September 29th.

Martyne and Alain Chabris

Martyne and Alain Chabris, just finished their circus Benneweis tour in Denmark, are signed to Stuttgart Christmas circus 2005.

Info: John Cooper - England


Posnas poodles.

Posnas Poodle parade is signed to Hiltruper Christmas circus in Germany from December 27th until December 30th. 2005. Posnas has just finished the tour around in Denmark with circus Dannebrog, where they performed two dog acts.

September 27th.

Kenny Quinn

The Danish pick pocket thief Kenny Quinn are signed to Heilbronner Christmas circus from December 21st. until January 8th. 2006. In the same performance is the Mexican juggler Juan Pablo Martinez, just ended the season in circus Arena Denmark. The clowns will be the very well known traditional clowns – José Michell last time seen in Scandinavia in the 2004 season where they performed in the Swedish circus Maximum. The very fantastic and very strong parterre act is performed by the Spanish Seguras. Seguras has been several times in Scandinavia and last time in the now closed Swedish circus Scott.


Fumagalli and the Errani brothers

2 world class Italian acts will be a part of the Stuttgart Christmas circus 2005-2006. The absolute world class clowns – Fumagalli brothers will be there and the two Errani brothers with their extraordinary fantastic antipode act. The two brothers was included in the Italian family circus - Circus Errani but after a Gold Clown in Monaco circus festival they have been around in Europe with a huge success. They have never performed in Scandinavia but we hope that the future will bring them here some day because this act are really something special.


September 23rd.

New circus in Sweden

A new circus is born in Sweden and the name of the circus is Millennium. It will be one of the largest circus in Scandinavia with seats for 2000 people and a 40 m. tent. The owner, Alexander Romakin, tells circus Scandinavia that it is not decided yet about the circus will have the Grand opening in 2006 or 2007. The tent is with four king poles and in the Swedish national colours – yellow and blue. The world premiere will be in Malmo in the south of Sweden.

Togheter with his wife Natalya they performs a hand to hand act but Alexander is a multi artist – Hand to hand, perch, glass balance, table act and in 2001 we could see Alexander as the clown Chicky in the Swedish circus Olympia. Alexander has a long career in circus and he has performed in Circus Ariz (Italy) in 90,91,92,95 and 1997. Circus Globus in Bulgaria 1999 and 2000. Davi and Viktors water show (Italy) 1998 and in a lot of other variety and parks around Europe. This summer Alexander has performed in Furuviks park in Sweden but very soon he will stand with his 2 feet in his own circus




Second soccer game.

Before circus Dannebrog and Benneweis both left Copenhagen, there was a re soccer match. After Benneweis lost the fist fight with 8 against 0 – the Bennewies people insisted on a new game. This time the result was a little better because the game ended without any goals.


September 22nd.

Benneweis elephants

There has been a lot of talking about where the Elephants owned by circus Benneweis are today. Circus Scandinavia has tracked the elephants and it seems that the three remaining animals still performs. The elephants were sold in 1996 after a serious accident where one of the elephants (Siam) stampeded through the streets of Nyborg in Denmark. The Elephant "Siam" was given a deadly injection. The three remaining elephants were sold to the Italian circus Americano and were included in the herd owned and trained by Flavio Togni. The elephants didn´t fit into the Togni herd and there was a lot of fighting between the animals. Rumours says that one of the Benneweis animals was behind a killing on a elephant keeper but that is not confirmed. The Togni Family decided to sell the three elephants and one was sold to the Spanish circus Mundial and the two remaining to the German Gartner family. The two sons in this family took one elephant each and this year one of the old Benneweis elephants was performed by Joy Gartner this season in circus Arnado – Norway.


September 17th.

