From all over the world

Circus Krone first winter program ready


Here it is:

Anton Fischer Animals dressage Germany

Fratelli Caratola Acrobatic. Italy

Duo Grigorescu Musical clowns Rumania

Kristina Kokorina Juggler Russia

Christel Sembach Krone Liberty horses Germany

Flyinging Akhtyamov Flying trapeze Russia

Martin Lacey jr. Lions dressage England

Trio Wozniewski Perch Russia

Colonel Joe Elephant dressage France

Alexei Chainikov Hula hoop Russia

Truppe Domschin Russian barre Russia


This is the program for 25 December to 31 January. (first winter program).

The Chickys should have been in the program but they are not and they are been replaced by Duo Grigorescu.

Colonel Joe there was with Norwegian Circus Merano for the summer season, are the first winter program elephant act. And that absolutely not bad, maybe there is only one elephant but it’s a giant and it’s a male what is absolutely not common in circus.

Martin Lacey Jr. was with Krone on their summer tour and now continues in Munchen. His Lion act is very nice and absolutely in top class.

The horses is of cause presented by circus director Christal Simbach Krone.

Circus Scandinavia will come back with reviews from the performance.





19 December


17 December

Looking for circus items

Are you a collector and looking for rare circus items, you’re probably looking for Ebay auctions. There are hundreds of products concerning circus being sold there every day. So if you are looking for rare programs, mainly from USA and Great Britain, Ebay is maybe your answer. Also those rare Circus Chipperfields Cars from Gorgi toys can be found here. The procedure for being a member is easy, just fill in the formula and you’re ready to bit. If you win an auction there are several ways of paying. I have tried it and don’t worry you will receive your wanted collectable item.


Here is the direct link:  EBAY


14 December

Still no answers for circus animals in Norway.

The Norwegian government has, not yet decided witch animals they don’t want in circus. The government claims that they need time to work out a positive list for animals that, they consider fits to circus life and transportation.


Animals organisations


It’s funny how different opinions animal organisations have concerning circus animals. The Danish organisation "Hunden" (The dog) do have a 4 sided article in their summer issue, where they praise animal work in this years summer season by circus Benneweis. They write about how they can see the joy in the animals eyes when they plays through the program. They have an interview with the Italian dog trainers –Biasinis and writes very very positive about the animal care in circus.




10 December

Circus Krone winter program



The circus krone program is very soon ready and official. This years program in the Circus Krone building in Munchen will as always be in three periods with three different programs


The first period is from 25 th. December to 31th. Januray.

The second Period from February 1th to February th28.

The third and the last program runs from Marts, 1th to Marts th30

Circus Scandinavia can at the moment reveal that the clown troupe the Chickys will be in the performance from December to Marts. Jana Mandana with elephants, Girafs and Camels in the Marts programme. Mario Berousek the very fast tempo juggler in the March program. Martin Lacey jr. with his fantastic lions in all three periods. The artist above was all a part of the Krone Summer tour.


8 December

Circus Krone (Germany)


are very soon ready with their 3 winter programes in Munchen.

First winter program starts 25 December

2nd programe starts 1 Frebuar

3rd. Programe starts 1 Marts.

7 December

Circus Krone (Denmark).

Christmas tour in Denmark

December the 7th.

8. - 11. december
Meka Møbler

13. - 15. december

17. - 21. december


2 December

Good News for Circus trucks in Denmark

A new law proposal in Denmark is going to remove taxes on the trucks weight. In Denmark you pay an extra tax after the weight of the truck. Now the government in Denmark will remove this tax for trucks over 12 tons. This proposal are for travelling amusements parks and Circus trucks only.


1 December

Ewan McGregor to play circus freak for Jodie Foster

Ewan McGregor is to star in a romantic film being directed by Jodie Foster.

He is to star in Flora Plum, a love story set during the Depression about a circus freak.

Russell Crowe had been due to star in the film two years ago, but pulled out when he hurt his shoulder.

Meryl Streep and Claire Danes have also been signed to appear in the film.

In the film McGregor's character will take pity on a penniless waif (Danes), with whom he falls in love while helping her achieve fame.

Filming will begin either late next year or early 2004 according to 


22 November

Many circus´s


with the same name

In Italy untill some week ago there were more ore less 30 circuses "Orfei": some "true" Orfei (Moira, Nando, Amedeo, Oscar,...) and a lot of "false" Orfei: Mauro, Lina, Claudio, Paolo, Franca,  Viviana, Sandra, David, Luana, Massimo, Ersilia, Paride, Nikita, Danica,..... . The situation is similar in France where there are more or less 30 circuses with the name "Zavatta".


Now the syndicate of the circuses is trying to solve the problem and rumors say that after Christmas there won't be any "false" Orfei.

