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March 28th.

The Jasters

The Jasters, at the moment on tour with circus Arnardo in Norway has given their web page a face lift. Now it includes a very nice flash program with informations about earlier work, pictures and much more. You can find the Jasters web page on the link page.



List with artists working in Scandinavia 2005 ready



March 26th.

Circus Massimo

The German television channel –WDR are broadcasting the last Swedish Circus Massimo performance from 2003. From 2004 the TV circus was moved to Italy. In the performance you can meet Francesco, Yana Alieva, Troupe Hunan and many many other top artists. See the television page for details. 



Extra pictures from the Circus Arena premiere in the Monthly magazine



One more high wire accident

Lots of accidents in the past seasons for different high wire artists. Now it happened again in circus Royal in Australia where the Argentinean artist - Enrique Baralle Martinez felt 8 meters to the ground and was hurt badly. Last year Duo Camadi in circus Flic Flac had a serious accident and the same happened for Los Quiros when they performed in Paris. Los Quiros are at the moment on tour with circus Benneweis in Denmark but not with the same act like last year. Los Quiros was forced to make some changes in the act and do not reach the same level as in the 2004 season.

Los Quiros yesterday in Benneweis.



March 25th.

Benneweis premiere 2005

Yesterday there was premiere in the Danish circus Benneweis and their season number 118. Circus Scandinavia saw the performance to day and was very impressed. A brand new tent and world class artists did the job for the 2 hours and 15 min performance. Circus Scandinavia will review this performance in the monthly circus Magazine in April and there will be lots of pictures from the performance. In the mean time you can enjoy the picture of Duo air love taken by circus Scandinavia this afternoon.


March 24th.

Circus Cikor.

The Swedish new circus – Circus Cikor are on their last dates on the Swedish tour . The tour continues to Japan. After the dates in Tokyo the tour goes to Taiwan, China, Germany, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Poland, Belgium and ends in Israel with performances from September 8th until September 18th.




Monthly magazine opdated with Circus Arena review - here



March 23th.

Zorba 2005

The Norwegian circus Zorba has released their summer program. Zorba is a very young circus on only 13 years. It is a very small circus with room for only 500 spectators but they presents an nice performance every year. Maybe not the most famous artists but still in a okay standard.

The program:

Ewa Waradi – Antipode.

Poodles – 10 poodles climbing on ladders, dancing and much more.

Nandi – Tempo juggler.

High School – High School act.

Duo Weiss – Tight wire with juggling.

Katja – Hoola hop.

Animals- Mixed animal group with goats, dogs, birds and horse.

Air ballet – Air ballet.

Misszy – Clownn.

The Shanins – Cossacks.

Parrots - 9 parrots.

Circus Zorba has not given all the names on the artists and that’s the reason for a little special artist list.



Agora 2005

The Norwegian circus Agora has released their summer 2005 program or some of it. The Danish table artist Freddie Steckel are a part of the performance. Freddie has been touring a lot in Scandinavia the past years. In 2002 it was Norway and circus Merano he was working with and in 2003 it was in Circus Maximum (Sweden). In 2004 he was in his own country and was on tour with circus Dannebrog and now he is back in Norway with circus Agora.

The program:

Freddie Steckel – Cascadeur.

Oleg and Michael – Clowns.

Gladvatskiy – air act.

Olga Melnychenko – Tissue

?????????????? - Liberty horses.

Oleg Shalimov – Special acrobat performing on mini ski.

The Egorov – Clothes changing.

It seems that the program is incomplete but it has not been possible to gain more infornmation from Jan Ketils circus Agora.

Freddie Steckel - Here with Isabella Enoch as partner.

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).


Arena Premiere

To day the biggest circus in Scandinavia had premiere in Copenhagen and what a performance. 2 and half hours with some of the best artists in Europe made a standing ovation after the show. Read the review and see the pictures later today.

Rossi Hochegger as Pippi and her very independent horse

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005 (C).



