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Improving animal welfare: EU Action Plan adopted

Concrete measures to improve the protection and welfare of animals over the next five years are outlined in a new Action Plan on the protection and welfare of animals, adopted by the Commission today. The Action Plan aims to ensure that animal welfare is addressed in the most effective manner possible over the coming years, in all EU sectors and through EU relations with Third countries. For the period 2006-2010, five main areas of action are set out to meet this objective: upgrading minimum standards for animal welfare; promoting research and alternative approaches to animal testing; introducing standardised animal welfare indicators; better informing animal handlers and the general public on animal welfare issues; and supporting international initiatives for the protection of animals. Detailed background on each area of action is outlined in the Action Plan, in the accompanying impact assessment and Commission working document, along with an indicative timetable for the planned initiatives.

Markos Kyprianou, Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection, said “The protection and welfare of animals is crucial, not least for ethical and moral reasons but also to ensure animal health and the quality of food. The Commission has drawn on detailed feedback from consumers, stakeholders, scientists and international organisations in developing this Action Plan, and over the next 5 years we intend to add to and upgrade existing animal welfare rules, so that EU standards remain amongst the highest in the world.”

The Action Plan, which was called for by the European Parliament and the Council, aims to clarify existing EU legislation on animal welfare, while putting forward proposals for areas where sufficient action is currently lacking. It also aims to ensure that full regard is paid to animal welfare in related policy fields such as agriculture, environmental policies, research and chemicals’ testing, in line with the Protocol on Protection and Welfare of Animals annexed to the EU Treaty. Future animal welfare policies will continue to be founded on the best available scientific advice, taking into account public expectations, socio-economic consequences and trade concerns. A Eurobarometer opinion poll (see IP/05/698) and an internet consultation by the Commission have revealed widespread public support for EU action on animal welfare.

Raising standards

The Action Plan proposes that current minimum standards for animal welfare be upgraded across the EU, in line with latest scientific information and public demand. It suggests expanding these minimum standards to include species currently not covered by EU provisions. Rules should also be designed to ensure proper application and enforcement of these standards.


Seeking new solutions

Well-targeted research is crucial for the development of effective policies to ensure the protection and welfare of animals, and the Action Plan advocates continued EU support for research projects in this field, with investigation into currently identified gaps in research. The possible establishment of a European Centre or Laboratory for animal welfare is proposed, as a potential reference point for the coordination, collection and exchange of information on research and activities related to animal welfare. The Action Plan pays great attention to the “3Rs” principle (replacement, reduction and refinement of the use of animals in experiments) which the EU is applying to animal testing, and states that further research and support should be ensured to foster this principle.

Classifying standards

The Action Plan foresees a classification system for animal welfare practices, to differentiate between minimum standards applied and cases where even higher standards are used. It foresees setting up standardised indicators whereby production systems which apply higher animal welfare standards than the minimum standards get due recognition. The option of an EU label for animal welfare is put forward, to promote products obtained in line with certain animal welfare standards.

Informing and involving

Animal welfare can only be improved if those in direct contact with the animals are fully aware of the issues and their responsibilities with regard to the proper treatment of animals. For this reason, the Action Plan highlights the importance of training personnel involved in animal handling/keeping, while also proposing common initiatives, such as an Information Platform for Animal Welfare, to facilitate dialogue and the exchange of best practice. Equally important is informing EU consumers on animal welfare issues. By educating citizens on the various farming practices, and the costs and benefits of applying higher animal welfare standards, they will be able to make more informed purchasing decisions. The Action Plan suggests introducing improved marketing, labelling and communication strategies in order to meet this goal.

Promoting animal welfare internationally

The Commission will continue to support and initiate international initiatives to raise the awareness of animal welfare and try to create greater consensus on the issue. It will remain committed to working with international organisations such as the Council of Europe and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) on the health and welfare of animals, while pressing for greater acceptance of animal welfare policies at World Trade Organization (WTO) level. The Action Plan states that the EU should continue to engage and assist developing countries in implementing animal welfare measures, while animal welfare standards should also be integrated into bilateral trade agreements where possible.



January 29th.

Second circus Krone winter program.

