is the rola rola artist “Konstantin Bessogonov”. Bessogonov was on tour with the small Danish circus Krone in 2004 and in 2003 on tour with the now closed Austrian circus Althof Jacobi.


In Scandinavian:


De Engelske artister “Skating Aratas” (rulle skøjter) har skrevet kontrakt med det Tyske circus Busch Roland. Skating Aratas er kendte i Skandinaviske cirkus og kunne ses i det Norske cirkus Merano i deres 2003 sæson. I 2004 tog de til Danmark og optrådte her i cirkus Arena. I Danmark forlod Carmen Arata nummeret af personlige årsager og de 3 børn arbejde alene uden deres mor. I sidste sæson arbejdede de i deres hjemland og var på tur med det Engelske cirkus Billy Smarts. En genganger fra sidste sæson i Busch Roland er Rola Rola artisten ” Konstantin Bessogonov” Bossogonov var på turne med det lille Danske cirkus Krone i 2004 og i 2003 på tur med det nu lukkede Østrisge cirkus Althof Jacobi.  


February 21st.

Monthly Circus Magazine opdated with circus Kenny Review -Here



The German animal trainer Krenzola is signed to the German circus Busch Roland. In the last two seasons Krenzola has been working in Scandinavia but now he is home in his own country. Krenzola performs with a lot of different animals, cats, dogs, a fox and ducks. Krenzola do a very special act with white and black ducks, where they perform as liberty animals just as they where horses. Busch Roland has premiere March 3rd. in Hanover

In Scandinavian.

 Den Tyske dyre træner – Krenzola – har skrevet kontrakt med det Tyske circus Busch Roland. I de sidste 2 sæsoner har Krenzola optrådt i Skandinavien men nu er han så tilbage i sit eget land. Ktrenzola optræder med mange forskellige dyr, Katte, hunde, en ræv og ænder. Krenzola laver et meget specielt nummer med hvide og sorte ænder, hvor de optræder som friheds dressur dyr fuldstændig som man ser med heste. Busch Roland har premiere 3. marts i Hanover.

Krenzolas liberty Ducks.

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).


Merano Premiere 2006

Circus Merano in Norway will have their premiere March 3rd. in Fredrikstad. As usual in Norway it is a very early start on the season but not so early as last year where the premiere was in February. Circus Merano reports to circus Scandinavia that there is around 60 cm. of snow in the eastern part of Norway  . The Norwegian circuses are used to bad weather conditions and it will not cause any problems: The program for Merano will be released here Friday 24th.

 In Scandinavian:

 Cirkus Merano I Norge vil have premiere d. 3. marts i Fredrikstad. Som sædvanligt i Norge er det en meget tidlig sæson start men ikke så tidlig som i 2005, hvor der var premiere allerede i februar. Cirkus Merano rapporterer til Cirkus Skandinavia, at der er omkring 60 cm. sne i den østlige del af Norge. De Norske cirkus er vant til dårligt vejr og og det vil ikke give problemer. Programmet for Merano vil blive lagt ud på denne side fredag d. 24 februar.  


February 20th.

Todays link:

                    Marina and Yvo - multi artists and a part of the current circus Kenny performance - you can find the link on the "links to artists" page


Circus Kenny.

Here is the full program for circus Kenny in Odense. Miss Ophlia – low wire, Buby Ernestos clowns, Marina Hoola hoop rings, Bubble Gums inflated clowns (Marina and Yvo), Steven Pedersen performing two sea lions and to penguins. Bubble gum and Marina could be seen in circus Arli in their 2005 summer season.

In Scandinavian:

 Her er det fulde program for circus Kenny I Odense. Miss Ophelia – line dans, Buby Ernestos – Klovne, Bubble Gum (Tyggegummi) oppustelige klovne, Marina hoola hop ringe, Steven Pedersen 2 søløver og 2 pingviner. Bubble Gum og Marina var medvirkende i cirkus Arlis 2005 sommer turne.



