November 27th.

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November 26th.

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Julemarked i Avedørelejren

Søndag d. 4/12 fra kl. 13-17 danner den stemningsfulde Alarmplads i Avedørelejren for første gang rammen om julemarked i Avedørelejren.

 Markedet vil være fyldt med spændende boder, og der vil der være aktiviteter og underholdning for hele familien. Der vises bl.a.  artisteri på balancemotorcykel og ildshow med jongløren Kasper Jensen. Børnene kan igennem hele dagen desuden deltage i skattejagt i Avedørelejren samt høre juleeventyr læst højt af Malene Rose i Historiens Hus.

 På Cirkusmuseet er der fri entré, og i museets nye udstilling om dødsdromer kan man gyse over artisternes vovemod. I Historiens Hus udstilles, der klovneportrætter lavet af den i Hvidovre fødte kunstner Yvonne Nielsen. I portvagten holder Jo Møller åbent atelier, hvor han fremviser kunst i små formater.

 På Alarmpladsen vil der være opsat et telt med boder. Ved disse kan man købe anderledes julegaver og nyde gløgg og æbleskiver. Kl. 16 vil flaget på Alarmpladsen blive spillet ned efterfulgt af kanonsalutter fra to 1700´tals salutkanoner.


Mød op og kom i den rette julestemning.

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                                                          November 21st.


Suszanne Berdino.

Suzanne Berdino will in the 2006 Circus Arena season perform with a brand new horse act. A gypsy act with Arenas own Friser horses will replace the 12 Arab horses as we saw this 2005 season. Arenas 12 Arab horses will be in Circus Skratt in Sweden for the 2006 season, where they will be performed by Tim Delsbourg. 6 more Arab horses are on their way to the Arenas winter quarter. It is Yasmine Smarts horses, that in the future will be included in the troupe with the other horses. It is the plane that Suzanne Berdino in a few years will perform with 18 Arab horses. Suzanne and Carsten Berdiono are at the moment preparing them selves for the  the Ahoy winter circus. Suzanne will perform the 12 Arab horses and Carsten Berdino with Arenas 6 Dromedaries. Also included in the Circus Ahoy program is the Danish clown BonBon, Puzanovi as we could see in Arena in 2005 and the English lion trainer Martin Lacy.

Suzanne Berdino with 12 Arab horses

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005 (C).


November 20th.

Christmas circus.

For the first time ever circus Louis Knie in Austria will produce a Christmas performance. The premiere will be in Linz December 21st. and ending January 8th. 2006. The program is not released yet.


November 19th.


Artist news

Here is a little bit news from the winter and Christmas circuses in Europe.


Rogerio Goncalves (Circus Finlandia will work in Cirque d´Hiver Roermond from December 27th. until December 30th. ( Also in Roermond is Wolfgang Lauenburger signed. Wolfgang was a part of Circus Agora in Norway in the 2005 summer tour. The Clowns Gin and Tonic (former Duo Kosincev) are signed Apeldoorn winter circus in Holland. ( Duo double face as we could see this season in circus Merano (Norway) are working in Hamburg in a show called Weihnactfeiercircus. The show ends in the middle of December.


All artists are booked by  SMS Entertainment - International Artist Agency




Jim Rose.

Jim Rose Circus or should we say freak show are back on the road. Jim Rose circus,   at the moment touring in Australia is a very very special show. This time is no exception and Jim Rose will shake Australia with shooting darts after each other, eating mites, meal worms and a lot of other delicate ideas. The goal for this show is absolutely to be as disgusting as possible. I can tell that they succeed and the show is absolutely worth the money. For those who don’t live in Australia, it is possible to buy  a earlier show on DVD – including the act with hundreds of needles through the body, Weight lifting from very private pierced body parts are just a few reasons Jim Roses Circus is the undisputed king of all freak shows.  




November 18th.

Thessa and Renés winter circus “Circus Christmas fun” has started their indoor circus performances. Here is a few pics of the show taken yesterday in Koge south of Copenhagen



Kim Kenneth.

The fantastic Danish illusionist is not seen performing in Scandinavia for many many years. In the past years Kim has been performing in different circuses around Europe. This summer season in circus Propst in Germany, last season in Billy Smart in England and in 2003 in Althoff Jacobi in Austria. Disapointing news for the Scandinavian people because Kim has been contracted to Black pool tower circus in England for the 2006 season. Kim will be a part of a separate illusion show running Thursdays and Fridays. The show includes dancers and of cause Kims outstanding Magic show. Before Kim goes to England he is a part of the Belgium Namur circus festival from December 24th. until January 3rd.



Circus Baldoni.

The Danish circus Baldoni has contracted the Italian clown family Caveagna. Caveagna are top class Musical clowns with a fantastic tempo. It is the first time that Caveagana performs in Scandinavia and all spectators can look forward to clowns in a very high level. Circus Scandinavia had the opportunity for a sneak peak on DVD and was very very surprised. Really funny, fantastic tempo and lots of well considered slapstick. Also contracted is the Italian artist Jones with a nice Diablo act and Steve, also from Italy with a high speed juggling act.


November 16th.

Martyn Chabry

The Belgian musical/clothes changing artist Martyn Chabry are contracted to the German Variety show Pallazo in Stuttgart (Germany) Martyn Chabry worked this summer in the Danish Circus Benneweis togheter with her brother Alain




The wallenda family, known from there fantastic 7 man high wire act will leave the USA for a few weeks. The Wallendas will be a part of the Moscow circus festival from December until January 2006.