Nice program for circus Krone in Germany. Lots of stars in their second winter circus program in Munich. Skating Aratas as we saw in the 2003 program in the Norwegian circus Merano and next year in the Danish circus Arena. The great Italian clown – Fumagalli is back with his brother and ready to amuse the German people. Wendel Huber with his comic dogs and African elephants (Circus Maximum- Sweden 1998 and circus Benneweis – Denmark 2000). Wendel Huber do several different acts but they are all comic acts where it seems that the animals has taken over the whole performance. Volados in a very nice reck entrée. Volados was part of the Norwgian circus Merano in 2003. The band leader is as usual Marcus Jaichner that most Scandinavian circus guest in the, now closed circus Scott should now. Marcus was the man behind circus Scott and their unique sound.


January 28th.


The fantastic Italian super clown – Fumagalli and his brother Darix are contracted to Cirque D´Hiver Bouglione in France from 22nd. October 2006. Before that they can be see in the German circus Krone 2nd. Winter program from February and then on summer tour with the Danish circus Benneweis. Also contracted to Cirque d´Hiver is Ingo Steibner  - sea lions and Willer Nicolodi with his very nice ventriloquist act will be there as well.



Ingo Steibner.

The fantastic sea lion trainer- Ingo Steibner will perform this summer in the Danish Amusment park ”Sommerland Syd” – Ingo has been performing in Scandinavia in many different circuses – last in the Norwgian circus Merano (2004) and in the Swedish circus Maximum in the 2005 season. Ingo is contracted in the Danish circus Arena for the 2007 summer season.  Also contracted this summer in “sommerland Syd” (summer land south) is Salvini clowns and the jugglers “Rossi brothers” Circus Arenas new horses, bought from Yasmine Smart, will be a part of the circus show as well. The performance is produced by circus Arena.


January 24th.

Jessica Caveagna.

The Italian knife, sword and ladder balance artist Jessica Gaveagna will be a part of the small Danish circus Krone winter performance. Circus Krone will have their show in Gellerup from February 9th. until February 15th.

Jessica in the Danish circus Krone winter program


January 19th.

Time for the circus festival.

Now it is time for the greatest circus festival in the world – Monte Carlo circus festival no 30. Follow updates, pictures and much more on this   Circus Monte Carlo web page - Here




Circus Scandinavia congratulates the fantastic Danish Illusionist Kim Kenneth with his 40 years birthday today.

Kim Kenneth here in the Áustrian circus Althoff- Jacobi 2003

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2003 (C).



January 18th.

Circus Arena winter quarter.

Circus Arena opens their winter quarter for the public February 11th. At 10 am. 2006. There will be open every day until February 19th. after this date it will be possible to visit Arena with reserved arrangements. The program from February 11th – February 19th. Every half hour there will be animal training in the permanent ring. There will be horse training, dogs and parrot show. Arenas dromedaries will show the spectators what they can do. The huge sea lion area will be open and Arenas four sea lions will do their show. Visit the stables to see all the fantastic animals – Zebras, Friser horses, Palminos, 18 stalions including Yasmine Smarts – ( just arrived) horses For the kids there will be ponies to ride and an inflated playground. Lots of trucks and cars to study and much much more. Admission will be 112 Danish kroner. (15 Euro).




Circus Arena in Aarhus.

As last season – Circus Arena will go directly to Jutland after one month in Copenhagen. Last day in Copenhagen will be Monday April 17th. and premiere Wednesday April 19th. In Aarhus. Circus Arena will stay for 8 days in Aarhus. Circus Arena will make 37 performances in Copenhagen and 10 of them are already sold out.  



Television in Benneweis.

Tuesday January 24th. Will TV2 Denmark broadcast the television program “Zulu soccer team” in the Danish circus Benneweis. Zulu Soccer team is a team that absolutely can´t play soccer at all. The goal for the trainers is to teach the team to play and what is more obvious than consult a juggler in a circus.    


January 17th.

Tickets for Monte Carlo.

Because of a cancellation Mr. Andrew Brennan has a ticket for Monte Carlo circus festival 2006 – The ticket is in the Fauteuil Reserve (the good seats) for each of the following shows - Saturday 20th, (programme A), Sunday 22nd, (programme B), Tuesday 24th, (Gala programme). Please contact Andrew on this email if you are interested in the ticket andrewmarkbrennan@yahoo.com



January 16th.

Early start.

There will be a very early start for most of the German circuses in this season. The reason is that they will avoid competing with the World soccer championship. Therefore there will be a break in the middle of the circus season and the tours will continue after tournament

Info Holger Gensel -Germany 


New circus Link - and it is a link for the new Christmass circus owned by Thessa and René Baldoni - take a closer look here



Good news for Scandinavian circus friends.

