March 29th.

Circus Dannebrog

Premiere for the Danish circus Dannebrog – the offecial premiere will be in a few days and there will of cause be a full review – until then a few pictures.


In Scandinavian:


Premiere for det Danske cirkus Dannebrog – Dog vil den officielle premiere først være om nogle dage I Odense. Indtil da kan man nyde lidt billeder fra årets nye forestilling.



Premiere for the Danish Baldoni and in new surroundings. As always looking forward to a Baldoni premiere because things are done different in this particular circus – The whole set up and way to consider how circus works are different here but without forgetting the more normal traditions in this business. It is not a secret that I'm a great supporter of a new developed circus styles but still without forgetting the traditions – this wish can be fulfilled here in Baldoni.


Maybe not world star artists as we see in the bigger circuses here in Scandinavia but still in a very nice quality – and the quality here increases from season to season. Also the surroundings here in Baldoni increases not fast but in small steps look forward to see the final result?


Opening by the Clown Daniel  Dimitrievic – turning the light on and of  routine. It is Daniel – also called Danilo, second year here in Baldoni. It has always been Daniels dream to be an artist – as a clown and as an illusionist. His first steps in circus was in circus Dannebrog, where he is a friend of the family and in special occasions he was a part of the performance here when Dannebrog was in Copenhagen. Anyway it was in Baldoni the director couple saw the possibility in Daniel and gave him the chance in 2008. It was a good idea because the only 22 year old clown was a success from the start. Not only the clowning in Baldoni because Daniel includes a lot of skills very useful in circus. He is a great musician and great with computer as well.

Baldoni have their own song and tune for the opening. Not different this season and a nice way to present all the artists.


First on the stage/ring (Baldoni use a round stage) was the Chinese guys called Liu Fu. A combined hat juggling act and a rola rola act. Nice costumes and a nice opening act.


Kapitanski has been in Baldoni before in 2005. I can understand why Baldoni reengage a clown duo like them. They are a typical product of the Russian clown style, witch means tempo and great fun. Kapitanski was in the ring three times with two acts seen in 2005 and a new one. The first was the Baby Sitter, where the baby really gives Kapitanski problems – maybe because he eats the baby´s food? – the act is a combined clown and illusion act where their youngest daughter and their dax dogs are included.


Kapitanski was in the church when Thessa And René was married back in 2005 and in full clown costume.

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005 (C).


The ventriloquist lion – Leonardo presents every year director René on stage. Some is new and some old stuff. The couple is an institution in Baldoni and lots of people will be disappointed if they wasn’t there. Anyway Leornardo chains the performance together and presents the next artists – it is away to do it and Leornardo is a success.


Next was one half of the director couple – Thessa (Danila) and Danilo in a traditional entrée. It is seen before – Danila wants to dance ballet and Danilo wants disco. Danila crushes the ghetto blaster in the dustbin. Danilo finds out it works anyway when he moves the lid.


Monika Magyar presents a very nice combined handstand, contorion and bow and arrow entrée. Monika was with Baldoni on their winter circus in 2008 and engaged the artist immediately for the summer season. Good looking artist with a smooth act starting with a handstand going up the stairs – then a traditional contorion act on the postament ending with an bow and arrow routine standing in a handstand and tricker the arrow by the feet. – The bulls eye is of cause a balloon. Very nice entrée.


Tonni Tips is also on his second season in Baldoni – Tonni is a run through figure in the performance and in this season with his own entrée as well. Dressed in Tyrol costume and very thick glasses he presents a comic Diablo act.


Kapitanski back with their fast a very funny cow reprise. Miss Kapitanski must milk the cow and the cow (Mr Kapitanski) are not so easy to handle and will not stand still. Mr. Kapitanski has a great clown face and his mimic is very very good. As in their first entrée there is a little illusion in the story because it ends up with real milk in the bucket.


Last entrée before the break is He Yuan. He Yuan is a beautiful smiling Chinese girl on mono bike. The mono bike is 2 and a half meters high and on this bike – she makes her full act. To drive a bike in this hight  is hard enough but He Yuan manage to show a an act where it seems very easy. On the bike she throws small cups and bucket up so they stands on her head – the cups are thrown from her feet. Spoons and pots goes the same way. If that isn’t enough she ends her show doing the same thing but now with the bike placed on a big ball. Great, colourful and very impressing act.


The opening after the break are Chinese sensation with n acrobatic ring entrée. Nice tempo and nice jumps through the rings.


Aleksandre Kapitanski is 17 years old. She had her artist debut in Baldoni in 2005 where she was in the ring for the first time presenting a very charming single dog act. Later she was with her parents in the Dutch Martin Hanson winter circus, where she also presented her dog act. Now she is almost a grown up lady and presents an acrobatic ring entrée. The acts starts with the ring placed on the ground and ends up high under the big top. She is a very good looking girl and do her act to nice light and music.


Duo Monro from England/Hungary – show a great juggling act. It is of cause a partner entrée and the couple seems very secure. They rarely drop anything and the tempo is very very nice. Lots of difficult passages including taken over each others clubs and a very nice fire juggling as well. Great performance from Monika and Robert.


Chinese Zhang Ruichong presents a very nice chair balance act. This entrée is also the thrilling act in this season with chairs stacked up to six pieces.. Various exercises is done in the hight with a different location for the last chair. Nice and visual entreé do the job and gives the spectators a little thrill.


Kapitanski back with their last input here in 2009. This entreé is in my opinion the high light in the performance. Again typical Russian style – never seen before in Scandinavia. This time we are presented for a cloth changing act – seen many times with humans but here it also goes for the dogs. Great idea and oh yes you can see it is different dogs coming but anyway very nice. Between the change there is positive tricks made by the dogs. The Dax dogs are dressed in very hot colours and in the last part they are all in, doing various exercises.



The man with  thousand faces – covers over an artist capable of changing masks without seeing it. Very impressing – maybe not one thousand different masks but a great deal. Again very colourful outfit but maybe a little hard to see the change. When I saw the rehearsal I couldn’t see what was happening but a little change in the light set up and people was told what should happen – helped a great deal. And yes it is very hard to see how he does but it is done. Very nice costumer with lots of colour with Chinese inspired music gives a nice experience.


Freddie Steckel comes from a very old circus Family with lots of traditions. Freddie was here last season with his table act done together circus director Thessa Daniella. The two decided to take one more season but with a lot of changes in the start. There has always been a story in this slapstick but this season it was changed. Director René Marvin told the audience there was a competition gong on similar to the X factor concept. Therefore one from the audience should have the chance to show what he/her could do. All must be fair so a ticket number was extracted and the number belongs of cause to Freddie and Thessa placed on the benches. Both are dressed in a peasant style and Thessa don’t want his husband to go in the ring. Lots of funny situations and great reaction from the wondering spectators there suddenly saw to elderly persons tumbling around on the stage.


As the start Baldoni always says goodbye to the audience by a song.


Baldoni is a great experience and proves that you can be very well entertain without loads of well-known stars. The light is great and has been improved once again. The gradin is much better now with a great sight from all places. There is room for 600 people in Baldoni – so it is a small circus but this size has advantage compared to the big performances and this is fully utilized and gives a great atmosphere. 


In Scandinavian:


Premiere for det Danske cirkus Baldoni I nye omgivelser. Som sædvanligt ser man frem til en Baldoni premiere fordi tingene her bliver gjort lidt anderledes. Hele set uppet og et syn på at gøre tingene lidt anderledes, uden at miste cirkus traditionerne er sagen her i Baldoni. Det er ikke nogen hemmelighed at jeg er stor tilhænger af at man forsøger sig med en udvikling i en mere moderne retning uden at glemme de gamle traditioner – dette ønske opfyldes til fulde i Baldoni.


Måske ikke de største verdens artister, som vi ser i de større cirkus her i Skandinavien men stadig i en meget fin kvalitet. Og netop kvaliteten stiger støt og roligt fra sæson til sæson. Dette gælder også omgivelserne som også får en bedre og bedre kvalitet – ikke hurtigt men lidt efter lidt.


Åbning af den Danske klovn Daniel Dimitrievic – der starter med at tænde og slukke lyset rutine. Det er Daniels – med kunstner navnet Danilo andet år i Baldoni. Det har altid været Daniels drøm at blive artist – som klovn og eller trylle kunstner. Hans første skridt imod karrieren var i Danske cirkus Dannebrog, hvor han i mange år har været en ven med denne familie og ved specielle lejligheder fik lov at være en del af denne forestilling når de lå i København. Det var dog Baldoni direktør parret der så mulighederne i Daniel og gav ham chancen i 2008. Det var en god ide for 22 årige Daniel grab chancen og blev en stor succes. Det er ikke kun klovneriet Daniel tager sig af, fordi han er en rigtig god musiker og han er storartet bag en computer også.


Baldoni åbner altid med deres egen sang. Derfor ingen ændringer dette år og er en fin måde at præsentere artisterne på.


Først i manegen/ scenen (Baldoni bruger en rund scene) var de Kinesiske artister kaldet Liu Fu. En kombineret hatte jonglering og rola rola nummer. Fine kostumer og et godt åbnings nummer.


Kapitanski har været i Baldoni før nemlig i 2005. Jeg forstår så udmærket hvorfor de endnu engang præsenterer denne klovne familie. De er et typisk produkt af den Russiske skole, hvilket betyder tempo, originalitet og er samtidig sjove. Kapitanski var i manegen tre gange med to numre, også set i 2005 samt et helt nyt. Det første nummer var Baby sitteren, hvor babyen virkelig giver Kapitanski problemer – måske fordi han spiser babys mad? Nummeret er et kombineret klovne og illusions nummer, hvor familiens yngste datter og deres hunde er inkluderet.


I øvrigt var Kapitanski med i kirken den gang René og Thessa blev gift tilbage i august 2005 og det var i fuld klovne kostume.

Bugtaler løven – Leonardo har det for vane, hvert år at medtage direktør René Marvin på scenen. Noget er nyt noget gammelt. Parret må siges at være en institution og mange ville være skuffede hvis ikke de mødte Leonardo. Leonardo binder forestillingen sammen og præsenterer de næste artister – det er en måde at gøre det på og Leonardo er og bliver en succes.