The very special comic low wire act – The Thuranos are signed to Circus Roncallis variety show “Apollo”. The show has premiere  March 30th. The Thuranos are special because in this father and son act is daddy over 90 years old a still active on the line. In the same show we find the fast speed juggler Mario Berousek. Mario has been a part of the German circus Krone in many years and was in Scandinavia with his family a few years ago. In the current Apollo show we find Duo Minasov and their quick change act. Duo Minasov performed in Circus Finlandia in the 2005 season and in Benneweis in 2004.


In Scandinavian:


Det meget specielle komiske line danser nummer “The Thuranos” har skrevet kontrakt med Circus Roncallis variete show “Apollo” Showet har premiere 30 marts. Thuranos er specielle med dette far og søn nummer fordi far er over 90 år og stadig aktiv på linen. I det samme show finder vi hurtig jongløren Mario Berousek. Mario har været en del af det Tyske cirkus Krone i mange år og var i Skandinavien med sin familie få år tilbage. I det nuværende Apollo show finder vi Duo Minasov og deres lyn omklædnings nummer. Duo Minasov optrådte i cirkus Finlandia i 2005 og i Benneweis i 2004.




The fantstic comic mono bike duo the Farellos are signed to the 3rd. circus Krone winter program 2006. In 2005 all spectators visiting the Danish circus Benneweis had the opportunity to see those two German artists. The Duo is made of Ralf from pankow in East Berlin and it was the plan that he should be educated to a “civilian” job. Instead Ralf went to be an artist and in 1992 Ralf and Jaci made the comic Duo Farellos. Jaci is from Dresden and educated artist from the artist school in Berlin. The duo is a success and they have won a lot of prices since the beginning. Silver in the “weisbadner circus festival”, A bronze medal in “Cirque de Demaim” in 1996 and a special price in Monarco circus festival in 1999.

Diana Benneweis took the right decision when she engaged Farellos to her circus for the 2005 season because Farellos are original, very funny but first of all they are fantastic well educated artists. Lots of jobs are waiting in the future and from March 1st. until April 2nd. They will perform in the circus Krone winter circus in Munich. From late April Farellos are signed to wintergarten variety in Berlin ending 30th. july. From October 29th. they can be seen in Friedrichsbau varity show in Stuttgart ending January 27th 2007.

In Scandinavian:

Den fantastiske ethjuls cykel duo “The Farellos” har skrevet kontrakt for 3. forestilling til cirkus Krones program 2006 i Tyskland. I 2005 havde alle tilskuere der besøgte det Danske cirkus Benneweis muligheden for at se disse 2 Tyske artister. Duoen er lavet a Ralf fra Pankow i øst Berlin men det var egentlig planen at Ralf skulle have været uddannet til et ”Civilt” job. I stedet blev Ralf artist og i 1992 lavede Ralf og Jaci den komiske duo ”The Farellos”. Jaci er fra Dresden og uddannet fra artist skolen i Berlin. Duoen er en succes og de har vundet mange priser siden begyndelsen. Sølv i ”Weisbadner circus festival”, Bronze medalje i ”Cirque de Demain” i 1996 og special prisen i Monarco cirkus festival 1999.

 Diana Benneweis lavede den rigtige beslutning da hun engagerede Farellos for sæsonen 2005, fordi Farellos er originale, fantastisk morsomme men først og fremmest er de fantastiske veluddannede artister. Mange jobs venter i fremtiden og fra 1. marts til 2 april optræder de i cirkus Krones vinter cirkus i München. Fra sidst i april til 30. juli har Farellos kontrakt med ”Wintergarten varite” i Berlin og fra 29. oktober til 27. januar 2007 kan de ses i ”Friedricsbau varite show” i Stuttgart.

February 19th.

News in Scandinavian.

