October 27th.

René Marvin.

René Marvin – the owner of Circus Baldoni, will toghetr with his wife Thessa do an illusion act in the next summer tour. René is absolutely not a beginner in the illusion business because he did his own act in circus Arena in 1986, 90,91 and 92. under the name Ron Marvin. In the last two seasons he was partner with Suzanne Berdino, the daughter of the Danish circus King Benny Berdino.

René Marvin and Suzanne in the printed program 1992



The Danish artist Sasha are signed to TEATRO COLISEU in Portugal from December 1st until December 30th. 2005. Sasha is almost unknown in the circus business and has been working in the stables in the winter quarter for circus Arena. Now she has her own act where she performs ponies. In the same performance is the fantastic German animal trainer – Jorg Krenzola jr. Jorg Krenzola is at the moment on tour in Circus Finlandia. In Portugal he will perform 3 acts – A mixed animal act (Parrots, dogs pigeons and a fox) – a very funny duck act with lots of ducks in liberty (similar to a liberty horse act but with ducks instead) and his wife will perform a very charming dog act.



October 25th.

Circus Krone winter circus.

The huge German circus Krone winter program in Munchen is not released yet. It will be season number 87 when Krone opens with their new program December 25th. and ending the winter season April the 2nd. There will as always be 3 different programs through the winter. Some of the artists in the 3 programs will be Martin Lacey – lions. Troupe Nanjing – Acrobats from China. Karl-Frederich – ponys. Fumagalli brothers – Reprise clowns. Charly Borra – Gentleman thief. Jana Mandana – Camels. Yana Shnikovi – Hoola hop on horse back and Wendel Huber – Elephants and dogs. There will be fare more artists in the program and will of cause be released when the names are official.





To the fantastic artist – the Italian reprise clown Jimmy Folco with his first born son October 7th.



October 21st.

Festivals and winter circuses.

Lots of festivals and Christmas circuses release their programs these days. Many of the artists has performed in Scandinavia this or the recent years. In Liege (Belgium) there is circus festival from December 16th. – January 8th. Included in this festival there is two acts seen this summer in Scandinavia. Duo air love – an air act full of love and passion – seen this summer in the Danish circus Benneweis. Bernhard Kasselowsky (African elephants) has just finished his summer tour in Denmark with circus Dannebrog.

In France there is Du Cirque de Massey. Here we can see Duo Cardinali from Portugal performing their sea lions. Duo Cardinali was on a short visit in Norway with the historic Spanish circus Raluy in 2002. In circus Arena (Denmark) in 1996 and again in 1999. Duo Cardinali will be back in Scandinavia working for circus Arena in the 2006 summer tour. Duo Passion was in Circus Benneweis for the 2002 summer season with a very poetic air act. Sonny Frankello presents his African elephants in a very high level. Sonny and his family have been in Scandinavia many many times. In Circus Maximum Sweden in 1995 and 2000 – In Circus Benneweis 96 and 1998 – In Circus Arena from 2002 until 2004 – a season in circus Dannebrog and one season on the open air stage in Tivoli garden – Copenhagen. The Canadian parterre artists – Duo Symbiose have also been in Scandinavia on the open air stage in Tivoli garden a few years ago.



2006 - Year of the circus

The Dutch centre of national culture declares 2006 for "year of the circus" Lots of events will take place in 2006 in Holland. There will be exhibitions, congress, educational events and a website with information. A book about circus will be released. This event can be seen in the mirror of the new EU resolution concerning circus as culture and a more respected way of entertainment.



Konstantin Mouraviev

The Russian German wheel artist Konstantin Mouraviev is signed to Cirque d-Hiver in Holland. Many Scandinavian people could see Konstantin Mouraviev with his comic act "forever thin", when circus Roncalli was close to the Danish border. Konstantin was on tour in Scandinavia in 2001 with the Danish circus Arena.

Konstantin Mouraviev



Anton Monastyrsky

The fantastic and very modern hula hop artist is at the moment a part of the international circus Festival – City of Latina – in Italy. The festival is a competition for young artists Anton was on tour with the Danish circus Benneweis in Denmark this summer. Anton performs a very modern hula hop act in a very well considered atmosphere and he is really an artist of tomorrow. Anton’s parents are at the moment on their second year in Circus Billy Smart in England, where they perform a quick change routine under the name Duo Monastyrsky.

The 6th International Circus Festival "City of Latina" is an Italian event dedicated to young artists under 21 years of age. There will be price awards Monday October 24th.

October 20th.


Monthly magazine opdated with Circus Kenny Review and extra pictures here


October 17th.

Two more artist in Circus Kenny.

The circus Kenny winter performances starts today. As wrote a few days ago Harizonov clowns and the cat and dog artist Darja will be in the performance. There are two more artists included and one of them is Vladimir a fantastic artist from Letland. Vladimir is a juggler but educated as gymnast. Vladimir will perform standard juggling and bouncing balls. The other artist is Jimmi Enoch, grandson of Circus Dannebrog director Haddi Enoch. Jimmi will perform a bike and a mono bike act including glass balance.



October 15th.


