photo: Pascilla Errani

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2007 (C).



November 29th.

Because of tecnical problems circus Scandinavia has not been updated for a week now. The problems is now solved and the next full update will be December 1st. with a lot of news.


Grundet tekniske problemer er Cirkus Skandinavia ikke blevet opdateret den sidste uge. Problemet er nu løst og næste opdatering vil blive lørdag d. 1. december med masser af nyt fra cirkus verdenen.


November 21st.

Should animals be banned from circus ?

Please follow the link to make your vote here

In Scandinavian:


På BBC hjemmeside kan man I disse dage stemme om hvorvidt vilde dyr skal forbydes I cirkus. Det er derfor vigtigt at også du afleverer din stemme. Venligst følg dette link



Konrad Thurano.

Circus Scandinavia is extremely sad to announce that Konrad Thurano died last night. Konrad Thurano was maybe the oldest active artist in the world and with his 97 years old he was still a part of the comic low wire act. Konrad died quietly in his home without any warning.  The funeral will take place in Denmark in Birkende church November 28th. at 11:00. Let him rest in peace.


In Scandinavian:


Cirkus Skandinavia er meget triste over, at skulle meddele, at Konrad Thurano døde I nat. Konrad Thurano var muligvis med sine 97 år, den ældste aktive artist i verden. Han tryllebandt til det sidste sit publikum med sit helt specielle komiske line nummer. Konrad Thurano sov stille ind i sit hjem uden forudgående sygdom. Begravelsen vil finde sted i Danmrak nærmere betegnet på Fyn i Birkende kirke onsdag d. 28. november kl. 11:00. Alle tanker går til Konrad Thurano og hans familie.




November 15th.

Freddi  Steckel.


The Danish Table artist Freddi Steckel has been contracted to the Danish circus Baldoni for the coming 2008 summer tour. Freddi steckels partner will be Thessa Daniella Baldoni the half part of the Baldoni director couple. Freddie has a long career in circus and was a part of the Norwegian Circus Merano in 2002, the Swedish Maximum in 2003, The Danish circus Dannebrog in 2004 and The Norwegian circus Agora in 2006.


In Scandinavian:


Den Danske bord artist Freddi Steckel har skrevet kontrakt med det Danske cirkus Baldoni for sæson 2008. Freddis partner vil blive Thessa Daniella, bedre kendt som den ene halvdel af direktør parret i cirkus Baldoni. Freddi har en lang kariere beag sig og i de senere år har han været en hyppig gæst i Skandinaviske cirkus hvor han i 2002 optrådte i det Norske cirkus Merano, det Svenske cirkus Maximum i 2003, DFet Danske Dannebrog i 2004 og igen i Norge i 2006, hvor han optrådte i Jan Ketils cirkus Agora.



The German animal trainers Josefine and Daniel Igen has opened a new web page. Lots of information about their charming dogs and goats. Lots of nice pictures are included as well and some of them made by Circus Scandinavia. Josefine and Daniel was a part of the Danish circus Dannebrog in their 2006 season, where they performed both of their acts. Here is a direct link to the page.


In Scandinavian:


De Tyske dyre trænere Josefine og Daniel Igen har åbnet en ny Internet side. Mange informationer omkring deres charmerende hunde og geder. Mange flotte billeder hvoraf en pæn del er lavet af Cirkus Skandinavia. Josefine og Daniel Igen var en del af det Danske cirkus Dannebrog tilbage i deres 2006 sommer sæson. Her er et direkte link til siden.



November 13th.

Adriana Folco.

The Italian animal trainer and her indian Elephant Baby has won a gold medal in Namur circus festival 2007. Adrina is very well known here in Scandinavia where she performed for circus Merano in 2003 and 2004. In 2005 and 2006 she performed in the Danish circus Benneweis and in the just ended season she was back in Merano.


In Scandinavian:


Den Italienske dyre træner og hendes Indiske elefant Baby har vundet en guld medalje I Namur cirkus festival 2007. Adrian er særdeles kendt i Skandinavien da hun i 2003 og 2004 optrådte i det Norske cirkus Merano og i 2005 og 2006 var en del af det Danske cirkus Benneweis. I sæson 2007 var Adriana tilbage i Norge hvor hun endnu engang arbejdede i Merano

















The ECA continues to demonstrate its commitment to animal welfare by offering governments a Proposed Model Regulation that can be put in place to promote and ensure high quality care, transport and presentation of circus animals. 


As part of the ECA’s ongoing effort to ensure that governments establish good regulations for circus animals across Europe, the Model has been offered  to three governments to date.  The initial response has been resounding appreciation for the work undertaken and the initiative of the circus community to contribute to animal welfare.  


Animal welfare legislation should not be confined to circuses.  It is necessary, however, to address circus animals specifically in legislation because of the significant differences between travelling circuses and other animal keeping systems. According to scientific studies, circus environments provide significant opportunities for exercise and other forms of “occupational therapy” and stimulation that are important to the health and well-being of the animals.