Dario Duranti - Italian circus Friends


20 November

Confiscated bears

Six bears confiscated by the U.S. wildlife service are on their way to their new homes in Michigan Zoo’s. The bears was confiscated from Hermanos Suarez Circus touring the Caribbean, as the bears were kept caged in the Caribbean heat. It is cases like these bears, who puts Circus in a bad light, so all circus friends (and Animals friends) are very satisfied with the solution, that the bears are going to live in better conditions for the rest of their lives



Circus Birthday.

The Schwiez national circus "KNIE" has 200 years Jubilee next season. Knie tells that the 2003 season will be the greatest season ever shown in Schwiez . The Jubilee tour starts Friday the 28 of Marts 2003

15 November

Christmas Circus in Stuttgart.

The world Christmas circus in Stuttgard starting12 December to 8 Januar, have their program ready. For those people from Sweden, who would like to se the Italian star clown, Fumagali, one more time?, It’s difficult to get enough of this guy, is the chance here in Stuttgard. Because Fumagali is on the program.

Another well-known visitor in Scandinavia this year, the German Elephant man Sonny Frankello is on the program to. Danes visiting Circus Arena this year can remember this charming guy and his African elephants.

Link to Stuttgart world Chritsmas circus is added on my link page (Links to circus-world)



8 November

Birthday tour.

The German circus Sarrasani are going on their 1oo year’s birthday tour starting in Lepzig. With our new program we are going far away from the traditional circus traditions – says director André Sarrasani. Elements from musicals are included in the program and the audience are going to have a great evening in circus


7 November.

Sponheim again.

A few months after the Norwegian Minister – Lars Sponheim made a highly ridicules proposal against Circus Elephants, he is ready again. There is nothing new in this case but the guy maybe thinks that his proposal are going to be better if he suggest the same stupid opinion twice. If it is cruel to transport Elephants on the Norwegian roads it must be cruel to transport horses to ?

Why is Mr. Sponheim so interested in a small business like Circus ? If he were an animal friend he wouldn’t do such a stupid thing, because Circus animals keep the interest for animals in the wild alive. Well maybe circus isn’t ideal place for an animal to live but I’m sure that those few individuals in capture will keep their free brothers alive. If Sponheim would do something for Animals he should try to save the biotopes were the animals lives in the nature or he will find him self in a situation were the only place to see those wonderful creatures – yes you guest was right – In circus.

4 November

Christmas Circus in Zurich.

Here is some good news for the Circus fans in Zurich, because there are 3 circus there for Christmas this year.

Circus Conelli from 21-November until 2 January 2003

Circus Rolf Knie from 29 November until 2 January 2003

Circus Salto Natale from 14 November until 31 December

Clown on the toilet.

Many people are crazy about circus and clowns and here is a Clown painted on the wall. He’s not painted on the wall in a living room but on a toilet. It is very nice work and you don’t have to feel lonely here anymore.

The artist who painted the picture on the toilet is Liza O'Shera

3 November.

Leopard Kills 2 year-old girl in Circus

A Circus leopard killed a 2-year old girl when she came to close to the cage at a Guatemala city Circus. The attack occurred after the performance in King Gitano Circus.

Cindy Garcia was playing near the cage of Champion, a leopard who had performed with the circus in 15 years, when the animal suddenly attacked the little girl using his claws the throw her against the cage and bite her.


New record again.

November the first was Circus Scandinavia’s 6-month birthday. The first weeks in May there was only a few visitors every day and only from Denmark. After a few weeks the amount of visitors grew and now we have 600 - 800 visitors a day.


In total we have 4799 guests this week looking at 71985 pages. I receive around 20 circus mails a day. The visitors are mostly from Scandinavia but there are guests from all over the world.


2 November

Circus Protester appears in court

The woman who protested at circus last weekend in Cleveland (USA) and jumped into the ring was in court Thursday morning. The woman has been charged with trespassing for her loud demonstration.


Mandie Jones was carrying a sign that read "Ringling tortures animals". Security arrested her after the happening.


31 October

Samson is dead.

One of the famous Danish magicians is dead 77 years old. Jorgen Samson became famous with a special entrée were he was filling up the stage with flowers hidden inside his clothes.


29 October.

Animal activists.

A few days ago I wrote about some animal activists in Germany and USA. But that wasn’t enough, for those people hit Ringling brothers when a protester jumped into the ring during the performance. The protester was carrying a sign that read "Ringling brothers Tortures animals". The activist was of cause arrested. In Hanover the German circus KRONE meet a protest group called "VIER PFOTEN" (Four feet). This is the second city in a row where Krone had to deal with these groups – The same group did protest against animal handling in Hamburg a few days before.

Please read circus Scandinavias opinion on Circus Animals.

Article 1 (Danish only)

From the Juli issue 

Article 2 (English only)

From september issue


24 October

Animal Activists 

Circus Krone (Germany) have just finished their one month performance in Hamburg (Germany). 100 thousand spectators saw the show. As so many times before a small group of animal activists – This time PETA – Used the opportunity to tell the world about cruelty against animals in circus. The same organisation was active in the USA, where they put a woman into a cage to get some attention. Peta fights for Ethical treatments of animals. This time the demonstration was against Ringling Brothers.