New Circus Photo magazine out now

The circus magazine "Circus Photo magazine" is out now. It is issue number 8 from the hands of the author – Leendert Bedijn – in Holland. A little misprint occurred on the front page where there is printed 2004 instead of 2005. But anyway the magazine is full of nice pictures form a lot of circuses in Europe and a lot of photos from Scandinavian circuses. In this issue there are pictures from circus Merano in Norway taken the last days of the Merano 2005 tour in Oslo. From Denmark there are pics from the small circus Mascot owned by Jess and Marianne Deleuran. From the small Danish circus Krone there are 6 nice pictures. From the rest of Europe there are pictures of Circus Royall (Switzerland) , Paul Busch (Germany), Moira Orfei (Italy), Coliseo (Spain), Ringland (Italy), Stelle Delle (Italy), Belly Wien (Holland), Victor Hugo Cardinali (Portugal), Achille Zavatta Fills (France) and Circus Herman Renz (Holland).

If you want a subscription to this very nice magazine the price is 25 Euro for 4 issues and if you stay outside Europe the price is 35 Euro for four issues. Please contact Leendert Bedijn for further information on this email l.bedijn@12move.nl or see the website www.circusphotomagazine.com next issue is expected in December 2005.

Circus Photo magazine 8 -2005



Monthly internet magazine ready with preview - here


October 14th.


Circus Kenny

Circus Kenny winter circus (Produced by circus Dannebrog) presents a nice program this year. The fantastic traditional clowns Harizonov performing "you cant play here" act. Harizonov a musical clowns and plays very very well. Harizonov are  well known in Scandinavia and has performed in Circus Arnardo in 1987, Maximum 95, Olympia 98 and this season in the Swedish circus Brazil Jack. One of the great positive surprises comes when you see a new and very talented act. That is exactly what happened in circus Brazil Jack when I for the first time saw Daja this summer season. Daja will be in circus Kenny with her very nice dogs and cat act. The act is very different from other acts of its kind and is very well adapted to music and movements. Circus Kenny will be in Rosengaard centeret from October 17th. until October 22nd.

Harizonov Clowns

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005 (C)




Circus Baldoni one man show.

It is a tradition for director René Marvin from circus Baldoni to make a one man circus show through the autumn. This year is no exception but this time it is not a one man show because René has hired the Juggler Mr. Strington. Mr. Strington is a highly skilled juggler and performs with bouncing balls and Diablo. After the show he is in charge for a circus/juggling workshop for all interested people. The show can be seen on Ro´s place in Roskilde west of Copenhagen in the autumn holidays. The performance Clumsy Hans is another performance from the hands of Thessa and René and this year they will perform in the north of Germany – close to the Danish border. The performances will be held in the Danish Schools in Germany. From November the 9th. there is premiere on the Baldoni winter circus called circus Christmas fun.



ECA meeting in Slagelse - Denmark

The European Circus association – ECA - held a meeting for the Scandinavian circuses in Slagelse October the first. The reason for the meeting, there was set in the winter quarter of Circus Arena, was to discuss the circus business in Scandinavia. 8 Scandinavian circuses was a part of the meeting. From Denmark it was circus Arena, Arli, Baldoni, Dannebrog and Benneweis . From Norway it was circus Arnardo. From Sweden it was circus Maximum and from Findland – circus Finlandia.




The European Parliament today adopted by a large majority a resolution calling for greater recognition of and support for the classical circus as part of European culture. 


The resolution reflects the fact that the classical circus includes the presentation of animals.    The European Circus Association (ECA) welcomes the initiative as the starting point to create a more harmonized environment that serves to facilitate the preservation and promotion of classical circus arts and culture as is the case with other art forms.  The ECA believes that the sound defeat of a last minute attempt to delete a reference to the presentation of animals as part of classical circus accurately reflects the general public's continuing interest in and support for both human and animal performers.

Noting that cross-border mobility is a main feature of circuses, the resolution highlights the need to look at the situation of the circus from a European point of view and calls upon the European Commission and Member States to take action to address obstacles confronted by the circus community.  These include difficulties with visa requirements for international artists; challenges related to school and vocational education for circus children as part of the travelling community; and the creation of European standards to harmonize the wide array of technical requirements for circustents and related safety measures. 

The resolution was developed under the leadership of Mrs. Doris Pack, EPP/ED (DE), as part of the activities of the Committee on Culture and Education.  According to European Commission Member Ján Figel' the initiative "will undoubtedly contribute to better recognition of the circus as part of Europe's culture and to more account being taken of its specific needs in the formulation of our policies."


October 7th.

Grenoble Circus Festival

Lots of artists working in Scandinavia will be in Grenoble circus festival 2005. René and Alexia Casselly with their four African elephants and their liberty horses. René and Alexia performed this summer with their elephants in circus Arena –Denmark. The Jasters – the fantastic Italian knife and crossbow artist – this summer on tour with circus Arnardo in Norway. The reprise clown "Francesco" this summer with the Danish circus Benneweis. Trio José Mitchells clowns was a part of the Swedish circus Maximum in the 2004 season and they are a part of Grenoble circus festival as well. The Grenoble circus festival will be held from November 24th until November 27th.




