February 22nd

Circus Arnardo 2005 program

The oldes circus in Norway – Circus Arnardo are ready with their 2005 program. Last year, it was the Italian star clown Fumagalli as the head attraction and this marbles clown are difficult to replace but it seems there is a lot of nice artists in this 2005 production . Back in Arnardo is the fantastic duo – The Jasters from Italy with their absolute thrilling crossbow act. Arnardo are ready for the first show in Arendal March 5th at 6 o´clock and March 6th. At 3 and 6 oclock.

The Program:

The Quiddlers

Reprise clowns

Picture by Circus Arnardo 2005(C)


Jindra and Helena.

Strabats act.

Picture by Circus Arnardo 2005 (C).



Soap bobbles


Duo Dzen

High School

Classic horse act in a very high level.

Very very classic horse act with dogcart and highschool. In Benneweis 2003 there was two dogs included in the act as well

In Circus Benneweis (Denmark) in 2003

Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2003(C).


Tsytko Family

Antipode act. (Russia)

A very impressing antipode act also going high up under the big top

Circus Olympia (Sweden) 2003 and Circus Dannebrog (Denmark) 2004.


Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C)



Dave Blundell



Picture by Circus Arnardo 2005 (C).



Paulina Folco Arnardo

Slack wire (Italy/Norway)

From Arnardos own family




Poodles. (Ukraine)

One of the smallest dog trainers in the world not much higher than her own dogs.

Circus Dannebrog (Denmark) 2003 and Brazil Jack (Sweden) 2004.

Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2003 (C)



The Jasters


Knife and Crossbow act.Extremely thrilling and very dangerous act including knifes and crossbow

Arnardo 1999

Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C)



Duo Urunov

Air act.(Russia)

Duo Uronovs (Duo Dzen) second entrée but in a complete different act. This time 10 meters over the ground, this couple do a very tender rendezvous in a ring.

Benneweis 2003 (Denmark)


Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2003 (C)


Joy Gartner

Indian elephants.(Germany)

Two Indian Elephants (Indra and Yogo) are back in Arnardo.

Arnardo 2001, 2002, 2003



Here are links to earlier reviews from the above artists and circuses.

Duo Dzen

Tsytko Family - Tsytko Family 2


The Jasters




February 20th.

Full Merano program for 2005

Lots of new thinking in the circus Merano 2005 program makes this early 2005 premiere exiting. It is the ealiest premiere ever for circus Merano in their season number 31. the tent are already in place in Frederiksstad in the south of Norway ready to open the gates February 25th. Many new acts never seen before in Scandinavia, make this production very interesting but still a performance loyal to the old fashion circus traditions. Here is the program but Merano asked me to write, that changes can occur.


Dnux Malax-trouppe

Modern parterre-acrobats

3 acrobats from Ghana – never seen before here in Scandinavia makes the african folklore enter the tent. Dnux Malax are jugglers, fire eaters, acrobats, dancers and much much more


Sharon Folco

Horse ballet

In charge of the horses are Sharon Folco performing 6 white stallions


Trio Aleshin

Icarian games

Valeiy Aleshin togheter with his young daughter in a modern and different icarian games act. Aleshin are not seen in any Scandinavian circus before.


Duo Double Face


From Italy comes this beautiful diablo act. With a lot of tenderness are those two artists, Isabella and Alessandro, performing the traditional diablo act mixed with dance in a very elegant way. Double face was a part of circus Benneweis in 2003



Lords of the rings

12 young acrobats from the republic of Sakha (North-east of Sibiria) are jumping through rings build in the height. The guys are from 16 years to 21 years and they are educated in the national circus school in their homeland before they specialized their act in Bejing – China – Gold medal in the Latina circus festival and for the first time ever in Scandinavia.



Vertical poles

It is rare that Merano has double acts (2 acts with the same artists) but 2005 is an exception because for the second time Sakha troupe will be in the ring with a very spesialized vertical pole act



Reprise clown

Herrey from Russia are in charge of changing the acts togheter. In the last 3 years it was Don Christian. Herrey should be very fantastic and one of the best in the buisness.


Duo Volkov


The evenings thrill comes from Russia. Nathalia and Sergey comes both from the world of sport. Now they are performing in trapeze under the big top


Amedeo Folco

Indian elephants

In 2003 and 2004 it was Adriana Folco performing with her elephant Baba (in 2003 also with 6 Friser horses) now dad is taken over and presents the two heavy ladies – Julina and Sharon. With him in the ring are Amedeos two other daughters Franziska and Sharon


Tony Carlini

Reprice clown

Togheter with herrey will Tony Carlini from Belgium changing the acts togheter.






February 19th.