22 October

The Circus Prinsessan March 2003.

The Bronett brothers –the directors of the Swedish Circus Scott have send out their first press release on their web page. The Circus Princess is a circus Gala award for female artists only. The arranger of this event is the famous Swedish circus Bronett brother. The performance is broadcasted to 70 Countries.


There are 3 prices:

The Stockholm "Beauty on water" price.

The Bronett brothers silver prize.

Francois Bronett memorial award.

More info on the Circus Scott home page. Go to my Link page


18 Octber

New book.

A new book about the Danish actor, Buster Larsen. He was in a short period director for his own circus in the 60 ties but the circus Buster was owned by the Danish circus dynasty - Benneweis. Buster Larsen died in 1993 – 73 years old.


17 October.

Cirkuuz Baldoni (Den)


Are going south to look for a new tent. This years tent was bought as used and you can say it was very used. So now Mr. Baldoni are going out in the big world to find a new and modern tent. The size will be the same 26 m. We are looking forward to be guests in the tent in next Season. Mr. Baldoni tells that the concept in the 2003 performance will be the same. Mr Baldoni is out now with his one man show and he can be seen Saturday the 19 October at the Shopping mall "Fisketorvet in Copenhagen.

Animal Escape

3 Camels, 2 buffalos and 2 Lamas were escaped from Circus Barrelli in Germany. It seems like there is an escape trend going on in Germany. In last week it was a tiger from circus Propst and now 7 exotic animals. All animals are back in circus again.


New law for pets.

The government in Britain will announce a new law for animals. The current law is from 1911. The new law is set to extend the definition of animal welfare beyond suffering caused by deliberate acts of physical harm or neglect. "There is no final decisions made but the law could be a serious stroke to circus animals" says the Minister of animal welfare Elliot Morley.


Circus artists without cloth.

All the artists in Circus Julio Meneses shall perform without cloth. It is not going to be a vulgar show because all the artists will carry some kind of body painting and the artist quality will be very high – says Circus director. I’m doing this kind of performance because the old circus style is directly boring.

Circus Scandinavia will of cause bring pictures from the performance – If we receive any ?

Looking for a wife in double size.

The 32 years old Hungarian knife thrower, Pitchu, is 70 cm high. He is one of the smallest guys in the world is now seeking a wife. If would be fine if she has double size and that mean approx 140 –150 cm. Interested women can contact Mr Pitchu at Circus Cottle and Austen electric circus in Portsmouth.


13 October.

Six held after blasts at Bangladesh circus, cinema injure 100

Police said they had detained six people for questioning in connection with blasts at a crowded cinema and circus in southwestern Bangladesh that injured around 100 people.

Home Minister Altaf Hossain Chowdhury, who Sunday flew into the frontier Satkhira district bordering India's West Bengal state, meanwhile confirmed that the explosions were caused by bombs.

"These blasts were not accidents, but pre-planned," he said.

Police in Satkhira said six suspects, most of whom belonged to the circus group, had been detained and were being questioned about the blasts.


Cirque du Soleil (Canada)

Are going to perform  their "Alegria" show in Mexico city.

From October 9 and 2 month ahead the Mexicans has the chance to se an absolut spectular performance

12 October

Circus Scott (Sweden)

Their season are like many other circus in Scandinavia on their last few weeks. The Swedish circus Scott are at the moment in the south of Sweden ending up with a few days in Copenhagen Denmark. It will be the 3. Time Scott finishes their season in Copenhagen. Rumours said that circus Scott are going to expand with one more touring tent in Sweden. The goal is to have one in the south and one in the north. But as I wrote it is only rumours and it has not been confirmed by any of the Bronett brothers.

If you haven’t enjoyed Scott this year there is still a chance on the following places:




















*) OBS Spelningarna i Karlskrona
9-10 oktober är flyttade till Gamla Färjeterminalen / Handelshamnen



















24/10 Göteborg UTSÅLT


















6/11 Malmö UTSÅLT
10/11 Malmö UTSÅLT




10 October.

Heeeeeelp !

We still need a lot of Chicky years to complete the career for the clown troup.

What can you do ? Look at your old programs to see about the chicky's has been in your circus and if they had write to me on this address:

Here is the missing years:

1959, 60, 61, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 72, 73, 77, 81, 90, 91

If yo know anything about those years please help.

Tiger Escape.

A five years old tiger manege to shake the people in Postdam – Germany - when it escaped from circus Propst. The Tiger went to a local park were veterinarians manage to anaesthetize the animal.


8 October.


Circus director

In Germany

Will build a small town

Director from the great circus Roncalli will let a dream come true. Bernhard Paul will build his own town, he wants to build a " Bouleward of broken dreams" with his own romantic collections of merchandise. Bernhard Paul needs 30 square meters for his project or around 3 football fields. The town will be build in Germany.


6 October.

Terror attack on Circus in Bangladesh.