Dennie Enoch.

The son of Haddie Enoch (director for the Danish circus Dannebrog) will be a part ot the Danish television channel "tv3" broardcast "friends on try". Dennie has exchanged his life in circus with a good friend for a week. Se how Dennie manage to live a civil life out side circus on TV3 October 25th.


October 6th.

Mannen - Clownen - Vännen har tagit adjö!


Malmös egen clown Miko, Göte Forsberg, avled den 8 september 2005 hemma hos vännen Birgitta Engfeldt i Bunkeflostrand. Han hade under delar av sommaren varit inlagd på UMAS på onkologen och det var där jag senast träffade honom då jag sommarjobbade som städare där. Trots att han låg på sjukhuset så var han vid oerhört gott humör! Han både sjöng och småflörtade med sjuksköterskorna så han hade modet upp. Sedan blev han placerad på korttidsboendet Oxie vårdhem som ligger utanför Malmö. Där vantrivdes han och som tur var fick han komma hem på torsdagen till vännen med det stora hjärtat, Birgitta. Han avled samma dag omgiven av Birgitta och hemtjänstpersonal.


Jag kom först i kontakt med Göte när jag skulle skriva ett arbete på gymnasiet om cirkus. Då intervjuade jag honom i hemmet och en vänskap skapades mellan oss. Under åren har vi försökt att hålla kontakten trots att jag år 2001 flyttade upp till Växjö för att studera. Göte var den personen som verkligen tog sig tid att berätta om cirkus och om hur cirkuslivet hade varit för honom själv. Det blev många intressanta och fascinerande berättelser, både roliga och sorgliga. Det var också Göte som introducerade Cirkulära Notiser för mig så hade det inte varit för honom så hade jag säkert inte vetat om att tidningen funnits idag. Men Göte var också en människovän av stora mått! Han talade ofta om respekt och förståelse för andra människor och att man ska ta tillvara det man har. Varför hata när man kan älska? På sätt blev Göte Forsberg en förebild för mig och säkert för väldigt många andra i Malmöregionen. Efter att han lämnat cirkusbranschen blev han clownen Miko och han blev Malmös egen clown! Han vistades mycket i Folkets Park i Malmö med sitt positiv men också mycket på gatorna hemma i Limhamn där vi båda bodde. Jag har nog aldrig träffat någon så sympatisk och osjälvisk person som Göte och även om han lämnat oss så finns han kvar i mitt och många andras hjärtan.

Begravning äger rum den 14 oktober i Limhamns kyrka. Istället för blommor så uppmanas att tänka på Mikofonden bg 5427-7918 eller Sjöräddningssällskapet pg 900500-0


Info Martin Lasson Berglund - Sweden.



                                                                                                                        October 3rd.

Malte Knapp

The Swedish mono bike artist Malte Knap is signed to the German circus Flic Flac. Malthe is just a fantastic artist with a great reputation. He has been working almost everywhere in Scandinavia as Circus Agora, Arena, Bonbon, Olympia, Scott and a lot of other places. Malte fits perfectly in this German modern circus, with rock music, light and a very exiting program.


October 2nd.

Adriana and Amadeo Folco.

Adriana and Amadeo Folco will perform together in circus Het Dordtse Royal winter circus in Holland. The last seasons Amadeo and one of his daughters – Adriana has performed with different acts in different circuses. Last season Adriana performed in the Norwegian circus Merano where Amadeo performed this season with horses and elephants. This season Adriana performed in circus Benneweis in Denmark. Now they will be together in Holland, where Adriana will perform a high school act and 6 Friser horses in liberty. Amadeo Folco will perform 2 Indian elephants – the same act that we could see in circus Merano this season.


Ingo Steibner

Ingo Steibner and his sea lions will perform in Cirque D´hiver Roermond in Holland from December 27th until December 30th. Ingo is very well known in all Scandinavian countries and has performed in most circuses here, last time in this season for circus Maximum. Ingo will be back in Scandinavia in 2007 where he will perform for circus Arena in Denmark. Also the fantastic springboard troupe – Catana - are contracted for Cirque D´Hiver, they were seen in circus Arena in the 2003 season.


October 1st.


Circus Scandinavia DVD

Circus Scandinavia will release their first DVD very soon. It is titled "Around in Circus" and includes video clips from Circus Arena, Baldoni, Roncalli, Maximum, Brazil Jack, Arnardo, Merano, Dannebrog and Billy Smart. Most clips are taken in 2004 and 2005. The DVD includes short outside clips from each circus and the running time is 25 minutes. The DVD is made in DVD –  and can be played on most DVD´s.


Digital video.

16 bit digital sound and Music (Music made by circus Scandinavia)

DVD- PAL TV system (Europe)

Year – 2004 and 2005.

Running time: 25 min.

Realease date will be November 1st.

Price: 9 Euro/ 70 Danish kroner + P and P.

The DVD can be bought from the new circus store on Circus Scandinavia, opening November 1st.


Front cover from the new DVD "Around Circus"

Back cover from the new DVD "Around Circus"


Internet circus Magazine opdated with pictures from Circus Dannebrog - here