As the last Scandinavian circus – Scott did have premiere August 1st. in Gavle in Sweden. A very strong program and again a proof, that Scott has the gods to new thinking. In many years the Scott band has been magnificent and in an extremely high artistic quality. It is always a pleasure to see a Scott performance because the music, the light and the artists are so well adapted to each other. Lots of new thinking this year as the Zebras a mix of Acrobats and dance and the Portuguese fighters Colors of Brazil do a very dangerous show fight. Not many animals this year have found the way to the Scott ring but the Bronett brothers has just found room for 6 Tinker horses, so they still need the ring…..So keep an eye open for circus Scott because they will be on the road for only 3 and half month ending their tour in Malmo in the south of Sweden.


Artist program 2003

Kahilafov - Balance - Russia.

Zebra - Modern acrobatics - Ukraine

André Brogger - Clown - Germany

Francois  Borie - Juggler - France.

Akimov - Strabat.

Color of Brazil - Fight - Portugal

JAmes Johanson  - Tinker horses - Sweden.

Segura - Parterre - Spain

Karin Adler - Clown - Germany

Triop Csaszar- Spring board - Austria.