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January 29th.

Circus Charlie gave a way 450 tickets.

The small Danish circus Charlie gave a way 450 tickets for their comming performance May 3rd. 2005 in Charlottenlund - North of Copenhagen. The tickets was sold on Action and the 450 tickets was bought for 43000 Danish kroner (5000 Euro). The winner of the 450 tickets was TOKI finance. The Money for the action goes to the victims in Asia.

Circus Charlie - here in Charlottenlund 2004

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).


Fire in Circus Benneweis winter quarter.

A minor fire broke out in circus Benneweis winter quarter north of Copenhagen yesterday. Nobody was hurt and only a house and one of the trucks was destroyed.


January 28th.



The German mixed animal trainer Krenzola jr. will be a part of the circus Finlandia 2005 production. Last season he was a part of the Danish circus Arena performance where he performed two very original acts. His act with trained ducks running around as it was liberty horses was just charming. His second act with 80 mixed animals in the ring in one time was a very positive experience as well. As we wrote before here on circus Scandinavia Duo Minnasov, duo Passion and Don Christian will be in the performance too.


Krenzola outside circus Arena (Aarhus 2004)

Photo by circus Scandinavia 2004 (c).

Krenzolas Trained white Ducks In circus Arena 2004 (Copenhagen)

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).



 The rest of the program for circus Finlandia is:

TROUPE SHENG YAN with 3 different acrobatic acts.

Enrique Romero – a Very entertaining and funny rola Rola artist. Seen in 1992 and 1990 performing for circus Benneweis.

From the Circus Finlandia family there is the very nice and experienced juggler Carl Jernstrom jr.

Sebastian – ventriloquist.

It seems that, there will be no traditional clown act or horses in this 2005 production but maybe there is enough animals anyway, with Krenzolas Noah’s ark?



January 27th.

Monthly magazine opdated with "Circus Photo magazine" review


Direct link here


January 25th.

The Jasters

The fantastic crossbow act – The Jasters will be in Circus Arnardo in Norway for the comming summer tour. It is the second time they are working in Arnardo, last time in the 1999 summer season. The Jasters has been working in the great Italian circus Moira Orfei in the past years with a single break in The German circus Krone for their winter performance. The Norwegian people can look forward to a fantastic thrilling act build up in a very modern atmosphere.

The Jasters in Moira Orfei 2004

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C) 2004



January 20th.

Guidi brothers

The Italian Guidi brothers seen in Norway in Circus Merano for the 2004 season will perform in the German circus Flic – Flac for the 2005 season. The brothers perform with an Icarian game act in a very high quality. See the review from circus Flic – Flac and Merano on the review page – here

In Scandinavian:

De Italienske Guidi brødre, sidst set i Norge i cirkus Merano i 2004, vil optræde i det Tyske Cirkus Flic- Flac i sæsonen 2005. Brødrene optræder med et Ikariske-lege nummer (Jonglerer med hinanden) i en meget høj kvalitet. Se andmeldelser af forestillinger fra Flic - Flac og Merano på andmelder siden - direkte link her

Info: Italian circus Fans

Guidi Brothers

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C). 2004



January 19th.

Circus Olympia program

2005 program from circus Olympia (Sweden). Primiere Saturday April 9th. At 3 o’clock in Oskarstrom

Circus Olympias horses – Sweden

Circus Olympias camels – Sweden

Jessica Bengtsson – Dogs – Sweden

Yakobov – Perch and starpat – Kazakhstan.

Yotzo – Clown - Hungary

Kathy Fargas – Juggler – Hungary.

Fatime – Acrobat – Hungary.

Mr. Jumping – Trampoline – Bulgaria


January 16th.

Two pairs of twins

2 pairs of Chinese twins married to each other will be a part of the new circus Baldoni 2005 production in Denmark. The two pairs –Gao Ding – Gao Ning – Chun Kum and Chum ping will perform traditional Chinese circus art as plate juggling and lion dance. The troupe was last year with the Chinese state circus on tour in England and a part of Cirque du Soleil a few years ago. They have a place in Guiness book of records for the longest head balance seen in the world. Olga Kuseva is another act signed to Circus Baldoni for this season. Last year she was performing her vertical rope act in circus Charlie - Denmark .


January 15th.

Monthly Magazine opdated with circus Billy Smart video from London - November 16th.



Circus Bronett

It is the plan to have world premiere for the Swedish circus Bronett in August 2005. Circus Bronett is owned by Henry Bronett from the famous Swedish circus Scott family. It was the plan that circus Bronett should have been on the road in 2004 but different difficulties occurred and the 2004 tour was candled. The world primiere for this new circus will be in Malmo in the south of Sweden and they will visit 50 towns in Sweden

In Scandinavian:

Det er planen at det Svenske cirkus Bronett at få deres verdens præmiere i august 2005. Cirkus Bronett er ejet af Henry Bronett fra den berømte Svenske cirkus Scott familie. Det var planen at Cirkus Bronett skulle have været på tourne allerede i 2004 men forskellige problemer og turen blev aflyst. Verdens præmieren for dette nye cirkus vil blive i malmø i det sydlige Sverige og de vil besøge 50 byer over hele landet.