Lots of people has asked circus Scandinavia to write in Danish language. This is because most people here can understand Danish and a few can’t read English. Circus Scandinavia will of cause not change the language from English because it is our opinion that English reaches most people in the world. But as a service we will now translate the news page from English to Danish. The Danish language will be written under the English text. Other pages will at the moment not be translated to Danish but we will consider doing it in the future.


In Scandinavian:


Mange mennesker har spurgt circus Scandinavia om det var muligt at skrive på Dansk. Dette selvfølgelig fordi, at de fleste mennesker her kan forstå Dansk og en del ikke forstår Engelsk. Circus Scandinavia vil selvfølgelig ikke ændre sprog fra Engelsk til Dansk. Men som en service vil vi oversætte de fleste nyheder fra Engelsk til Dansk. Den Danske tekst vil blive skrevet under den Engelske. Andre sider vil ikke umiddelbart blive oversat til Dansk men vi overvejer at gøre dette i fremtiden.  


Ingo Steibner

2006/07 will be a busy year for the sea lion trainer Ingo Steibner. This summer he will be in Summerland south in Denmark. From October 22nd. He will be a part of Cirque d´Hiver in the circus building in Paris. From March 2007 he will return to Denmark and be a part of the Circus Arena performance.  

In Scandinavian:

2006/07 bliver et travlt år for sø løve træneren - Ingo Steibner. I den kommende sommer vil han optræde i Sommerland syd i Danmark. Fra 22 October vil Ingo optræde i Cirque d`Hiver i Paris. Fra Marts 2007 vil han retunere til Danmark og vil være en del af cirkus Arenas sommer sæson.


Accident in circus Oz.

Circus Oz in USA has been forced to cancel two shows. The reason is that one of it’s performers was injured doing his cannonball stunt. The artist was fired out of the cannon but missed safety matt. The artist is hospitalized but in stabile condition.


In Scandinavian:

 Cirkus Oz har været nødsaget til at aflyse 2 forestillinger. Grunden er at artist blev kvæstet under et kanon konge nummer.  Artisten blev skudt ud af kanonen med fejlede og ramte ved siden af sikkerheds nettet. Artisten ligger på hospitalet men er  uden for livsfare.



The Italian star clown Fumagalli and his brother Darix will after the sason in the Danish circus Benneweis perform in the new production from Cirque D´Hiver in Paris. Also in Cirque d´Hiver is the Chinese acrobats Yingling as we could see in the Danish circus Dannebrog in 2004.

In Scandinavian:

Den italienske stjerne klovn - Fumagalli og hans bror Darix vil efter sæsonen i Cirkus Benneweis optræde i den nye produktion fra Cirque d´Hiver i Paris. De kinisiske akrobater "YingLing" er også engagerede til Paris. YingLing optrådte i cirkus Dannebrog i 2004.


Info: Burgus circus Farnce



Todays new links:

                             Artists links:  Ville Walo - Juggler from Finland,

                                   Circus links: Merz und Pilini circus variete - Germany, Billy Smarts circus - England,



February 18th.

Circus Krone in Germany.

Circus Krone in Germany has released the dates for their summer tour until start of July. Krone starts in Munich April 6th. and stays there to April 18th. About Krone should go near the Danish border and give the Scandinavians an opportunity to see the biggest circus in Europe is at the moment unknown. But what is sure is that Krone goes to Luxemburg from June 7th. Last released date until now is from June 28th until  July 4th. Where Krone performs in Krefeld. Krefeld is placed a little south of Essen. So lets all hope that the route goes north from this date


New links today:

                           Artist links:  Clarrisons hot dogs, Pat Cashin - Clown, Oliver Groszer - Juggler, Andrey Jigalov - clown



February 17th.

No artist performances in Tivoli.

For the second year in a row, Tivoli garden announces that there will be no artist performances on the open air stage in 2006. As last year they will continue performing fairytales with enormous dolls. For us, there is used to combine a visit in Tivoli with a world class performance is very disappointed. Instead there will be artists included in the Tivoli Garden variety show. Last year it was the extremely skill full German juggler- Oliver Grozer, the Italian contorion artist and the Ukrainian clown Kotini junior. The artists this year is not decided yet.