Austrian National circus is sold

The Austrian National Circus (ANC) is sold. The buyer is German but at the moment the identity is unknown. ANC was stranded in Innsbruck in a hopeless economic situation but it seems now, that problem is solved. It is unknown about the circus will continue in Austria or it will be moved to Germany. In 2003 the Austrian circus Althoff Jacobi was bought by the Danish circus Arena and was moved to Denmark, where most of the material was included in this Danish circus.


Septermber 16th.


A few days ago circus Scandinavia was informed that the Italian star clown was back in a Scandinavian circus in the next season. He will not be in Scandinavia for more than one season because Fumagalli and his brother – Darix has signed a contract with the American circus Big apple for the 2007 season.

INFO: D D – Italy.



Kids in Circus.

It is tradition that circus Scandinavia invites kids in circus twice a year. In the spring we were in Circus Arena and saw a fantastic performance. This time it was circus Dannebrog in the middle of Copenhagen were 30 kids saw the evening performance. All kids were very impressd and liked Bubi Ernesto clowns and the Monni family with their roller skate act and the Rola rola entré. The kids looks forward to the spring were we will find a new performance to enjoy.


September 14th.


Lots of rumours about the Italian star clown Fumagalli should return to the Danish Circus Benneweis in 2006 is now confirmed. It is not a rumour and the fantastic clown and his brother Darix will return to Benneweis in March 2006. Fumagalli had a great success in the 2003 season in Denmark. In 2002 he was performing in, the now closed Swedish circus Scott. After the 2003 season Fumagalli went to Norway and performed in circus Arnardo and in the current season the brothers are in circus Knie. This winter Fumagalli will perform in Stuttgart Christmas circus and in January they are ready to amuse the spectators in Monte Carlo circus festival. Before the premiere in Denmark Fumagalli can be found in The German circus Krone in Munchen where they are included in the February program




The Swedish trick horse riders The Kosowiiks will be a part of the Dutch Christmas circus "Circus Alex Sijm" The Kosowiiks are just fantastic in skill and tempo and was last seen in a Scandinavian circus in Norway performing by Circus Agora. In 2003 they performed in Denmark for circus Arena and in 2002they did the season in Findland for circus Finlandia. The Italian clowns Di Lellos seen in circus Dannebrog for the 2004 season will be a part of this event as well.

INFO: Holger Gensel -Germany



September 13th.

Cirque d´Hiver Bouglione 2005

Cirque d´Hiver Bouglione starts their new show in the circus building in Paris 22 October 2005. The production this year is called Audace. On the program is the French/Italian clowns Rossyans as we could se in a fantastic entrée as Scottish clowns in the Swedish circus Maximum in 2005. Mennestrelli a Russian duo with a very poetic dog training act (Benneweis 2003 and Merano 2004). A very special act is presented this year – Robin Valencia with a Human Cannonball act. Bella Ringenbach presents tigers. Régina Bogliona – Camels. The Antares – Trapeeze. Joseph Bouglione – Horses. Alberto Caroli – Clown. Natalia Ergorova – Areial rings. Luris Basiul – High wire. Picaso Jr. Juggler.



Italian artists in Denmark.

The Monni family and Bubi Ernesto clowns both from Italy was getting their copy of the fantastic Italian circus Magazine "In Cammino" this week. As you can see on one of the pictures the Bubi Ernestos was very interested in their copy of the magazine. Both families are at the moment on tour with the Danish circus Dannebrog. Last months it was the Italian ventriloquist – Kevin Huesca and the Rossyan clowns there got their copy when circus Scandinavia was in Sweden visiting circus Maximum. In Cammino is a fantastic circus magazine in a very high standard with more than 80 pages and hundreds of pictures.



Football match

Normally this page is not about sports of any kind but artists are of cause also into soccer when they have the chance. What is more obviously when there is more than one circus in town – they play of cause against each other. That was exactly what circus Benneweis and circus Dannebrog did and the victory ended in circus Dannebrog with 8 against 1

Info Italian Circus Fans


September 12th.

3 circus in Brussels

It is not only in Copenghagen there are 3 circuses at the same time. Also in Brussels there will be 3 performances to choose from.

