Flic Flac DVD review

The very special and different German circus Flic – Flac with their "Unzensiert" performance from 2003. In this animal free circus you only meet young and very talented performers. The performance is very different and modern and with a circus orchestra using a heavy metal sound. It is my opinion that, this performance are for adults only. Lots of sexy costumes and adult oriented material.

In this Dvd you are behind the scene and the history behind Flic flac are being told. Lots of interviews with the young artists and the DVD include the full performance. Flic Flac are a mix of traditional circus acts and absolutely normal performers seen in most circus. Flic Flac can be compared with the Canadian circus Du Soleil in many ways. They think different and the performance are built up with lots of sound and visual effects. Everything in Flic Flac are in black and yellow colours and makes a dark atmosphere. If you like this kind of circus or not, is always a question but there is absolutely nothing wrong with the artists and their skills. Lots of European circuses should take a closer look and gain some good ideas because Flic Flac are very entertaining.

In the performance you meet high qualified artists coming around all the corners of entertaining. The very funny commic juggler Patric Limione is a fantastic skill full juggler and at the same time he is funny. For the horror there is a very special artist called "master of hell fire" playing with different noisy items as motor chain saws, very visual but this act should absolute be seen live and not on a television set.

The beautiful Claudia Bremlow does a very modern antipode act. The Scandinavian spectators could see Claudia in the circus Arena 2004 performance.

The charming Claudia Bremlow

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C)


 The extremely thrilling act Duo Camadi (now trio) on a fantastic high wire act 12 meters over the ground. Duo Camadi could be seen in Scandinavia in Circus Arena in 2002. Duo Camadi are among the best and most modern high wire acts in Europe.

Four guys in a daring Globe of death act and there room for one more thrilling act with a fantastic wheel of death entrée.

There are many more artists on the DVD that runs for more than 130 minutes, so there is a lot of value for the money. After the performance there is the Flic Flac history told by the owners Scarlett and Kaiser Kastein. Also included, is interviews with a wide range of the artists as Claudia Bremlow, Patric Lemione, Larissa Kastein and many more.

If you like circus and you also like circus made different this DVD is absolutely worth the money. Lots of spectacular acts mixed with rock music, smoke and laser lights do the job.