Todays new links on the frinds page is:

 Circus Journal,  Roncalli fanpage and  Friedrichsdorfer circus-archiv

They are all German web pages.


Herman Renz

Circus Herman Renz in Holland will call the performance this year for “Il Circo Classico” The names of the artists are not released yet but Herman Renz promise that it will be traditional circus with lots of animals and fantastic artists. Premiere for Herman Renz is March 24th.  



New Flic Flac DVD.

The Fantastic German circus Flic-Flac has released a new DVD. As the old one “Unzensiert” it includes the full performance. Running time is 130 min with a 100 min performance. The rest is behind the scenes material. Circus Flic Flac is a very different circus in a very high quality. There is no animal in Flic Flac and the performance is not exactly for kids. Flic Flac can be compared to Cirque du Soleil with light equipment, including lazar far more developed than we are used to see. The circus band and sound is rock music in a very higlevel. The new DVD is titled “New art” – more than 2 hours of entertainment can be bought through the circus Flic Flac home page – a direct link can be found on the link page.


February 16th.

Lots of new links are added:

On the artist page it is:

 Clown Saly, Michaels Football dogs.  Eugene Maranogli - Multi artist, Caplin Andrey Vladimirovich Equilibrist, Andreas Martines - Juggler.

 On Circus friends page it is:

 Burgus circus, Circus  World,



February 15th.


International Circus Festival’s Programme




If you are under 21 and wish to join the 8th edition of our Festival send us an e-mail or a fax, with your name, age, a small description of your act, a video and some pictures. We will contact you as soon as possible!

If instead you wish to see the shows book your tickets at our secretary office



If you want to be a part of the festival - please read the text above


The International Circus Festival “City of Latina” is an emerging Festival dedicated to young artists but, thanks to a recent accord with the Ministry, we obtain an increase in the age limit only for porteurs or “strength men” of a troupe that could be more than 21. The Festival is an International event recognized by the President of the Italian Republic, by the Italian Prime Minister and by the President of the Italian Circus Authority (ENC) .

One gold medal, two silver medals, three bronze medals and some special prizes decided by the organization and the International jury will be finally given.  Special Prizes will be given on Sunday evening while the old, silver and bronze medals on Monday evening.

About 30 acts  will be presented and they will be divided in two groups : A and B shows.

This  is the programme:


Sunday        15th          Arrival artists in Italy and assembly tools



Monday        16th         Arrival artists in Italy and assembly tools and rehearsals



Tuesday     17th           Arrival artists in Italy and assembly tools and rehearsals



Wednesday 18th                            Rehearsals



Thursday   19th               9.00 a.m. selection show A    (general rehearsals with public)

                                       3.00 p.m.  rehearsals

                                      9.00 p.m.  selection show B    (general rehearsals with public)



Friday        20th          9.00 a.m. selection show  B    (general rehearsals with public)  

                                       3.00 p.m.  rehearsals

                                       9.00 p.m.   selection show  A   (general rehearsals with public)



Saturday       21st       4.30 p.m   selection show A      (with  Jury)
                                 9.00 p.m.  selection show B      (with Jury)



Sunday          22nd         3.30 p.m. selection show B      (with Jury)


              7.00 p.m. selection show  A     (with Jury)


Monday         23rd         8.30 p.m. Final show and prize-giving



Tuesday        24th          Departure from Italy











Article 1: Definition


The International Circus Festival “City of  Latina”  is a traditional International Circus Festival that aims to bring the circensian arts back to the attention of the pubblic.

                                                                                                                     Article 2: Organization


“Giulio Montico” Cultural Association, placed in Latina, Via Acque Alte km. 0,500, 04100 Borgo Piave, organizes and produces the above mentioned international event.