Næste var den ene halvdel af direktør parret – Thessa (Danila) og Danilo i en noget traditionel entré. Den er set før – Danila vil danse ballet og Danilo vil danse disco. Danila ødelægger Danilos Ghettoblaster og stopper den i skralde spanden – Danilo finder ud af at den tilsyneladende virker alligevel når man letter lidt på låget.


Monika Magyar præsenterer et kombineret håndstand, contorion ogbue og pil nummer. Monika var med Baldoni på deres jule cirkus turne i 2008 og engagerede øjeblikkeligt nummeret til Baldonis sommer turne. Godt udseende og fin udstråling der præsenterer et elegant nummer, startende med en håndstand på trapper. På selve postamentet præsenteres så selve contorion nummeret der afsluttes med en håndstand, hvorefter der afskydes en pil med fødderne. Målet er selvfølgelig en ballon. Pænt og nydeligt nummer.


Tonni Tips er ligeledes på sit andet år i Baldoni – Tonni er en gennemgående figur igennem hele showet men i år har han også lavet sit eget materiale. Klædt i Tyroler tør og med meget tykke briller udfører han et nydeligt Diablo nummer.


Kapitanski tilbage med deres anden entré en rigtig morsom reprise hvor han er en ko der skal malkes. Det er dog ikke så nemt med et sådan uroligt dyr der bestemt ikke vil stå stille. Kapitanski har et fantastisk klovne ansigt med en helt fantastisk god udstråling. Som i deres første entré er der indbygget både en historie og en illusion, for det viser sig at der faktisk er kommet mælk i spanden.



Sidste nummer før pausen er He Yuan. Hun er en smilende og smuk kinesisk pige på et hjulet cykel. Cyklen er 2,5 meter høj og på denne rekvisit laver hun hele sit nummer. At køre på en cykel i denne højde er vel en præstation i sig selv men Hu Yuan klarer dette som om det var det nemmeste i verden. På denne cykel kaster hun med sin fod små kopper og mindre spande op så de står på hendes hoved. En ske og en lille potte går i øvrigt samme vej. Hvis dette så ikke er nok, ender hun sit show med at gøre det endnu engang men denne gang er cyklen placeret på en meget stor bold. Flot, farverigt og meget imponerende 


Åbningen efter pausen er Chinese sensation med et akrobatisk ring nummer. Dette nummer har et pænt tempo og flotte spring igennem ringene.


Aleksandre Kapitanski er bare 17 år gammel. Hun havde i øvrigt sin debut som artist i Baldoni tilbage i 2005, hvor hun var i manegen for første gang og præsenterede dengang et charmerende solo hunde nummer. Senere var hun med sin familie i Hollandske cirkus Martin Hanson, hvor hun også præsenterede sil lille hunde nummer. Nu er hun en næsten voksen kvinde og præsenterer denne gang et akrobatisk ring nummer. I starten laves de forskellige øvelser med ringen placeret på gulvet men ender nummeret helt oppe under teltets tag. Hue er en rigtig pæn pige og udfører sit nummer til flot lys og rigtig god musik.


Duo Monro er fra henholdsvis England og Ungarn. De viser et rigtig flot jonglør nummer. Nummeret virker meget sikkert og de roder ikke rundt på gulvet efter tabte kegler. Flot og hurtigt tempo med mange vanskelige detaljer, inklusiv en flot ild jonglering. Rigtig godt nummer fra Monika og Robert.


Kinesiske Zhang Ruichong præsenterer et flot stole balance nummer. Dette nummer er vel også årets gys i forestillingen med stole stablet i 5 meters højde. Forskellige øvelser på skråt stillet stol i fuld højde, giver valuta for pengene. Pænt og visuelt godt nummer og giver publikum det gys som man skal have i et cirkus.


Kapitanski er så tilbage med deres sidste input i 2009 forestillingen. Dette nummer er efter min mening det absolutte højde punkt i forestillingen. Endnu engang i typisk Russisk stil og ikke set før her i Norden. Denne gang bliver vi præsenteret for et tøj skifte nummer – set mange gange før med mennesker men ikke med hunde. Fantastisk ide – og ja man kan da godt se at det er forskellige hunde der kommer ind men effekten er stadig rigtig god. Imellem skiftene laves der almindelige hunde tricks. Hundene er klædt i stærke neon farver og i sidste del af nummeret er de alle inde og der vises nydelig hunde dressur.


Manden med de tusind ansigter, dækker en artist der er i stand til at skifte masker uden at dette kan ses. Meget imponerende – måske ikke tusind skift men en stor del bliver det da til. Igen et meget farverigt nummer med et meget flot Kinesisk inspireret kostume. Måske svært at se maskeskiftene. Da jeg så prøverne til forestillingen, kunne jeg ikke rigtig se meningen med det hele men en ændring i lys forholdene og at tilskuerne fik at vide hvad der skulle ske, hjalp en stor del. Og ja – det er meget svært at se hvordan han gør men det lykkedes at skifte masker så hurtigt, som du kan blinke med øjnene.


Freddie Steckel kommer fra en meget kendt gammel cirkus familie med mange traditioner. Freddie var også I Baldoni i sidste sæson med sit forrygende bordnummer lavet sammen med direktør Fruen Thessa Baldoni. De to besluttede at tage endnu en sæson men med rigtig mange ændringer i starten. Der har altid været en historie i dette nummer men i denne version er den ændret. Direktør René Marvin fortæller publikum at man har indført en konkurrence på lige fod med X factor – en slags cirkus factor. Derfor vil man udtrække en publikum på billetten der vil få chancen i manegen for at vise hvad de kan. Det udtrukne nummer tilhører selvfølgelig Freddie og hans ”kone” Thessa der sidder på bænkene udklædt som et ældre ægtepar. Thessa vil selvfølgelig ikke have at hendes ”mand” skal i manegen men de ender selvfølgelig begge på bordet – forrygende morsomt og en rigtig god måde at præsentere nummeret på.


Ligesom i starten af forestillingen sluttes der også med en sang.


Baldoni er en rigtig god forestilling og beviser i høj grad, at man kan underholdes uden en kæmpe opmarch af verdensstjerner. Lystet er blevet storartet og er endnu engang blevet udbygget. Siddepladser er blevet kraftigt forbedret og med et meget bedre udsyn på alle pladser. Der er plads til omkring 600 mennesker rundt om scenen – så det er et lille cirkus men denne størrelse har sandelig sine fordele i forhold til de store. God atmosfære – god lyd og rigtig gode artister gør arbejdet i denne 2009 forestilling.




March 27th.


Circus Benneweis.

Yesterday there was an accident in the Danish circus Benneweis. A 21 year old circus worker felt five meters to the ground from one of the king poles. The accident happened when Benneweis were pulling down the tent after the performance. The Russian guy got severe injuries, with fracture on femur, pelvic and a collapsed lung.


In Scandinavian:


I går var der desværre en alvorlig ulykke I det Danske cirkus Benneweis. En 21 årig cirkus arbejder fald omkring 5 meter ned fra en af masterne. Ulykken skete efter forestillingen, da arbejderne var ved at nedtage teltet. Den Russiske arbejder fik nogle alvorlige skader med brud på bækken og lårben samt en punkteret lunge.  


March 25th.

Baldoni premiere.

Today there was premiere in The Danish circus Baldoni on the circus lot in Lyngby – North of Copenhagen. As always the director couple Thessa and René Marvin couple seems to put up a more and more entertaining program. The first year in 2002 was maybe not the best circus program in the world but every year everything improves here. The first year was a used tent and I can remember it was very used – next season another used tent but not with so many holes as the in first. Now Baldoni tours in a brand new beautiful big top and this is the second new tent for Baldoni. A brand new gradin this season and a light system as well can be found here. This evening there was show of for season 2009 and once again and as always a performance better than the 2008 season. There will be a full review from the performance in afew days with all details but until then there is a few pictures from the show this evening to enjoy.


In Scandinavian:


Her til aften var der premiere på det Danske cirkus Baldoni I Lyngby nord for København. Som sædvanligt havde direktør parret Thessa og René Marvin endnu engang fået sammen sat et bedre program end sidste sæson. Første sæson i 2002 var muligvis ikke verdens bedste cirkus forestilling men år for år er tingene bare blevet bedre. Første sæson foregik i et brugt telt og så langt jeg husker var det meget brugt. Året efter fik Baldoni endnu et brugt telt og denne gang med lidt færre huller. Nu turnerer Baldoni i et helt nyt smukt telt, i øvrigt det andet nye telt for dette cirkus. Et helt nyt lys system og tilskuer pladserne er også helt nyt. Her til aften var der så sæson premiere og endnu engang kan man konstatere at forestillingerne her bare bliver bedre og bedre år for år. Der vil selvfølgelig blive en fuld anmeldelse af programmet i de nærmeste dage med alle detaljer fra forestillingen. Indtil da kan man nyde et par billeder taget her til aften.



Trio Caveagna

The Italian clown Trio Caveagna as we could see here in the Danish circus Baldoni and later in circus Dannebrog (2006), has been signed for the Dutch amusement park Slagharen park. The contract runs from March 25th. until November 1st. 2009.


In Scandinavian:


Den Italienske klovne trio Caveagna, som vi kunne opleve her I Danske Baldoni og senere Dannebrog (2006), har skrevet kontrakt med den Hollandske forlystelses park – Slagharen park. Kontrakten løber fra 25. marts til 1. november 2009

March 24th.

Circus Arena 2009.

Scandinavian version will come later

Circus Arena is now ready for their tour 2009 and once again with a long range of super artists – Tuesday there was premiere in the huge tent and everything was ready for this new performance. As one of the only circuses here in Scandinavia there is a more modern sound from the English circus orchestra over the entrance. A nice part of the music are recorded and the band plays to sequenced tracks, witch makes the band more powerful and they can concentrate to make more details in the music. The sound is good and a great alternative to more traditional circus orchestras.


Compared to the last seasons – such as circus under water, the river dance performance, the last two seasons has been more normal performances and more traditional circus. This new production is real circus – not because I don’t like river dance but a more traditional set up as we normally see in the business.


Maybe not so many sensations in this performance but a fantastic quality all the way around – no dull moments or B acts at all – only great artists makes this performance just satisfying for people in all ages.