Circus Merano in Norway are building up their circus for the earliest premiere ever - February 25th. As you can see there is no snow in the south of Norway at the moment. The pictures was taken today by Arild Martinsen

Picture by Arild Martinsen 2005 (C)


Picture by Arild Martinsen 2005 (C).



February 18th.



The Italian circus world cries for the death of Roberto Pandini, a great circus fan well known both in Italy and abroad for his personality, his style, his knowledge of circus world, his elegance, his friendship.

He was engineer and he projected many circus tent as the big top of Florilegio, most popular from the '90s in all Europe. He collaborated with Cirque du Soleil and Rolf Knie Junior for his chapiteau in Zurich.

In the 80s he wrote very interesting articles on the Italian circus magazine "Circo", he was a very good photographer and he was one of the soul of the Italian website Circusfans.it

The circus has lost a great personality, a special man, a real Friend.





Amedeo Folco in circus Merano

The Italian elephant trainer Amedeo Folco replaces his own daughter in circus Merano – Norway. After two seasons - 2003 and 2004 - Adriana Folco and her elephant Baba (also Friser horses in 2003) are replaced by the two heavy ladies Julina and Sharon performed by her father. Adrianas sister – Sharon Folco- will be in charge for the horses this year in Merano.

The full program and a closer description from Merano are released here in a few days.

Adriana Folco, Baba and Cecilie in Frederiksstad 2004

Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).



February 17th.

66 different countries.

66 different countries visited circus Scandinavia yesterday. Here is the list.






Great Britain













Czech Republic

South Africa







Slovak Republic


Saudia Arabia

Russian federation











Hong Kong









United Arab Emirates

South Korea


New Zealand


Faroe Islands















Circus Krone - German models

Great news for circus people with interests in circus models. The German firm Breekina has released 11 new circus Krone cars and trucks in size 1:87. As usual you must be fast because those models will fast be rare collector’s items. So go to your local train hobby store and find the cars or ask him to get them for you.


February 16th.

Addi Jepsen.

The Danish sea lion trainer Adi Jepsen will as usual perform in the Danish amusement park BonBon land. But this year there will be 4 sea lions instead of two. The two youngest seal lions were in BonBon last year but they did not perform with the two others. Now they are ready to join the show, when it starts in the spring.

Here are the 4 young sea lionss training area

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005 (C).


February 15th.

Circus Dannebrog artists 2005

- Buby Ernestos Jr. - Musical clown entrée

- MG team (roller skates) –  (Monni family) seen in circus  Agora 2003

- Monni – (Diablo)

- Ofelia Ernestos (low wire)

- Biasini (dog act)

- The Faltiny (bikes and unicycle)

- Isabella Enoch (solo trapeze)

- Katja Enoch (liberty horses)

- Posnas poodle parade – this act are not confirmed. ??

Rumours about Miller Benneweis should be in circus Dannebrog this season are not correct and the horses will be performed by Katja Enoch.

Circus Scandinavia will of cause review this performance in the March or April internet magazine.

Info Italian circus Fans


February 13th.


Martyn Chabry.

The fantastic clothes changing, musical entertainer and artist Martyn Chabry will be a part of Circus Benneweis 2005 in Denmark. Martyn is daughter of the world framous clown Toto Chabry, last seen in Denmark in 2004 for the international clown festival in Copenhagen. Martyn has been in Benneweis before together with his father as the white face clown and with her own musical clothes changing act as well. Martyne has been in many international circuses the last years – Black pool tower circus – England - in 1999, Circus Flic Flac – Germany in 2001 -2002, Circus Moira Orfei – Italy – 2003, Circus Krone – Germany, Tivoli Garden in Copenhagen and lots of variety shows. Also in the Bennewis performance this year is the French reprise clown and also reengaged from 2004 are the high wire artists Los Quiros. The high wire artists had two accidents late 2004 with two falls from the wire but circus Scandinavia is informed that they will be ready again for the comming season in Benneweis.

Los Quiros back in Benneweis in 2005

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).


Clown André

After the season in circus Nock 2005, Clown Andre (André Brogger) will be a part of the Malaysian circus Taipan circus from November 2005 in the performance – Swiss Dreams – with a lot of very talented young Swiss artists.


Februar 11th.

Circus BonBon

Premiere for circus BonBon will be June 12th. until August 8th. 2005. 



Two Andalusia horses

Circus Arena has bought two new Spanish Andalusia horses for the new season. The horses are very very beautiful and come directly from the Spanish stud farm to the Arena winter quarter in Slagelse. The horses will be used for the new school riding act in the new season.

One of Arenas new horses

Photo by Circus Scandinavia



February 10th.

Retired British animal trainer and presenter PHYLLIS ALLAN died on Thursday 3 February in a hospice at Peterborough (in England), aged 85. In her time she worked on just about every major British circus, but will be remembered in particular as being on Bertram Mills' Circus. I had the pleasure of working with her for a season on Paulo's Circus in 1990. She is sure to be missed by everyone who met her.