ECA’s Model provides general husbandry, veterinary and other requirements for animal care and welfare as well as requirements for safety, training, transport, registration, recordkeeping, presentation and public interaction.   It also proposes the licensing of animal trainers for each species with which they work, incorporating the existing licensing system in Germany.  Overall responsibility to ensure compliance with all aspects of the Model lies with the circus owner/operator, who also is responsible for ensuring that all animal trainers, handlers, and staff fully comply with requirements for animal health and welfare as well as staff and public safety.  The Model will be supplemented by objective animal welfare indicators currently under development by the European Commission.  


The Model Regulation is the result of long-running work by the ECA and its members  to develop strict but appropriate rules to guarantee circus animal welfare while safeguarding the future of the circus as an integral part of European culture.



FOR MORE INFORMATION on this story and on the ECA and its work,   please contact:


Mr Arie Oudenes, Managing Director, ECA   

Tel: 00 31 33 455 35 69 / 00 31 625 01 34 36        Email:





November 12th.

Dinner show trapeze

Isabella Enoch and her trapeze variety show will perform November 16th. with the following artists.


Eddy Carello and David Enoch – Jugglers.

Eddy Carello – drum juggling in Indian style.

Jimmy Enoch and Henry Frochte – glass balance on mono bike and plate spinning.

Jimmy and Edward Enoch – bike show.

Henry Frochte/Winetou – Antipode in Indian style

Kenny Quinn – Gentleman thief.

Josie Casselly, Melanie Casselly and Katja Enoch – Arial ring.

Josie Casselly – Cloud swing in Indian style.


Comic and song by Leon Norregard and Jens Hvidtved Larsen.

The performance will be in Hjels in the southern part of Denmark and for invited guests only.



In Scandinavian:


Isabella Enoch og hendes Trapeze variete show vil give forestilling d. 16. november med følgende artister:


Eddy Carello og David Enoch – Jonglører

Eddy Carello – Jonglering på trimmer I Indianer stil..

Jimmy Enoch og Henry Frochte – Glas balance på ethjulet cykel samt tallerlen nummer.

Jimmy og Edward Enoch – Cykel show.

Henry Frochte/Winetou – Antipode I Indianer stil

Kenny Quinn – Gentlemand tyv..

Josie Casselly, Melanie Casselly and Katja Enoch – Arial ring.

Josie Casselly – Cloud swing I Indianer stil.


Komik og sang by Leon Norregard and Jens Hvidtved Larsen.


Forestillingen vil finde sted i Hjels i Sønder Jylland og er en lukket forestilling. Det er derfor ikke muligt at købe billetter til arrengementet.




November 9th.

Winter circus Martin Hanson

Some changes since the news update in August for winter circus Martin Hanson in Holland. The program is not complete but so far, the following artists are signed for the tour starting November 30th. in Waalvijk.  


PROGRAMME 2007/2008


Bobylev                                       clowns                                                 Russia

Fausto Scorpions                         ikarian games                                       Philippines

Stephanie May                            techno hoops                                       Philippines

Jeanne Durand-Raucher            equilibrist                                             France

Dion                                             magic                                                   Netherlands

Martis Brothers                          acrobatics                                            Italy

Karl Ramwell                              juggler                                                 Hungary

Duo Impression                           aerial acrobatics                                   Ukraine / Moldavia

Simonenko                                   trampoline + rack                                 Russia

Pavel Doubek                              horse + pony’s                                     Czech

Andrejs Fjodorovs                       pigeons                                                Latvia

Shul’man                                      dogs                                                    Ukraine


orchestra Coty Teuteberg

 The following artists has been working in Scandinavia the recent years. Duo Bobylev in Benneweis 2007 and Merano in 2006. Fausto Scorpions In Benneweis 2007 and Maximum 2006. Stephanie May in Benneweis 2007 and Maximum 2006 but not with the Techno hoops act. Karl Ramwell In Arena 2003 and Maximum 2007. Pavel Doubek in circus Wictoria the recent years.


In Scandinavian:

En del ændringer siden nyheds opdatering I august for det Hollandske Winter circus Martin Hanson. Programmet er endnu ikke komplet og flere artister vil komme til men følgende artister har skrevet kontrakt for turneen der starter 30. november i Waalvijk. Listen ovenfor.

Følgende artister har arbejdet i Scandinavien de sidste par år: Duo Bobylev i Benneweis 2007 og i Merano 2006, Fausto Scorpions i Benneweis 2007 i Maximum 2006, Stephanie May i Bennewis 2007 og Maximum 2006 - dog ikke med et selvstændigt nummer men indgik i Fasto Scorpions, Karl Ramwell i Maximum 2007 og Arena i 2003, PAvel Doubek i Wictoria i flere sæsoner.




November 8th.

Jean Ferry

Jean Ferry as we could see in the Danish circus Arli here in 2007 will be a part of the Münster Christmas circus festivak from 27 – 30th December 2007. Jean Ferry performed two acts in Circus Arli his ladder balance act and his comic trampoline act. The trampoline act was a new act for Jean, developed the recent years. In Münster Jean Ferry will perform his ladder act. In the same show we find Rodolfo Reyes seen in Denmark a few years ago performing in Tivoli Garden – Copenhagen.