The show was opened by one of three acts from the Chinese artists Puyang. We have seen many German wheel acts in circus the last years but those artists from the east has traditions for doing a little more than expected. No one could be disappointed of those artists delivering a high class act on the wheels in all sizes.  The act is not so long but very intense doing the most impossible, and tricks with up to four man on one wheel at the same time. 

Karl Ramwell – juggler in the absolute upper class. Fantastic tempo – looks good and not dropping anything. The act seems fresh and modern and the music was rock as it should be in those kind of acts. Compared to the last time I saw Karl the last part with the bouncing balls on the piano was cut out. Therefore a straight fast juggling act with out any breaks – great.


Mark Geily continues Karl Ramwell with the modern line. – The French world BMX super star can just everything on two wheels. Jumping on the back and the front wheel as well – jumping from one prop to another climbing stairs and much more. Nice costume suits a great artist but the music and the light makes the rest. A nice detail in the act is where Clown Bon Bon enters the ring, lay down on his back and Mark makes exercise on bike between his legs, jumps over and more. Great attitude from this French artist and a great act indeed.


Barto – oh yeah, loved him in the first sight, when I saw him a few years ago in the German circus Flic Flac. Barto is hopefully  the artist style for the circus in the future, or at least the originality – It is just so great when we meet artist from the street style and as Karl Ramwell, Mark Geily, Arena has found some from the new generations and that looks great for the future. Barto is hard to describe but shortly he can climb through everything- His got a great mimic and he just turns the circus ticket to a great buy for the money. Three reprises from this fantastic artist – the first where he climbs through a tube absolutely not suited for such a task – the second where he blows a rubber glove placed over his head (maybe not so original as the other two reprises) and the last where he manage to get his body through a hanger. Lost of very funny situations, a great and original artist.


Rivelinos – are classic musical clowns from Spain. They have been in Arena many times and I´m sure they will be here again. Two new enteés from this trio. Normally and the last years Rivelinos has been working with out the white face but this figure is back by the clowns. The first entrée opens with a traditional music, with the clowns playing trumpet on the gradin. Middle part with a boxing routine, with a lot of hits on all clowns. The boxing routine is very well planned and with a lot of tempo. The routine ends with nice music by all three clowns. The second entrée is with Sito Rivelino as the great bull fighter. The entrée has not been shown in Denmark before (but in Sweden – Maximum – a few years ago) and it is my opinion that it is one of the best entrées by Rivelinos.


Suddenly we are back in the more traditional circus style presented by the couple Alamos from Mexico. Here is really thrill for the money in their fantastic knife throwing act – not only knifes but also throwing stars done blindfolded and against moving target. Alamos has a huge tempo and it suits the couple well and they do a very entertaining act with absolutely no doll moments. A smiling good looking couple here from Mexico.


Merrylu seems to be better and better – she is a very serious artist and her contorion act is more than great. Hard to believe that this young girl can come up with new and very qualified acts every season. We have seen her as a mermaid in the circus underwater performance, a part of the Arena kids on horse, together with mum and Dad with their elephants and horses – in charge of the liberty horses in 2008, a contorion act done in a round steel cage also in 2008 and in the winter time in the Pocahontas act performed in the Danish TV broadcast – Talent 2008. Of cause she should do this act from TV here in 2009 – a highly qualified contorion act on a  postament. Her body seems to be able to be in all impossible positions and the whole act ends with an bow and arrow routine where she shoots the balloon standing on a handstand using her feet to tricker the bow – great, young and beautiful

BonBon and Tiina are also a part of Arena every year – as always with a great imagination , new props and tricks ready for the season. Bonbon did as always a wide range of reprises and an old entrée – the badminton part. The entré is great and done with a lot of routine, witch makes it very smooth and secure but for the first time ever, when I saw it, BonBon missed a ball when he should catch it with his mouth. Also the reprise part was great and again with new props and very original stuff. I really like BonBon because he puts stories in his acts and not headless slapstick. Everything has been under consideration and you can feel it far beyond the piste.


Puyang back in the ring with their second entrée. This time with a fast acrobatic –jumping through rings –act. A the first, great entertainment and very high jumps as one of the high lights.




Flying trapeze with the flying Mendonca. As usual with those kind of acts we are presented for the double passage, three summersaults and so on. Flying Mendonca did the job – very short but in a nice quality.


Patrick Berdino – Grandchild to circus arena director Benny Berdino was in charge of Arenas Horses. Arena has huge stables with many differents groups of horses. This season Arena has decided to show us their beautiful Friser horses. The liberty act was very tight and with a nice tempo and Patrick looked as he has many years of experience. Anyway he has not because this was his first season in the ring with horses. After the Friser stallions went 12 very beatifull small ponnies. They couldent do much because they have almost started the training but the effect after the huge Friser horses was very nice. Patrick ended his part with two rounds in the ring placed on two horses. Great Patrick – very nice and smooth.


Rivelinos with the bull entrée – see description above.


Puyang was back and this time with a combined trampoline and pole act. As always with Chinese acts there is a great imagination involved. No exception here in a farily short entrée but in a great quality. Using the trampoline to gain great jumps on the poles – very visual and very nice yellow costumes made this act colourful.


Barto back with one of his reprises – you can’t just get enough of that guy.



The gorillas are coming claims BonBon well suited in a safari costume. And they did, lots of them starting the next act by Jonatas and Aline. A nice tissue act in Tarzan and Jane costume – nice music well adapted to the act. The acts ends on the back of an African elephant – ready to go for the next act



Time for last act – René Casselly´s  four elephants combinded with four andalusians. Not much to say about René and his animals – in my opinion best elephant act in Europe at the moment.



Fantastic performance – nice sound – a modern circus without forgetting the traditions, makes Arena to one of the best circuses on the market. There is real value for the money here because here went the performance on for two and a half hours. Here is the right atmosphere making circus to such a wonderful thing – lots of bars and foot to buy not forgetting the huge souvenir stand.



Arena presents a performance without a special high light entrée but it doesn’t matter because the standard is so high all the way through the performance. Great flow, nice reprises – (not to long) a mix of new and modern acts makes this performance to a real family performance.


Arena stays in Copenhagen until April 13th.


March 23rd.

Circus Brazil Jack.

Time for interested Dansih circus people – (and of cause from other countries as well) –The Swedish Circus Brazil Jack has their premiere Thursday just acroos the bridge connecting these two countries. Circus Brazil Jack will be in the surroundings in the nearest future – so there should be great possibility t se this nice circus (see time tables below).


Brazil Jack will among otheres present the German animal trainer Rüdiger probst with his six beautiful white stallions. I can a sure you that Rüdiger presents a highly qualified liberty act. Not unknown for the Norwegain people where Rüdiger Probst presented his horses in 2007 and 2008 in circus Merano.


Also in the program we find José Michells clowns from Spain – been several times in Scandinavian circuses.


In Scandinavian:


Tid for Danske circus interesserede (og selvfølgelig fra andre lande) – Svenske circus Brazil Jack har deres premiere – torsdag d. 26. april lige over broen der adskiller Danmark og Sverige. Cirkus Brazil Jack vil i en kortere periode kunne findes i området tæt på Danmark, så der er en god mulighed for et besøg i dette flotte Svenske cirkus – Se tids tabeller neden under.


Brazil Jack vil blandt mange præsentere den Tyske dyre træner Rüdiger Probst med sine seks smukke hvide hingste. Jeg kan garantere emeget højt niveau frihedsdressur.. Ikke helt ukendt for den Norske befolkning, da Rüdiger Probst præsenterede sit nummer i sæson 2007 0g 2008 i cirkus Merano.


Også i programmet finder vi de Spanske Michell Rosé klovnene – særdeles kendte fra forskellige skandinaviske cirkus.


Besøg Brazil Jack hjemmeside for køb og bestilling af biletter - findes på Links til cirksu

Torsdag 26 mars kl 19 - Malmö vid Jägersro
Fredag 27 mars kl 19 - Abonnerad!
Lördag 28 mars kl 13 och kl 16 - Malmö vid Jägersro
Söndag 29 mars kl 13 och kl 16 - Malmö vid Jägersro
Tisdag 31 mars kl 19 - Landskrona vid Exercisfältet
Onsdag 1 aprilkl 19 - Lund vid Södra Lekplatsen
Torsdag 2 april kl 19 - Lund vid Södra Lekplatsen
Onsdag 8 april kl 19 - Helsingborg vid Väla Centrum
Torsdag 9 april kl 19 - Helsingborg vid Väla Centrum
Fredag 10 april kl 16 - Helsngborg vid Väla Centrum
Lördag 11 april kl 16 - Ängelholm vid Ishallen
Söndag 12 april kl 16 - Falkenberg vid Tångaskolan
Måndag 13 april kl 16 - Varberg vid Håstensskolan
Tisdag 14 april kl 19 - Borås vid Broplan
Onsdag 15 april kl 19 - Borås vid Broplan
Torsdag 16 pril kl 19 - Göteborg på Heden
Fredag 17 april kl 19 - Göteborg på Heden
Lördag 18 april - Abonnerad!

Söndag 19 april kl 16 - Göteborg på Heden



Circus Arli

The Danish circus Arli has mailed their 2009 summer tour program. As always a lot of charming acts from the family and once again the fantastic – and maybe the best clowns in Scandinavia – Martin and Alexander Arli. Last season Bettina Arli was back in the ring with her own act – The hair hanging act, is once again on stage with her own independent entrée. This season we will see Bettina in a magic act. Ailona has been a part of the Arli Family and this very beautiful lady will perform a new developed hoola hop act. Edi Larforte presents small animals in the performance. Edi was last season on tour with the German circus Universal Renz.


Alexander Arli is a great multi artist with a great reputation – he is very good artist and manage a wide range of different circus skills – This season Alexander presents a tennis juggling act and od cause a part of the clown duo Martino and co.


Premiere as usual in Flong Sunday April 4th. with press premiere 5th.



Tennis juggler – Alexander Arli

Magic – Bettina Arli

Animals – Edi Laforte

Soap bubbles – Martin Arli

Chair balance – Duo Rubtsov



More animals – Edi Laforte

Hoola hop – Ailona

Clown – Martin Arli.