At least 3 were killed and hundreds was hurt with a terror attack Saturday night on a Circus a little outside Dhaka. I don’t know the name on the circus but it was a time bomb witch detonated under the performance. Nobody knows yet who the bad guy was.



Not everyone shares the love to clowns. There is pages on the net who really hate those funny guys. I have added one page you can find it under the menu - LINKS to friends. If you can call them friends

5 October.

That’s Magic.

From November Circus Scandinavia will have a little corner for Magic, because magic is fun. There will be news and I will look at small tricks. I’m absolutely not a Magician but I have always been attracted to those mystery guys. The first article will be about the Danish manufacture of Magic toys - A&Z Magic.

Magic toys from A&Z magic, small magic tricks for kids and adults who wants to be kids.

3 October.

Today their has been over 400 visitors on the page.

Thank you.



A Danish paper for professional artist, musicians and others.

Has borrowed a picture from me to put in their current issue but they forgot to write the credits on the photo. I can of cause live with that but the problem is the text.

The words are absolutely wrong.

It was not the Clown troupe Rastellis who got the price. It was Alfredo from the Rastellis.

Here is the text from the paper: From the left Alfredo Rastelli, Adi Holzer, Vittorio Rastelli, Oreste Rastelli and Benny Schumann in the Galla show "The world Artist and Clown reward"

I do think that it is a clown award and not reward. So far that I’m informed, there hasn’t been any trouble with the clowns so any rewards shouldn’t be necessary. But who knows ?

But what’s worse is that Vittorio and Orestes mother is called Adi Holzer. Adi is a man and he is the guy who painted the pictures who was given as a first and second price. He is not at the picture at all. But it is not finished here because the first guy from the left is not Alfredo Rastelli but his son Vittorio. The second from the left is Vittorios mother and not Adi holzer. The third person from the Left is not Vittorio but Alfredo The winner of the clown Award. The last to guys are right. Confused?

Please next time you Guys on the paper borrow a picture from me, I would be more than happy to tell you about who’s on the picture. Your used source are no good.

Here is the correct text as it should have been.


From the left Vittorio Rastelli, the lady is Vittorios mother and wife to Alfredo Rastelli, The winner of the golden clown Award –Alfredo Rastelli, Oreste Rastelli and Benny Schumann





2 October.

Circus Scandinavia still need some years in The clowns "Chicky's carreer. Thanks to Dario Duranti from Italian circus friends we got 3 more years. So the years has been opdated. If their is anybody who knows anything about the missing years - PLEASE help to make the list complete - Chicky's years can be found 


1 October.

Francesco Caroli 

The great white clown Francesco Caroli said good buy to the artist life 28 September with a great party under the big top. When he arrived with his saxophone in the ring (In circus Roncalli) people stood up and gave him standing ovation. There were lots of telegrams and the artists made a ring around him to honour this fantastic artist one last time. Many people in Scandinavia remember mr. Francesco for his many performances alone and several times with his brothers. In Denmark he was honoured a few years ago in the Clown Galla in Copenhagen arranged by the Danish Clown and multi artist Benney Schumann, grand child to the world famous clown Charlie Rivel.


29 September

Circus logo

Most circus got a logo but sometimes it’s happens that different circus got the same logo. Circus Maximum in Sweden share logos with the German Arament and the closed Danish circus Lillian Daniels. Circus Arena (Denmark) does have a clown logo but share this logo with many other circuses.


Officiel Arena  logo                            Maximum Logo

26 September

Over 200

Circus Scandinavia are now over 200 visitors every day.

65 % are Scandinavian guests.

20 % Americans

The last 15 % are from all over the world.

Circus Scandinavia receives more than 10 e-mails every day, with questions, offers and information’s.




Circus Scandinavia try to cover all Circus in Scandinavia but because of some unknown reason, we never hear anything from circus in Findland. They don’t have so many circus but they do have one big Circus – Circus Finlandia. So if you know anything about circus in Finland please let me know.


Please write to


24 September

Circus Krone.

Circus Krone got a smaller brother in Denmark. A small circus with the same name as the one in Germany. The Danish Circus Krone is a very nice circus and makes Christmas performances in December after their summer season. There will be lots of artists and Christmas music. Here is a few dates where you find Krone in December.

Circus Krone (Denmark)

Tour dates:

Korsør: 13 - 14 - 15 December (Fotex).

Svendborg : 18 - 19 - 20 - 21 December.



23 September.

New tent.

Danish Circus Arena has bought a new tent. It should be ready for the season 2003. The tent comes from Italy like their new stable tent we all could enjoy this season. There will be new chairs and the view will improve radically. It seems that all or almost all Scandinavian circus want new tents. Benneweis are looking for a new tent and rumors said that circus Scott got a new one to?



22 September.


Circus Scandinavia congratulates 

Mr. Francesco Caroli with his 80 years.

Read the small story here.