Article 3: Festival structure


The Festival is structured as a competition. The competition is open to not older than 21years old artists while porteurs could have an adeguate age to the type of performance they propose. Porteurs are not therefore subjected to the limitation of age.  

An international Jury will proclaim the winners at the end of five days of performances and competitions.


About 20 exhibitions, divided in two different shows each day, are going to participate. During the shows,  a Jury will select the winners.



Article 4: Participation


The participation is reserved to artists under 21 years of age and to porteurs who could have an adeguate age to the performances and, so, even older than 21 years of age, that practice one of the following activities:

acrobat, juggler, clown arts, trapeze, equilibrist, contortionist, monocycle, magic and others that can be learned in the circus.

                                                                                                                  Article 5: How to participate


The candidate, who wants to participate to the selection, must send an e-mail to the following address: info@festivalcircolatina.it. In that e-mail, the candidate has to declare his will to participate in the festival. This intention has to be perfected by sending to the site www.festivalcircolatina.it, before and not later than the 30th of September of every year, the participation form completely filled in. The form should be downloaded from the above mentioned internet site. The lack of any of the above mentioned requested  informations, could provoke the exclusion from the selection.



Article 6 : How to fill in the participation form


The participation form has to be completed and signed by the candidate artist for the selection. If the form isn’t sent, or if it isn’t completely filled in, the candidate will be excluded from the selection.

Particular attention has to be given to the following information and to the necessary material  to make an impartial selection :


a) A brief description of the exhibition proposed and the number of persons that will take part in it.

b) The material necessary for the presentation.

c) A video of the exhibition (in any format) and high quality pictures of the performance.

d) An artistic curriculum, or other elements that allows us to  know the artist better.



Article 7 : Convocation of the selected artists


The selected artists will be invited to participate at the International Circus Festival “City of Latina”  according to the criteria that “Giulio Montico” Cultural Association will send them.


The organization will personally examine the performance of the selected artists before inviting them to the Festival.



Article 8: Jury


The performances in the competition will be judged by a International Jury composed by 7 up to 9 members. The Jury will have a President and will be supported by a secretary with the right to vote.



Article 9: Evaluation Criteria


The Jury will judge the performance assigning a score from 4 to 10, according to the following parameters :


a) Originality of the performance;

b) Choreography;

c) Performance technique;

d) Difficulty level.


The decisions of the Jury are inappellable, therefore the artists have to accept, without contesting, the final decisions.



Article 10:  Prizes


The winners will be proclaimed by the President of the international Jury, during a night of gala.

On the basis of the score obtained, the following prizes will be assigned without distinction among the specialties and considerating  the parameters of  article 9:


a) A gold medal (Latina  gold);

b) Two silver medals (Latina silver);

c) Three bronze medals (Latina bronze).


Other special prizes could be assigned with an unquestionable judgement of the Jury. A diploma and a medal of participation will be delivered to all the participants.



Article 11: Artistic and choreographic management


The Festival will be managed from an Artistic Director and from a Producer. The artists will have to follow their directives and always be available to perform if it’s necessary. If the artist/s  will not respect the timetable, his/their act could be excluded from the show.


                                                                                                              Article 12: Television shots


The artists in competition can’t ask for copyrights for the possible television shows.


The concurrents could receive a copy of the video of their presentation by making a request at the moment of the invitation.



Article 13: Material


Every artist has to bring with him the material that he/she needs for the presentation of his/her exhibition. The organization will provide tables, chairs and sound effects material.

If the artist needs, for qualitative reasons, a sonorous basis different from the one in the video, the organization can propose some alternatives.



Article 14: Board and Lodging


The organization, only for the artists in competition and throughout the Festival, guarantees the quartering, breakfast, lunch and dinner into fixed structures.



Article 15: Indemnity cost


The artists invited will be repaid for the whole trip.


                                                                                                                   Article 16: Cohabitation rules


The artists have to consider and respect the laws in force and the civil rules of cohabitation; the punishment will consist in leaving Italy.