Nice news for all Scandinavian circus friends, because it seems that at least 2 of the bigger circuses will come close to the Danish border. Circus Busch-Roland will be in the Hamburg area in the spring. The Busch-Roland program is not released yet but Circus Scandinavia will be back with information with details. In the autumn the big circus Krone will be in the north of Germany as well.






The Spanish musical clowns the Rivelinos have been working with Faggioni's Circo Americano in Valencia in Spain for the Christmas, performing the water entree as seen last season with Circus Arena. However their line up has been changed once more, with Sito as principal aguste, brother Ferry returning as white face clown and Ferry's son Fernando in his new role as second aguste. Brother Pedro featured with Sito in the act on Arena, but has been working with his family on Circus Rose Marie Malter in Antwerp over the holidays with his clowning, daughter Christina's new contortion act, and together performing the comedy ragdoll contortion number. Both branches of the family return to Scandinavia for 2006.


 Info Andrew Brennan - Ireland



January 15th.


News from France.

A littele news from the circuses in France. Circus Raoul Gibault Medrano has signed The high speed juggler Juan Pablo Martinez. Juan was a part of the circus Arena 2005 summer season. The Danish couples Hans and Vicky Pedersen are signed with their sea lion act also in Medrano. Hans and Vicky Pedersen was last seen in Scandinavia in 2003 where they performed in the Danish Circus Dannebrog. The acrobat troupe “Yakubov” seen in the Swedish circus Olympia in 2005 are also in France with Medrano.


In Circus Amar we can see Shamarlovski with his very different animal illusion act. Shamarlovski is know for his “living coat” act where the coat suddenly is alive. Shamarlovski could be seen in the Danish circus Benneweis in 2004. The globe of Death riders – Diorios are also a part of the circus Amar performance. Diorios has more than one unit and one of them could be seen in Circus Arena 2005 and circus BonBon in 2004.




New Christmas circus in Denmark.

It is maybe a little late to write about Christmas here in January but the Danish circus Baldoni will go on the road for the Christmas 2006. Outside Scandinavia it is absolutely a tradition with Christmas circuses but here in the North it is more common to make shows indoor. Now Circus Baldoni has decided to produce a real tent performance and the show will be placed in Copenhagen from November 30th. until December 30th. The two tents will be raised on Trianglen in the centre of Copenhagen, the same place that Circus Dannebrog uses in September. Director René Marvin tells that the performance will be with international artists, lots of Christmas trees, light and a lot of Christmas atmosphere.

The poster from Circus Baldoni Christmas circus 2006



January 11th.

Circus Calendar.

The man behind – Circus Photo Magazine Leendert Bedijn offers now a 2006 calendar with beautiful pictures of circuses. There is room for two Scandinavian circuses and the Danish circus Arena has the honour to be the circus for January 2006. The other Scandinavian circus is placed on the March page and it is circus Benneweis. If you are interested in the 2006 calendar please contact Leendert on this email l.bedijn@12move.nl . The cost for the calendar is 15 euro including shipping.


Travelling in the fantasy.

This is the title for the performance in the small Danish circus Charlie 2006. Reengaged from 2005 are Natasha and Natasha with a nice “adagio” act. Riga Skakalki troupe – Skakalki means skipping rope in English. Karina Maskina are back in Charlie (last time 2003) with a handstand act. The clowns Red and blue will chain the acts together. Premiere for Charlie will be March 17th. and they will continue until September 17th.    


January 10th.


German webpage.

After Ralf Holstein in Germany closed his web page, a lot of circus friends in Scandinavia were crying. The reason was that most of us used the page to gain information about German circuses and artists. The page was updated many times a week and it was possible to find almost everything concerning circus. At the moment I´m working hard to rebuild my link pages including a face lift. Therefore I’m looking through everything on the internet to find pages concerning circus and will place them on my link page. Sometimes I find them by myself and other times the link is mailed to me. Today I received a link to a German webpage called -Circus world – This nice page includes a lot of info, not only about German circuses but also other businesses through out Europe. Lots of pictures, artist  profiles and much more. Please take a closer look at Peter Burgers nice page here.     



Circus Photo magazine.