Air act – Miss Katja

Clowns – Martino and co.


In Scandinavian


Det Danske cirkus Arli har sendt deres 2009 program. Som sædvanligt en større række af numre fra familien selv og selvfølgelig endnu en gang – og måske de bedste i Skandinavien – Martin og Alexander Arli. Sidste sæson var Bettina Arli tilbage med sit eget nummer – et hår hænger nummer, er endnu engang en del af forestillingen med egen entre. I denne sæson vil vi se Bettina med sit eget trylle nummer. Ailona er blevet en dal af Arli familien og denne smukke pige vil optræde med et helt ny udviklet hoola hop nummer. Edi Laforte præsenterer mindre dyr og var i sidste sæson en del af det Tyske Universal Renz.


Alexander Arli er en multi artist med et rigtig godt omdømme – han er en fantastisk aldsidig artist og behersker en lang række af forskellige discipliner – I denne sæson vil Alexander præsentere et tennis jonglør nummer og selvfølgelig være en del af klovne duoen Martino og Co.


Premiere i Fløng d. 4. april og presse premiere d. 5. april


TENNISJONGLØR – Alexander Arli

TRYLLERI – Bettina Arli

DYR  - Edi Laforte

BOBLER – Martin Arli

STOLE –Duo Rubtsov




FLERE DYR –Edi Laforte


KLOVN 1 – Martin Arli

LUFT – Miss Katja

KLOVN – Martino & Co



Duo Robsov - picture from circus Arli

Edi Laforte - picture from Circus Arli


March 21st.

Circus Baldoni.

There is only a few days until the premiere for the Danish circus Baldoni. Today they had the last rehearsal before their first performance tomorrow Sunday. The official premiere will be Wednesday and before that, Baldoni will perform a few times. The premiere will be in a brand new tent and with a new gradin as well with a much better sight for the spectators. Circus Scandinavia was in Baldoni today for a short sneak peak and I can promise a performance in a highly entertaining level. Enjoy a few pics from the rehearsal today.


In Scandinavian:


Der er kun få dage indtil premieren for det Danske circus Baldoni. I dag havde de general prøve før deres indledende forestilling i morgen Søndag. Den offecielle premiere vil først være på onsdag og inden da er der enkelte forestillinger for at få underholdningen helt på plads. Premieren vil i år foregå i et helt nyt telt og et helt nyt gradin med et langt bedre udsyn end med det gamle. Cirkius Scandinavia var på et hurtigt kig og blev præsenteret for en højst underholdende forestilling. Nyd et par billeder fra dagens prøver.



Congratulations Katja

Congratulations to Katja Enoch with her birthday to day - I hope you will have a great day and I look forward to see you at the Dannebrog premiere in a few days.

In Scandinavian:

Tillykke til Katja Enoch med hendes fødselsdag i dag - Jeg håber du vil have en fantastisk dag og ser frem til at se dig igen ved Cirkus Dannebrog premieren om et par dage.


March 20th.

Happy Birthday

Congratulations to Jimmy Enoch with his birthday today. You are a great guy and a very good friend – hope you will have a nice day.


In Scandinavian:


Tillykke til Jimmy Enoch med hans fødselsdag I dag. Du er en fantastisk fyr og en rigtig god ven – håber du får en fantastisk dag.


March 18th.

Kim Benneweis

The Danish animal trainer – Kim Benneweis will in the coming season perform in circus Skratt in Sweden. Kim Benneweis will perform 6 brown stallions from the stables of the Danish circus Arena.


In Scandinavian:


Den Danske dyre træner – Kim Benneweis vil I kommende sæson optræde I cirkus Skratt i Sverige. Kim Benneweis vil fremføre 6 brune hingste fra cirkus Arenas stalde.



Premiere for Benneweis.

Premiere this evening for the Danish Circus Benneweis. Around the ring was placed invited guests as the pop band Aqua, artists from circus Dannebrog, the Austrian Juggler Shirley Dean and more. They all witnessed a nice performance with great artists as Rosi Hochegger, Bernhard Kasselovsky and of cause the Danish illusionist with his partner Jessica Caveagna. More animals here in Benneweis than seen the last years and with a singing female entertainer (Maiken Marie Wessberg) helping Kim Kenneth as co ring master – it seems as Benneweis are heading for an more traditional circus style and a performance well suited for the whole family. Not so many pictures from the performance caused by I was seated far from the ring and was forced to use a heavy zoom lens – it is a very difficult task to get proper pictures that way – there will of cause come a full review and more pictures from the performance – until then enjoy a few pics from the performance tonight


In Scandinavian:


Premiere her til aften for det Danske circus Benneweis. Rundt om manegen var placeret inviterede gæster som pop gruppe Aqua, artister fra cirkus Dannebrog, Jonglør Shirley Dean fra Østrig og mange flere.. De så alle en flot forestilling med fantastiske artister som Rosi Hochegger, Bernhard Kasselovski og selvfølgelig den Danske illusionist Kim Kenneth med sin partner Jessica Gaveagna. Flere dyr end i de senere år i cirkus Benneweis og med den syngende entertainer – Maiken Marie Wessberg, der hjælper ringmaster kim Kenneth igennem forestillingen, ser det ud til at Benneweis præsenterer et program der passer hele familien. Da jeg var placeret i midten af cirkus blev der ikke taget så mange billeder og kun med tele linse, hvilket er en yderst vanskelig opgave  - dog blev det til lidt og her er nogle få taget her til aften – der vil komme flere billeder og en anmeldelse i løbet af få dage. Indtil da kan man nyde et par enkelte billeder taget her til aften

March 17th.

Circus Arena premiere.

This evening there was premiere for the huge Danish circus Arena. Much has happened since Arne Berdino started the smallest circus in Denmark many many years ago. Now it has grown to a fantastic and beautiful circus with the most fantastic material and one of the best performances in Europe.. This evening was absolutely not disappointing, with a wide range of European and Chinese top artists. Also the family was in the ring with six beautiful Friser horses followed by eleven small ponies all presented by Director Benny Berdinos Grand son – Patrick Berdino. Lots of invited guests, friends, actors and politicians filled up the huge tent and as always followed by dinner to all the circus guests. A full review will be released Wednesday.


In Scandinavian:


Her til aften var der premiere på det store Danske cirkus Arena. Meget er sket siden Arena blev grundlagt af Arne Berdino for mange mange år siden. Nu er Arena vokset til et fantastisk og smukt cirkus med det flotteste materiale samt en af Europas flotteste forestillinger. Denne aften var som ventet ikke nogen skuffelse, hvor vi blev præsenteret af nogle af Europas og Kinas største artister. Også Berdino familien var repræsenteret i manegen med seks flotte sorte Friser heste, fulgt af elleve lystige mini ponyer, det hele præsenteret af Benny Berdinos barnebarn Patrick Berdino. Som sædvanligt mange inviterede gæster, venner, skuespillere og politikere fyldte det store telt og selvfølgelig inviterede Direktør Benny Berdino alle rundt manegen på en overdådig middag. Den fulde anmeldelse findes på disse sider ons

Photo from the premiere

Photo from the premiere.

Photo from the premiere


New web page for Dannebrog

The Danish circus Dannebrog has got a new webpage. The work for the new page has been going on for a very long time. The result has been absolute worth waiting for because the result is fantastic. Nice colours and graphic with a lot of information about Dannebrog, pictures, small video clips from older performances, history and of cause a description of the coming 2009 performance. It is also possible to find tour plans and in the future we can follow Dannebrog´s tour around in Denmark, with text and pictures. The small video clips are made by circus Scandinavia, including the music so we don’t violate any rights on the music. Also a wide range of the pictures are of cause from the Circus Scandinavia achieve. Please pay the site a visit and see for yourself here.


In Scandinavian:


Det Danske cirkus Dannebrog har fået ny hjemmeside. Arbejdet omkring denne side har stået på længe og jeg har ind imellem fået lov at se udviklingen i arbejdet. Resultatet har så absolut været vær at vente på for resultatet er fantastisk. Flotte farver og elegant grafik gør siden særdeles attraktiv. Siden indeholder selvfølgelig information om cirkus Dannebrog lige fra billeder, små video clips fra ældre forestillinger, historie og selvfølgelig beskrivelse af kommende sæson 2009. Det er også muligt at finde turne planer og i fremtiden bliver det også muligt at følge Dannebrogs turne rundt i Danmark i ord og billeder. De små video clips er lavet af Cirkus Scandinavia samt musikken for ikke at overtræde nogle musik rettigheder. Også en stor del af billederne kommer fra Cirkus Scandinavia´s arkiv. Venligst besøg siden og se dette nye produkt - Her



Suzanne Berdino

Suzanne Berdino, daughter of Arena director – Benny Berdino is a very skill full horse trainer. She has given out a book in how to train horses and she gives courses with nice tips and tricks for your own horses. Suzanne has a lot of experience with horses learned in her life in circus Arena – Personally I have no background at all to review the book but I’m a 100% sure there is lot of experience to gain. If interested please visit Suzanne´s new home page with lots of info about those wonderful horses, pictures of Suzanne’s own horses, circus days and more. Direkte link her


In Scandinavian:


Suzanne Berdino, datter af cirkus Arena direktørr – Benny Berdino, er en yderst dygtig heste træner. Suzanne har udgivet sin egen bog omkring hvordan man træner sin egen hest og giver samtidig kursus, hvor hun underviser sine dyr til at lave sjove tricks. Suzanne har et helt livs erfaring med heste fra et helt liv i cirkus Arena. Personligt har jeg ikke det mindste erfaring til at kunne anmelde en bog om emnet men er ikke det mindste i tvivl om der er masser af fiduser og gode råd at hente.. Hvis man er interesseret i at vide mere om mulighederne, kan det være en rigtig god ide at besøge Suzannes nye hjemme side, hvor man finder masser af muligheder, se billeder og mere information om heste og meget mere – Direkte link her

Suzanne Berdino



March 16th.

Circus Baldoni

The Danish circus Baldoni is very soon ready for their premiere 2009. The new show will be presented in a brand new tent and a new Gradin much higher than the old one and with a much better view. At the moment the Baldonui staff are putting up the new big top in Lyngby north of Copenhagen. The Rehearsals will start tomorrow and the premiere will be March 25th. at 18:00. Before the official premiere their will be three performances 22, 23 and 24th. Enjoy the pictures of the new tent, there is a little bigger than the old one and now it is possible to go under the gradin.