Alexandra Bouglione from 16 September to 4 December.

Cirque Pauwels from 24 September to 8 January

Il Florilwgio (Darix Togni) from 14 October to 5 December

At the Cirque Royal building in Brussels over Christmas, there will be The Moscow Circus on Ice from 15 December to 8 January.

Info John cooper - England



Duo double face.

Duo Double face, just finished their tour with the Norwegian circus Merano, will be joining Cirque Educatif from January 6th. – 2006. Duo Double face performs a very nice Diablo act combined with Tango dance. In the same show there will be other well-known faces from the Scandinavian summer season. Adriana Folco – at the moment on tour with the Danish Circus Benneweis will perform with her elephant Baba and a high school act as well. Mario Berousek the extremely fast juggler and a lot of years behind him in the German circus Krone will also be a part of Cirque Edúcatif. Mario Berousek has been in Denmark performing in circus Arena (1994) with his family – The Freddys. His brother Robert was a part of Circus Arena in 2002 and in the Norwegian circus Agora in 2003 performing a ladder act.



Austrian national circus – Louis Knie.

The Austrian National circus Louis knie is in a lot of trouble. They can’t pay their bills any more and at the moment they are stocked in Innsbruck. It seems as the crises in the Austrian circus business continues. After the season in 2003 it was the great circus Althoff Jacobi there had to close down after an awful season without any spectators and now is Austrian national circus close to a bankrupt. In 2004 I saw a fantastic performance in Salzburg in Austrian National circus with only 40 spectators. If you can’t get audience to a performance in that quality you can’t get people in circus at all. We all hope that Austrian National circus find a way to solve things out and the people in Austria finds out what a quality entertainment circus is.




September 11th.

Monthly magazine opdated with circus Dannebrog review - here


Miller Benneweis

The Danish horse trainer Miller Benneweis are back in the ring. Not in his cousins circus Benneweis, as he left in 1996 but in the Danish circus Dannebrog. After he left Benneweis he performed the horses in the Danish circus Arena for a few seasons and last year he went back in the circus business but behind the scenes with a helping hand in Circus Dannebrog. Now he is back in the ring in Dannebrog together with Katja Enoch in a very charming double horse act.


Bubi Ernestos

The Italian clowns Bubi Ernestos have signed a contract with the German circus Carl Busch. Bubi Ernestos will be in Carl Busch already a few days after they end the current circus Dannebrog tour in the late September.


September 9th.

Adriana Folco

The fantastic elephant trainer – Adriana Folco has birthday today. Circus Scandinavia congratulates Adriana with her 35 years. Adriana is at the moment on tour with circus Benneweis in Denmark together with her elephant Baba. In 2004 and 2003 Adriana was on tour in Norway with circus Merano.


Benneweis Gala premiere.

This evening there was gala premiere for circus Benneweis in Copenhagen. As a tradition lots of actors, politicians and circus friends was invited for this opening show in the Danish capital. After the last performance in Copenhagen it is the same time the end of the Benneweis tour 2005. The show was great and especially the high wire artists - Los Quiros – seems fit for fight since the 2 serious accidents last year in France. Through the summer there has been a drawing competition for children, where the rules were – draw the front page of next years printed souvenir program. The winner was found by the very well known Danish drawer – Ib Spang Olsen. He told circus Scandinavia before the release that it has been very very difficult because there has been so many fantastic drawings. Circus Scandinavia congratulates the winner. Here are a few pictures from the evening in Benneweis.







September 7th.

Circus Arena winter tour on Greenland

As usual circus arena in Denmark will go on a winter tour to Greenland after the season. This year they will be in Greenland from October 3rd until October 11th. Artists on this tour to 7 towns will be Martin Arli, Betina Arli and Alexander Arli, The Danish clown BonBon, and the German acrobat Mario Danee doing a very special act dressed as a carpenter building up his own props. The Italian/Danish singer Dario Campeotto will do a parody of the Danish pop/rock singer – Kim Larsen.