A new issue of the Dutch “Circus Photo magazine” is out now. As usual a very nice product from the editor Leendert Bedijn. Lots of lovely photos and text in English from the European world of circus. In this issue – Volume 9 – there is lots of photos from Circus Mundial in spain, Monelly in Belgium, from Renz Berlin and their Holland tour (was on tour in Denmark in 2004), Humberto in Germany and a lot of other circuses. 36 pages with more than 160 photos. Subscription is 25 Euros for 4 issues. If you are from outside Europe it is 35 Euros. Please contact Mr. Leendert Bedijn if you are interested in this nice magazine on this email address:  l.bedijn@12move.nl


Golden circus festival.

Liana Orfei.

The Golden circus festival in Italy is over. A lot of nice young artists did a fantastic impression and shows us, that there is a lot of artist material in the future. The winners was


1.     Shanghai Circus School – Wire, parterre and Icarian games act.

2.     Duo Tomlys (Canada) – Parterre and trampoline act.

3.     Duo Ogor – Kautchuck and parterre act.


January 9th.

The Jasters.

The fantastic Italian knife and crossbow artists - the Jasters - are signed for circus Knie in Switzerland for the 2006 summer season. The Jasters was on tour with the Norwegian circus Arnardo in 2005. Circus Knie starts their summer tour in Rapperswil March 24th 2006  




Year of the circus in Netherlands


On the 8th of January mr.  Cornielle - commissioner of the queen in the province Gelderland opened the year of the circus.

By piling up cubes in the correct order the logo of the year of the circus arose.

On 1 April in Utrecht the summer season will be opened with a traditional circus parade and circus activities to which also youth circuses cooperate.

 Further there will be travelling circus exhibitions, several museums will have special circus exhibitions and there will appear a special book concerning the circus in the Netherlands. Furthermore a scientific symposium is organised, is circus at issue during the annual day of the Dutch Folk Culture days and in October in‘s Hertogenbosch a festival for new circus will be organised. Concerning these and other activities can read you on the Internet site: www.jaarvanhetcircus.nl





Circuses in France.

If you are interested in all the fantastic French circuses, there is a great opportunity to see what is going on. Because there is an absolutely fantastic web page concerning the circus in France called Burgus Circus. Lots of updates, nice pictures and lots of information concerning the circus business in France. The page is in French only but I know there is a lot of Scandinavians that understand French very well. There for please pay this great side a visit. Here


January 6th.

Pictures from 2005.

Sometimes pictures say more than words. Here are 34 new pictures from the Scandinavian summer circus season 2005.  







Cirque du Soleil.

For those who should be interested to visit Cirque du soleil here in Europe 2006  , please check the tour list below.



              London from January 5th – February 12th. (Royal Albert hall).


              Milan (Italy) from February 23rd. – March 26th.  

              (Located under the Grand       Chapiteau at Milano-Assago Area Forum).


             Rome from April 27th – May 28th.


             Amsterdam from July 14th. – August 20th.

             Next to Amsterdam Arena.


             Brussels from August 31st – September 28th.

             At tour and Taxi.



             Seville from January 19th. February 16th.

             At Charco de la Pava parking.


             Geneva from March 10th – March 26th.


             Valencia from May 4th. – May 28th.

              Av. Corts Valencianas, Explanada Frente Torres Ademuz.


            Berlin from August 31st. – September 17th.

            No location yet.


            Frankfurt from October 19th – November 5th.

            Festplatz am Ratsweg 60386 Frankfurt am Main


After these dates it is the plan that cirque du Soleil will go to Dusseldorf,          Munich and Hamburg. There is no planes in the future, that cirque du Soleil will visit Scandinavia in 2006.



                                                                                               January 5th.



                                                                                     Circus Arena full program 2006

Here is the full circus Arena 2006 program. Circus Arena 2006 summer tour starts in Copenhagen (as usual) from March 17th.  Performances from March 17th until March 21st are sold out. First day for tickets will be March 22nd. This years performance is called - circus under water and Carnival in Venice. The first part of the performance will be a “normal” circus performance and in the second half. the ring will be filled with water.


Les Sandros – Rola Rola –  Fantastic Rola Rola act by the married couple. Seen in Merano – Norway for the first time in Scandinavia in 2004.


The Starlights – Roller skates.


Encho – Equilibrist.


Duet Blues – Reprise clowns.


