November 28th.

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November 27th.


Monarco Circus festival 2004

The second part of monarco circus Festival 2004 on Danish TV2 December 3rd. at 8:35 and not as announced a few days ago at 8. this time we will meet the second act from the Italian circus Moiara Orfei and this time their Camel act. The Spanish traditional clowns the Gotys and The wallendas on a extremely high wire act. Alan Sulc the young juggler – in Scandinavia for Circus Merano (review here) 2003 and Benneweis 2004. (review here)

Moira Orfeis Camels in Kroatia 2004

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).



November 25th.

Colonel Joe.

The enormous Bull elephant Colonel Joe performed by James & Clara Puydebois will be on summer tour with the German circus Krone in 2005. Colonel Joe has been in Scandinavia several times last in Circus Merano –Norway, Benneweis Denmark and in Circus Scott –Sweden.



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November 24th.

Offenburger Christmas circus.

Lots of nice artists in Offenburger this Christmas. The Scholl family seen in 1996 in Circus Arena – at the time the two brothers did a very dangerous wheel of death act and it went wrong under a performance just outside Copenhagen where Kalle Scholl went to the ground. They are not performing this act anymore but perform with their last remaining elephant. Los Seguras from Spain are there with their powerful parterre acrobat act. They were a part of the Swedish Circus Scott in 2003. The fantastic handstand acrobat Glenn Nicolodi and his charming dog are a part in this Christmas show as well. Glen was in the Benneweis performance in 2003.



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Monte Carlo Circus festival.

The Danish TV2 will broadcast the Monte Carlo circus Festival 2004 Friday 26th. November 2004. The show will be in two parts and the second part will be Friday3rd December. Both parts of the show will be at 8 o´clock.

Artists in the first part will be Stefano Nonens Orfei with his tigers. This year in the Italian circus Moira Orfei – see review from this performance here. Duo Gorgon Grigorescu – Musical clowns from Rumania and last seen in Scandinavia in Circus Brazil Jack in Sweden for the 2002 performance – see review from this performance here. From Hungary ther is the parterre acrobats – Golden powers. The flying trapeze act - Trabaras from South America. - See Circus Scandinavias television page for circus TV in Europe - here


Stefano Nonens Orfei with his tigers in Circus Moira Orfei 2004

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).

Duo Gorgon Grigorescu

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2003 (C).


Suzanne and Karsten Berdino from Circus Arena

Suzanne and Karsten Berdino will be a part of the Dutch Christmas circus Ahoy in Rotterdam. They will perform with the 6 white Arab horses and 6 ponies from circus Arenas own stables. The 6 white Arabs was a part of the Circus Arena 2004 summer tour. Ahoy Christmas circus will run from December 23rd until January 3rd. 2005.

In the same program are Rossyans also seen in the Arena 2004, Maximum 2003 and 2002. Mr. Dalmatin seen this year in Benneweis, circus Arnardo 2003 and Maximum 2002.



Karsten Berdino with the 6 Arab horses in circus Arena 2004

Photo by circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).



November 22nd.


Irene Thierry.

Circus Scandinavia was not the only Danes visiting the English circus Billy Smart Wedensday 16 November. Circus Director Irene Thierry and her husband Allan from the Danish circus Krone were also taking the trip to London. They are personal friends with the Danish illusionist Kim Kenneth and every year they take the trip to visit him somewhere in Europe. Last year they visit Kim in Wien where Kim Kenneth was working in the Austrian circus Althoff Jacobi.

From left: Allan, Jessica (Kim Kenneths girlfriend), Kim Kenneth and Irene Thierry

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).


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November 21nd.

Circus Scandinavia returned

Circus Scandinavia has just returned from a short trip in Circus Billy Smart - London. Read the review – coming up in a few days on the Monthly internet magazine.

Billy smart poster in Richmond - London

Photo by circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).



November 16th.

New artist link.

The fantastic Russian juggler Alexander Tsarkov – also called Harlequin Rouge has been added to the artist Link page. Alexander was a part of the Circus Scott performance in 2002 were he performed his very special ring juggling. His level is extremely high and the chosen music are very well adapted to the act.




