Season number 4 for the small circus Baldoni, seems to better and better every year. The fist year with Baldoni was okay, the second was nice, and the third was full of energy so I was looking forward to see about the 4th season could be better than the last. And Yes it was better and it seems that this small circus could be a big one some day because the thinking behind is very well considered. Maybe there is a bigger part of the artists, there are in the ring more than twice but Director Rene´Baldoni manage to find artists with more than one quality act. And where do you find those artists? You find them I China – here are the best artists so well educated that they can almost fill out a full performance.

To be honest are the Baldoni material not the newest and the tent does have a few scratches but inside, there is a performance in a very nice level. Circus Baldoni is not an international circus but the thinking behind is so much better than many many other circuses you see and that gives atmosphere

Circus Baldoni is not using a ring but a stage. The reason in the first place was, that there should be no animals in this circus and so it was for the first 3 seasons. Now there are animals - not horses but 4 dogs. The advantage with using a stage is that everybody can see – no bad sights here.

In Baldoni you are entertained at the moment you are entering the circus area. The Danish Clown Lars Larna are doing a very nice job and welcomes all the spectators as soon they have paid for the ticket. That means an amusing waiting time before the show.

The show was led by the international artists from China – Gau Chen. Last year they was with the Chinese state circus on tour in England and before that, they was a part of the Canadian cirque du Soleil. Their first entrée was a combination of Diablo and traditional Chinese lion dance. GaoChen tells a story in their acts and their artistic impression in the two diablo playing girls or just fantastic – even their eyes are synchronized. Maybe not the highest diablo level but their dance and the very nice Chinese music give the whole act an extremely nice atmosphere.



Director René Baldoni is a nice ventriloquist and again this year he is on stage with his naughty lion. The lion is funny and so is René but maybe a new text would have been nice. Those who can remember the 2002 or the 2000 "circus Theater" performance can also remember the exact same act.

The only 13 years old Alexandra did a rotating perch act. She is very young and talented and in a few years I’m sure she will be really good.

Kapitanski from Russia are really original. For the first time for a very long time I could say to my self – "I have not seen this before". And what a relief because it is more and more common to "borrow" from other acts. Kapitanski are typical Russian reprise clowns with a very high standard and the first act they presented was as circus cooks. They did not produce much food but three Dax dogs. Very very funny act.




GauChen was back and this time with a typical Chinese tissue antipode act. Again high standard from those artists from the east.

13 years old Alexandra was back with her second entrée and in my opinion the best from her. A little charming dog act with a single animal did it. The act is new and Alexandra did a very nice job with a lovely atmosphere.



The Barbie family has been with Baldoni from the start in 2002. Every year they have developed new acts. This year they performed two acts and the first was a clothes changing act. I have seen a lot of those acts and most of them very well done. The same goes for the Barbie Family they are good actors and there is a story build in. Normally you can’t see how much clothes they are wearing but unfortunately you can in this act. They look a little fat when they enter and they don’t when they leave. The act is okay but could be done a little more elegant concerning the hidden clothes. The ending of the act are nice when it seems that both artists are complete naked.




Kapitanski entered the ring with a little funny cow act. Again not seen before and with lots of nice timing and sound effects.


GauChen - this time with a fantastic plate spinning act. GauChen are in the Guinness book of records with this marbles act. They have the record for those artists who can spin the plates for the longest time. Upside down of cause and standing on each others heads. I don’t know how long time they had to stand to win the record but what I saw was very impressive. Lots of other tricks was shown and without loosing a single plate. A few spectators wasn’t sure about the plates was glued to the sticks but in the end they put down the sticks and the plates ran of.

Kapitanski did it again with a little funny entree this time with a crying baby (doll). As we all know we have to feet babies when the cry and Kapitanski tried but everything ended up in chaos. The baby lost his head but with a little magic everything became fine. – Nice little story in a few minutes.


Barbie family with a living doll act. This act includes their daughter Ernita and it is a very nice and visual act. I have seen the act before and now it looks like a doll.


Miss Olga in vertical rope – seen last year in the Danish circus Charlie. She is young and she looks good. There is a nice tempo on the act and the music is well adapted.

Kapitanski with their last entrée included a lot of water. Not meaningless slapstick but again with a little story behind. When one of the clowns turn the bucket around there comes lots of water and when the other does the same there comes nothing. Lots of funny situations and fantastic mimic makes this couple very very funny.


The show was ended by GauChen with a very strong parterre act. Gauchen are two pairs of twins there are married to each other and what would fits more perfectly too two couples of twins than a parterre act. Very high standard ended this 2005 Baldoni production.

The Danish Clown Lars Larna was changing the acts together and again with a little story. The circus Princess has left the circus to be married and Lars had to take over her part. Lots of funny situations and very nice acting from Lars.



The performance was very very nice and entertaining and especially Kapitanski and GaoChen were fantastic. Maybe they were on the stage to many times because a spectator told me outside the circus " A few people here must work hard for the money". Nothing wrong with that because Baldoni is a small circus (500 spectators) and it is not possible to have 10 independent acts. It seems that René Marvin has found few but extremely nice artists for his circus and you are very well entertained. A little suggestion – Rene Marvin is a very nice magician and maybe he should do an illusion act. It is not experience he needs because René has been working with illusion in Circus Arena for many many years.

Performance time 2 hours including a 15 min break.


Tent, seats etc.


Sound in tent, microphones etc.

Circus orchestra






Artist Quality

Circus Souveniers



Toilets and other 

Overall Service


Overall presentation





Tent and seat: It is fair and the benches are okay. The expencive seats are okay. A new tent would be nice.

Sound in tent: Very nice and much better than last year. It is tape/DVD music but it sounds nice. Not only boring old fashion circus music but well adapted to the acts. The Chinese music was very good and for the first time ever (in circus) I could hear a little modern rhythm build in.

Circus Orchestra – None

Artist quality: very nice but too many entrees by the same people.

Souveniers: A small program.

Toilets and other: very nice and clean. - No Handicap toilets

Overall service: as usual it a pleasure to be in Baldoni. Not possible to pay with credit cards and it should be.

Overall presentation: Very nice, amusing and with thoughts behind.

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