 BonBon – Reprise clowns. – The Danish clown with his partner Tiina has been in a lot of Scandinavia circuses – Merano in Norway (1990 -1991 and 95-96 including the circus Merano tour to Poland), Circus Benneweis (92,93), Circus Finlandia (1986-1989), Cirkus Maximum (1994). Circus Arena 1999, 2001,02,03,04 and in Europe they have been in the German circus Krone (96,97) and in Ahoy winter circus in 97,98,2004 and 05.


Antares – Space rocket.   Spectacular space rocket air act. Not the first time in Scandinavia because they could be seen in the Danish circus Benneweis in the 1994 season and the year after they performed in circus Merano in Norway. At the moment Antaras performs in the circus building in Paris (Cirque d´Hiver).


Laura Miller - Air ring. Very special act from this young London girl. Lauras act is very modern in style, sound and includes the four elements – water, earth, fire and air. Laura could be seen in television December 26th. Were she was a part of the German circus program “Stars in der Manege. (Stars in the ring)


René and Alexia Caselly with their African elephants are in Arena on their second year in row. They have been in Arena before  92,93 and 97. For the 2004 season the Caselly family performed in the Swedish circus Skratt.


Marylou – Contorion  act. Mary Lou is the daughter of René and Alexia Caselly and performed this very nice act in circus Skratt in the 2004 performance. Last season she performed on horse with the Berdino family in a high school act. MaryLous contorion act is in a very high level and is called the little Mermaid.


Duo Cardinalli – Sea lions. This Portuguese family with a sea lion act in a very high level. They have been in Scandinavia before in 1996,99 and on a short visit in Norway with the Spanish historic circus –Raluy (2003).


George Cardinalli – Ladder balance.


Troupe Kuskov – Icarian games on motor bike.


Peter Valence – Illusionist.


Suzanne and Carsten Berdino – Horses and Drommedaries. From Arenas own stables comes a brand new gypsy act performed on Friser horses. Those horses and dromedaries were in circus Skratt (Sweden) in the 2005 season. Arenas 12 Arabian stallions will this year be in circus Skratt and will be performed by Tim Delsboq.


                                                                                             January 4th.


Arlette Gruss.

Circus Scandinavia is very sad to announce that circus Director Arlette Gruss died Monday – January 2nd. Arlette was born into a circus family and was specialized into animal traning – especially Panters. Later she got her own circus and was very well respected in France and through out Europe. Alette Gruss became 75 years.


Great success

Great success for circus Africa Africa in Germany. All performances until February 4th. is complete sold out. Until now they have sold 120 thousands tickets and at the moment there is sold 20 thousand tickets for the show in Hamburg. At the moment they are selling tickets for planed extra shows


 Info : Holger Gensel - Germany


European circus tour in China.

Because of different problems the European circus tour in China is delayed 2 weeks. Instead of a premiere January 15th. The premiere will be February 3rd. 2006


As motioned few weeks ago the fantastic roller-skate artists the MG team, will be a part of the show. Also in the show is the fantastic Austrian reprise clown – Don Christian – Last seen in Scandinavia in circus Finlandia (2005) and in Circus Merano in several seasons. The Magic show “Jidinis” – seen many times in Scandinavia – Last time in Tivoli garden in Copenhagen will also be a part of the tour in China.


Don Christian - here in Circus Merano - Norway.

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).



January 2nd.


New web page.

A new web page by the trapeze artists Marina and Alexander Mingalaev. The couple from Russia does a very charming, visual and very modern trapeze act. The Russian couple are both educated in sports and in 2000 they made their beautiful act in Circus Flic Flac- Germany. The very modern rock music they use in their act is written by The German musician Samuel Lichtenberg. The Scandinavian had the chance to see this act, when Marina and Alexander performed in the Danish circus Arena (2004).


January 1st.

Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

For the first time ever the huge Ringling brothers will perform without their three rings. When the American circus will open on Wednesday the artists will roam an arena floor. This it the 135th. year for Ringling Brothers and since 1870 there has been 3 rings but now there will be a brand new set up and the cost of the show is around 15 million dollars. There is no doubt that Ringling brothers have been looking over the shoulders on Cirque Du Soleil and their success. A giant video screen will magnify live action on the arena floor, so audiences will get never-before-seen views. Feverish Internet bulletins dubbed it "the secret circus" after the rehearsal arena at the Florida State Fairgrounds was uncharacteristically locked down after Thanksgiving. Performers passed through tight security only after signing confidentiality agreements.


INFO: Jack Hansen -USA