Circus Merano 2005


Circus in a high class.

Circus Scandinavia went to Norway to see 2 circuses on 2 days. The first was circus Merano a little outside Oslo and the second was the oldest Norwegian circus – circus Arnardo. And we were absolutely not disappointed at all. The trip was worth the plane ticket from Copenhagen and after a closer look at the capital of Norway – Oslo we went to circus Merano to see a single performance in Drammen a little out side Oslo. As usual there was snow in Norway but the Norwegian circus people seems to be used to those special weather conditions and everything works just perfect. A little wet condition on the ground is all. The heaters works just as expected and it is absolutely no problem to keep you warm.

The service in Merano is very good and it seems that Director Knutt Dahl manege to keep all his staff smiling and friendly. It is not cheap to visit a circus in Norway but it is worth the money because you are entertained for 2 full hours with artists from the first class of the circus world.

Merano is a nice mix of old traditions and a lot of new thinking. In this performance there were a lot of new artists never seen in Scandinavia before and a few seen before. Last year there was lot of animals in Merano but this year they were replaced with two legged artists in a very high class. But as usual there were the elephants and the horses – they are never missing in Merano. The performance was never boring and the reprise clown "Herrey" was changing the acts together - he was never too much. No weak spots in the performance and a fantastic water show end this 2005 performance.


The performance was started by a well playing 8 man circus band led by Zdzislaw Magon

First in the ring was a new act here in Scandinavia. A fantastic double pole act in a very very strong and artistic perfect combination. 12 young guys from far away in Siberia did an extremely well organised and well instructed act. This troupe did two acts in Merano and normally when you do two acts, one of them will be a filling act. This was not the case here because both acts were extremely well.


Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005(C).


Herrey – one of two clowns in Merano comes from Russia. Very original and he did a lot of small tricks never seen before. It is very common that those reprise clowns are "stealing" a little from each other – but Herrey was original and not much was "borrowed" .

Herrey - reprise clown

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005(C)


Sharon Folco was announced to do the liberty horses but it was Daddy we saw in the ring- Amadeo Folco did the traditional liberty horse act. 6 nice white stallions did their job nicely. Why it was Sharon in the background is unknown.

Amadeo Folco - liberty horses

Photo by circus Scandinavia 2005(C).


Trio Aleshin. Nice Icarian game act with dad and his two children. It was a nice act with a nice tempo.


Trio Aleshin

Photo by circus Scandinavia 2005(C).


Tony Garlini – Merano has no traditional clowns this year and it is common these days to engage one or two reprise clowns instead. Some people love traditional clowns and some people just hate them. For those who hate traditional clowns, there is a great opportunity in Merano for a good laugh here anyway. Tony Garlini made a very funny conductor entrée, with spectators as musicians. Could I hear anybody say "seen before" yes but who cares because Tony was funny.



Duo Volkov – in my opinion the best act in the performance. Extremely elegant and very very powerful double strapat act. The music was well adapted to the act and the whole thing was done smoothly.

Duo Volkov

Photo by circus Scandinavia 2005(C).


Dnux Malax – It has been very modern with those African acrobats in the last 15 years –last year in The Danish circus Baldoni – Mombasa boys and in Circus Maximum with Trio Indux . You can say a lot about trends in circus but those African acts are just great. Almost all of them are done in a furious tempo and with a lot of humour. Dnux Malax was no exception and all the tricks was there with those fast acrobats – Limbo dance, summersaults and body bending in any impossible direction – it just cant be done. Everything seems so easy when they do those impossible tricks but a tragedy happened for Trio Indux last season in circus Maximum, where one of the artists died after failing a summersault.

Dnux Malax

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C) 2005


Duo Double face – Diablo players mixed with elegant tango dance. Smooth nice and just lovely. Not much to say about those 2 lovely and young artists –well done.

Double face - Diablo Tango

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005(C)


Sakha – the second act with this large troupe. And this second entrée was in my opinion the best of their two acts. What they did was impossible. Small rings stacked on each other and in a furious tempo they, where jumping through the rings. Over, under and in the middle rings, they were almost flying through the rings – and sometimes 4 at the same time. This act was very impressing.



Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005 (C).

As usual the show was ended by the elephants. Amadeo Folco was in the ring for the second time this afternoon and this time with his two heavy ladies.

Amadeo Folos elephants

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005(C).

It is a tradition in Merano, to end the show with some kind of special entertainment. Last year it was a huge inflated castle and this year an extremely nice water show. I have seen those kinds of water organs before but not in a circus and it fits perfectly here in, those dark surroundings. Lots of water fitted to the music and a lot of coloured lights make it very spectacular. The water goes up in lots of formations and stretches almost to the sealing of the big top.

Merano Final 2005

Photos by Circus Scandinavia 2005 (C).



The performance took 2 hours and 5 minutes including a 15 min break.

This performance was very well considered and most people must have been well entertained. The mix of smooth and sometimes quite acts was fast replaced with an act in a very high tempo. In my opinion a circus performance must include four parts to be good entertainment – Nice music, a good laugh, at least one thrilling act and something not seen before. Most was here in Merano and there was something for everybody – the kids, mom and dad and granddaddy too. Very nice.



Tent, seats etc.

Sound in tent, microphones etc.

Circus orchestra




Artist Quality

Circus Souveniers/catering




Toilets and other 

Overall Service

Overall presentation

Remarks to the points

The tent is top class and there is a nice view from everywhere but there are still benches on the cheapest seats.

The sound was nice

Circus Orchestra was a new and they played well. In my opinion was the sound level  a little to low.

Souvenir - A very nice souvenir program but not much more for the collector.

Artists was top class. Maybe the performace needed a thrilling act.

Toilets was nice and clean but there was no hot water. No handicap toilets.

The service was fantastic.

Overall presentation - very well considered and the acts was nice and well adapted to each other. No doll moments between the acts.