The Diorio's Globe of Death act is currently with Willem Smitt's –Great Russian State circus in Germany. Diorio´s will be in Circus Arena for the 2005 summer season starting in March. Diorio´s was in circus BonBon in the 2003 where an accident occurred in the mid season.  John Cooper

Diorio biker a few days after the accident in circus BonBon

Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2003 (C).




November 14th.

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Passauer Christmas circus.

The very funny reprise clown – Mr. Chap will be a part of the Passauer Christmas circus. Mr. Chap worked in Scandinavia in the 2004 summer season for Circus Skratt Sweden and circus BonBon –Denmark. Maike and Jorg Probst will also be a part of this German show. Maike and Jorg Probst was a part of the very experimental circus Benneweis performance in 2000.



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November 12th.


Are you looking for circus pictures, there is a lot to view in the homepage from Italian Circus fans - here



Landauer Christmas circus

Landauer Christmas circus can be seen on channel WSR December 5th. The camera crew will be in the ring and behind the scenes as well. The viewers can see Rosi Hochecker with her comic horse act (in circus Finlandia 2004 and in Circus Arena for the next summer season) and Totti Alexis seen in circus Benneweis – 2002. For more information see circus Scandinavias TV circus program - here



November 10th.

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European Youth artist festival.

The European youth festival has just ended. Circus Scandinavia congratulates the only Scandinavian winner Maikku Hiljanen from Findland. The only 12 years old girl won the special price "Palast Promotion und Consulting GmbH" for her fantastic trapeze act.


The other winners (until 17 years old)

Gold: Roman Tomanov – Russia – Strap act.

Silver: Kseniya & Rodion Russia – Vertical tissue act

Bronze: Larissa Kastein - Germany – Hand stand


Winners from 18 years until 25 years

Gold: Pierre Marchand – France – Diablo

Silver Duo Diving – UkrainePartner equilibrists.

Bronze: Daniar Akhmetzianov – Russia – Juggler on slack wire.




The fantastic German Diablo artist – XELO will be a part of the new circus production from Arlette Gruss called "Reves" Xelo had a great success, this summer with his very modern act in Circus Arena – Denmark. Xelo s web page has been added to the link page under artists.



Pictures by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).



November 9th.

Don Christian and Patric

The Austrian reprise clown – Don Christian and well known to the Norwegian people visiting Circus Merano the last years will be in the Dutch winter circus Apeldoorn. Don Christian will perform together with Partic in their grafitti act. Patric is the brother to the famous sea Lion trainer Ingo Steibner.

Don Christian and Patric in their grafiti act in Merano 2004

Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C)



Circus Arena expansion 

Lots of work at the moment in Circus Arenas winter quarter in Slagelse outside Copenhagen. The enormous winter home for Circus Arena and their animals are at the moment under a heavy expansion. Lots of planes for the future in this great circus. Circus Scandinavia will be back with an article in the December issue concerning what is happening.


New pool for the  Sea lions

10 0000 kvm new garage.



November 8th.

Fumagalli in Circus Krone

The Italian world star clown fumagalli will perform in Circus Krone- Munchen in the February program. In the December and January performances it will be the Danish clown BonBon and his wife Tiina doing the reprise part of the show.

The Danish clown BonBon

Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).

November 7th.

Full program for Martin Hansons winter circus 2004/2005

ACTS 2004/2005

Duo Abakumov aerial act Ukraine - Circus Wictoria

Marina en Igor Markevich dogs Russia - Dannebrog 2004, Merano 2003, Brazil Jack 2002

Alex Mruz rola-rola Ukraine

Olga en Vladimir Slobodeniuk clowns Russia

Duo Spiral acrobatics Spain

Wolfgang Lauenburger horses and ponies Germany

Trio Bokafi teeterboard Hungary

Andrey Romanovski ‘merry chimney’ Ukraine

Klára-J antipode Czech Republic

Menno van Dyke juggler Netherlands -   circus Maximum 2003

Kaje Dancers Kenyan acrobats Kenya

Marcia Smeding actress Netherlands

circus orchestra Coty Teuteberg

This winter is our 26th year. In two months we will perform 78 shows in 33 cities in the Netherlands. The first show is 3 December 2004 and the tour will finish on 30 January 2005. The tour list is on our website