In Scandinavian:


Det Danske cirkus Baldoni er meget snart klar med deres premiere 2009. Det nye show vil blive præsenteret i et helt nyt telt og helt nyt gradin, som i øvrigt er meget højere og derfor meget bedre udsyn. I disse dage er Baldonis nye telt ved at blive rejst på cirkus pladsen i Lyngby, nord for København. Ind øvning af den nye forestilling starter i morgen og der vil være officiel premiere d. 25. marts kl. 18. Før denne premiere vil der være tre forestillinger, henholdsvis d. 22, 23, og 24. marts. Nyd billederne af Baldonis nye telt der er en del større så det nu er muligt at gå under sidde pladserne.

March 15th.

Benny Berdino

Dagen før den officielle Cirkus Arena presse premiere d. 17 marts, vil cirkus Direktør Benny Berdino blive tildelt det Danske kongehus udmærkelse – ridderkorset. Derfor vil Benny Berdino i morgen mandag foretræde hendes majestæt Dronning Margrethe og blive tildelt denne meget fine orden. Denne orden bliver tildelt som det hedder – til fortjente Danske statsborgere. Det er udelukkende hendes majestæt der indstiller Danskere til denne orden. – SC ønsker cirkus direktør Benny Berdino tillykke med denne udmærkelse.

Benny Berdino - circus Arena director - photo taken today


Circus Arena

The Danish circus Arena has started with their 5 performances before the official premiere march 17. Circus Scandinavia has seen two performances out of five and can tell there is a lot of great artists in the program. There will of cause be a full review from the performance and until the enjoy a few photos from the first days.


In Scandinavian:


Det Danske cirkus Arena har startet deres fem forestillinger før den officielle premiere tirsdag d. 17. marts. Cirkus Scandinavia har set to af de fem forestillinger og kan fortælle at der er rigtig mange fantastiske artister inkluderet. Der vil selvfølgelig komme en anmeldelse af forestillingen men indtil da kan man så nyde lidt billeder fra den nye produktion.

March 12th.


Circus Maximum

The Swedish circus Maximum has been ready with their full program for a long time. I had the permission for a month  ago to put it out on Circus Scandinavia but I did not have the full program. Therefore it is hard to write anything when everything is a mix of facts and rumours – any way now the Swedish circus friend Anders Troedsson  has been so friendly to give me the program – Thanks Anders


Here is the program briefly


Anton Frank presenting African elephants from the stables of the Danish circus Arena. Also presented by Anton Frank are ponies.


Anton and Silke with exotic animals.


Don Christian with his fantastic reprises


Wolfgang Lauenburger - dogs


Francesco Sheppards also reprise.


Dalian Troupe .  Pas deu Deux witch is ballet on shoulders and arms of partner – also from the same troupe a  Bungy jump act.


Rafael d´Carlos – juggler.


Art – Allé ensemble with two entrees.


In Scandinavian:


Svenske circus Maximum er færdige med deres program 2009 for længst. Jeg fik tilladelsen af Maximum for over en måned siden til at lægge det ud men det er svært når man ikke kender det helt. Der har været en masse rygter og noget jeg vidste men ville ikke lægge det ud før jeg havde det fulde program. Det er så heldigvis kommet fra den Svenske cirkus ven Anders Troedsson – tak til Anders


Her er så programmet i enkel form:


Anton Frank præsenterer Afrikanske elefanter fra circus Arenas stalde. Også præsenteret af Anton Frank, et Ponny nummer


Anton og Silke - Eksotiske dyr.


Don Christian med sine fantastiske repriser


Wolfgang Lauenburger - Hunde


Francesco Sheppards også  reprise.


Dalian Troupe .  Pas deu Deux på skuldre og arme på partner. – hvilket I dette tilfælde betyder ballet udført – fra samme trup et bungy jump nummer.


Rafael d´Carlos – Jonglør.


Art – Allé ensemble med to numre.



March 10th.

Circus Arnardo.

In Scandinavian further down the page

 Dansk tekst længere nede af siden.


The Norwegian circus Arnardo are ready with their 2009 program. Arnardo is the oldest Norwegian circus and contains lot of old fashion circus traditions. The founder of Arnardo – Arne Arnardo was among other skills, a great magicians and therefore we almost always find a magic act in Arnardo. The recent years there has been a relationship with Chinese artists and skills from the far east has been presented here. A great mix of modern artists from Europe, Chinese artists nad more old fashion entreés are what Arnado presents this season.


One of my absolute favorits, close to the mystic old fashion market places comes the Russian fire eater Anatoli He is more than great and not the first time here in Arnardo. We first saw Anatoli back in 2002, where he was in charge of the heat in the tent. The year after in the Swedish circus Brazil Jack and in 2007 he was a part of the now closed German circus Barum. Anatoski is so absolutely not boring when he drinks litters of aeroplane fuel and blows the whole thing out in an inferno of fire. The guy makes a different so you will never forget the performance. Anatoli is also doing more “normal” things in the ring as puking lots of water in buckets and plays with knifes – Great experience.


Jimmy Folco is back in Arnardo with his funny reprises. Not the first timer here in Arnardo where he was a part of the program in the 2007 season. This Italian clown was in the Danish circus Arena in 2008 and will be back in Arena in 2010. Before 2007 Jimmy has been a part of the huge German circus Krone where he the last season did the mirror entré toghter with Brono Stolz – the scond part of the clown duo the Chickys. Jimmy does a lot of different reprises such as the dangerous shark in the pool, the conductor with volunteers from the audience, juggling and much more.

It seems as fun in Arnardo this season because there is contracted two reprise clowns for this season – the other is the Frence clown Francessco also seen in Arnardo before. Francesco is a little different compared to Jimmy Folco, where I find Francesco a little deeper in his work, where Jimmy is fast and more traditional.


Are and Paolina Folco keep up the traditions in Arnardo and are in charge of the magic show here. When I saw Arnardo last time the couple  presented a magic show with modern illusions, nice costumes and in a very American style.


Gärtner and his elephants has been in Arnardo in several seasons or at least the Gärtner family – This family will also present exotic animals.


Glen Nicolodi is so absolute not a unknown name here in Scandinavia. Glen presents a very strong handstand act on stairs but the best part is his small dog almost doing the same as Glen. Glen Nicolodi has been on tour with the Danish circus Nemo for a long time but also a part of a long range of Scandinavian circuses through the years. For those who cant get enough of Glen it is possible to see him on the DVD made in the Tivoli Garden variety show 2008 or visit circus Arnardo here in 2009.


Glen Nicolodi

Duo Splash will be in charge of the thrilling act in Arnardo. The couple makes an air act in a very nice level. Duo Spalsh (Yevgen Abakumov and Inessa Ivova) was seen in the Danish circus Benneweis a few years ago and they was a part of the Dansih television, making a series where well known Danish people was trying to learn circus skills. Duo Splash are just great artists and they looks good as well – the ending trick are very visual, with silver paper falling to the ground. – Duo Splash was also a part of the Swedish circus Wictoria in 2003.


Duo Splash

The bicycle artist Paul Chen is just great – modern and very special in the way the act is build up. More props than usual and more jumps as well. – On his mono bike  he does the most unusual tricks. Pauk Chen was as Glen Nicolodi a part of the Tivoli variety show in Copenhagen and later contracted for the Danish circus Dannebrog produced circus Kenny in October 2008.


Paul Chen

In the recent years there has been artists from China in Arnardo – it is not very hard to understand because the artist level from China is normally top class. Another point of few is they often show acts very different from European artists. I have never seen the two announced acts with Huachen Acrobatic Troupe performing Diablo and ball juggling but I´m sure they have a very high class.



As usual Helen Arnado opens the performance on horse .


Premiere for Arnardo will be April 14th. with performance 15th as well and as usual in Arendal in the south west part of Norway. Arnardo continues very fast to the Norwegian capital – Oslo with performances on the lot just in front of the Munch Museum. Here it is possible to se Arnardo from March 19th – April 5th.


 In Scandinavian:


Det Norske circus Arnardo er nu klar med deres 2009 program. Arnardo er det ældste cirkus i Norge og indeholder store mængder af traditioner. Grundlæggeren Arne Arnardo var blandt mange talenter, en rigtig god tryllekunstner og illusionist og derfor kan man næsten altid finde illusions numre i dette cirkus. I de senere år har Arnardo haft et godt forhold til Kinesiske artister og numre fra det fjerne østen er ofte en del af programmet. Derfor er Arnardos forestillinger en god kombination af dygtige Europæiske artister, Kinesiske numre samt en god portion gammeldags cirkus stemning.


En af mine absolutte favoritter, tæt relateret til det mystiske gammeldags markedsplads gøgl, kommer den Russisk fakir og ild sluger Anatoli. Han er ganske enkelt mere end fantastisk og det er da heller ikke første gang at Arild Arnado præsenterer denne helt eminente underholder. Han var i Arnardo i 2002, hvor han også sørgede for opvarmningen af teltet, året efter i Svenske Brazil Jack, en tor i Finske Finlandia er det også blevet til og i 2007 kunne man møde Anatoli i det nu lukkede Tyske cirkus Barum. Anatoli er alt andet end kedelig, når han indtager mage litter fly brændstof og puster det hele ud i et inferno af ild. Denne mand gør en forskel, da det med garanti ikke er en forestilling man glemmer. Anatoli laver også mere ”almindelig” ting i manegen så som at lege med knive og brække sig i skåle placeret rundt i manegen – fantastisk artist.



Jimmy Folco er tilbage i Arnardos manege med sine sjove små repriser. Bestemt ikke første gang her i Arnardo hvor han senest var en del af programmet tilbage i 2007. denne Italienske klovn var i Danske Arena i 2008 og vil i øvrigt være tilbage der i 2010. Før 2007 har Jimmy Folco i en årrække været en del af det kæmpe store Tyske cirkus Krone, hvor han i den sidste periode var partner i spejl entréen med Bruno Stolz – den anden halvdel af klovne parret The Chickys. Jimmy laver en lang række repriser som hajen i bade karret, dirigenten med frivillige fra publikum samt en lang række andre indslag.


