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May 29th.

Jan Ketil is not a part of this years circus Agora show.

Circus Agore director, Slack wire artist in international top class – Jan Ketil is not a part of the Agora program this year. An operation are waiting just around the corner but Jan expect to be back in the ring again next year in circus Agoras 17 season.




Circus Arnardo in trouble with the law.

In Norway it is forbidden to put up commercial posters for circus. This foolish law means that circus Arnardo has to take down their posters in Orkanger may 28th. It is a discrimination against circus (again) because some other commercial posters are aloud to be there. It is a ridicules law and it is only a small part of a wide range of funny rules to make the life harder for circus in Norway.



Nordic juggling festival in Horten – Norway.

200 jugglers from Scandinavia are today on festival in Horten Norway. Some of the best jugglers in the world are there to introduce the Scandinavian jugglers. Nordic Juggling festival is arranged every year in one of the Nordic countries. Last year it was held in Denmark. The festival is for all jugglers with or with out experience it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner. There will be workshops and a parade through the town.



Monthly Magazine opdated with Circus Arena video


May 28th


Most pictures on this page are taken by Circus Scandinavia and a few by Italian circus fans. The pictures are not public domain but if you have any interest in some of the pictures please contact circus Scandinavia for further information. Circus Scandinavia has a data bank with almost 30.000 thousand pictures and there is taken far more than 500 pictures of each circus performance. Most of those pictures are taken in high resolution but released on the web page in low resolution. Those pictures can’t be used in a printed version, so if you are interested in specific copies or printed versions please contact the web master. Circus Scandinavia uses two digital mirror cameras with 8.1 million pixels each and can enlarge the pictures to poster size. It is only very few pictures there are used on the page so feel free too mail me if there is a specific request.





Fumagalli and his brother have started up their own website. Until now there have been a few Fumagalli fan pages on the net but now they have their own. The page includes information about Darius (Darix) and Gianni (Fumagalli) a news letter service, pictures and much more. Fumagalli brothers are at the moment on tour in Norway with circus Arnardo. Last year it was circus Benneweis in Denmark and in 2002 it was Circus Scott – Sweden.  You can find a direct link on the artists link page




Picture by Italian circus Fans


May 27th.

Destroyed bicycle.

One of the elephants in Circus Mustang – Sweden has destroyed a bicycle. A young boy has parked his bicycle to close to the elephant area and the animal destroyed the bike. The boys father charges Mustang for the bike but the circus refused to pay. The police in Sweden can’t find any written law where an elephant is mentioned so know one knows who’s going to pay for the bike.




Colonel Joe.

The enormous Indian elephant Colonoel Joe has birthday. The old guy will reach 40 years on May 27th. Colonel Joe must be the biggest elephant bull in circus. The height is 3 meters and 60 cm. over the shoulders and his weight is 7600 kilos. Colonel Joe is born in Los Angelses in 1964 and is trained and owned by James peters (James Puydebois) – France.

Colonel Joe has performed several times in Scandinavian circus.

1995 Circus Scott – Sweden.

1996 Circus Scott - Sweden

1999 Circus Benneweis – Denmark.

2000 Circus Merano – Norway

2001 Circus Maximum - Sweden


May 24th.

Accident in Circus Ringling Brothers.

The tissue artist Dessi Espana died Saturday after her tissue got loose from the roof and she felt 10 meters (30 feet) to the ground.



Review head page opdated - Here


Monthly magazine opdated with pictures from Circus Benneweis - direct link here

May 23rd.

New tent for Circus Charlie.

A few weeks ago a storm destroyed Circus Charlies tent completely. That’s the reason for Circus Charlie goes on tour in a brand new white tent. The tent is in the same size as the old one with room for 500 spectators. The new tent was made in 3 weeks.

Circus Charlis new tent

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).


Complet list of artists working in Scandinavia 2004 and webmaster takes the word opdated in the monthly May issue of Circus Scandinavia - Direct link to the May issue  here

May 22nd.