March 22nd

Lars Larna in Baldoni

The Danish clown Lars Larna have signed a contract with Circus Baldoni in Denmark for the 2005 summer season. Lars has been in circus Arena for many many years and worked as a ring master in circus BonBon every summer as well. (Circus BonBon is owned by circus Arena). Lars will work in Baldoni as a reprise clown.

TV2 Denmark will this weekend be in the winter quarter and make a broadcast from circus Baldoni. Circus Baldoni will start their tour on the Danish Island "Bornholm" and will return to –Lyngby -, just outside Copenhagen for an official premiere April 21st. First performance date will be on Bornholm April 9th. in Ronne. For other dates, se the Baldoni homepage found on the link page.


Lars Larna in Circus Baldoni 2005

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).



Circus Museum in Denmark.

New exhibition in the circus Museum –Denmark.

The new exhibition is called "Circus with a stroke from a brush - artists seen from the eyes of the kids."

A wide range of institutions for kids in the community around the museum have used the art to interpret circus and the artists. The exhibition will run from March 20th. Until April 19th.

The kids have not worked with any kind of  limitation. The fantasies and their thoughts about circus were going directly to the canvas or the paper.

Link can be found in a few days on the link page - until then you can go there from

Adress to the museum is Hovedporten 6 - Hvidovre.



March 21st.

Circus Roncalli in Hamburg

For all Scandinavian circus friends – here is a great opportunity to visit one of the most successful circuses in Germany –Circus Roncalli. Roncalli will be in Hamburg from May 7th. Until the beginning of June. Roncalli will be at Poggenmόhle a few minutes walk from the station.



Circus Dictionary

Did you know there is over 1000 special words and terms in the world of circus? There is and now you can find them all in the book "Circus Dictionary". I can assure all readers that the web master would be lost without it and I use it every day in my work for circus Scandinavia. What is a leap-frog ? ?? it is a version of the human action (in witch one partner makes a split leap over the back of his friend, who is bending down) this was just a short example from this very magnificent book. There will be a full review from the book in the May issue of circus Scandinavia monthly internet magazine. If you cant wait it is possible to get the book from British Circus friends Association through their homepage or contact circus Scandinavia.



Circus Arli

The small but very nice Danish family circus Arli are ready with their program. Circus Arli will have their premiere in Flong 60 kilometres outside Copenhagen. This season will be their season number 35 and tells us that there is a need for smaller quality circuses as Arli. Circus Arli are only touring on Sjalland and starts their tour April 2nd. There will be a review with lots of pictures from this performance in the Monthly magazine in May.

The program:

Betina Arli – Sprechstallmeister

Martino and co. – Clowns.

Bubble gums – Blown up acrobats.

Martin Arli – Magic.

Alexander Arli – Juggling.

Andreis family – Icarian games.

Marina – Ariel ring.

Yvo Antoni – German wheel.

Alexander Arli – Straight Jacket escape.



March 20th.


Vita in Brazil Jack 2005.

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005




March 19 th.

Brazil Jack premiere.

The Swedish circus Brazil Jack has started their summer tour in Malmo this weekend. Circus Scandinavia saw a very very nice performance today – maybe the best seen in Brazil Jack for years. Brazil Jack is not a big circus but they have roots far back in the Swedish circus history. The very special name for a circus comes from the founder Carl Max Alexander Rohdin also called –Brazil Jack. Maybe the most famous person in the Rhodin family is Mr. Trolle Rhodin – he was the owner of the huge Zoo Circus in many many years. Trolle was known abroad in the states and became a part of the Ringling brother’s circus and zoo circus was closed. Now the circus is owned by Carmen Rhodin and Trolle Rhodin jr. Many unknown artists in this performance but it were a tight and very nice performance. This year top name on the list was the Kautchuk artist – Hugo Zamoratte with a very special "the Man in the bottle" act. You can read the review from this performance in the April issue of the circus Scandinavia circus Magazine.

Here are the artists in Brazil Jack 2005.

Harizanov Family – entree clowns and reprise.

Hugo Zamoratte – Kautchuck.

Darja – Dog training.

Gabi Donnert – Liberty horses.