Any kind of behaviour that could offend a common sense of decency is prohibited. The artists have to be always available to give interviews and take pictures. Any intentional damage found in the structures at disposition of the artists will be charged to them. In case of obvious ill-treatment of animals useful for the exhibition, the artists will be sent away and reported to the competent authority.


The artist has to respect the daily schedules planned from the Producer, the Artistic Director and the Responsible of the Organization. The daily schedules will be posted up in the Festival show-case at the end of the night show.


                                                                                                                  Article 17: Responsibility


“Giulio Montico” Cultural Association declines every responsibility for accidents occurred to the artist for own lack of skill, during all the permanence period, and for damage and loss of their own material.


When the artist arrives to Latina, he/she has to underwrite a declaration, in which he/she accepts the Festival rules and relieves the organization from any responsibility.


The artists are invited to be provided with a personal insuran

                                                                                                                             The President

                                                                                                                              Giulio Montico





Circus Kenny.

Performing times for circus Kenny in Odense.


Monday 20th. 1 and 5 PM.

21st. 1 and 4 PM.

22nd. 1 and 4 PM.

23 rd. 1 and 5 PM.

24 th.11 AM and 1 and 5 PM.

25th. 11 AM and again at 1 PM.


Circus Kenny will perform the Bubi Ernestos family and the Danish sea lion trainer Steven Pedersen. You find the rosengard center. (Rosengårds centeret).  



5220 Odense SØ.





Kim Kenneth

The Danish top illusionist Kim Kenneth won in January a price in”Festival International du Cirque de Namur” At the moment Kim Kenneth is home on a short holliday. In this period Kim Kenneth will perform on the family show “Hokus Pokus” in Horsens. His partner and Girl friend Jessica will in this period perform in the Danish circus Krone on the Gellerup stage (Gellerup scenen). Kim and Jessica will in the early spring leave Denmark and perform in “Blackpool tower circus” in England. Here will Kim perform in a special magic show and Jessica will of cause perform as Kims assistant but also perform with her very dangerous ladder and knife balance act.  




February 14th.


Monthly magazine opdated with review and pictures from Circus Arena winter quarter - here


February 12th.

Vicky and Hans Pedersen.

The Danish couple – Vicky and Hans Pedersen will be on tour with Circus Medrano De Raoul Gibault in 2006. Vicky And Hans Pedersen performs sea lions and penguins very similar to his brother Steven Pedersen as we can see in Denmark these days. Steven performs in Slagelse shopping mall and from February 20th. in circus Kenny in Odense.    



Circus Arena winter.

Yesterday circus Arena opened their doors for the public. Lots of people and well known faces from the circus world was their. They all witness a very well considered day in the winter home of circus Arena. Addie Jepsen showed how to train the sea lions and Susanne Berdino gave the audience knowledge in how to train and treat circus horses. A fantastic circus model exhibition with trucks and cars from lots of different circuses. Most of the models were handmade in the scale 1:22. A huge playground for the kids and even a merry go round. Pony riding and lots of well treated animals can be seen. René Irek, the man behind the ornaments and art on the trucks, was active in the workshop and showed the audience how much work there is behind every truck in Circus Arena. It was possible to buy coffee, beers, soft drinks and something to eat.


Lots of entertainment in Arena these days.



February 11th.

Circus Kenny.

The Danish winter circus Kenny produced by the Danish circus Dannebrog is ready with their winter program 2006. The Italian entrée clowns “Bubi Ernestos” and his family will be there. Bubi Ernestos clowns was a part of Circus Dannebrog in the 2005 summer season. Steven Pedersen with his sea lions will also be a part of Circus Kenny 2006. It is absolutely not the first time that the Danish Steven Pedersen is here in Scandinavia- in 1993 they performed in the Norwgian circus Merano. In 1994 in the Danish circus Arena and back in Merano in 1997. In 2003 and 2005 Steven and Angela Pedersen performed in the Danish circus Benneweis

February 8th.