Read the story and look at the pictures


Do you have a circus collection, it could be Programs, flyers, pins, cups, t-shirts or anything else regarding circus. Circus Scandinavia would very much like to hear about it. Circus skandinavia is planning a serie called: Show you collection. Mail me a few words about your items and I will contact you.

Mail to me :

Last chance.

Today  it was the  last chance to see circus in Copenhagen in this seasson. After 3 weeks with 3 major Danish circuses around Copenhagen, Circus Dannebrog ended their 3 weeks. Circus Scandinavia looks back on the major Scandinavien Circus performances in the October issue

20 September


Ron Marvin (Director of Circuzz Baldoni).


Are ready to go out with a winter show in the Danish school children’s autum holiday. Mr. Marvin does the whole show alone and he promise that we will meet a juggler, the fire-eater, a magician and what Mr. Marvin maybe do best the ventriloquist. The show will be in different shopping malls. If you want to be entertained in the holiday you can find Ron Marvin in the shopping mall "Fisketorvet" in Copenhagen Saturday the 12 and 19 October at 12 and 14 am.

Circus Merano (Norway).

Circus Merano is not going to close, they continue next year with a new season. The whole circus close threat against the Norwegian goverment didn’t have the effect that Merano was looking for. Because the law proposal against Circus elephants has not been drawn back but not adopted either.


If you are looking for a dissent supplier for magician requisites, take a look on the Danish web page Pegani. He got hundreds of tricks in stock, both for the beginner and the professional. The prices are absolutely fair and the delivery time is promised to be no more than 5 working days. I recived my stuff in two days. You can pay in all major credit cards. The page is in Scandinavian language only but I’m sure that Mr. Pegani will help, if you write to him in English.


16 September.

Thanks to Italien Circus Fans.

Thank you to Dario Duranti from the great Italian circus page "Italian circus friends! For his help with the names on the circuses that the Clown troupe "The Chicky’s have worked the last years. At the same time he has made a nice banner to use on their web page. It’s a nice banner you can see it here below. Thank you Italia

The Circus that Chicky’s have worked can be seen on the June issue.

Here is the banner in Italian..

Spongheims Caricature price.

Lars Spongheim, minister in the Norwegian government, have won a caricature price in Norway. He is the guy who has been drawn as a caricature in newspapers more than any other minister in Norway. Mr Spongheim was the guy behind a law proposal against transportation of animals from countries far away?? Or more direct, a law against elephants in circus.

Circus Scandinavia congratulates the Norwegian minister with his price.


15 September.

Last chance in Scandinavia.

The summer is over and circus in Scandinavia are going to sleep in a couple of months. But there is still a chance. In Norway, if you hurry up, there is Anardo still in the south. End of season the 22 September.. Merano are closed for the season (or forever ?). In Sweden there is Maximum until 22 September. Scott is going on a few months more, ending the season in Copenhagen (November). In Denmark, the two big "guys" Arena and Benneweis ended there season this weekend. Here is the last chance circus Dannebrog until 22 September in Copenhagen or the small Baldoni continuing a few more weeks.


14 September.

Help !

I need information about the Clowns - Chicky's. -

Where have they performed in the past years.

If you have any information about this wonderful clown troup

Please write to me here :

Thank you

Circus news on the web.

Two Danish circus got news sides on their web page. Circus Arena and Circus Benneweis. But but the latest news are from June and Marts. Benneweis news page is not opdated at all. In the Swedish circus Scott it seems to work better they updates nearly every day with tour pictures and small stories – very nice.


13 September.

One more death elephant.

Earlier this year one of Diana Rhodins (Sweden) African elephant died. Now it was one of the famous Folco family elephants there died. There is no official explanation to the death. The Folco Family still got 4 elephants. In a few years it will be very rare with elephants in circus because in these days it is not possible to buy elephants and it is absolute not easy to breed elephants in capture. One of the hardest parts with elephant breeding is to find a male, they are normally very aggressive and the males are absolutely not herd animals. They are only together with the females in their "Mush" period a kind of breeding period. In other periods they are absolutely not interested in other elephants. Male elephants are very dangerous animals and are kept for themselves in zoos and the keepers do not have physical contacts unless it is absolute necessary. Therefore it is very rare with male elephants and it is almost impossible to travel around with them in a circus. How they manage to travel around with the big elephant boy "Conel Joe" is a mystery but maybe he is just born as one of those rare, nice and easy guys ??


11 September.

Circus Benneweis


The Performance tonight (and afternoon) was dedicated to the victims of the terror attack in New York. After the show everybody, artists, orchestra, audience was keeping one minute of silence.

The show was shorter than first time I saw Benneweis earlier this year (Read the review on the review page). One of the top artist, the beatiful Yelena Larkina wasn’t there and Duo Kalade was not performing either. Circus Scandinavia doesn’t know why. The performance today was a little boring, maybe some of the artist are a little tired after a long tour around in Denmark??


7 September

Circus Moreno is not closing.