Det ser ud til at blive en morsom forestilling i Arnardo, da der er ikke mindre end to reprise klovne på programmet.. Den anden klovn af slagsen er den Franske klovn Francesco som også har været her i Norske arnardo før. Francesco er lidt forskellig i forhold til Jimmy Folco, hvor Francesco virker mere dyb og poetisk, hvor Jimmy er hurtig og mere direkte.


Are og Paolina Folco er dem der holder på Arnardo familiens traditioner og præsenterer et flot illusions show. Da jeg så Arnardo sidste gang præsenterede parret et flot show med moderne illusioner og i en meget Amerikansk stil.


Gärtner familien med deres familie er endnu engang at finde i Arnardo der i de senere år har været præsenteret af forskellige familie medlemmer. Samme familie præsenterer også et eksotisk dyre nummer.


Glen Nicolodi er så absolut ikke et ukendt navn her i Skandinavien. Glen præsenterer et virkelig stærkt håndstands nummer på trapper men den bedste del er dog hans lille hund der næsten kan udføre samme tricks. Glen Nicolodi har været på turne med det Danske cirkus Nemo i en længere periode men har i øvrigt været en del af en lang række cirkus her i Norden i gennem tiden. For dem der ikke kan få nok af Glen´s storslåede nummer er det muligt at se ham på DVD lavet i Tivoli (københavn) fra hans optræden der i Varieteen (2008) – eller mere interessant at se ham i Arnardo her i 2009.


Duo Splash vil være leverandør for årets gys og luft nummer i Arnardo. Dette par laver et nummer i en meget fin kvalitet. Duo Splash  (Yevgen Abakumov og Inessa Ivova) er sidst set her i Norden da de optrådte i Danske Benneweis (2006) og samtidig var en del af den TV serie, hvor kendte Danskere forsøgte sig som cirkus artister. Deres afslutnings trick er meget visuelt med hvori der indgår faldende sølv papir. Duo Splash var også med Svenske cirkus Wictoria i 2003.


Cykel artisten Paul Chen er bare storartet – moderne og meget speciel i den måde han nummer er opbygget. Flere rekvisitter end normalt for den slags artister og flere spring. Hans favorit cykel et hjulede hvorpå han laver mage og usædvanlige stunts. Paul Chen var som Glen Nicolodi også en del af Tivoli varieten i 2008 og senere på kontrakt i det Dannebrog producerede cirkus Kenny i oktober 2008.


I de senere år har der været artister fra Kina i cirkus Arnardo. Det er ikke svært at forstå hvorfor, da kvaliteten fra den del af verden som regel er i top. En anden gevinst ved disse artister er at de sædvanligvis frem viser anderledes numre sammenlignet med Europæiske artister. Jeg har aldrig set de annoncerede numre med Huachen Acrobatic Troupe, der optræder med henholdsvis Diablo og et bold jonglør nummer men er ikke et øjeblik i tvivl om at kvaliteten er god.



 Som sædvanlig åbner Helen Arnardo på hest forestillingen her I 2009.


Premiere for Arnardo vil være d. 14. marts og yderligere forestilling d. 15. marts og som altid i Arendal i den syd vestlige del af Norge. Arnardo fortsætter hurtigt videre til hovedstaden – Oslo (på pladsen ved Munch museet), hvor det er muligt at besøge Arnardo fra d. 19. marts til d. 5. april





March 9th.

Circus Merano

Circus Merno announced the Brazilia rubber man in the 2009 program. As written in my review from Mernao he wasen´t a part of the program. But now there is great news from Merano because yesterday Merano presented this great artist. The reason for the delay was paper work and Sapo was forced to wait until everything was on the right place. I will of cause add some words to the review when we visit Merano in September.

In Scandinavian:

 Cirkus Merno havde annonceret den Brasilianske gummi mand I deres 2009 program. Som skrevet i anmeldelsen af årets program var han ikke en del af forestillingen ved premieren. Nu er der heldigvis godt nyt fra Merano, Sapo nu præsenteres i årets forestilling. Grunden til hans udeblivelse var at han var nødt til at vente på at alle papirer var i orden. Det er de heldigvis nu og jeg vil selvfølgelig lægge nogle kommentarer om denne artist, når vi endnu engang besøger Merano i september



Patrick Berdino

When the season opens in circus Arena 2009, the horses will be performed by the grand child of Arena director Benny Berdino – Patrick Berdino. Patrick has been a part of the performance the recent years but never with the horses. Last season it was MerryLu Casselly presenting the stallions from Arenas stables. In the coming season the stallions are replaced by six black beautiful Friser horses also from the huge Arena satables.


In Scandinavian:


Når den nye sæson starter for circus Arena, vil hestene blive præsenteret af cirkus direktør Benny Berdinos barnebarn – Patrick Berdino. Patrick har været en del af Arenas forestilling de senere år men aldrig med hestene. Sidste sæson var det MerryLu Casselly, der præsenterede Arenas egne smukke hingste. I kommende sæson er disse heste byttet ud med Arenas smukke sorte Friser heste.


March 8th.


Short trailer for circus Baldoni Christmas circus - hit here

In Scandinavian:

Kort trailer lavet for Baldoni julecirkus 2008 - tryk her


Circus Arena

Today was the day where the Danish circus Arena arrived on the circus lot in Copenhagen. This means the start of the first Danish circus on the road here in 2009. Arena is the biggest circus in Scandinavia but still they manage to start rehearsal tomorrow Monday. Enjoy a few pics from the first day on Bellahoej in Copenhagen.


In Scandinavian:


I dag er dagen hvor det Danske cirkus Arena rykker ind på pladsen I København. Dette betyder også starten for det første Danske cirkus på vejene her i 2009. Arena er det største cirkus her i Norden men alligevel klare de, at starte prøver allerede i morgen mandag. Nyd en håndfuld billeder fra den første dag på Bellahøj i København.


March 7th.

Duo Peris.

The fantastic roller skating artists – Duo Peris are contracted for the coming 2009 summer season in the Swedish circus Olympia. Second time for Duo Peris in Olympia, where they were included in 2006. In 2007 Duo Peris went to Norway working in circus Arnardo. This winter season Duo Peris worked for the Dutch winter circus Martin Hansons winter circus.


In Scandinavian:


De fantastiske rulleskøjte artister – Duo Peris har skrevet kontrakt for den kommende sommer sæson 2009 med Svenske circus Olympia. Anden gang for Duo Peris i Olympia, hvor de var en del af forestillingen i 2006. I 2007 var Duo Peris i Norske cirkus Arnardo og i denne vinter har de netop afsluttet en turne med vinter cirkus Martin Hanson

March 4th.

Circus Dannebrog 2009.

The Danish circus Dannebrog is now ready with their 2009 summer tour. This great Danish circus has really improved the recent years and has grown to one of the best circus in Scandinavia. The light system made and developed by Jimmy Enoch is the best any Scandinavian circus can show. Combined with the best artists it is not a normal performance presented it is an experience.


Last season circus Director Haddie Enoch contracted one of the best horse trainers in the world,   a girl with a great reputation in the world of circus, Katja Schumann. It is a great surprise to announce that in this coming season, circus director Haddie Enoch for the first time in years, will be in charge of Dannebrogs own horses. It is my personal opinion that circus directors are born to present horses – that is what they shall do. So great decision here in Dannebrog.


Last two seasons (07/08) there has been elephants presented by the Italina Elvis Errani. Once again we will see artist from this part of the world because the elephants will be presented by Joannes Togni. The Togni family is a huge Italian circus Family in charge of several circuses in Italy. Joannes Togni will present three Indian elephants.


Also from this Italian family there will be a Cossack or formation ride on horse entré. Cesare Togni presents great riding skills – six people (3 girl and three men) on four horses.


Back in Dannebrog is the Flying Michaels. Flying Michaels was a part of Dannebrog in 2006 and was contracted again in 2007 because of their high level and great success. Anyway Flying Michaels was released for their contract but promised Dannebrog to be back later. So later is now and those great artists are ready to tour here in Denmark through the summer.


Also from Italy Dannebrog presents Alison Togni in a vertical sail act.


Posnas dogs has also been in Dannebrog before (2005) and in several other Scandinavian circuses as Arnardo, Maximum and Arli. The couple Jana and Joschi performs very well trained poodles and a short reprise with the “clever” dog.


Contracted from last season are the German clowns – The Balders. Those clowns belongs in the high end of entertainment and in this season Balder promise to come with new entrees and reprises as well.


The Danish Kenny Quinn and his wife Joann presents one of the best pick pocket acts in the world. Kenny has been in a lot of circuses in Scandinavia and many many engagements in Europe. Kenny has also been teaching the police in different countries , how thief’s works on the streets. I have seen Kenny work several times and I can assure you, that he gets you watch, tie, wallet, glasses and everything else. The most fantastic with this act is, that people know he is a thief and he still   manages to get everything from you.


Director Haddy Enoch and his wife was bicycle artists with a great reputation before they made their own circus. That is the reason for there always is a bicycle act in the program. It has the recent years been done by their grandson Jimmy Enoch and some times with their son Dennie Enoch. Last time Denni was in the ring was back in 2007. The 2008 season was done by Jimmy Enoch with a fantastic glass balance on mono bike. In the coming season two more family members will be included together with Jimmy and Dennie. It is Jimmy´s cousin Victoria Enoch and Dennies sister Katja Enoch there will be included in a new entrée.


Many jugglers in the Dannebrog the recent years – in 2006 it was the great Eddy Carello, in 2007 there was even two juggling acts presented by Marco Moressa and Michael Olivares (Nicol family) and in 2008 it was again Marco Moressa. In 2009 it will be the fantastic juggler Rodrigo Conzalves. Rodrigo could be seen in 2008 in the Norwegian circus Arnardo


Premiere for Dannebrog in Vojens March 26th. ending in Copenhagen in September.


In Scandinavian:


Det Danske circus Dannebrog er nu klar med deres 2009 sommer program. Dannebrog har virkelig udviklet sig de sidste år og er vokset i kvalitet til at være et af de bedste cirkus i Skandinavien. Lys anlæg og lys design er udviklet af Jimmy Enoch og er noget af det flotteste der præsenteres her i Norden. Kombineret med top artister er Dannebrog ikke bare en cirkus forestilling det er en oplevelse.