Circus Finlandia 2006

The fantastic clowns – Rossyans from France has been contracted to circus Finlandia in the 2006 season. Those fantastic musical clowns could bee seen in the 2005 season in circus Maximum in Sweden. Also contracted is reprise clown Harry, as we could se in 2005 perform for the Norwegian people in circus Merano. Darja will be there working this year in circus Brazil Jack (Sweden) and later in the Danish winter circus (Circus Kenny). Darja performs two acts, one with cats and one with dogs. Alan Sulc is back in Scandinavia (Merano 2003 and Benneweis 2004) with his highly skilful juggling act. Duo Urnov will be there with two acts one dog cart act and a double air act. (Arnardo 2005). The rest of the program is Miguel Ferrerie (Tight wire), Duo Borcani (Sea lions) and Flying Galvas (flying trapeze).


Herry in Finlandia 2005.

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005 (C).

November 15th.


Are you playing with hobby trains or just a collector of circus cars there are news to gain. The German toy manufactory – Brekina- has just released a new series of trucks and cars in size 1:87. (normal hobby train size) The cars are all models from the German circus Krone. 7 cars are realeased and contains a VW loud speaker car, A MAN water truck, a Unimog and several other items.   




Circus Roncalli.

Circus Roncalli presents at the moment a very special show with the musicians – The Kelly Family. The show is a mix of modern rock and artists. It is not the first time that Roncalli does a show in this special combination. In 2002 and 2003, the owner Bernhard Paul, did a show called Hohner Rockin´Roncalli and this show can bee seen on a DVD. (Buy it on Roncalli web store). This new show is also a mix of music and artists. The material comes from Louis Knie Junior and in the show are artists as Oleg (Vertical chains), Hard Nock (High wire and Globe of death), Christina and Christina (Acrobats), Luftman  ( traditional clowns). If there should be any interested Scandinavian spectators the show will be in Rostock in January 2006

Info Holger Gensel - Germany 


November 14th.

 The Daniel Dorio Group will be in the Christmas Circus at Den Haag from 21 December to 8 January, with the Splitting Globe of Death.
Also in the show at Den Haag is a certain Oleg Popov.

Info John Cooper - England



 The Icarian game artists Alashin – seen this summer in Circus Merano- Norway has been contracted to Wim Zomer´s winter circus at apeldoorn for 25 December to 8 January.

Info: John Cooper - England



Martin Hanssons winter circus.


Martin Hansons winter circus in Netherland are ready to go on the road. Premiere December 3rd. and the last show will be January 29th. Martin Hansons winter circus starts in the north east part of the Netherlands and very close to the German border (Stadskanaal en Winschoten).  Maybe interesting for some Danish circus friends living in the southern part of Denmark. The program is very nice (See below) and at least two acts could be seen in Scandinavia this summer. For further information about tour dates see Martin Hansons web page.


 Info Arlette Hanson

PROGRAMM 2005/2006


Maria & Alexander Kapitanskiy              clowns -  seen this summer in Circus Baldoni (Denmark)

Korolevi                                                        trapeze

Ludmila & Dmitri Malinkovich                 transformation

Aleksandra & dog Muha                          acrobatics - Seen this summer in Circus Baldoni (Denmark)

Olandar                                                         angora cats

Mukhtar                                                        klischnigg

Duo Fiasco                                                  cascade

Margarita                                                      tissu

Dukhaniny                                                   ikarian games

Duo Yamtsun                                              acrobatics

Vladimir Saveljev                                       juggler

Trampo Brothers                                       trampoline

Manuel Frank                                              donkeys / horse / goats & dogs

Marcia Smeding                                         actress

Gaby, Berl & Thijs                                      handymen


circus orchestra Coty Teuteberg



Circus Scandinavia news

Sorry for the rare news updates but Circus Scandinavia has been busy with other projects the last week.  


November 2nd.


Robin Howel from the great circus Royale in Australia is a collector of most circus items. He has collected hundreds of circus videos and DVD´s . He has been writing to Circus Scandinavia because he is looking for video/DVD material for the Scandinavian part of the world. He is interested to buy or swap DVD and Videos. He is specific interested in the following:

        CIRCUS FANDANGO                     NORWAY 1953

        ELVERA MADIGAN                       SWEDEN 1967


        LES QUATRE DIADLES                 DENMARK 1912



If you can help Robin please contact send an e-mail




In last month Circus Scandinavia could report that Duo Cardinali, Duo Passion, Sonny Frankello and Duo Symbiose was a part of Cirque du Massy in France. One more artist seen this season in Scandinavia, has been added to the program. It is the Icarian act "Alashin" from Ukraine seen this season in circus Merano in Norway. This act is very special because the man on the back is juggling with a long stick and in the ends of the stick his two kids are hanging.



November 1 st.

Isabella Enoch - Dinner show.

Friday November 28th Isabella Enoch from the Danish circus Dannebrog could open the doors to her dinner show called"Trapeze". 250 invited guests saw a very nice show, that the same time celebrated daddy – Haddy Enoch - 71 year’s birthday.

The show was started with an overture with all the artists. In the show was Jimmy Enoch performing his glass balance act on mono bike. Katja Enoch did a combined clothes changing, step and saxophone act.

The Dinner was served in the break.

In the second half of the show we could see Jimmy Enoch together with his two cousins, Edward and David Enoch doing their bicycle entrée. Isabellas beauty saloon, as we could see this year in circus Dannebrog, was on the stage with the African elephant "Rambo" – It is a very charming act were the elephant are doing a hairdressing on a" volunteer" from the audience. The German low wire artists "Toranos" ended the show. Toranos are very special because in this father and son duo is maybe the worlds oldest working artist included. Daddy is 95 years old and still working on the wire.

If you should be interested in booking or hear more about this nice dinner show please contact Isabella Enoch on telephone 40 10 39 39 / Stefan Rothmann on telephone 60 64 04 23 or e- mail

Info Stefan Rothmann

Here are a few pictures from the show made by Stefan  Rothmann