Circus Olympia

The Swedish circus Olympia has released their program 2006. Jessica Bengtsson with a brand new horse act including 6 Shetland ponies. Malevolti – Spring board act – a 7 man troupe. Peris – roller-skate act from England. Henrika Bengtsson with dogs. Herbert Bengtsson with camels. The Danish pick pocket and illusion artist Kenny Quinn. The Italian clown Teddy. Natascha Jarz and Niklas Bengtsson presents their goats (a new act from 2005). Olga Guseva – air acrobat. As usual there is a very well playing 9 man circus band.

Premiere for circus Olympia is April 8th. at 3 PM. In Oskarstrom





Circus Skratt.

Circus Scandinavia has received the program from the Swedish circus Skratt 2006. Mr. Chap is back – last time in Skratt was in 2004. Mr. Chap is a very funny reprise clown with a fantastic expression and a very nice mimic. Gorbacheva Hulla Hoop and Airiel Act. Also seen in Skratt in 2004. Troupe Del Arte Juggling and Rola Rola. Yurie & Leon Clowns also a part of Skratt in 2004 and in Agora (Norway 2003). Tim Delsbosq presents 12 Arab horses from circus Arena. I wire act is planned but I do not have the name but my guess could be Karin Kjelgaard from Sweden

Gorbacheva  in circus Skratt 2004

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).




Model circus cars.

For the collectors and model builders there are great news. Because the German toy factory “Busch” will release 4 new circus model cars in size H0 (1:87) witch is normal model train size. The cars was seen Nuenberg toy fair in Germany last week. The first car is René Strickler wild animal transportation car.  A city coupe car from the German circus Roncalli. A Mercedes Benz Sprinter from the German circus Krone and last a circus Knie (Switzerland) Mercedes Sprinter with The Italian star clown “Fumagalli” printed on the side. The cars should be in the stores very soon.


Info: Bastian (Germany).


February 7th.


Circus Scandinavia is very sad to announce that Gilles from the Antaras died today after an accident in cirque d´ Hiver (Paris) yesterday. All thoughts go to Gills and his family. It was the plan that Antaras should have been in Circus Arena in the 2006 summer season.




February 6th.

Monte Carlo Circus Festival, homage to the traditional circus

An unequalled Circus experience!  A galaxy of the world’s top circus artistes in a glittering Golden Gala performance produced by Her Serene Highness Princess Stephanie in tribute to the Festival’s much-loved founder, her father the late Prince Rainier III.

And, not surprisingly, standing ovations for each and every one of these outstanding acts.


It’s almost impossible to choose a ‘best’ among a programme which, though wonderful, was over long at 5 hours. Many would say the Festival’s crowning glory was the wonderful equine presentation of Alexis Gruss. But also at the forefront was the sight of clowns Jigalov and David Larible working together!


As always, the Festival was a world meeting place for circus Directors, an exuberant round of reunions.  And that includes the many artistes, trainers, writers, circus friends, managers, publicists and others, whose colourful presence combine to make this the world’s greatest circus social event. More formally, there was the European Circus Association Symposium, members’ meeting, and Round Table discussions.  And the 2nd Circus Trades Exhibition, including tentmakers, printers, equipment engineers, and souvenir companies.


ECA SYMPOSIUM -- ideas and issues for Directors

Five main points were under discussion at this year’s ECA Symposium, all issues being dealt with by the European Commission. Those topics were: education, animal welfare, Visas and Work Permits, the place of Circus as Culture, and siting of shows, all subjects aired in recent EU resolutions.  Each of those subjects inspired vigorous discussion.  Especially interesting was the talk by Joan Galvin, of America’s Feld Organisation, with her news and suggestions to help keep wild animals in circuses. Joan dealt with PR and the promotion of our good husbandry -- a hugely significant subject within the circus world.