Nobel horse gala.

Robert Bronetts (Circus Scott) Nobel horse gala has moved to Norway. After the start in Copenhagen with a great success, they moved the show to Aarhus for a few weeks. Now the show is moved to Norway where they will perform on the old airport of Oslo "Fornebu". The show will be held in an old plane hanger, where there should be plenty of room for spectators and this great horse show.

Levade - Nobel Horse gala - Robert Bronett in Copenhagen 2004

Pics by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).

May 21st.

Very nice program for the Golden clown award

It is a very nice program for the "Golden clown award" on "Bakken" (amusement park) this year. The artistic leader Mr. Benny Schumann has managed to put up a program in an international top class. The name of the winner this year is already been released and it will be Eugen Altenburger better known as Chicky. Chicky will be there on August the ??? and receive his first price. This will be a great opportunity to see Chicky in action for maybe the last time. Bruno – the second half of the duo will no be there because of work in Circus Krone in Germany. Bruno has got a new partner –the Italian star clown - "Jimmi Folco" – and continues with the famous mirror entré with out Eugene. Eugene retired early this year because of age.

Another world star in this program is Toto Chabri and com. Toto is very well known in Denmark and he has been in Circus Benneweis many times just like the Chickys has.

The clown festival runs from August 5th until August 15th. 2004. If you want to see Eugen "Chicky" Altenburger it is August 8th.

The Chickys - Eugene and Bruno - Circus Krone - Germany 2002.

Photo by Circus scandinavia 2002 (C).

The rest of the program can be found in a few days on this page under –Monthly issue under artists in Scandinavia 2004.

For those who are interested here is a list of the work of the Chickys.

Where have they been:

1957 Circus - "Zoo Cirkus" Sweeden

1958 - Circus Empress

1961 - Circus Moreno - Denmark

1962 - Cirkus Royale - Belgium.

1963 Knie Switzerland.

1965 - Krone Germany

1966 - Krone Germany

!967 - Krone Germany

1971 - Benneweis Copenhagen Denmark.

1971 - Benneweis Tent - Denmark.

1974 Knie - Switzerland.

1974 - special appearance for the video Clown-Clown in Stockholm - Sweden.

1975 Knie Switzerland.

1976 Barum - Germany.

1978 - Benneweis - Denmark.

1979 - Benneweis Copenhagen Denmark.

1980 Barum - Germany.

1982 - Nock - Oesterreich

1983 - Merano - Norway.

1984 - Benneweis - Denmark

1984/85 Eindhoven and Circus Krone circus building -Germany

1985 - Krone - Germany

1986 - Krone  - Germany

1987 - Krone  - Germany.

1988 - Krone  - Germany

1989 - Benneweis - Denmark

90 - Circus Medrano  - France

91 - Circus Medrano -Winter (France)

1992 - Benneweis - Denmark

1993 - Benneweis - Denmark.

1993/94 - winter in circus Medrano - Italy

1994 - Benneweis - Denmark

1995 - Benneweis - Denmark

1995/96 - Winter circus Krone - Germany

1996 - Circus Brazil Jack - Sweden.

1997 - Medrano- Switzerland.

1998 Circus Maximum Sweden

1998/99 Winter circus Krone - Germany

1999 - Circus Maximum - Sweden

2000 Circus Krone - Germany

2001 - Circus Krone - Germany

2002 - Circus Krone - Germany

2003 - Circus Krone - Germany



May 20th.

New and interesting web page.

Nice and new German web has started up. It is a very professional page and it looks very nice for the future but take a look for your self – the language is in German



Francesco Caroli is dead.

One of the most famous traditional white face clowns Francesco Caroli is dead a few days ago. There will be no details on this web.

In Memory of Francesco Caroli


May 19th.

New link.