They are closing, they are not, they are closing, no they are not. The whole thing around Circus Merano in Norway has changed to a big media performance. Merano sells tickets, as never before, they are in the television and the papers almost everyday. Merano has made the biggest circus media flip in many many years. As it looks now it seems to, that Merano is going to continue. Rumours in Norway says that everything in this story was one big gambling to avoid a new law against sudden animals and it seems to work.

What the purpose was doesn’t matter because if the story can keep Circus Merano on the road in the 2003 season, we are all satisfied.

6 September.

Magic weekend in Sweden

Scandic hotel in Lund from 11 – 13 October.

Magic days for youngsters.

28 –29 September 2002

The old theatre in Horsens (Det gamle teater I Horsens).

For more information contact Pegani on this web page

5 September.

Who owns the domain?

It seems that the Danish Circus Benneweis has bought the domain rights to another big Danish circus – circus Arena. Why? The name is now owned by circus Benneweis. Furthermore Benneweis have the rights to - and now It would be nice if Benneweis could tell us why they own a domain name from another circus.

Circus war continues.


In Sweden the circus war seems to continue. Circus Olympia doesn’t update their homepage anymore. They say it is to protect them against another circus in Sweden who had taken advances of the information on the tour date page. It is very common in Scandinavia to protect tour dates so other circus don’t "steal" the information.


30 August

Stop for wild animals.

In Bad Sobernheim (Germany) it is no more legal to bring wild animals. So circus with wild animals (Elephants, Wild cats, bears, monkeys) can’t give performance in this city anymore.

Christmas Circus.

The summer season in Europe is soon over but for circus lovers there is a great opportunity to see some more in the many different Christmas circus. It’s a common tradition in Germany, Holland and Belgium but rare in Scandinavia with those performances. When new programs shows up Circus Scandinavia will bring them on the news side.

Offenburg Christmas circus:


The famous Scholl with Elephants and horses.

Mario Beroucek – Ladder balance.

Rosi Hochegger. – Horse comic.


All three absolutely well known for the Scandinavian audience.

From 20/12 – 6/1 2003.

29 August

Stop for using the circus place in Copenhagen ?


Rumours says that the local government don’t want circus to use the old circus place in Bellahoej anymore. Circus Scandinavia tries to find out some more information about these rumours and if it’s the true?? Why and where is the new circus place in Copenhagen? When Circus Scott was in Copenhagen in the 2001 season they were not in Bellahoej but at Fisketorvet, same place like circus du Solei.

So maybe Fisketorvet is the new place for circus. Who knows ??

Circus Benneweis.

Galla premiere in Copenhagen to night, with a lot of well-known Danes invited to this last round of the 2002 summer tour. The performance was delayed because many from the audience couldn’t find parking places. In the audience to night were a lot of artists from Circus Dannebrog. Circus Dannebrog have no performance tonight and starts their Copenhagen period tomorrow. The day off was spend in Circus Benneweis.

The performance tonight was sold out.

26 August

Circus Merano (norway).

Are Closing

The Great Circus Merano in Norway is closing for good. The Last performance is 8 September in Oslo. The Director Knutt Dall says that it is difficulties with the Norwegian authority concerning circus animals that have made his decision to close.

This news is an enormous loose for Scandinavian circus and especially for Norway, because this is maybe the last chance for the kids in the north to see an Elephant alive. In Norway there is no Zoo’s that counts and soon there isn’t any circus either.

When Merano stops in a few days there is only one major circus left in Norway, circus Arnardo and 2 small, Agora and Zorba.

Circus Scandinavia wil come back with an article in a few days with the details

26 August.

Cirkuuz Baldoni

The small but very nice circus Baldoni are now in Jutland (Jylland). The Director mr. Baldoni says that the  first season have been very good so far. Their homepage have been refreshed and it looks very good. Circus Scandinavia recommend to pay the web a visit and check out where to find Baldoni.

You find Baldoni´s web on my link page.

23 August

Kim Kenneth

The world famous magician Kim Kenneth from Denmark was traveling with Circus Dannebrog in 1989 and Circus Arena in 1995, 96, 97. Is now with circus Nock in Schweitzer land for the 2002 season. Kim Kenneths is known for his act, where the assistant is climbing through his torso and he is driving his motorbike through the box where the assistant is securely handcufft. Kim Kenneth is a great magician and his acts fits perfectly into circus. It is very longtime since we in Scandinavia had the pleasure to see Kenneth so all you guys in the Alps, injoy.

Kim and his assistant in 1995

21 August

Thank you.


Many many thanks for all your response to my web and interest, especially from the major part of the Scandinavian circuses. I’m sorry that you can’t advertise for any product on this web but I have decided for a long time ago that this is a absolutely non profit page.

But but you are very welcome to send me news, pictures, whatever… about your circus and I will be glad to publish the material.

Circus Scandinavia have more than 150 readers…..every day. Most from the Scandinavian Countries but also from all over Europe to USA, Canada, Great Britain and many many other countries. My goal is to double the amount of readers  before our 1 year birthday 1 Maj 2003.