ECA Members’ meeting

As announced beforehand, ECA founding President Martin Hanson spoke to confirm his retirement from that post. The meeting gave him a well-deserved standing ovation for his enormous commitment and unique energy, qualities which Martin has used to good advantage to put the ECA on the European map.  Martin Hanson received a special Award in thanks for his services, and has agreed to continue to serve the Association, but now as Ambassador.



(picture: Martin Hanson (left) received the ECA award from Arie Oudenes)


Urs Pilz was elected by unanimous vote as the new President, and Carl-Gustav Jernström as Treasurer. The governing Board was expanded to include Suzanne Herman Mata, Carol Gandey, and Ton Rennings.  Further decisions were also taken regarding the promotion of the ECA and its further progress.  And members heard with delight that the ECA’s Brussels representative is now an official Lobbyist to the European Parliament.


Circus Business Exhibition

The second Circus Business Exhibition was held as part of the ECA Symposium, and all the businesses taking part said they were pleased at the level of attention they’d received from the circus world. Princess Stephanie’s personal visit, quick though it had to be, was especially appreciated. The Fairmont Hotel is an ideal venue for an exhibition of this sort, since so many circus Directors and Managers stay and meet there for the Festival.  All the exhibitors said they’d like to take places next year, and others are asking to join in too.



(picture: Princess visiting the CBE exhibitors)



News from the world.

Here is a little news from outside Europe. Circus in New Zealand is for sale. It is the Whirling brother circus and the only touring circus in New Zealand.  Tony Radcliffe  has owned the circus for 40 years, and travelled all around the world with the animals. He says he has a special bond with the animals, most particularly with Jumbo. (African elephant)

However animal rights activists disagree, saying the performing animals are poorly treated.

The travelling circus has attracted controversy for decades, but 60-year-old Radcliffe says it is his ill health which is forcing him to give up the hard work.

It is a unique set-up which doesn't come cheap. Radcliffe is looking for close to one million dollars for the entire circus.



February 3rd.

Circus Nock.

Circus Nock in Switzerland has released their tour start. Nock will begin their season March 11th. Premiere will be in Frick at 8 PM. For the artist program please visit circus Nock website.



Laszlo and Olga Simets.

The daring high wire couple Laszlo and Olga Simets are on the moment on tour with Moscow circus in South Africa. This act is extremely thrilling and it seems that this couple has specialized in very dangerous acts. When they worked in Tivoli garden in Copenhagen (2001) it wasn’t enough to perform their wheel of death act on the stage. No the wheel was placed on the roof of the open air stage and increased the danger. Their high wire act was very nice and was also performed in Tivoli Garden, including stilt working and a lot of other thrilling stunts. The Simets has been in Scandinavia several times. In the Swedish circus Maximum   (1991) and in Circus Benneweis – 1999 where they performed both acts. In Tivoli Garden 2001 where they performed 3 different acts – High wire on motor bike, Wheel of death and High wire. Gronne Lund in Sweden in 2000



New tent for Dannebrog.

Circus Dannebrog in Denmark will start their 2006 summer tour in a new tent. The colours will not be changed (red and white) but the size will go up from 34 meters to a 36 m. tent.



Monthly circus News magazine opdated with the webmasters words - here


Roby Berouzek.

The fantastic juggler and balance artist Robert Berouzek are signed to the French circus Arlette Gruss for the 2006 summer tour. Robert is the brother to the extremely fast juggler Mario Berousek there have been a part of the German circus Krone in several years. The two brothers worked together many years ago under the name “The Freddies” Robert were in Scandinavia last time in 2003 where he was a part of the Norwegian –Circus Agora. Here he performed two acts – a ladder balance and a juggling act.   



February 1st.

Monthly circus Magazine is back.

After a few months without our monthly internet circus Magazine, it is now back. This magazine is absolutely free of any charge at all and you can freely read so much as you like. The internet magazine will frequently be opdated.  Here