Virgel and Marinel – Partner acrobatic.

Leo and Vita – Jugglers

Vita – Tissue

Angelis – Russian barre

Darja – Cat training.



Vita - Tissue act in Brazil Jack 2005

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005 (C).


Billy Smart

The British circus Billy smart can present more interesting artists seen in Scandinavia the last years. A few days ago Circus Scandinavia wrote that Skating Aratas (Arena 2004 and Merano 2003 and Karl Ramwell (Arena 2003) was a part of the show. But there was more. The very charming acrobat Anastasia and 5 Volados in a very strong rech act both seen in Merano 2003. It seem as a very nice and strong program for circus Billy Smart this year.




Television page opdated - here


Arena rehearsal

Lots of hard work these days in Circus Arena. All the artists are arrived. Monday there was rehearsal with the English circus band and the artists. In charge of the music is Lasse Norager also known as the clown BonBon. Rehearsals with the artist started Tuesday where all the artists were in the ring twice through the day. Everything was okay and everybody will be ready for the first performances Sunday and Monday – both performances are sold out. Tuesday the 22nd is the official premiere with performance at 19:00.


Casselly and his four African elephants in the ring for reheasel

Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2005 (C).


The Russian troupe Puzanovi in the ring for rehearsal.

Picture by circus Scandinavia 2005 (C).



March 18th.


Circus Mustang

The German circus Mustang, touring in Sweden in many years, will not be on the road in the coming 2005 season. Circus Mustang seems to be the "bad guy" among circuses in Sweden because lots of cases concerning animal handling.



The new Benneweis tent.

As Circus Scandinavia wrote last year, that circus Benneweis will go out on tour, with a new and smaller tent (36m) and in Norwegian colours was right. The tent is exactly identical with the Tent circus Merano in Norway uses but smaller. The reason for a smaller tent must be the possibility to visit smaller towns in Denmark.


Benneweis new tent for the 2005 summer tour.

Pictures by Circus Scandinavia 2005(C)


New Merano web page.

Circus Merano in Norway presented to day a new designed web page. The result is a faster and more informative page. Link can be found on the Link page under circuses in Scandinavia.



March 17th.

Review head page opdated now with more than 45 reviews from European Circuses 




Interested in being a part of the international Circus festival "City of Latina"

we are organizing the 7th edition of the International Circus Festival “City of Latina” (Italy)  that  will take place from October 20th   to October 24th  2005.

The International Circus Festival “City of Latina” is an emerging Festival dedicated to young artists under 21 years of age but, thanks to a recent accord with the Ministry, we obtain an increase in the age limit only for porteurs or “strength men” of a troupe that could be more than 21. The Festival is an International event recognized by the President of the Italian Republic, by the Italian Prime Minister and by the President of the Italian Circus Authority (ENC) .

One gold medal, two silver medals, three bronze medals and some special prizes decided by the organization and the International jury will be finally given.  Special Prizes will be given on Sunday evening while the old, silver and bronze medals on Monday evening.

About 30 acts  will be presented and they will be divided in two groups : A and B shows. They will perform as follows:

 Thursday        20        10.00 a.m. selection show A    (general rehearsals with public)

                                     9.00 p.m.  selection show B    (general rehearsals with public)


Friday             21       10.00 a.m. selection show  B    (general rehearsals with public)

                                    9.00 p.m.   selection show  A   (general rehearsals with public)


Saturday         22       4.30 p.m   selection show A      (with  Jury)
                                    9.00 p.m.  selection show B      (with Jury)


Sunday           23       3.30 p.m. selection show B      (with Jury)

                                   7.00 p.m. selection show  A     (with Jury)


Monday          24        8.30 p.m. Final show and prize-giving



If you are interested, you may send us a videotape or dvd together with the participation form and some photos of the act you would like to propose to the following address:


VII Festival Internazionale del Circo

"Cittΰ di Latina"

Ass. ne Culturale "G. Montico"

Via Acque Alte km. 0,500

04010 Borgo Piave (Latina)




March 16th.