Our condolences to her family and friends.

John Cooper. - England



February 9th.


Last season top artist in the small and very nice Danish circus Krone Konstantin Bessogonov will be on tour with the German circus Bush Roland, with his Rola rola act for the 2005 tour. He will also perform with his clothes changing act together with his wife Ivana. In the 2003 season the couple was on tour in Austria with the now closed circus Althoff Jacobi.

Konstantin and Ivana Bessogonov here in Althoff Jacobi 2003

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2003 (C)



Arlette Gruss.

One of the greatest circus in France Arlette Gruss new 2005 prodution "Revés" includes the fantastic Diablo player Alexander Xelo seen in Circus Arena Denmark in the 2004 season. Xelo was also a part of the youth festival for young artists under 21 years of age in the last months of 2004. With him in the performance is the marbles handstand artist Glenn Nicolodi last seen in Scandinavia in 2002 where he performed with his dog in circus Benneweis.


Photo by circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).


February 8th.


Full Circus Skratt (Sweden) program for 2005

Claudia Bremlow – Antipode (Arena 2004, Flic Flac 2003, 2002).

David – Juggler and ladder balance.

Tim Delsbouq – Circus Arenas Friser horses.

Tim Delsbouq – Circus Arenas Dromedaries.

Juri and Leon – Reprise clowns (Skratt 2004, Agora 2003)

 Ljuba Gorbatsjova – Hoola hop and air act – ( Skratt 2004 and Agora 2003).

David Jakubtyk – Air act and Comic acrobat act.

Johanna – tight wire – (Skratt 2004,2003)






New page about circus Maximum.

The Swedish circus friend Anders Troedesson is at the moment working hard to put up a page concerning the great Swedish Circus Maximum. Anders was behind the page about Circus Scott as well but Scott seems not to tour anymore in the future. At the moment the page is written in Swedish but Anders told Circus Scandinavia that there will be some pages in English in the future. So please take a sneak peak through the link here



Circus Maximum got themselves a new private homepage

Photo by Circus Scandinavia




February 7th.


Duo Victoria in circus Monelly

Was known in Denmark for the documentary broadcast from Circus Dannebrog a few years ago. Vicky and Zdenek and their cats and dogs have been working in Scandinavia for 8 seasons. For the first time in many years they are signed outside Scandinavia for the summer tour 2005. After the circus Dannebrog season Duo Victoria went to Sweden and was performing in circus wictoria for a couple of years but in 2005 they will be working for circus Monelly in Belgium



February 6th.



Circus Baldoni

After last years success with the African troupe - Mombassa boys – it seems that Director René Marvin has found the right replacements for the 2005 production.

The Russian reprise clown duo – Kapitanski with their 5 trained Dax dogs. It is very rare to see dax dogs in circus because it is very hard to train those kinds of dogs.

Miss Olga in vertical rope – could be seen in circus Charlie in 2004 but now in Baldoni.

Barbie family has been with Baldoni from the first year on road and this season they will perform with 3 new acts. A Kautchuk act, a magic clothes changing act and a perch act.

Barbie Family in the Baldoni 2004 season

Photo by circus Scandinavia.


A troupe from china – GaoChen - with two couples of twins married to each other will perform with traditional Chinese circus and acrobat acts as lion dance, diablo, acrobat, plate balance and much more. GaoChen was last season on tour with the Chinese state circus in Great Britain.

GaoChen will perform in Circus Baldoni 2005

Photo by GaoChen


The official premiere will be in Lyngby –north of Copenhagen – April 21st. 2005. People on the little Danish island "Bornholm" can have a sneak peak on the performance from April 9th.

At the moment Rene performs with Clumsy Hans and this HC Andersen performance can be seen February 12th. in the Shopping Mall "Fiske torvet" at the same place it is possible to see René perform as the Juggler mister Strington – If you will see MR. Strington you had to be there 14 , 15 or February 16th.




New Arena ticket car.

At the moment they are working hard to finish a new ticket car before the premiere for circus Arena in Copenhagen. Last year Arena presented a fantastic and beautiful entrance car designed by the German painter René Ireck (The man behind the design in Roncalli). See the article about René and his work on the monthly Magazine – October 2004 issue.


The new ticket car should be ready for the 2005 season

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005 (C).


The fantastic entrance car from 2004

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C)



February 5th.


Claudia Bremlow

The fantastic and very beautiful antipode artist Claudia Bremlow wll be a part of the Swedish circus Skratt performance 2005. Claudia was a part of the Circus Arena performance in 2004 and before the Scandinavian premiere last year, she was a part of the German circus Flic – Flac.

Claudia Bremlow

Picture by circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).





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