In Scandinavian:


Jean Ferry som vi kunne opleve i det Danske cirkus Arli i den nyligt afsluttede sommer turne, vil være en del af Münster jule cirkus fra 27. – 30. december 2007. Jean Ferry optrådte i Arli med 2 numre et stige balance og et komisk trampolin nummer. Trampolin nummeret var helt nyt og udviklet i de senere år. I Münster vil Jean Ferry udelukkende optræde med sit stige balance nummer. I samme forestilling finder vi også Rodolfo Reyes som sidst blev set i Skandinavien ved optræden i Tivoli i København og tivoli friheden i Århus.


November 7th.


It seems as it is trendy with Blogs on the internet. One circus man has his own and it is Henry Bronett, former circus Director from the Swedish circus Scott. If you want to read more about this legendary circus man please check out the pages here - The pages is in Swedish only.

In Scandinavian:

 Det er meget fortiden med sin egen blog på internettet. Mindst en cirkus mand har fået sit eget forum og det drejer sig om den Svenske cirkus Scott direktør Henry Bronett. Hvis du vil følge med i hvad der sker omkring denne legendariske cirkus personlighed skal du checke denne adresee på internettet siden er med Svensk tekst.



November 5th.

Daniel Dim

The Danish Daniel Dimitrievic has been signed for circus Baldoni summer tour 2008. A few days ago I wrote that Daniel would be a part of Circus Baldoni Christmas circus 2007 but now he will also perform in the coming summer tour.


In Scandinavian:


Den Danske artist Daniel Dimitrievic har skrevet kontrakt med det Danske cirkus Baldoni I 2008. For et par dage siden skrev jeg at Daniel vil være en del af Baldonis julecirkus 2007 men nu er kontrakten altså blevet udvidet for den kommende sommer 2008 turne.




November 3rd.

Circus Benneweis.

Not so many animals in the Danish circus Benneweis the recent years but in 2007 the horses were back in the ring and a charming dog act was there as well. Visitors in the coming 2008 season will not be disappointed if they love to se animals perform because The German Gärtner brothers are reengaged for the coming season. Gärtner will, as in 2007 perform their Indian elephants. Also reengaged in 2008 is Karl Ferdinand Trunk with his charming ponies and mixed animals.


In Scandinavian:


Ikke så mange dyr I det Danske cirkus Benneweis I de senere år men I 2007 var hestene tilbage I manegen samt et fint hunde nummer. Besøgende i den kommende 2008 sæson vil ikke blive skuffede, hvis de kan lide dyre numre, da de Tyske Gärtner brødre vil være tilbage i manegen. Gärtner vil som i 2007 optræde med deres Indiske elefanter. Gen engageret er også Karl Ferdinand Trunk med sine charmerende ponyer og mixede dyre gruppe.



November 2nd.

New circus Photo magazine

Circus Photo magazine is out now with issue 16. This time the magazine includes 11 pages with circuses from Australia. The photos from Australia includes, circus Joseph Aston, circus Royale, Lennon Bros circus, Silvers circus, Stardust circus and Webers circus. From Europe there are photos from Rolandos, Barum, Traber, Paul Busch, Berolina, Barelli, Bernes and a lot of other nice circus photos. The photos are as usual from outside circus, with pictures of trucks, tent etc. The quality is very high and the magazine is printed on nice glossy paper. 175 photos, 40 pages and text in English. 7,50 euro for one magazine and 25 Euro for four magazines. If you are interested in a subscription please contact Mr. Leendert Bedijn on this email:


In Scandinavian:


Cirkus Photo magazine nummer 16 er nu på gaden. Denne gang inkluderer magasinet ikke mindre end 11 sider med fotos fra Australien. De Australske cirkus er representeret ved, circus Joseph Aston, circus Royale, Lennon Bros circus, Silvers circus, Stardust circus and Webers circus. Fra Europa finder vi fotos fra Rolandos, Barum, Traber, Paul Busch, Berolina, Barelli, Bernes og mange flere flotte cirkus billeder. Fotografierne er hovedsagligt udendørs optagelser som trucks, telt etc. Kvaliteten er god og bikllederne er trykt på flot blankt parpir. 175 fotos, 40 sider og teksten er på Engelsk. 7,50 Euro for et enkelt eksemplar hvis man vil  abonnere får man 4 udgaver for 25 Euro. Hvis du er intereseret kan man skrive til Leendert Bedijn på følgende email:


October 31st.


Congratulation to circus Baldoni director Thessa Daniella with her birthday to day. Thessa and René Marvin run the Danish circus Baldoni togheter. It is not polite to tell a woman's age but in 2009 Thessa will be 50.


In Scandinavian:


Tillykke til cirkus Baldoni direktøren Thessa Daniella med fødselsdagen I dag. Thessa og René Marvin driver til dagligt cirkus Baldoni. Det er ikke pænt at fortælle om en kvindes alder men i 2009 bliver Thessa 50 år.