Evegeny Schmalovski

As we could see in Circus Benneweis in 2004 are on tour with the Austrian National circus. Evegenys comic magic act are very special and every body seen this act will never forget the final trick, where the coat turns into living animals. Another act in Austrian National circus is Trio Michell Clowns seen last year in circus Maximum –Sweden. Trio Michell are a traditional slap stick clown entrιe, with a lot of water involved. Trio Michell clowns are always a hit by the kids.

Evegeny Schmalovski and his living coat

Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).



Adriana Folco in Benneweis

Adriana Folco and her elephant Baba as we could see in Circus Merano (Norway) in the seasons 2004 and 2003 are still in Scandinavia. Adriana will be on tour with the Danish Circus Benneweis from March 22nd. Until September. Adrianas Father and her 2 sisters are at the moment on tour in Norway with circus Merano. The Danish sea lion trainer Steven Pedersen are also back in Benneweis (Last time in 2003). Reengaged from 2004 are Los Quiros – High wire and Fransesco – Reprise clown.

The program:

Adriana Folco – Indian elephant.

Alain and Martyn Chabry – Dance, Music and clothes changing.

Anton Monastyrsky – Hoola hoop.

Duo air love – Air acrobats.

Farellos – Mono bikes

Francesco – Reprise clown

Klara J – Antipode.

Los Quiros – High wire.

Mambo Jambo – African acrobats.

Steven Pedersen.

It seems as a very adult oriented program for this season with no entrιe clowns and no horses at all. Lots of strong artist names as Martyne Chabry with her and her brothers very colour full clothes changing act with lots of music and rhythm. Los Quiros are just fantastic and very very thrilling. A few months ago the troupe had two falls in Circus D΄Hiver in Paris. Steven Pedersen has a very charming act performing penguins as well. Benneweis starts their summer tour March 22nd. In Hillerod north of Copenhagen.



Maximum program 2005

The Swedish Circus Maximum is ready with their summer program, starting up March 25th. The Italian ventriloquist Kevin Huesca is back in Scandinavia – last time he was with the Norwegian circus Merano on their 2004 tour. Not surprised to see Ingo Steibner on the artist list because he has been in most Scandinavian circus the last years and 2 times before in Maximum. Circus Merano 1990 and 2004 – in circus Maximum 1990 and 2004 – in Circus Benneweis 1998 and Circus Arena for the 2000, 2002 and 2003 season. Ingo are one of the best Sea lion trainers in Europe and his entree are full of humour and it seems as the animals takes over the act. Last year it was partly Louis Knie Junior in charge of the animals in Maximum but this year it is mr. Anton Frank performing Elephants from the circus Togni family in Italy. After a short visit in Denmark with circus Arena (2004) Rossyans are back in Maximum. Rossyan clowns – the two brothers Hector and Yann are fantastic musicians. The act is not slap stick but more like the old fashion type of clowns.

The program:

Water Meteo – Juggling – China

Ingo Steibner – Sea Lions

Maxim – Hand balance.

Kevin Huesca – Ventriloquist

Anton Frank – Exsotic animals.

Anton Frank – Elephants.

Rossyan – Musical Clowns.

Anton Frank – Horses.

Assadouline – Spring board

Info Anders Trodesson/ Circus Scandinavia



March 15th

Extra Arnardo pictures opated in Monthly magazine here

March 13th.

Circus Arnardo review ready on the Monthly magazine here


Arena is working hard to be ready.

Lots of frozen water pipes and wet conditions seem to be what circus Arena is dealing with in these days. At the moment all people around Arena works hard to get everything ready for the premiere March 22nd. Most of the artists arrived today and rehearsals start Tuesday.


Lots of snow  today outside circus Arena in Copenhagen

Rosi Hochegger and horse arrived today


March 11th

Merano extra pictures from the 2005 performance ready in Monthly Circus Magazine here


The “Giulio Montico” Cultural Association



7th  International Circus Festival

 “City of  Latina”

 which will take place from

October the 20th to October the 24th  2005


 If you need more information, visit our web site: 

 or send us an e-mail to



March 10th.