Mario Danee


Monte Carlo circus Festival 2006

It is no secret anymore that there is no competition in the 2006 circus festival in Monaco from January 19th. Until January 27th. – 2006. Instead it will be the winners from the 30 years the festival has existed. There have been a lot of rumours about which artists there would be invited to this very special event. At the moment it is sure that the Italian star clown Fumagalli will be there. The Russian spring board artists – Puzanovi are not confirmed yet. The Russian super clown Oleg Popov will be there, the fantastic gentleman juggler Kris Kremo, Flavio Togni from the Italian circus Americano presenting his fantastic elephant act and Martin and Alex Lacy with lions will also be a part of this fantastic event. If you should be interested to see this show it is possible to go by Brianos circus travels – see the August news version for details.



September 5th.

3 circuses in Copenhagen

As written before on this page there is now a great opportunity to see the 3 mayor circuses in Copenhagen this weekend. For circus interested people, here is a list with the performance times in the weekend.

Circus Dannebrog

Circus Dannebrog is found on "Trianglen", 10 minutes in car from the main train station (Hoved banegarden).


Tuesday September 8th at 15 and again at 19; 30.

Friday 9th. At 19:30

Saturday 10th. at 16:30 and again at 19:30

Sunday 11th. at 13:30 and again 16:30


Circus Benneweis

Circus Benneweis is found on the official circus place in Copenhagen called Bellahoej – 15 minutes in car from the main train station (Hoved Bane garden).


Tuesday – no performance

Friday 9th. Gala premiere at 20:00

Saturday 10th. at 17:00

Sunday 11th. at 14:00 and again at 17:00


Circus Arena

Circus Arena is found at the shopping mall "Fiske torvet" just 10 minutes walk from the main train station (Hoved banegarden).


Tuesday 8th. – Sold out

Friday 9th. – at 19:00

Saturday 10th. at 13:00 and again at 16:00

Sunday 11th. No performance



Performance on DVD.

The Swedish circus Olympia has just recorded their 2005 performance on DVD. Since the beginning Olympia has recorded all their performances on video and it is possible to buy the tapes from the Olympia circus web page. Circus Olympia hopes that the new recorded performance will be ready before the end of the tour. . At the moment Olympia has videos in stock from 1991 until 2004 (14 seasons) and in a few days they will have the latest performance for sale. It is also possible to buy old souvenir programs from their web page. Programs available from 1988 until the latest 2005 souvenir program ( 1998 and 1991 are sold out). You can find a link to Olympia and their web store on the link page.



September 4th.

Mr. Jumping.

The Danish circus Baldoni has signed a contract with the Bulgarian artist Mr. Jumping for the summer season 2006. Mr Jumping is at the moment on tour with the Swedish circus Olympia and performs a comic trampoline act. Also contracted to Baldoni is the Hungarian hoola hoop artist "Fatime" - Fatime is also on the current tour with circus Olympia.




Circus Olympia horses.

Henrika and Herbert Bengtsson, the owners of the Swedish circus Olympia, has sold one of their trained liberty horse groups too circus Belluci in Italy. The horse group includes 6 very well trained white Arab horses. Circus Belluci is not the only circus in Italy to enjoy Herberts Bengtssons work because from Octobe 12th  Olympias has rented out their beautiful Tinker horses togheter with a camel group to circus CITTA di ROMA. Those animals will stay in CITTA di ROMA until March 30th.


September 3rd.


August Circus Magazine opdated with pictures from Circus Olympia in Sweden - Here


Digital Photo magazine

The monthly Scandinavian- Digital Photo magazine - has been on a visit in the Danish circus Dannebrog. Here they were testing a nice range of different new cameras for a review in the magazine. The test winner was of cause found and can be seen in the August issue of this magazine