Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2004(C).

They talk about crises in the Austrian circus and 2 circuses has closed the last year. One of them – Circus Althoff Jacoby closed down after the last summer season and was bought by the Danish circus king – Benny Berdino. (circus Arena). A new law against a wide range of animals in Austria from 2005 has released some kind of panic –the opinion is, that Circus without animals will not attract families with kids and makes the situation catastrophic. Some circus as Althoff Jacobi new that the law would show up a few years ago and claimed their circus free of animals. The result was an economic disaster. In sixties there was a similar situation in Scandinavia where a new law for animals was agreed. At that time the Danish circus Benneweis had a huge collection of all kind of wild animals. Bears, lions, tigers and elephants was included in this circus and they was sure that it would be difficult to survive. But Benneweis is still here and they survived.

The new Austrian law is very hard and maybe the hardest in Europe. The circus here must start to think different and that exactly what Austrian National circus do. A human cannonball act from USA should be an entrée getting people back in circus but it don’t. A very nice program was presented in Salzburg – a nice big town – but only 100 people was in the tent. The artists was working hard in this almost empty tent with room for about 2000 spectators. In the afternoon performance there was even fewer people on the gradin and that’s an absolute shame because it is a very nice performance with lots of nice and thrilling acts.

A very well playing 7 man circus band and a nice singing lady behind the circus ballet before the performance was started up.

First act was the reprise clown "Rico" presenting trained goats. Rico did a lot of work to keep the performance tighter. For the third time this year I saw the boxing entrée presented in the ring. First in circus Merano – Norway presented by Don Christian, secondly in Circus BonBon in Denmark presented by Mr. Chap and now by Rico. Absolutely nothing wrong with any of the acts but maybe a sign for missing originality in the reprise business. Could it be possible to find out some new tricks and not seen before ? It must be possible to develop new and funny gags. Rico was never boring and did his job very well.

Rico -Reprise clown

Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).

Duo Stolchev did their first entrée in a very powerful strapat act. A nice double strapat with lots of nice tricks.

Old Regnas did his comic vagabond entrée. A very charming dog act from this English artist. He should have been in circus Maximum in the 2003 season but couldn’t because of illness. This evening he was in top shape and it was nice to see this act again. Thousands of hours dog training is behind this funny entrée where it seems that the dogs have their own opinion and teases the poor vagabond.

Old Regnas.

Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).

Anna Shakhoval did an okay tissue act. There is many tissue acts in Europe at the moment and Anna did a nice impression.

Anna Shakhoval

Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).

Abdul announced as the Oriental equilibrist was replaced by an illusion act. Absolutely nothing special and it seems like a typical filling act.

Stefan Plesoianu did an extremely nice mixed animals entrée. Nice smooth and easy made this former east German artist a great impression with lots of different animals. African Buffalos of some kind with enormous horns, Zebras and other exotic animals was included. Stefan is 35 yeas old and started his career in the east German circus Propst. Here he was working as a stable guy and assistant trainer. He was training Lions, elephants, horses and exotic animals. In a age of 20 years he was on his own feet and had his personal premiere in circus Mundial - Spain. He has been in circus Ameriano in Italy where he performed horses, elephants and exotic animals in this enormous three ring circus.


Stefan Plesoianu second entrée with horses. His impressing liberty horse act includes 8 Arabian stallions, 4 Dutch black Friser horses and 4 Palaminos. Everything in a very high tempo. The level was very high and it is the best horse act I have seen this season. It is very satisfying to see Stefan control all 16 horses in one time and they was not only running round in the ring. Lots of nice formations was presented sorted by colours and race.

Stefan Plesoianu

Picture by Circus Scandinavia (C) 2004

John Tayler was one of three thrilling acts in this performance. The act it self is very very short but the introduction is not. The cannon, formed like an American Apollo Rocket makes a lot of noise and going up and down before Mr. Tayler shows up. Smoke, fanfare music are included in this spectacular act before John in the end climbs inside the cannon. A count down from ten and this human cannonball flyes 10 meters and lands on a inflated landing spot. The act it self took about one second and was absolutely different.

John Taylor - the human cannonball

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).

The second thrill this evening was in my opinion the best act in the performance. Duo Stolchev in the Wheel of death. This very dangerous act are made world wide in many different skill levels but those two guys are in top class. Starting running around in the inside of the wheel and secondly on the outside. Everything was there including skipping in a very fast tempo. Duo Stolchev are in an absolute world class and can be compared with the best acts of its kind like Alagria brothers. The act is only 3 years but includes all aspects and possibilities One of the high lights in the act are when one of the guys juggles with fire in complete darkness and still running round on the outside of the wheel. Extremely nice and very very thrilling.

Duo Stolchev

Picture by Circus Scandinavia (C) 2004

The third thrill this evening was Mike, Andrian and Vesco in a globe of death act. This kind of old fashion entertaining has been more modern in the last years but in a far more developed way. In the old days it was called a death dome and was often presented on markets places. In these days it is a globe made of iron strips and with less room for the motor bike riders. Very noisy bikers are letted in one by one and doing their very dangerous act. One little mistake and they all goes to the ground. These act includes 3 bikers and that’s normal but similar acts are seen with four bikers. Circus Arena in Denmark presented in their 2002 season a similar act and in Arenas second unit Circus BonBon in 2003. An accident occurred in circus BonBon where one of the Brazilian Dio Rio riders crashed and they was forced to continue for several weeks with only two riders.

Mike, Andrian and Vesco in a globe of death act.

Picture by Circus Scandinavia (C) 2004.

Beat elements did a rare act seen in circus. Four Russian break dancing guys did this street act under the big top. Nice light and music in this fresh, for circus, new style. They did all the possible and absolute not possible spins and tricks. Nice

Austrian national circus has a very nice performance and they seems to try new ways. The program is really strong and there are many nice acts in the performance. Top points to Duo Stolchev for their very thrilling wheel of death act and Stefan Plesoianu for his nice horse entrée in a very high level.

After I visit Austria, this circus went bankrupt and shows more than clear the situation in Austria. The circus continues the tour with a new owner and I will hope that the situation will change very fast. It is a very very sad to see those quality circuses close. Last year I visit Circus Althoff Jacobi – a very nice circus – and it is closed now and Austrian National circus was very close to an end too.


Tent, seats etc.

Sound in tent, microphones etc.


Circus orchestra





Artist Quality


Circus Souveniers



Toilets and other 

Overall Service



Overall presentation



The toilets was nice and clean but you had to pay for a visit – that should be free of charge.

2 Euros for a visit in the stables and 32 Euros (adult) for the best ticket could be one of the reasons for families choose other ways to entertain themselves.

Performance time was 2 and a half hours including a 20 min break.

Spectators was under 100 and there is room for 2000.

There was a few souvenirs – a nice printed program, a T-shirt and a sweat shirt and some toys.

The bar was nice with beers, soft drinks and different food/snacks.

The service was okay but there wasn’t many smiles.

Picture from this performance will come very soon