Skating Aratas.

The British artists Skating Aratas will perform in the English circus Billy Smart in the 2005 season. Skating Aratas could be seen in Circus Arena (Denmark) in the 2004 season and in Circus Merano (Norway) in 2003. Skating Aratas are without Carmen Arata and includes only her 3 kids now. Carmen was a part of the act until the middle of the 2004 season.

Also in The Billy Smart performance is the Finnish aerial artist – Liina Aunola. She could be seen in Scandinavia for the Swedish circus Olympia in the 2003 season. Through the winter season she performed in Winter circus Martin Hanson in Holland (2003/2004.) Last year she performed in the Irish circus Duffy΄s.

One more well known artist in Scandinavia is the Hungarian star juggler – Karl Ramwell. Karl could be seen in Circus Arena in the 2003 summer tour.

Info John Cooper - England

March 9th.

Camera Assistant

Behind the scenes in circus Scandinavia are lots of helping hands. In Norway this time it was Mr. Erik Lind working hard to help the web master driving him hundred of kilometres and carrying lots of camera equipments.

Erik Lind outside circus Arnardo in Norway

Photo by the web master


Circus Baldoni

The Danish circus Baldoni is a new member in the European circus association normally called ECA. It is only the second Danish circus in this association for owners of circuses. The second Danish member is circus Dannebrog. In Scandinavia there are 6 members – Baldoni, Dannebrog from Denmark, Arnardo and Merano both from Norway, Circus Brazil Jack and Maximum from Sweden and from Findland circus Finlandia.

Circus Baldoni the second Danish circus in ECA

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2004(C).


Maximum 2005

The fantastic sea lion trainer Ingo Steibner will be a part of the Swedish circus Maximum performance 2005. Also Piotr Prostesov – father to Mr. Dalmatine – will be there with 22 poodles. Mr. Dalmatine was in Maximum in the 2002 season and now it is his father. Rossyans clowns are back in Maximum after a season with the Danish circus Arena.

Info by Anders Trodesson – Please visit his Maximum homepage for more information about circus Maximum - here


Ingo Steibner will be a part of Circus Maximum 2005 performance.

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).

Hector and Yann Rossyans back in Maximum 2005

Photo by circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).



March 8th.


March 7th.



6th edition with international circus stars in Rome

From 17 to 26 mars will take place in Monterotondo, 15 km from Rome (under the chapiteau of the Circo Errani), the 6th edition of "Circo Massimo", the biggest circus production especially created in 2000 for the tv channels of all Europe by Finzioni srl in cooperation with the tv channel RAI TRE. In the first edition, set in Rome at Circo Moira Orfei, the guest star was David Larible. The following edition was organised under the big tent of "American Circus" and the Togni family was part of the show with their acts. Then came 2 editions held in the beautiful town of Karlskorona, in Sweden under the chapiteau of the Bronett Brothers and also the cast was selected by Bronett.

In 2004 CIRCO MASSIMO came back in his original town, Rome, and is now organised by the society "Finzioni srl" (who produces circus shows for all the European channels and produced also all the previous editions of this event).

The edition of 2004 contained some elements innovative respect the last 2 editions:

- Presence of big troupes from Russia and China as the Puzanovi (Golden Clown in Monte Carlo) Moisseeva, Dobrovinski, Supermambo and HangZou.

- Great deal of animals of different sorts (elephants, tigers, horses, exotic animals,…)

two elements that characterised also the last edition of the Monte Carlo Circus Festival.

In each edition has been always given great attention to the comic acts, to the clowns. In the firsts editions we have had the opportunity so see in the cast of Circo Massimo David Larible and Fumagalli. This year has been chosen the Russian star Andrey Jigalov winner of the Silver Clown last year in Monte Carlo. But the production has chosen also comic acts coming not from circus, but from varietι, thetres, street… like the famous Italian entertainer Marco Carolei, the Canadian duo Smith& Soucier or the Fullhouse from Switzerland.