January 14th.

Clown André

The reprise clown – André - as we could se in the Swedish circus Scott in 2003 and in Allette Gruss (France) in 2004 are signed for Circus Nock in Schweitzer land for the 2005 summer tour

In Scandinavian:

Reprise klovnen Andre som vi kunne se i det Svenske cirkus Scott i 2003 og i det Franske Arlette Gruss i 2004 har skrevet kontrakt med det Sweisiske cirkus Nock for 2005 sæsonen

The Webmaster and André in Scott 2003

Picture by circus Scandinavia 2003 (C).



Circus Finlandia

Signed for circus Finlandia in 2005 are the fantastic reprise clown Don Christian. Don Christian has been working in 3 seasons for circus Merano in Norway but now it is Finlandia for the coming summer season. Also signed is Duo Minasov with a very nice quick change act. Duo Minasov was last season in Circus Benneweis in Denmark. Victor Minasov – one half of duo Minasov - will also do his comic balloon act. One more act is Duo passion in an act called Aerial romance – seen in the 2002 season in Circus Benneweis.

                                     Victor Minasov                      Benneweis 2004                                               Duo Minasov    


                    Pictures by Circus Scandinavia (C). 2004                                  

Don Christian in Merano 2004

Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C)




Complete artist list from Monte Carlo 2005

Zapaschnaya - Musical clowns

Toto Chabri & Co – Comic ballet act

Troupe Marx 

 King Charles Troupe

Khailafov - Perch

Martyn & Alain Chabri - Musical transformation act,

Les Rodion - Russian barre 

Los Gaspars - Rola Rola

Stolyarov Family - Clowns


Troupe Marx


Mister Dalmatin - Dogs and ponnies

Suzan Lacey - Tigers

Carlos Savadra -  Liberty horses

Carlos Savadra


Ignatov grande troupe - Horse back riding


Wendell Huber - African Elephants

Andrey Koltsov


Ingo Stiebner - Sea Lions

Troupe acrobatique de Guangzhou - Contorian


Furia - Solo trapeze

Duo Mak - areial act.

Laura Miller

Troupe acrobatique de Guangzhou Diablo






January 12th.

Bubi Ernesto´s

The very famous traditional clowns BuBi Ernestos will be a part of the Danish Circus Dannebrog in the coming summer tour 2005. Bubi Ernestos are traditional musical clowns – just as we like those old fashion entrees.


Info by Italian circus fans


January 11th.

Mr. Dalmatine

The very charming dog and pony act, performed by mr. Dalmatine will be a part of Monte Carlo Circus festival 2005. Also in the festival is Toto Chabry and co. They will perform their clown ballerina act.

Mr. Dalmatine in Circus Benneweis 2004

Picture by circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).


Ingo Steibner.

Ingo Steibner and his very charming sealions will take part in the Monte Carlo circus Festival 2005. Last year the Norwegian people could see Ingo and his animals in circus Merano. Ingo will be back in Scvandinavia for the 2007 season where he will perform in circus Arena – Denmark.

Ingos sea lions are taking a nap before the performance in circus Merano 2004

Photo by circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).


January 9th.

Kenny Quinn

The Danish gentleman thief is at the moment with circus Sarrasani in Germany. Together with Kenny are the reprise clown - Mr. Chap as we could see in circus Skartt (Sweden) in 2004 and the fantastic juggler Karl Ramwell , seen in Scandinavia in Circus Arena in the 2003 season.


January 8th.

Almost 1 million visitors

950 thousand visitors were reading circus Scandinavia’s pages in 2004. All those people were reading almost 6 million pages. That means that every visitor is reading around 6 pages every time they are locked in on the pages.


January 7th.


Circus Fligenpilz.

The very special German circus Fligenpilz is at the moment in their winter quarter and planning the new season. There will be a lot of new acts in the performance and the Scandinavian people can look forward to this performance because Fligenpilz will go north this year and will be in Schleswig-Holstein in the spring and tour near the Danish border.





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January 2nd.

Mr. Dalmatin

Mr. Dalmatin seen in Benneweis in 2004 will be a part of the circus Knie performance in 2005. Mr. Dalmatin has been in Scandinavia for a few years with his wonderful dogs and ponies (Maximum and Arnardo). Premiere March 18th. In Rappersville..



Mr. Dalmatin

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C) 2004