If you got any mail please send it to :

20 August

Circus Scott.


Rumors say that The Swedish circus Scott has bought a new tent. Not for replacing the old one but because Scott want to have 2 Circus in Sweden at one time. One touring in the south and one in the north.

19 August.

The great elephant man, Sonny Frankello and his 4 lovely African elephants, are going to perform on the Stuttgarterweihnachts circus. Sonny are on a current tour with the Danish circus Arena.

18 August.

Circo Massimo


Who ?? yes the swedish circus Massimo. I never heard about them and it sounds Italian ??


But the famous Bronett brothers, the directors of the Swedish Circus Scott are producing a range of circus programs for an Italian television station. So the name is for a short time changed from Scott to the Italian name Circo Massimo and what a show…..300 artists from all over the world are interring Karlskrona in the southern Sweden from 5 to 16 Februar. They will produce 4 highly different shows. An Asiatic show, a comic show – Scott produced a similar clown show in 1974 and can be bought at their homepage, the classic circus show and a future show .


There aren’t any names on the involved artists yet but as soon they are public information you can read it here.


For further information go to circus Scott homepage, found on my link page.


Circus Skandinavia will of cause cover the shows, write a review and take a lot of pictures.

17 August

If you are crazy about circus and want to go to Copenhagen there is a great opotunity.....Because all the 3 major circuses are in Copenhagen or the suroundings.

Circus Arena is hardest to catch, because there Copenhagen performances was over in April. But anyway there is a chance on the following places, all just outside Copenhagen.


31 August - Nærum (12 km north of copenhagen).

1 September - Lyngby( 10 km north of Copenhagen).

2 September - Herlev(8 km North west of Copenhagen).

3 September - Gladsaxe(8 km. west of Copenhagen)


From  30 August to 15 September

Bellahøj - Copenhagen.


From 30 August to 22 September.

Triliangen - Copenhagen.

So if you are in Copenhagen, there is a chance to see 3 great performances in 3 days.

Please go to their web pages for  the correct adresses. They can be found on my Link page.


16 August.

Many circuses all over Europe got a lot of trouble with the heavy rain. 

Here is a picture from Oesterriec. It is Louis Knie in Lenz the 12 August.

In scandinavia  we dident have circus weather the last weeks either but it was  because of very high temperatures and the sunny weather, so people prefere  the beach instead

15 August


Circus Land 


A Rusian web page, writes that circus Benneweis post address is Jernbane Gade. It is at least 12 years since they were moving out from the circus building in Copenhagen. There is the same problem with telephone number it was right 12 years ago. The circus Arena and Scott addresses was allright. I send a mail to circusland with the correct infomations

15 August

Circus Arena (Denmark).


Has bought 2 new sea lions. The two youngsters is coming from France and it is circus Areans planes is to buy 4 more. The first two are already started their training in Slagelse where , the winter quarter and Areanas Director Benny Berdino says that everybody are welcome to visit the new animals through the winter. If you can find a name for the animals and Arena use your suggestion, they pay you back, with a large package of Arena Souvenirs.




14 August. 

One of the two great circuses in Norway


Circus Merano

Are finishing their season in Oslo. From 22 August to 8 September.

For details contact Circus Merano on their web. (found on my link page).

Circus Scandinavia recomend a visit.


7 August.

Circus Dannebrog

The famous Danish circus,  known in Scandinavia from a documentary television program, can be seen in Copenhagen from 30 August to 22 September.

The tent can be found in Fælled Parken, the Triliangen entrance.


6 August

It is not only circus in scandinavia that got trouble with heavy rain showers.

The Great circus Knie, had to cancle a performance because of 20 cm.  (8 inch) of warter in the ring.


5 August

Book about magic that can’t fail.


New magic book to the Danish market that promise a lot. 40 tricks that can’t fail including card tricks, coins and much more. Lots of nice pictures and step by step instructions. Original written by Richard Jones – 113 sides – translatet to Danish.

It’s a expensive and a beginners book but I think it’s worth the money, try a few tricks my self and it went almost well. 199 Danish crowns or 26 Euro. For sale in most book stores in Denmark.




5  August.

A New Circus book - on it's way to the book stores

Diana Benneweis are realeasing a new book.

The book is comming Friday the 10 August.

Diana is director for the great Danish circus Benneweis and the book should be about her live, the good sides and the bad.

Read the review here  from Sunday the 12 August.

4 August.

This web is now 3 month old

The first days we had aprox. 10 visitors every day.

Now we have far over 150 visitors every day.

Circus Arena – Denmark.


Made Saturday a benefit performance for kids with cancer. All the money for the tickets was going directly to the kids. Unfortunately only half of the tickets were sold. At the same time there was a problem with the heavy rain before the performance and because of the soaking wet ground, the big trucks with the animals was not aloud to enter the grass. That was the reason to all the animals was moved to the next town where the conditions was much better and then was driven in directly before the performance.