Til sæson 2008, havde cirkus direktør Haddie Enoch skrevet kontrakt med en af de bedste heste trænere i verden , en pige med en enorm erfaring og fantastisk ry i cirkus verdenen – Katja Schumann. I år er det en glædelig overraskelse at kunne annoncere, at cirkus direktøren selv præsenterer en frihedsdressur med Dannebrogs egne hingste. Det er min personlige mening at det er cirkus direktøren i et hvert cirkus der præsenterer en friheds dressur – de er ganske enkelt født til det job. Det er derfor en rigtig god beslutning man har gjort her i Dannebrog.


De sidste to sæsoner (2007(08) har der været elefanter præsenteret af den Italienske Elvis Errani. Endnu engang vil vi se artister der præsenterer elefanter fra Italien men denne gang fra den berømte Togni familie. Denne familie er yderst velkendt og dyrene (tre Indiske elefanter) vil blive præsenteret af Joannes Togni. Togni familien er en af de største Italienske cirkus familier og har blandt andet et af Europas største cirkus – Circus Americano.


 Også fra denne Italienske familie vil der blive præsenteret et Kosak nummer eller muligvis mere præcist et formations ridt på flere heste. Cesare Togni præsenterer dette nummer med seks personer (3 mænd og 3 damer) på fire heste.


Tilbage i Dannebrog er det flyvende trapez nummer – Flying Michaels. Flying Michaels var en del af cirkus Dannebrog tilbage i 2006 og var egentlig på kontrakt igen for sæson 2007, grundet deres meget høje standard og succes. Dog blev Flying Michaels løst fra deres kontrakt igen men lovede at de senere ville vende tilbage til Dannebrog. Det bliver så i år, hvor denne fantastiske trup endnu engang er klar til en turne på de Danske landeveje.


Alison er endnu et medlem fra denne Italienske Togni familie. Alison præsenterer et vertikalt sejl nummer (Tissue)



 Posnas hunde har været I Dannebrog før tilbage I 2005 og i øvrigt I en lang række andre Skandinaviske cirkus, som Arnardo, Maximum og Arli. Parret er Jana og Joschi og en hel stribe af puddelhunde. Der ud over præsenterer Jana sin lille reprise med den kloge hund der kan regne.


På kontrakt i sæson 2008 var Balders klovnene. Det er de igen her i 2009 og man må sige at de er god underholdning. I kommende sæson har Balders lovet, at komme med   nye indslag både som entré klovne og korte repriser.


 Den Danske Kenny Quinn og hans kone Joan præsenterer et af verdens bedste lommetyve numre. Kenny har været i en lang række Skandinaviske cirkus og i øvrigt haft en megte lang række af kontrakter i Europa. Kenny Quinn har undervist politiet i forskellige lande om hvordan lommetyve på gadeplan arbejder. Jeg har set Kenny og Joan arbejde mange gange og vær sikker på, at han nok skal få ”stjålet” slips, briller, tegnebøger og alt muligt andet.. Det mest fantastiske ved dette nummer, er at folk faktisk kommer i manegen velvidende at Kenny prøver at stjæle fra dem og alligevel lykkedes det ham at få snuppet det meste.


Direktør Haddy Enoch og hans kone Solveigh Enoch var selv fantastiske cykel artister før de lavede deres eget cirkus Dannebrog. Derfor har Dannebrog altid haft cykel artister på programmet. Det har i de senere år blevet udført af barnebarnet Jimmy Enoch og deres søn Dennie Enoch. Sidst at Dennie var en del af cykel nummeret var tilbage i 2007. I 2008 var det Jimmy Enoch der udførte sit fantastiske glas balance på ethjulet cykel. I kommende sæson vil to yderligere familie medlemmer blive inkluderet, da Jimmys kusine Victoria Enoch samt Dennies søster Katja Enoch der være en del af et helt nyt nummer.


Mange Jonglører i Dannebrog de senere år. I 2006 var det den fantastiske Eddy Carello, 2007 var der to jonglører på programmet, det ene var Marco Moressa og den anden Michael Olivares fra Nicol familien. I 2008 var der gensyn med Marco Moressa og i 2009 vil jonglør nummeret blive præsenteret af Rodrigo Conzalves. Rodrigo kunne i 2008 opleves i det Norske cirkus Arnardo.


Premiere 26 marts i





March 3rd.

Meeting with the great Skating Ernesto in Diepholtz

By Martin Lasson Berglund  - Sweden

The last Saturday in February I saw circus Charles Knie in Diepholtz in Germany. This was the opening town for this wonderful circus and the tent was almost full when I saw the afternoon show. It was a splendid show with tempo and action! This year production with Alexander Lacey (tigers & lions), Marek Jama (exotic animals, horses, elephants), the Faltynys, Duo Stipka and many more was just outstanding. Maybe this is the best circus program in Europe right now?  I can only recommend all circus friends to see this show in 2009 because it´s very penny (euro).

Outside I met the lovely people Veronika and Paolo Ernesto. Veronika and Paolo was staying with Veronikas family, the Faltyny, for some time waiting for their own season to start. Last year we could see this couple in Swedish circus Brazil Jack.

Photo by Martin Lasson Berglund

Veronika makes a tissue act and Paola is a member of the old and famous Ernesto clowns. But together they have creating a new skating act.  When I met them they were very glad to be back in Germany and they told me that they had been updating the skating act with new music and more tricks. This year the couple and the whole Ernesto clown family will take part of circus Carl Busch that will tour in the east part of Germany with start in beginning of March. Best luck to them all and let´s hope that we see them soon in Scandinavia again.

In Scandinavian:

Den sidste lørdag I februar så jeg circus Charles Knie I Diepholtz I Tyskland. Det var premiere byen for dette fantastiske cirkus og teltet var næsten fyldt da jeg så eftermiddags showet. Det var et perfekt show med tempo og action! Dette års produktion med Alexander Lacey (tiger og løver), MarekJama (Eksotiske dyr, heste og elefanter), Faltynys, Duo Stipka og mange andre var helt enestående. Dette er muligvis det bedste cirkus program i Europa for tiden? Jeg kan kun anbefale alle cirkus venner at se denne forestilling i 2009 da det er alle pengene værd.

Udenfor mødte jeg mennesker Veronika og Paola Ernesto. Veronika og Pablo var sammen med Veronikas familie, The Faltynys, for et stykke tid da de venter på at deres egen sæson skal starte. Sidste år kunne vi se dette nummer i det Svenske cirkus Brazil Jack.

Foto Af Martin Lasson Berglund

Veronika laver et tissue nummer og Paola er medlem af den gamle klovne familie Ernesto clowns. Sammen har de nu lavet deres eget rulleskøjte nummer. Da jeg mødte dem var de rigtig glade for at være tilbage i Tyskland og de fortalte at de havde forbedret deres nummer med ny musik og flere tricks. I denne sæson vil parret sammen med hele Ernesto klovne familien være en del af cirkus Calrl Busch, som vil turnere i den østlige del af Tyskland fra begyndelsen af marts. Alt godt til dem og håber at se dem i Skandinavien igen meget snart

Martin Lasson Berglund 

Photo by Martin Lasson Berglund 2009 (C).


March 2nd.


March 1st.


Circus Merano Premiere

In Scandinavian futher down the page

På Dansk længere nede af siden

Premiere for the Norwegian circus Merano in Frederikstad. Lots of snow falling from the sky in the southern part of Norway made a hard start for the 35. tour from circus Merano. A similar start in 2006, where even more snow covered the whole circus makes it hard for the staff in circus. Anyway they are used to hard conditions in this part of the world and the tour will continue through the whole country, with a bunch of top class artists. Director Knuth Dahl have put together a very nice program where humour is the main thing – When there is a finance crises in the world we need something to laugh about – therefore a lot of funny acts.


A few animal activist announced their presents for the premiere but as usual only very few was there. – could be the bad weather ? because they seem to forget their cause  when they get wet.


A complete sold out performance opened the 35th. tour for this beautiful circus. Lots of invited guests such as politicians and of cause circus Scandinavia was seated around the ring.


Short and fast parade opened the performance.


First in the ring was Terskiy brothers with a young and furious rech entrée. The four brothers are doing a very well act, with a lot of fantastic stunts. Terskiy has a strong act and was seen in Norway the season before in the Danish Arena touring here in the north. They look good, they are young and they are just well suited for an opening act.


Animals are a part of Merano and no exception here – Instead of a liberty horse act this season there was presented a camel act. Four well trained camels presented from horse by Mirek Maternik. The act is rented from the Swedish circus Olympia and was also presented in Merano back in 2004. Herbert Bengtsson was present at the show to see his wonderful animals work themselves through the act. The camels works smoothly they are well looked after but maybe a little smile from Mirek would have been nice.


Di Lellos clowns with the first of two entrés – This one was a classic set up where the white face will do a classic concert but the whole thing is ruined by the August .The couple plays their instruments well and the children liked the act. Di Lellos – Alan and Jenny from Italy are very well known in Scandinavia and was seen the first time here in 1994 where they performed in the Norwegian circus Arnardo, in 95 in the Swedish circus Skratt the year after and in 1997 in circus Finlandia. Also in seen in the now closed Swedish circus Scala in 98 and the year after in the Danish circus Dannebrog where they was seen again in 2004.


Juggling is very popular in circus and here in Merano it was presented by Trio Vinicki. Three youngsters (two sisters and their brother) did a very nice and smooth juggling act. Lots of nice moments and fairly secure – they look very very good – young, smiling and with nice costumes.


Agness and Dittmar is just a very special story – The thoughts go back to the old fashion freak show and it is great to see an act like this. The mighty Agnes and her 217 cm, without shoes are just a great contrast to her small partner Dittmar and his 163 cm. They are a couple in their private life and they have put together a great entrée build on the great difference in the height. The couple has been a part of the small Danish circus Krone, later in the modern German Flic Flac – 2007 in the Swedish circus Skratt and in 2008 it was the Danes having the pleasure.