The famous high wire, Wheel of death, skywalk and motorcycle act the Simet from Hungary have made a nice webpage. Lots of the pictures on the page are taken in Tivoli garden in Copenhagen where the Simet was part of the show through the summer. On the page it is possible to read about the history behind this act and other useful information. The Simet has been in Scandinavia several times and the act is extremely thrilling. Especially the wheel of death act performed in Tivoli garden in 2003 where the wheel was placed 12 meters over the ground.

The Simet in Scandinavia:

1998 Tivoli Garden in Copenhagen

1999 Circus Benneweis – summer tour.

2000 Gronne Lund - Sweden

2001 Tivoli Garden in Copenhagen

2003 Tivoli Garden in Copenhagen

Here are a few pics taken by circus Scandinavia last summer in Copenhagen.

Link to the Simet webpage here



May 17th.

Ingo Stiebner.

The famous sea lion trainer Ingo Stiebner will be back in Circus Arena (denmark) in their 2007 season. Ingo has been in Arena for many seasons but in the current summer season he is in circus Merano in Norway. Ingo is very well known in Scandinavia and has been performing in most circuses here. In Merano 1990, Benneweis in 1998, Maximum in 2001 and in circus Arena 2000, 2002 and 2003.


Ingo is back in circus Arena for the 2007 summer tour in Denmark.

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C). 2004

May 12th.

New elephant for Sonny Frankello.

Sonny Frankello has got a new female elephant. A few days ago he received a new girl – Sandra. Sandra is at the moment in Germany together with Sonny’s Bull elephant Sahib. Sonny Fankello is at the moment on tour with circus Arena in Denmark together with Sandra’s 3 new sisters.

Sonny with one of his, now 5, elephants.

Picture by Circus Scandinavia (C) 2004.


Royal gift.

The Danish prince Frederik has received a gift from circus Benneweis for his wedding with Mary Donaldson later this week. A complete performance is given to the new royal couple from the owner Diana Benneweis. When and where the performance should be is at the moment unknown and who the Prince will invite to his private performance is unknown too but a guess is that the prince will donate his gift to charity ?

Charmalovsky and Minasov -2 of the artist that the royal highness can meet in his private performance

Picture by Circus Scandinavia (C) - 2004.


May 11st.

Tivoli garden performance.

The Tivoli garden artist performance this year isn’t so well as the last years. The 2004 programs seem a little thin. Nothing wrong with the performers but it seems that the really stars, that Tivoli garden are famous for, aren’t a part of the 2004 program. Normally Tivoli garden presents a double artist program twice a day with at least one thrilling act and one other act. This year there are absolutely no thrill to gain.

In the first program was Argentinean devils with their nice folklore act. They have been performing before in Scandinavia and has been a part of the circus Arena program in 2002. The act is nice but a little boring and in my opinion are those folklore acts a little out of time and belongs in smaller circus where the distance to the audience are a little shorter.

The second act was a parterre act from Ukraine. This act is in a very high level and absolutely nice.

Nothing wrong with the quality but the two acts did not fit each other and that’s a shame. On big stages like the one in Tivoli Garden, there should be at least one air act as high wire, trapeze or wheel of death. Those kinds of acts has been in Tivoli garden before with a great success but it is not the case in 2004. Later this season Max Weldy will enter the stage with his comic trampoline act, maybe he can change the impression of the performance.

Argentinean devils in Tivoli garden

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).

Parterre acrobats

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).


May 5th.

Preview for Circus Scandinavia internet magazine -May issue

Ready - here

May 6th.

Souvenirs on tour with Circus Charlie

The Danish pop duo will go on tour with circus Charlie. A few years ago they succeed with the hit "I hate Susanne" and now they will try something different and will travel with this small Danish circus. . Souvenirs and Circus Charlie can bee seen in the surroundings of Copenhagen in May.

10th – 15th. May - Ballerup

16th. – 18th. May - Avedore.

20th. – 31st May - Charlottenlund