There have been also others winners of Golden Clown of the main circus festival of the world: the hand balancing act of Anatoly Zaliewsky and the Errani Brothers (Icarian games) at the moment the most rated circus artists. This year will take place to the show The Quiros, the Perez Brothers, the very fast juggler Marios Berousek and the clown Jimmy Folco, headliner of Circus Krone.

This circus show will be broadcasted in all Europe in the next months. The Italian public will see it in the month of July on the tv channel RAI TRE.

Circo Massimo is organised with 4 completely different shows ("A", "B", "C", "D") and will be broadcasted in 4 issues, 4 evenings.

Here the list of the artists who take part to the 6° CIRCO MASSIMO – 2005:

Alessio – pappagalli - Italia

Gina Althoff – antipodista – Germania

Aurelia Cats – trapeze - Francia

Duo Azale – hand to hand – Canada

Mario Bellucci – elephants – Italia

Mario Bellucci – exotic animals – Italia

Troupe Bellucci – flying trapeze – Italia

John Burke – sealions – Germany

Mario Berousek – juggler – Czec. Rep.

Cube – aerial trio – Canada

Dani Daniel – rola rola – Portugal

Danyel e Reynald – hand to hand – Canada

Yvette De Rocchi – high school – Italy

Yvette De Rocchi –liberty horses – Italiy

Mascha Dimitri – low wire – Suisse

Troupe Dosau – theetboard – Russia

Duo Diving – hand to hand – Ucraina

Troupe Bantω – perch –Cuba

Bogaz e Turkenev – cinghie – Russia

Snakes – contorsionist – Buratia

Roberto Caroli – tigers and lions – Italy

Elvis Errani – elephants – Italy

Zeudy Errani – antipodiste – Italy

Eugenia Schwartzmann – juggler – USA

Euphoria – contorsionist - Mongolia

Troupe Febles – swing – Cuba

Troupe Fokin – double swing – Russia

Jimmy Folco – clown - Italy

Karel e Sabrina – roller skates – Italy

Silvia Gaffurini – bubble soap – Italy

Trio Ganea – theetboard – Romania

Gesha – juggler – Russia

Trio Genesis – pose – Cuba

Oliver Groszer – juggler - Germany

Hacki – clown – Germany

Troupe Hanui – jump through rings – Cina

Hector Junior – hand balancing – Cuba

Kay Le Clerk – upside down – Canada

Erika Lemay – aerial ring – Canada

Erix Logan – illusioniste – Italy

Mummy – aerial straps – Russia

Musa – contorsionism – Russia

Troupe Navikov – bar performers – Russia

Troupe Negrei – acrobats on the ground – Russia

Donald Niemen – exotic animals – Italy

Donald Niemen – high school – Italy

Olga e Nastasia – balancing – Russia

Otto Wessely – magic comic act – Austria

Perez Bros. – hand to hand – Italy

Troupe Pizony – russian bar – Russia

Julien Posada – low wire – Francia

Dimitri Prudnikov – hand standing – Russia

Trio Quiros – high wire - Spagna

Samoletov – juggling – Russia

Les Tourisk – juggling – Canada

Trampo Bros. – trampoline – Ukraina


Info by Dario Duranti and Italian circus fans



March 2nd.



Monthly preview magazine for March ready here



Web master take the words for March ready here



March 1st.


Circus Mascot program 2005

The small but very nice circus Mascot from Denmark is ready with the 2005 summer program.

Andreas Deleuran – song.

Valery – Stick juggling.

Daniel Deleuran – Slack wire.

Halinas - Ringperch.

Jess Deleuran – Ponies

Marianne Deleuran – Poodles

Gulio – Reprise clown/Clown (Reengaged from 2004)

Daniel Deleuran – Rola-Rola





Nice review for Circus Merano.

5 out 6 points for Merano in the Norwegian newspapers give this wonderful circus a nice start for 2005. Everything was ready for the first performance and Merano reports to circus Scandinavia that all went well in the premiere.

A special final with a fantastic water show in this 2005 performance from Merano

Picture by Dagfinn Kristiansen (Circus Merano) 2005 (C).