Duo Dennys are also a part of Terskiy brothers but here as a duo in a very special net act. The act is very close to a double strapat act but more possibilities when done in a net. Sometimes strapat act are boring but with this extra dimension it was elegant and thrilling as well.




Sifolinis are just a great act – lots of wheel of death acts around in European circuses and of cause with a different quality – Sifolinis are in the high end of the scale. A fairly short act but with lots of great and extremely dangerous moments. All was included – high jumps, blind folded and their speciality a full handstand on the rotating wheel. Great thrill and very dangerous in the second visit in Merano for Sifolinis.


Sapo the Brazilian rubber man was announced in the program but of some reasons he wasn’t included.


Costin delivered a very funny and a very long trampoline entré. Dressed like a circus worker he suddenly finds himself on the trampoline instead of the “real” artist. Fantastic tempo and yes he was funny this fantastic artist from Switzerland – Costin has the recent years been working in Circus Noch.


Short reprise from Alan (Di Lellos)


Pat Clarrison and his funny hot dog act was next – Patric is great and so are his dogs. Mixed races makes it charming. The act was before performed by Patrics father and I have seen the act many many times and to be honest the act is still fantastic. I was looking forward to se the act because I have never seen it be done by Patric only his father. It was a great surprise to see a bunch of happy dogs working and Patric with a great attitude. Great act and I will hope we in the furture will se this positive entré many times in Scandinavia.


Time for Di Lellos second entré – this time with the mirror entré. The recent years there has been no entré clowns in Merano but in this season Knut Dahl has decided to try again. The mirror entré is done by many different clowns but this one here is a little different. It starts up with a ballet done by Jenny – Alan smash the mirror and must dress  up as a ballet girl.


Amadeo Folco and his elephants ends up this 35th. season with his two Indian elephants- Giulia and Sharon. It is the second year in a row we se Amadeo perform here in Merano. Before that it was his daughter Adriana (now in the Dutch Herman Renz). Amadeo is a great artist and his act is very good. – great ending.


Finale with a inflated castle filling out most of the tent.


As usual great entertainment here in Merano and as usual a very cold premiere.


Thank you to the Merano staff - Turid Beth Hansen, circus director Knut Dahl and Arnt Helge for your always positive way to treat us.


In Scandinavian:


Premiere for det Norske Cirkus Merano I Frederikstad. Bunker af sne  faldende fra himlen i den sydlige part af Norge sørgede for en hård start for den 35 turne i cirkus Meranos historie. En legendende start i 2006, hvor der dog var endnu mere sne, dækkede næsten hele cirkus og gjorde arbejdet hårdt for Meranos medarbejdere. Heldigvis er personalet her i Merano vant til disse forhold i denne del af verdenen og turen vil fortsætte igennem hele Norge med en lang række top klasse artister. Direktø Knut Dahl har sammensat en flot forestilling med vægten lagt på det humoristiske Når der er Finans krise skal folk have noget at more sig over, udtaler direktør Knut Dahl


Dyre aktivister havde i medierne annonceret en større  demonstration imod dyr i cirkus men som altid var kun ganske få mødt frem  - muligvis grundet vejret? Hvilket er helt normalt, da det ser ud til at disse mennesker mister interessen hvis det er koldt eller regner.


En fuldstændig udsolgt telt åbnede den 35. turné for dette smukke cirkus. Masser af inviterede gæster, som politikere og selvfølgelig cirkus Scandinavia på første række.


En kort parade åbnede første del.


Først i manegen var Terskiy brothers med et ungt og forrygende Rech nummer. De fire brødre laver en flot entré med mange fantastiske stunts og passager. Terskiy har et stærkt nummer og var i øvrigt set i Norge i 2008, hvor de var på turne med det Danske cirkus Arena og deres tur i det nordlige. De ser godt ud, de er unge, der er tempo og det er et perfekt nummer at åbne en forestilling med.


Dyr er en del af Meranos forestilling og heller ikke en undtagelse i denne produktion. I stedet for et friheds nummer, har man i denne sæson valgt at præsentere et kamel nummer. Fire veltrænede kameler præsenteret på hest af Mirek Maternik. Nummeret er lejet af det Svenske cirkus Olympia og var i øvrigt også på programmet tilbage i 2004. Herbert Bengtsson der har trænet disse dyr var selv tilstede ved premieren for at se sine dyr arbejde sig elegant igennem nummeret. Kamlerne glider glat og er særdeles velplejede dyr men et lille smil fra Mirek ville ikke have gjort det mindste.


Di Lellos klovnene mwed deres første af to Entré numre. Denne første entré, hvor den hvide klovn vil fremføre en klassisk koncert og det hele selvfølgelig bliver forstyrret af august. Di Lellos er yderst musikalske og børnene syntes virkelig godt om denne duo. Di Lellos – Jenny og Alain, fra Italien er velkendte her i Scandinavien og var først set på disse bredde grader da de i 1994 blev præsenteret i Norske Arnardo, i 95 skrev de kontrakt med Svenske Skratt, 97 i Finlandia, 98 i det nu lukkede Svenske cirkus Scala, 99 i Danske Dannebrog,hvor de også kunne opleves i 2004.



Jonglører er et populært indslag i cirkus og denne disciplin blev i Merano præsenteret af Trio Vinicki. Tre unge mennesker (brødre og søstre), lavede en pæn og elegant entré. Mange flotte passager og rimeligt sikkert – de ser godt ud, er unge og smilende og med pæne kostumer.


Agness og Dittmar er bare en hel speciel historie. Tankerne går øjeblikkeligt til bage til de gammeldags freak shows, hvor man præsenterede mennesker med en eller anden abnormitet. Det er fantastik, når man ind imellem kan se bort fra det politisk korrekte og præsentere den mægtige Agnes på ikke mindre end 217 cm med en kontrast til sin partner Dittmar på kun 167 cm. De danner par i privat livet og de har sammensat et fantastisk nummer bygget på den store forskel i højden på parret. Dette par har været på turne med det lille Danske cirkus Krone, senere i det moderne ny cirkus – Zirkus Flic Flac i Tyskland, i 2007 i Svenske cirkus Skratt og i 2008 var det Danskerne der havde fornøjelsen i cirkus Arena.


Duo Denny´s er en del af før omtalte Terskiy brothers men her som en duo i et meget specielt net nummer.. Nummeret ligger tæt på det mere normale strapat nummer men i et net er der flere muligheder. Ind imellem møder man rigeligt starpat numre men gjort i et net tilføjes ekstra dimissioner og flere variationer. Nummeret var elegant og lidt gys fik man da også for pengene.




Sifolinis er bare et fantastisk godt nummer – Rigtig mange døds hjul numre på markedet i Europæiske cirkus og dermed også med svingende kvalitet. Sifolinis hører så absolut i den gode ende af denne skala. Rimelig kort nummer men med rigtig mange indbyggede sekvenser og især meget farlige passager. Alt var inkluderet – høje spring, med bind for øjnene og deres absolut specialitet, en fuld håndstand hele vejen rundt uden på det roterende hjul. Kæmpe gys i dette nummer og ekstremt farligt ligesom ved deres første besøg i 2006 hvor de også var en del af Merano.

Sapo – gummimanden fra Brasilien var annonceret i programmet men af en eller anden ukendt grund var han ikke en del af programmet.


Costin leverede et meget morsomt men ogs¨å meget lang komisk trampolin entré. Klædt som cirkus tjener, finder han sig selv pludselig i selve trampolinen i stedet for den ”rigtige” artist. Fantastisk tempo og ja han var virkelig morsom denne fantastiske Schweiziske artist. Costin har i de senere år været en del af cirkus Noch.

Kort reprise af Di Lellos


Pat Clarrison og hans morsomme Hot dogs var næste program punkt. Patric er bare er bare god og det er hans veloplagte hunde også. Mixede racer og logrende haler gør dette nummer meget charmerende. Nummeret var tidligere fremført af Patric´s far og jeg har set det nummer med far, utallige gange og for at være helt ærlig så er det stadig ren underholdning. Jeg så derfor frem til netop dette nummer og det var en dejlig stor positiv overraskelse at se denne bande glade hunde arbejde sig igennem sammen med Patric. Godt nummer som jeg vil håbe vi vil komme til at se i andre cirkus her i Skandinavien.


Tid for Di Lellos andet entré nummer. Denne gang blev vi præsenteret for spejl entréen. I de senere år har Merano ikke præsenteret dissiderede entre klovne men i denne sæson har direktør Knut Dahl bestemt sig for at prøve dette igen. Spejl entréen bliver lavet af et utal af klovne men denne dog en smule anderledes. Den starter med en Ballet lavet af Jenny – Alan får ødelagt spejlet og må derfor udføre sin kopi klædt som ballerina.


Amadeo Folco og hans to elefanter Guulia og Sharon afslutter denne 35. sæson for cirkus Merano. Det er andet år Amadeo Folco fremfører sine elefanter da han ogs var en del af Merano i 2008. Før dette var det Amadeos datter, Adriana Folco der i en årrække præsenterede sin elefant Baby (Nu i Hollandske cirkus Herman Renz). Amadeo er en stor artist og hans nummer er flot – God slutning.


Finale med et kæmpe oppustet slot, der udfyldte det meste af teltet


Som sædvanligt er det god underholdning her i Merano men dog en meget kold premiere.


En varm tak til medarbejderne i Merano – Turid Beth Hansen, Direktør Knut Dahl og Arnt Helge for den altid positive måde vi bliver modtaget på.


February 27th.

Jessica Bengtsson

The Swedish horse trainer and daughter of circus directors Henrika and Herbert Bengtsson, Jessica Bengtsson, has been contracthe for another Swedish circus for the coming summer tour. It is circus Wictoria and their guests there will have the pleasure to see this very nice and beautiful artist. In circus Olympia the horses will be performed by Jessica’s brother, Niclas Bengtsson


In Scandinavian:


Den Svenske heste træner og datter af circus director paret Henrika og Herbert Bengtsson, Jessica Bengtsson, har skrevet kontrakt med et andet Svensk cirkus for kommende sommer turne. Det er cirkus Wictoria og deres gæster der vil få fornøjelsen af denne fine og smukke artist. I cirkus Olympia vil hesten blive fremført af Jessicas bror, Niclas Bengtsson