The animals was driven in from the next town.

It was of cause very disappointing for all the kids who were coming to visit the circus animals. But Arena had paid 200.000 thousand Danish crowns (26000 Euro’s) in deposit when they were renting the ground.


1 August 2002

Circus Arena donates the hole performance Saturday the 3 August to kids with cancer.

They are all working for free.

Where ?

Charlottenlund Strandpark

Saturday the 3 August

at 19:00

Do you want to read the review for the performance earlier this year 

Push here


Circus Maximum in Malmø

Here is a little service for our Danish readers... Circus Maximum one of  Swedens great circuses, are in Malmø August the 5. at 19:00. You find Maximum at Limhamnsfeltet.

Circus Scandinavia recomend a visit.

If you want to see a review of the performance push here  ?

27 june 2002

Premiere for Swedish Circus Scott

So it happend 4 month later than other Scandinavien circus, Scott started their season in Sweden the 26 Juli in Gavle.

This year they are not visiting Oslo, that a shame, but only touring in Sweden-exept  for a few days in Copenhagen in November (14).

Circus Scot state them self as the biggest circus in Europe - that not exactly the true but the size of their circus orchestra is maybe the biggest and the best. It is always a pleasure to hear the Scott band play - it's really god. 

If you are interestet in more infomation regarding circus Scott, you can find a link to their homepage on my link side.

18 june 2002

What is happening ?

Mr Dalmatine , the guy who performes with one single Dalmatine and 8 puddles (maybe he should change his name to mr. Pudles ??)are working in to circus in one time ??

How come ? 

Carl Bush 2002 Program

Circus Maximum 2002 Program

       I dont know but I have seen mr. Dalmatine in Maximum how he performs in Carl Bush in Berlin at the same time is queistion I cant' answer.

13 June 2002

Would you like your own private circus performance ??

It is absolutely possible to surprice your friends, employees or family.

Tent with aprox. 500 seats and a full  2 hours circus performance.

Just contact 

Expencive ? - No absolutely not.

12 june 2002

Clown Festival

If you are crazy about clowns and if you are a tourist in Denmark or just live here then go to Dyrhavsbakken, a few miles north of Copenhagen the 11 August 2002.    


Because the world famous clowns from Italy THE RASTELLIES are performing here. They have amused people in all ages in a life time. Don't miss this opotunity to see  those clowns because Papa ,one of the clowns, are in the 80´s  and cant of cause not go on forever or can he ?

I was planning a story about Rastellies but the guy in Denmark who knows them best and the arranger of the clown festival coulden't spare half an hour  to give me some infomation on mail. - Sorry but thats life.

If you can't remember  Rastellies  ?

 here is a few pics.

Cirkus Krone (Germany) 2002 winther circus.

Performance in Scandinavia: 

1954 Circus Schumann (Denmark).

1960 Holiday on Ice (Denmark)

1974 Cirkus Scott (Sweden)

1977 Cirkus Scott (Sweden).

1978 Cirkus Schumann (Denmark)

12 june 2002

The 4 Benneweis elephants, where one of them was shoot to death in Nyborg - Denmark - in 1994 the remaining animals are maybe still performing.  There are some mystery about those animals because the elephant keeper (he was going with the elephants when they were sold back in 1994) was found dead a few days after they arrived to Italy. He was lying dead between the 3 remaining elephants.  A few weeks later the domptør - Gartner - was trampled to death by  probably one of Benneweises elephants. Rumours says that it was Siam ?? Gartners son performed with 2 of the elephants with circus Scott 1999 tournee. So two of them are  maybee still alive.

If you know anything about those elephants or the truth.

Please write to


The elephants from the Circus Arena 2001 performance and rented from  Enis Togni  in  Italy are in the 2002 season performing in Circus Louis Knie in Osterreich.

The famous German Scholl family are still going strong. One of the Scholl brothers had a seriously accident a few years ago in the Danish circus Arena. He survived a ugly fall from the" wheel of death" They are  now working in circus Vegas in Ireland with their elephants



Circus Carl Bush got problems with an animal activist organization. They have put up posters with the text : "No aplaus for the animals" In Denmark there was a similar problem a few years back, where commercial posters (hangers)was written over by the words "CANCELD"

Not many circus will answer you either on E.mail or  in ordinary mail, not even if it is to their  own benefit    WHY  ?? A good part of the circus got a souvenir store on the internet but if you order anything, they don't even answer you.

If you got a Circus please tell me why you do have a web side with an E.mail  address if you don't use it anyway ?? 

Katja Schumann from the closed legendary Danish circus Schumann dynasty is still working. She is married to an American guy Paul Binder - He is director for - circus Big Apple. So there is still a hope for a new Circus Schumann.

Katja Schumann in 1980

Link to Circus Big apple on the link side

Are you a circus collector Let me know

You can write to me in: German, Spanish, English or  in any Scandinavien  language exept Finish