One more video clip added - Circus Arena 2004 - Here


Video Clips

A new page with video clips is ready. 3 clips are ready and can be seen immediately. The first clip is from circus Arena, recorded in 2003 – Copenhagen. The second from the Swedish circus Olympia – 2003 and the last from the Swedish circus Maximum also 2003. All clips are recorded in digital format but changed to Windows media files. Then it should be possible for everybody to see the clips even if you have a slow internet connection. Artists are welcome to send me videos with their acts and I will put them on the page – it is absolutely free and a great opportunity to reach the almost 3000 thousands circus people reading Circus Scandinavia every day. Contact information can be found here. Direct link to the video clips page here.


November 6th.

Kim Gennady

The Corean artist Kim Gennady witch had a life threatening accident in the 2003 summer season, is back as an artist. Kim was penetrated by an ion stick through his throat in circus Zorba – Norway. Kim performs now in England for Bobby Roberts circus but the dangerous part where he bents a 2 cm. iron stick by his throat is not a part of the performance anymore.



Fire in Circus Mustang.

Once again the German circus Mustang are in the media. This time there was a fire in one of the circus cars. Circus Mustang claims that the fire was started by animal activists and it was not the first time they were attacked by Molotov cocktails this season. Circus Mustang is touring in Sweden and has been in the media several times for different violations.



Circus Big Apple.

Nice review for circus Big Apples new performance "Picturesqu " While it will never be as dazzling - or as dizzying - a spectacle as the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, Big Apple is tailor-made for younger kids who could get overwhelmed by a three-ring show and focus only on buying flashlights or plastic character mugs. The performances are loosely tied together with tributes to famous painters inspired by the circus - Picasso, Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec and Degas among them.

But the visual references to the artists' works are just an afterthought to the nonstop action, which is interspersed with cute clown-comedy bits by Big Apple fixture Grandma (Barry Lupin) and the hilariously clumsy Vallery.

Another returning favorite is sexy animal trainer Svetlana Shamsheeva, whose vast menagerie of dogs, cats and birds particularly enthralled the little ones in the audience.

Though there's no trapeze act this year, the aerial thrills come courtesy of the Kovgar Troupe, Russian gymnasts who perform amazing stunts on a massive teeterboard.

The showstopper is a Kovgar acrobat being catapulted high into the air from the board, doing multiple somersaults and then making a perfect landing.


While wearing a single, 10-foot stilt.

Yet it's the smaller feats that always stand out at Big Apple, thanks to the intimate setting. Where else can a juggler spitting five Ping-Pong balls into the air at one time seem like such a death-defying skill?

The circus will camp at Lincoln Center's Damrosch Park, Broadway at 63rd St., through Jan. 9. Ticket prices range from $18 for grandstand seats at weekday matinees to $74 for center ringside seats at weekend



One more accident.

Lots of accidents this year. Tuesday the twenty nine year old ariel act performer Alexander Bondamenko is being treated for a broken jaw, leg and some other fractures after a fall from 12 meters. The accident happened under a afternoon performance show. Last week one of the artists in Los Qurios felt 10 meters from the high wire in circus D´Hiver –Paris. Later this season an artist died in circus Maximum in Sweden.




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November 5th.

New animal law under construction in Belgium.

One more country in Europe has plans to ban wild animals in circus and this time it is Belgium. Last year it was a new law in Austria with the result that, it is almost impossible to keep any animals in circus. The funny about all those foolish suggestions in the different countries are that, animals in sports are not mentioned at all. Neither is the transportation of industrial animals. It is a funny world because horses are aloud in most countries and can be stored and transported as you wish; maybe somebody has told them that they aren’t wild.?


November 4th.

Wereld Kerst winter circus.

The Italian world clown Fumagalli and the young star juggler – Alan Sulc will both perform in the Wereld Kerst circus in Amsterdam –Holland. The show will run from December 22nd until January 9th. 2004

John Cooper

November 2nd.


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