Circus Renz Berlin

The German circus Renz Berlin has been on tour in Denmark in this 2004 summer season. One of the reasons for a German circus to visit Denmark must be the circus crises in Germany. There is no crises in Denmark and Circus Renz Berlin tried there luck in Denmark from June and through the summer. The tent and vehicles are nice and lots of animals seemed to have very nice conditions. When I arrived in Renz Berlin I was welcomed by the director and he showed me around in the circus.

I hate to write badly about circus but the performance was absolutely nothing. Only a few acts were anything at all. There were a lot of animal acts in an okay standard specially the elephant and horse acts was nice. Lots of filling acts (mostly) by family members did a lot of boring entrées. Circuses from other countries are welcome in Denmark but please give us a better standard. The Danish people are used to a very high standard and it is bad for the business if people visits circus with such a low standard. If this performance was the only visit in a circus for many years, it would take years before I would be back for another performance.

The director told me that Renz Berlin would continue to Sweden after they have finished their tour in Denmark

A nice playing circus band was absolutely okay, playing traditional circus music.

I will not write more about the performance but show a few photos instead.


Tent, seats etc.



Sound in tent, microphones etc.



Circus orchestra




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Circus Souveniers





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All picture by circus Scandinavia 2004(C).