Maximum 2007


The 2007 production from the Swedish circus Maximum is called" What a wonderful world” I will absolute agree but to be more precise it should have been titled “What a wonderful performance” Almost no weak acts in this production made by Circus director Bengt Kallquist, Tino Rivero and the reprise clown, the Russian Alexey Emelin. World star artists all the way through the performance and chained together in a very fast tempo – No doll moments here. Lots of people have been after Maximum the recent years calling the performance a variety show. They are wrong, it is modern circus and personally I would have nothing against much more of the same stuff – please continue in this style. There is no doubt that Director Kallquist is going in the right direction and developing his circus Maximum into something very beautiful.


As last season there were singers included into the performance. Last season it was done by Maja Gullstrand and My Blomquist. This season there was a lot of nice songs by the young guy, Mårten Stenholm. Maybe not the same level as last years singers but he was great, with a nice and clear voice.


The performance was led by Mårten as the clown Pino, telling director Kallquist, that the performance was cancelled. The reason was clear, the artists wasn’t there. But we were very lucky this evening because suddenly all artists was running into the ring from all corners. A lot of skills was showed of from the artists, just a little taste to what we had to expect.


First in the ring was the Russian reprise clown, Emelin and Co. This act is a trio including of cause Alexey Emelin, his wife Irina Prostetsova and the sky high Tatiana Svirid. In this first entrée, a comic ladder balance act, it was presented by Irina and Emelin only. A very nice opening and it is clear that every movement in this act is rehearsed into every detail. Such acts can be a little stiff in the style but Emelin and Co keeps a very high tempo making the act just great. Emelin and Co. was last seen in Scandinavia, where they worked in the Danish circus Benneweis back in 2000. Maybe this was the reason for that Circus Director Diana Benneweis was seated here in Helsingborg?



We keep it in the family seems to be the words for next act because Irena’s father was next. Lots of lovely poodles in all sizes and all in white colours. Again an act in a huge tempo and the dogs just worked perfectly. All dogs was very very well trained and it is rare to see a dog act in such a high quality. The dogs could do almost everything and all in a nice atmosphere.



Second entrée for Irina Prostova and this time she was alone. A very charming combined trapeze and bungy jump entrée. Not a high artistic level but still very poetic and a great choice after two acts in a very high tempo.



The tempo was back, when the Hungarian Juggler Karl Ramwell entered the ring. Karl is young and he got a nice style. He is very modern and compared to more traditional jugglers he is very entertaining. It is nice to see the younger jugglers as Eddy Carello, Karl Ramwell and others, develop this circus discipline into a more modern style. Karl Ramwell is not new here in Scandinavia and last time we could meet this youn talented juggler was in the Danish circus Arena a few years back.



Back was was Emelin and Co. and this time as a trio. In this act they presented their comic illusion act. Lots of very very funny situations where the sky high Tatiana Svirid was very much in charge and Emelin reduced to a very tiny illusionist. A very funny act and miles away in originality from most traditional reprise clowns. There is no doubt, that Russian reprise clowns will be seen more and more in the rings. Not because there is anything wrong with the more traditional ones but here there is not too much new material to find. I have often asked myself why many traditional clowns don’t make their own material instead of doing the same entrees year after year? The Russians can and often with a great success.



Bicycle girls cover over seven young girls from China. From Dalian acrobatic troupe in china comes a lot of world star artists including those charming young girls. Lots of nice stunts in the typical Chinese style where you can expect the unexpected. No disappointing moments here, where a summersault over the other girls were one of the high lights.



Clown Pino did a song and then Emelin and Co entered the ring telling us it was time for the break.


Flying Warriors opened the second half. Again an act from China doing a very special and dangerous reck act. High up under the big top, those young boys was throwing each other around and under each other. This reck act is combined with a swinging trapeze placed under the big frame. It give the act an extra dimension using a catcher under the reck.  A very dangerous act because of the height the tricks are done but also dangerous because of the power the boys are throwing away and around.


When the floor was removed Emelin and Co was back but this time among the audience, where they collected money from the audience in a bucket. In all possible ways they where collection money and you could clearly hear the money going down in the iron bucket. There was coming money out of people’s noses, bags and heads. A nice routine but seen before.


Anton Frank seems to be a part of Maximum every year and that is absolutely not a shame. This year he presented a pony act with a lot of nice horses. Normally the horses work tight and nice but in short parts of the entrée there was small problems. Not much and not enough to spoil the overall expression.


Once again Dalian acrobatic troupe was represented this evening. This time with a low slack wire act. Extremely difficult act and just fantastic. Handstand and handstand on mono bike on the wire was the high light from this fantastic young guy. His name is Yong Bo and he is just great.



Anton Frank was back in the ring starting with camels and Lamas ending up with two Indian elephants.


Maximum is just entertaining and it is a pleasure to see a show, presenting more than just traditional circus. Maximum try to be a little different and they succeed very much.